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We've got builds, why not stories?


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Every creation we make has a story to tell, be it of its own construction, of the author's mood at the time, or as scenery for a literal story.

If you feel the need to write, share it with the rest of us.

I'm starting my own story, a set of 5 in fact. I'd appreciate opinions on it.



Share your stories in this forum!

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That one's amazing ROCKONN :D.


I remember planning to write a series on written books in rev 8 PvE - ended up stopping midway because I wrote myself into a wall (didn't know how to satisfyingly and convincingly resolve the plot I started, I think).  More recently I've left bits of text on signs around Sanctuary, which I frequented last Survival rev.  They're meant to be more of brief windows into something I'm writing about (in this case, one team and two events) rather than long, elaborate novels.  I'll share them below:


Far wall of the Pleiades observatory:

Long ago in the distant lands, when the Fifth Star aligned with the Third and the Golden Light was at its zenith, a mighty force dominated the land.  Legend has it that the leaders of this powerful faction were two remarkable players: one a warrior, wise and valiant; one a creator, energetic and strong-willed.  Together they built a vast empire, one of the most respected and feared of their day, refusing to fall to the ones who would camp it.
Like all things, the empire was lost in time, though it is said that the two great leaders of that kingdom even now walk among the citizens of Sanctuary, nurturing the city, keeping it safe, guiding it toward its destiny.


Beacon shrine:

One fateful night as the Golden Light reached its apex, a motley crew of eleven set out from this city, traversing the fiery Nether before emerging on the far side, the chosen battleground in the Plains of Negativity.  
On the site, the eleven warriors built in preparation; within the dirt bunkers they awaited the fight.  
The Withers roared as they flew up high, peppering decay on the fighters below.  The fight was long and hard, and a few fell in their line of fire, but the demons were no match for the blades of Sanctuary.  The surviving warriors recovered the Stars and returned triumphant, as the stars proclaimed: For Sanctuary, for Unity.


In front of the Gate outside the city's west wall:

And so on the final day of calm as the Red Phoenix began its descent, we, the citizens of Sanctuary and the survivors of this world, passed through this Gate and departed the land not to escape, but to endure.  For though the city may fall in our absence, its heart will live on with us, as we scatter through time and space, each carrying a piece of one of the greatest success stories ever told, the story of a thriving, majestic city far, far away.  Our destiny here is complete, and now we go, onwards.


BTW, I do have a story (or at least its skeleton) that revolves around Unity.  You've seen some of it already through the logs, but the story is far from over.  And after the rev ends, unless another Padmin decides to pick it up, I will be happy to declassify it all (look for it on the forums!).


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Next rev I was hoping to see if there could be more writers for Seneca news. Come 1.7, books will be copy-able, allowing for a printing press of sorts. Would be fun to do a weekly or bi-weekly newspaper with all sorts of crazy stories from various authors.


Breaking News: Counterfeit Seneca News Issues Being Distributed!

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I guess I could plug this here.


If anyone remembers, I was trying to start the PvEAS (Archival Society) as a project to not only archive the logs found on Unity, but also for stories and other books people wrote. (Think giant library.) If people are actually interested in writing like this, I am totally willing to start it back up to have a place to organize all of these stories.

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I've always thought it would be a cool idea as to why we change worlds (revs), in story form of course.

For instance, the current P rev is a spaceship, why not have it "take us" to the next rev, and leave remnants of it around the future spawn? Just something I think would be neat :)

When the spaceship engines start it'll destroy UMC's farm, my home and pretty much everything to Clark Shores. Maybe we could get it looking like that in PAvE.

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I've always built things as I go, but as of late, I've been looking more into planning out builds. My only problem now is the myriad of ideas I have. So I'll share the one idea I will actually try to get around to accomplishing.


For those who know me on C, I built a large plot for a city known as Mira, (weird name, no?) Sort of, I took the name "Mira" from a particular video game universe I am very fond of. The world consists of five large island continents that rose into the sky after the Earth was tainted by a dark war. Each nation has it's own culture, style, fauna, flora etc. It's something I've been wanting to recreate on the servers, (possibly as a city/town/village on PvE, so it feels lively) But I can go on about that later, possibly on a planning thread...


Since this thread is about stories behind builds, I'll give you guys a brief history (still quite a read) of each of the locations. One of the many reasons I enjoyed the world is because of the usage of constellations when naming all the locations, which I'll also provide.


  • Alfard, The Empire of Flame - Star: Alpha Hydrae, or Alphard which means "the solitary one" in arabic. One of the Five Great Nations, known for its advanced technology called "Machina", its golden buildings, proud citizenry, and democratic emperorship.
  1. Mintaka, The Imperial Capital - Star: Delta Orionis, Mintaka in one of the three stars that makes Orion's Belt, it means "area/region" in arabic. Notable characteristics is that all building a made out of a shiny metal, the citizens are heavily reliant on machina, and they tend to look down upon the other nations.
  2. Greater Mintaka - The wealthier portion of the city, less of an industrial feel, decorated with mountains, waterfalls, and trees.
  3. Imperial Fortress - What used to be Greater Mintaka, converted into a massive fortress.
  4. Nihal Desert - Star: Beta Leporis, which means "quenching their thirst" in arabic. A treacherous desert full of sandstorms and blistering heat, which is impossible to cross without water.
  5. Azha Village - Star: Eta Eridani, meaning "the breeding place" in arabic. A small mining village in the middle of the Nihal desert famous for it's Flame Ice, unfortunately, it is not treated as a part of the empire and receive plenty of grief for it.


  • Hassaleh, The Quiet Village - Star: Iota Aurigae, not sure what it means. While is a floating island in the sky, Hassaleh's population is quite small and has been isolated for many years. Fortunately steering out of the way of conflict.
  1. Nusakan Thornwood - A large forest of thorns nestled between the Port of Hassaleh and Sheratan.
  2. Sheratan, The Ageless Village - A small quiet village which is home to several orphaned children. Their livelihood consisting of farming and herding sheep. The only locations of significance are the orphange and the Brierclock, an old clocktower covered in briers.
  3. Lake Botein - an ancient underwater monument filled with monsters and danger.


  • Diadem, The Land of the Clouds - Star: Alpha Comae Berenices, a diadem is a type of crown. One of the Five Great Nations. known for its courageous knights, proud king, and signature pink clouds. It's citizens tend to be very superstitious of foreigners, particularly those from Alfard, mainly due to the ever imposing threat of invasion.
  1. Sheliak, The Castle Town - Star: Sheliak, located in the constellation Lyra. The capital of Diadem, Castle Elnath is located here, the city is characterised for it's cobblestone streets, Gothic architecture, and it beautiful clouds of course.
  2. Castle Elnath - Star: Elnath, located in the constellation Taurus. Home to the Royal Family as well as a the Royal Army, the castle is a large structure shrouded in those pink clouds located at the very top of the island. It also serves a fortress, and maintains access to the Cloudvents / Shrine of the Winds.
  3. The Cloud Passage - A passage made up of elevated clouds that links Sheliak to Nashira, the path is also located right above the Lesser Celestial River, unfortunately, this makes safe passage to and from the city and village impossible.
  4. Nashira, The Fishing Village - The source of superstition in Diadem, Nashira consists of a very close community, most of which are expert fishers. The village has access to the Lesser Celestial River and has a port where liners from Pherkhad arrive.


  • Sadal Suud, The Ancient Land - Star: Beta Aquarii, located in the constellation Aquarius, traditional known as Sadalsuud, an arabic expression meaning "luck of lucks". One of the Five Great Nations, known for its delicious apples and its quiet serenity. Compared to the other nations, it’s quite underdeveloped and this has led to it’s people often being looked down on by other nations, especially Alfard.
  1. ​Pherkhad, The Ancient Capital also known as "The Jewel of the East" - The biggest and most important city in Sadal Suud, famous for it's beautiful and old buildings carved from stone, Mountain Apple Wine made with apples from Cebalrai, and it's pure white clouds. Citizens of Pherkhad are very relaxed and laid back.
  2. Nunki Valley - A tranquil forest valley that separates Pherkhad from Cebalrai, a small river passes through the valley, the location is also a source of a rare material known as Holy Droplets, which can only exist within the Valley.
  3. Cebalrai, The Farming Hamlet - A small village famous for its mountain apples, mountain apple wine, pows (a hybrid between pigs and cows), pow milk, and pow meat.
  4. Moonguile Forest - Originally known as Moonglade Forest, for reasons unknown, people started calling it Moonguile. It is a forest that is said to hold an ancient secret.

  • Anuenue, The Rainbow Nation - Unlike the rest of the game, all the locations here are Hawaiian words rather than the arabic counterparts to celestial beings. Anuenue literally means "rainbow" in Hawaiian. One of the Five Great Nations, known for its School of magic, closeness to nature, the Celestial Tree, its magical barrier which prevents attacks from the outside and its deadly Holoholo jungle. Its most striking characteristic is the rainbows which circle its peak. It's culture is extremely anti-violence and their barrier allows them be like that, the citizens also wear very strange clothes and outfits.
  1. ​Komo Mai, The City of Flowers - I assume the name to be derivative of the common saying, "E Komo Mai" which roughly means "Welcome Home" in Hawaiian. The capital of Anuenue, the people in Komo Mai are festive and laid-back and sometimes even oblivious of the problems in the world. Once every thirty years, when the Celestial Tree blossoms, the people of the city hold a huge festival in which everyone dances in the streets and adorn the city with colourful flowers and ornaments. Komo Mai is also home to the School of Magic, which houses student from all over the world, and the Queen's Palace.
  2. The Ancient Library of Magic - A sprawling building that houses many old tomes, some long forgotten. The library is no longer used, and as such has become inhabited by monsters of the undead variety. Strong seals protect the various rooms from invaders.
  3. Holoholo Jungle - The name means "to go out [leisurely]" in Hawaiian. Part of the area is a dense, maze-like jungle. Without a Guide Stone from the School of Magic,  this part of the jungle is impossible to navigate and sure to leave travelers lost. The other area of is a lighter forested area full of rock spires and highlands towering above the forest floor.
  4. Opu, The Waterfall Village - A village made famous for it's invention of the waterwheel, apart from being a village built on the cliff of a water fall, Opu has little apart from a nice view of the Celestial Tree.
  5. The Celestial Tree -   An ancient tree, older than anyone can remember, it is the biggest tree in the world and also a conscious being. Its flowers bloom once every 30 years. Every part of the tree has medicinal and magical abilities.  

  • Mira, The City of Illusion - Star: Omicron Ceti, located in the constellation Cetus, with the traditional name "Mira" which means "wonderful/astonishing" in Latin. In real life, the star is variable, which means it's not always visible from Earth, which coincides with the island in the game which is located in a dimensional rift, and appears and disappears from the world. One of the Five Great Nations, is known for its constant fluctuation between this dimension and another. This gives Mira its mysterious glow and the feeling of impermanence where things appear and disappear at will. The island can only be accessed from our dimension through the Trail of Souls. All of the locations in Mira are quite different from the rest of the world because they do not appear to exist in the same universe.
  1. ​Parnasse, The Confectionary Village - Everything in Parnasse is made of candies, cream and sweets. Parnasse sweets are famous all around the world. There is a cooking contest every once a year in Parnasse.
  2. Detourne,  The Mystical Garden - The theme of this location is "balance" and it shows through it's mysterious architecture which somehow allows you to walk on the ceilings. There is also a maze that takes you into another video game entirely.
  3. Reverence, The Picture Book Village - This location appear to be a part of a picture book, filled with strange machines, eerie 2-D book-like buildings, and weird looking residents, characteristics that fit in with Mira's "uniqueness"
  4. Nekton, Shrine of Spirits - A forest located in Mira, where the barrier between dimensions is thinnest, thus allowing certain individuals to become bonded with "Guardian Spirits". A person that is bonded with a Guardian Spirit is known as "Spiriter" which can only exist once in a generation.
  5. Balancoire, The Borough of Illusion - The largest city, which serves as the capital and home to the Duchy of Mira, it is also the only "normal" city in Mira (compared to all the locations) with no strange looking buildings or citizens. This city is covered by a thin mist and its walls and buildings are adorned with colorful patterns made of stone. It also has a sewer which is connected to the Duke´s Manor and Coccolith, The Labyrinth of Mirrors.


This would be a massive undertaking, even to replicate one of the several villages and cities, and I even considering working on it on a dedicated server. Just an idea.

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1. Forest Temple: Based off OOT Forest Temple; one of my friends on the server attempted it, but never finished it so in Rev 24, I built the the whole thing.

2. Genesis City, my first warp this C Rev 25 and most popular build (city) Genesus means something revolutionary, And I consider this city an original city for the Servers, and also comes from the Sega Genesis. Also, In rev 22-24 I was under a players wing instead of making my own city, So I decided to make my own.

3. Temple of the Goddess of Courage- I built that to convince my ex-friend I_Am_Fredd to ask out his crush, (AKA: My future GF)

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