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  1. I won't use exploits for any reason, and will listen to staff from now on.
  2. Holli is not in the wrong.
  3. I'm banned for obtaining hacked items. I made a fortune X pick on nerd as proof that the exploit exists to provide to a tech admin as proof that the exploit exists. I acted as a maverick in spawning it and having it as an example, but I felt as though the issue wouldn't be taken seriously without taking such a move. I'll explain what happened in each case for the reasons that I was banned. 1. Obtaining hacked items on C. I obtained the item to provide as proof to a tech admin only that such an exploit exists. 2. Using hacked items on C. I a regular pick on ore to test the drop, and then the pick on ore to test whether the enchant capped at the regular maximum enchant, or actually behaved in a manner that normal items cannot. I promptly deleted the diamonds afterwards. 3. Distributing hacked items on C. I held the pickaxe and waited until the tech admin was online. I then placed it in a chest, went to a secure location, and asked the individual to teleport to me and look in the box. The individual noted the enchant, and I let them know step by step how I obtained it. In conclusion, I had no negative intentions in the spawning of this item. If I did, then I very easily could have spawned swords, bows, and armor with enchants over the vanilla maximum and hid, and distributed them however I felt. I did no such thing however, and instead used a fortune 10 pick as an example which I provided only to the tech admin, and Hollifer (I felt she should have known as well due to her being one of the main server moderators). I'd like to request a head admin to handle this appeal, as Hollifer and I have been going through a rough patch in our communications prior to this event, and I feel as though this could impact the ban appeal process.
  4. 4. A larger space area would be nice. People wanted to build in space this rev, but the area is so small that there's hardly any space between neighboring builds, and not enough space for larger space build designs. 10. Speed build attracts a lot of people for the time that it occurs, and having more events with variety could hopefully help with the drop off in player numbers as the rev goes on. 12. This is probably going to create a lot of conflict at the beginning of the rev because there are only so many landmarks that you can fit into the map.
  5. Ok, it's May 13th now (in my timezone.) May I be unbanned now please?
  6. Bump. Are those logs compiled yet?
  7. I was banned. Can I have an appeal date please? I know what I did.
  8. This topic has been brought up in the past a few times, but to my knowledge has never been fully suggested. Experienced players have been on the servers for years, and have pretty much memorized some of the general server notifications like to not build too close to others, the changed textures of blocks, and other commands. The main complaint is that we already know this information, and yet it still fills up our chat boxes and doesn't really help us with anything. Would it be possible to have a command that could be entered that could turn off these server notifications personally?
  9. What's your favorite color?
  10. I had an idea for a minecraft minigame that's like Call of Duty's "Nazi Zombies" but with 2 teams, one being humans, and the other being zombies that increases as human players are killed off. Essentially, the zombies would spawn outside of a building that is unbreakable by both teams except for a few windows that could be broken by zombies (or repaired by humans through possible drops by zombies of the glass material), but the humans cannot leave and zombies can only enter. The human team would be equipped with some type of armor, a bow, sword, maybe food, and a few standard arrows while the "zombies" would be players with possible speed or damage buffs. Adding a random probability for "zombies" to drop a few debuff arrows could help the humans as the game progresses. The human team could win by surviving for x minutes, while the "zombie's" goal is to kill the humans (which respawn as zombies) before the time limit runs out.
  11. The appeal date was set to Oct. 28 Can I be unbanned?
  12. Gonna swallow my pride with this one and see if I can appeal my mumble ban. I hope that the time I took away from nerd will be enough for the ban, but if not let me know.
  13. You became a mod recently again as I recall, I felt as though you were giving me advice and not telling me to do anything. There was no formal announcement that you were a moderator again. I respected your opinion at the time not knowing that you were re modded, I thought the best course of action would be to try to make sure the player and I were on the same page, seeing as though I apologized quite some time ago and she accepted my apology. If the defense is brought up that I should have known you were a mod for you bringing me into admin and mod discussion, I know that there are (or at least were) mods who decided to not become mods anymore who still retained some mod powers in mumble, whether through accident or not is beyond me.
  14. This has nothing to do with this ban. I did nothing wrong. If this was about me asking her a few times to go to a different channel with me, it was because I was concerned we weren't on the same page and she never responded, which led me to think that there was either a connection issue, or that she couldn't hear me. After a while from that I gave up and left the channel and once I was alone with Hail, I was banned. I believe this ban was placed because you disagree with my actions concerning another player that we talked about, which is why I am requesting a different mod or admin to handle this appeal.