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  1. I don't know much about the restrictions on PVP zones on the PVE server, but, I know I would play more if we were able to have a town that is an entire PVP region, or something similar. I would assume it would need to be made clear that it is a PVP region, and non-accessible unless you are made aware of that. I feel it would add a new dynamic to the server and make it more appealing for players like myself who prefer PVP, and a new dynamic that could attract more players new and old. Although I have not been in-game much, I have, however, been noticing the declining player base over time on PVE. It seems to me as though it is following the same path Survival did which ultimately lead to it being closed.
  2. Hello UltimateMC33. Sorry for the late reply. Reply back to this after you have read through the rules and I will unban you.
  3. Trying to figure it out. I am also timing out while trying to connect and it's showed the same 5 players on since you messaged me on mumble.
  4. I don't think it has. I've recently jailed a few players and tried talking to them but never got a response. Not sure if it's because they couldn't respond or just didn't want to respond.
  5. Maybe have a way for jailed players to communicate with staff when they are jailed? They get auto-muted when jailed now so it's pretty hard to deal with the situation when you can't get a response from them.
  6. Maybe even something as simple as changing the text color for mail notifications, and have the new mail message be displayed every few minutes or so, in case the first message is missed upon login.
  7. Going off of Jkayani's post in Server Discussion. Maybe throw up a past revision of Survival for chaos? There already is hardly anyone playing and I'm sure more players than there are now will come back to play some chaos before rev 27 is launched. Suggested revision to use for chaos, that I also would like to see, is revision 21 :D
  8. I agree. Rev 26 is hardly played anymore anyways, so why not throw up a past revision for chaos to give S players something to do until rev 27 comes along? I also agree with running revision 21 since that was also my favorite revision, and my first.
  9. What I think was a very good idea was brought up to me by AvadaKedavra03. He suggested using the jail to punish players rather than banning so many. You could either set the length of time they will be jailed for, or what Avada suggested, make it so they can get out of the jail by doing something like /rules, then going through them to find the rule they broke, and then doing /leave (rule #), or something like that.
  10. Hello raskenstam, Taking crops from other players is not a problem as long as you replant them after. Since you have read the rules I will unban you, but if anything like this happens again, it will result in a longer ban.
  11. I also agree with having a sign up for this, just so slots are not taken up by players that might join to check it out and then leave because they don't want to play
  12. Dizney I love you. These definitely aren't vanilla but trying to stay vanilla is what is bringing the server down, in my opinion. I think all of these are a great idea. There just needs to be a good balance between what loot is in the chests and how often they reset and spawn other items. Another possibility: - What if a shop system was added? Instead of just the normal items you can normally buy and sell in shops, why not add in the enchanted books? You could buy and sell those too so if you do happen to get them from a loot chest but they are not the droids you're looking for... ;) you would be able to trade them in for in-game currency and buy books or other items that you do need.
  13. Because you have been pretty active for the number of days you have played so far this rev, I am going to unban you. But, you will have a note added to your account and will be banned for a longer period of time if this happens again.
  14. Hello xch1no. You already had been warned before by another moderator on May 25, 2014 for crop grief. After going through edits you have in the past few days, I found multiple farms that you left without replanting. Please go to nerd.nu/rules and read through the rules of the server. Reply back once you have done so.
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