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C Contest Voting: Zombie Survival Event Base


Best Zombie Survival Base  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Who's Base would you most like to defend against the horde?

    • Base 1: MasterCommaThe
    • Base 2: cpriper
    • Base 3: teddylover
    • Base 4: dobreira & ROCKONN

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Which base would you most like to defend against a horde of Zombies in an Event?


This contest is to determine the best base for a potential event where the objective is to survive the attacks of hordes of zombies, as well as opponent survivors 


Explore each base using the /home comment in parenthesis on c.nerd.nu and vote up above!

  1. Hospital by MasterCommaThe (type in-game /home MasterCommaThe 1) with assistance from dobreira, achamilton, and hailsaban:


  2. The city of Liboris by cpriper (type in-game /home MasterCommaThe 2) with assistance from admanta, difficult1, geekchris, hailsaban, kwarriormc, sfortun, xxcookiequakexx, and ylox:l9nRJrBh.jpg
  3. Ghosthouse by teddylover (type in-game /home MasterCommaThe 3) with assistance from diamond_lover123:WgCaLrDh.jpg
  4. Western Town by Dobreira (type in-game /home MasterCommaThe 4) with assistance from admanta, andrew4210, difficult1, GMMan_BZFlag, kennya, nolanater5711, and shanty_sniper:ZwClT8ch.jpg
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