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  1. I have no issues with holding a meeting. Hopefully we can get one hammered into the schedule in the near future, if everyone would like one.
  2. The Zoo?
  3. It has been brought up in other posts that the numerous rules we have on our servers might be a bit overwhelming. I thought I would start this thread to see about possibly coming up with a rectification to this problem. As first thought, I am thinking that we should make players instantly aware of any rule that will get you banned instantly, on the spot. These should be rules that are detrimental to the server play. Racial or homophobic chat, xraying, and griefing (unless it's allowed). The rest of the rules should be able to be called upon through various rule books or by direction to nerd.nu/rules I know that I am probably forgetting rules that we will probably want to add to that small list but I just wanted to get this conversation started prior to starting my work day. I am open to any and all ideas, and as Mangus has previously stated: I am always looking to improve things where they can be improved.
  4. I'll start another thread to address this issue.
  5. We are not other servers. The things people get warned about on our server are things that go against the rules of our servers. Other servers allow the use of an xray pack, or allow racial or homophobic chat. We don't. Just because another server allows it doesn't mean we have to.
  6. In the situations where we close a post that is unproductive and disheartens the spirit of the community, we are never going to message the user asking permission to close their post. I will (at least normally) message the person that started the thread and apologize for having to close their thread and will take the time to tell them the reasoning behind the closing. I apologize for not having had the time to message you yet Bmx. I have had a couple of hectic days and that particular task slipped through my fingers. I also want to make everyone aware that my door is always open to discuss any matter that you might have an issue with, however, issues that have already been decided upon and the decision wasn't one that someone agreed with, doesn't need a thread created to argue about the decision. These threads never have anything productive come from them and normally will split a community. Ultimately, these threads just become big arguments over things that won't be changed anyways, and due to this fact, will be closed by a head admin to preserve the integrity of the community.
  7. For the example you chose to use that you were trying to ask a question in, You can clearly see that the thread starter had okay'd the closing of the thread. As with all threads, the original poster can ask for a thread to be closed. If you felt that the conversation could have used a little more time, you could have opened up another thread about it. The threads that have been closed as of late, are done so to reduce the unnecessary amount of arguing that could become detrimental to the health of the community. I would not close a thread due to any personal problems (I would never have a personal problem with any thread posted unless it was someone that was personally bashing me).
  8. I believe that the answer to this might lie with trying to make sure new players understand the rules. Short of having random rules get announced by the server in game, on a loop (which I'm not really opposed to), I think we do a fair job getting the rules out to the players. If a player isn't going to take the time to understand what is okay and what is not, we have to hold them responsible. There's only so much "hand holding" we can do.
  9. Okay, going to post here really quick before my phone dies. Just throwing around an idea in my head that might make some structure to this alt account banning policy. What about if we were to start treating the banning of alt accounts in the following ways. 1. If an account is banned and a player is found playing on an alternative account, the ban will be reset and whatever ban length has been set will automatically be doubled or 2 weeks added (which ever is larger... i.e. if a player is banned for 1 week, he will have 2 weeks added for a total of 3 weeks and his ban length will be restarted from the day his alt account is banned. If a player is banned for 1 month for xraying, his ban length will automatically be extended +1 month and his ban time will again restart from the date his alt account was banned. 2. When his ban length is up, both his accounts will be unbanned, however, the next time he is banned his prior alt account will be banned as well for the duration of the current ban. (Notes will be put on his mcbouncer account. If you don't want your alt accounts doxxed, don't evade bans with them) no alt accounts will have notes annotated unless they are used for ban evasion.
  10. Omg. I just realized that jchance has the use of /Thor now. Everyone, running for the hills.
  11. Cyotie911: Do not try and talk to the Cyotie911. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth. Jchance: What truth? Cyotie911: There is no Cyotie911. Jchance: There is no Cyotie911? Cyotie911: Then you'll see, that it is not the Cyotie911 that talks, It is only yourself.
  12. Just to let everyone know that I have seen this and I'll bring it up to the other heads when I get back in town tomorrow and jump on irc again. P.S. I'll try to make posts like this more often so people will know that we do see things and aren't ignoring posts.
  13. This decision has already been made. If you would like to discuss this issue with me Barney, I'll be more than happy to chat with you. However for the reasons stated in this post https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/2485-only-having-up-votes-is-ridiculous/ I'm going to go ahead and close this thread to reduce the drama that this issue seems to be causing from a few people. I'll thank you ahead of time for being reasonable with regards of your help with trying to reduce the drama, and I'll look for your PM's.
  14. This discussion as gone on for long enough. The people who have disagreed with the removal of the down votes have spoken their peace but this is just going round and round and when it is all said and done, the down votes will still be gone. So, that being said, in order to keep unpleasant drama away from the community I am closing this thread. If anyone would like to discuss this further, I will be more than happy to have a private discussion with them in forum PM's or on IRC (Although I'll be on there more during the week than this weekend). This decision was ultimately decided upon by the head admin team. While we did take into consideration the polls, the decision was ours to make. So if you are unable happy (Although nd feel the need to botch about it) feel free to contact me or anyone else on the team.
  15. This is simple... Down votes were removed because of problems and unnecessary drama created by them. People were (as stated earlier in this thread) going through and down voting every post certain people were making. (This wasnt just a staff problem and after a poll it seemed as if the community agreed) If those of you who were doing that would like to continue, go visit the sub reddit, where we have no control of. However, since we do have control over this forum, we removed it. I don't think there has ever been a case where someone has abused the up vote button. How it is now? Well if you don't like a comment, just don't reply or reply stating that you don't like it and give a reason. Be productive to the conversations on the forum. Unlike down voting something and being counter productive. And yes, that's more or less what the down vote button did. It left the comment maker wonder what you didn't like about his comment, what would you change or if there was a better idea you had, what was it? Bottom line, the down votes aren't coming back anytime soon. You have been given options for you to continue to project your disapproval with a comment but down voting is no longer one of them.
  16. This ban is from forever ago. I don't mind unbanning you and since you have said that you will follow the rules from now on, I will unban you now. Just please refresh yourself with the rules at http://nerd.nu/rules prior to returning to the servers. If you have any questions about any of them, please don't hesitate to ask a staff member.
  17. diordru, Please be patient and jchance will be with you as soon as possible. Ban for diordru on c.nerd.nu for Griefing on C, no constructive edits nerd.nu/appeal by jchance on 2014-08-17 14:31:07 (no more bans, 1 notes)
  18. My first thought to this is to set their tp mode to ask. Maybe have a /tphelp command set up that will give a user instructions in game about the tp commands, and then put a revolving message in chat, from [server] about the /tphelp command.
  19. My apologies, I misunderstood what you had said. When you said you were going to make a public post and then in your next post said you were going going to make a poll. I assumed you were talking g about making a public poll.
  20. Also, sorry for not seeing your post earlier or I would have tried to say this before the poll went up.
  21. Let's not make a public poll about this. While I am all for community input, we should be the ones to make policies. That is part of our job. Instead, let's discuss some new ways of dealing with alt accounts and ban evasion policies and make a decision together. We don't need to have an open. Poll regarding something like this only to have disagreements between staff members due to differences in opinions. We need to make a decision about this and make a new policy. If anyone is in disagreement, they can be in a disagreement with us, and not other staff. That is ultimately our job and is something we need to be able to deal with. The rest of the staff shouldn't have to deal with any unnecessary drama.
  22. Possibly all but one... *cough cough*
  23. Unbanned.
  24. I will unban you as soon as I get a chance.
  25. Please go reread our rules at http://nerd.nu/rules and reply back here stating that you understand and will abide by them from now on.
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