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  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. I had an idea for a minecraft minigame that's like Call of Duty's "Nazi Zombies" but with 2 teams, one being humans, and the other being zombies that increases as human players are killed off. Essentially, the zombies would spawn outside of a building that is unbreakable by both teams except for a few windows that could be broken by zombies (or repaired by humans through possible drops by zombies of the glass material), but the humans cannot leave and zombies can only enter. The human team would be equipped with some type of armor, a bow, sword, maybe food, and a few standard arrows while the "zombies" would be players with possible speed or damage buffs. Adding a random probability for "zombies" to drop a few debuff arrows could help the humans as the game progresses. The human team could win by surviving for x minutes, while the "zombie's" goal is to kill the humans (which respawn as zombies) before the time limit runs out.
  3. The appeal date was set to Oct. 28 Can I be unbanned?
  4. Gonna swallow my pride with this one and see if I can appeal my mumble ban. I hope that the time I took away from nerd will be enough for the ban, but if not let me know.
  5. You became a mod recently again as I recall, I felt as though you were giving me advice and not telling me to do anything. There was no formal announcement that you were a moderator again. I respected your opinion at the time not knowing that you were re modded, I thought the best course of action would be to try to make sure the player and I were on the same page, seeing as though I apologized quite some time ago and she accepted my apology. If the defense is brought up that I should have known you were a mod for you bringing me into admin and mod discussion, I know that there are (or at least were) mods who decided to not become mods anymore who still retained some mod powers in mumble, whether through accident or not is beyond me.
  6. This has nothing to do with this ban. I did nothing wrong. If this was about me asking her a few times to go to a different channel with me, it was because I was concerned we weren't on the same page and she never responded, which led me to think that there was either a connection issue, or that she couldn't hear me. After a while from that I gave up and left the channel and once I was alone with Hail, I was banned. I believe this ban was placed because you disagree with my actions concerning another player that we talked about, which is why I am requesting a different mod or admin to handle this appeal.
  7. I'm not sure what I did. I talked to Sofia quite some time ago and apologized and she seemed alright with it. I was banned for "harassment." Personally, I don't think this is a fair ban. I did ask for Sofia to talk briefly so that we can be on the same page that I apologized, and thought that this was over and done with. Given she did choose to not go in the channel and I dropped it at that point. I'd like to request a different moderator or admin to handle this appeal due to another, unrelated issue that I have discussed with Brian, which I believe could unfairly factor his viewpoint on this issue.
  8. Here's mine.
  9. You have my support!
  10. Sorry I appealed before the unban date date before, I got it this time though. I'll be better this time.
  11. Last thread you said wait till the 20th to appeal soo here it is. I've changed and will be better now.
  12. Bump
  13. I was told in the last thread to post today(a month since I was banned) to be unbanned from mumble. If a mod or admin could see this as soon as they can it would be much appreciated. I've learned my lesson and will change my ways.
  14. I'm not going to lie and admit that you're right, I do have a history of nefarious activity. On the topic of the issue with that player which I am believed to have a vendetta against, I was using the situation to hope to incite discussion on a somewhat related/ maybe not even related at all at this point (unsure) which will be done peacefully, and in a mumble meeting which I hope to have the privilege of attending. On that topic I may have appeared belligerent and disrespectful, maybe I was, but I felt strongly that the mods weren't fully understanding the situation, so I wished to inform them of what the possibly missed, which I now believe my enthusiastic nature might have been viewed this, which I regret having expressed the information how I did. The reason I wish to be unbanned is that I believe that I am a contributing member to the community. I admit I did wrong in the issue with that player, but I felt as though it tied in an issue with moderation that I was advocating for, and willing at the time to become a martyr for, even though now I view what I did as unacceptable. I believe that I am a contributing member because outside of all the drama associated with (which I plan to change) I built and helped with many builds in the creative community for one and a half years. I chose deliberately to appeal this day instead of as soon as I was banned, because I wanted to recollect on what I did, to think about it,learn how I can better myself, and felt as though I didn't deserve to be part of nerd for a while because of my actions. After my recent birthday, I decided that now I am at an adult age, I ought to act more like one, and cease posting offensive things and harassing individuals. Lastly I would like to state that I agree with you that what I did was wrong, but I never meant malice in my actions, though I'm sure there are individuals who have painted me as a boogey-man to other players by now (I think I know the culprits) I merely did what I did at the time for its comedic value, not to hurt other people, I would like you to know that I know now is unacceptable, and that I will change if given the opportunity.