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  1. My penis is to big and rubs between my knee and pant leg when I walk!!!
  2. Yeah, I don't see an issue with this provided that a tech doesn't know of a technical problem that could be associated with this that I am unaware of.
  3. I'm thinking that, probably, the only way to combat this is to possibly just unmute someone as soon as they are banned. There's no reason to keep them muted after they are banned since they won't be on the server anyways. I am actually unsure how many people on the list are actually banned? I would venture a guess that most of the people on the list might have gotten muted during their one and only time on the server, left because they got mad, and the staff person didn't think about unmuting them. However, if they are currently muted at the time of their ban, then staff should just unmute them directly after they get banned. The only issue with unmuting them at the time of their unbanning is that (and I don't know this for a fact but I'm going to guess it's a fairly large number) a lot of staff members unban a person from IRC and not in game, so they won't have a way to unmute someone at the time of the unbanning.
  4. I honestly wasn't aware that the apply for mod page was still redirected to this. I'll see about getting that removed since we are using that page for legitimate purposes now.
  5. The signs are gone. I did however create a sign at spawn, giving credit to redwall and twilexis for the spawn creation. I would like to apologize to redwall and twilexis for having to change their creation (even by changing the signs) but since there were some people who evidently had issues with it, I went ahead and removed them for the sake of the community. I'm going to consider this matter closed. Feel free to contact me if needed and I believe that the other issues in this thread have also already been addressed. (locking)
  6. Todd: Hey Griswold. Where do you think you're gonna put a tree that big? Clark: Bend over and I'll show you. Merry Christmas
  7. I'm not a Survival Server Admin, however I just wanted to comment a bit here. The Survival Admins are still welcome to post of course. Personal answers to your questions: 1: Staff be on mumble.nerd.nu at least 8 hours a week in reachable channels. 1a: Being in suppressed channels or being muted and deafened does not count towards this goal. 1b: Active hours should preferably match to peak active hours. I am never going to require Server admins to have to participate on Mumble, however, I do encourage it. This will never be a requirement to become a server admin though. Me personally, I am at work for 12 hours a day every day (as I am at this time) however, My job allows me to be able to be on IRC, Actively be around the forums, and jump in game when needed. What I can't do, however, is make noise and be in mumble. I don't believe that not being able to jump on Mumble is honestly that big of a hindrance to being able to work my head admin duties. Also, although it is nice to have an admin around all the time, it is not necessary. The majority of the issues that require a staff person on Survival can be taken care of by a Moderator. Most of the time when someone needs something they will more than likely run /list and if an Admin is on, will try to contact them first rather than a moderator. While this is nice to be able to do, it's also taking an admin away from his/her work (i.e. doing admin request that are only able to be done by an admin). Please note, that the above is just my personal experience and may differ from a response from an S admin. I just wanted to give you guys some feedback while you wait a response from an S admin.
  8. I am going to post a response to this question here rather than create a new thread for what should be a one answer response. I will consider this subject dead after answering this question and ask that if you have further questions regarding this, then please message me directly. The reason that "telling someone not to feed a troll" is considered derailing a thread, is for the same reason that "the troll post" derails a thread. By telling someone that, it normally induces the troll to defend whatever he originally said and therefore will start an argument that will veer the topic of a thread off track. Instead, when you see a troll post, do a couple of things. Instead of replying to it and feeding a fire that doesn't need to spread for the sake of the community. #1. Report it with the report option on the forum. I am going to start actively patrolling the forums to keep the drama here at a minimum (along with on the servers). So the removal of troll posts will be dealt with. #2. Report it to someone Via a private message on IRC.
  9. This thread has gone on quite long enough. The reasoning behind the Sadmin selection has already been addressed here: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2871-please-welcome-our-newest-survival-admin/#entry22175 If anyone needs further clarificartion, feel free to contact a Survival admin to discuss it with them.
  10. As far as things that nedd with public opinion, 99% of the time, we have polls for those. I am also for have the poll count public, but the voter private.
  11. I am against mod votes being made public. I got over ruled. Therefore I support the decision.
  12. (Excuse this as I am going to reply even though I'm extremely tired, This may get edited for clarity sake tomorrow but I wanted to get my ideas down) I am against this for a few reasons. The biggest one I will mention here. Mod chat private keeps decisions that, when they are made, come from the staff as a whole. Players in the community don't need to hold grudges against any staff member who agrees or disagrees with any decisions made. All decisions that come from the staff, come from all of the staff and the staff are expected to support all decisions that are made. What I do suggest is (and I'm pretty sure we do a decent job of this as it is but maybe it can be improved upon) when we make a decision, we can create a thread regarding the decision and any and all reasoning behind this decision. I also hope that anyone who has any questions regarding a decision, to feel free to contact any staff personnel and discuss it with them.
  13. As far as making it an automatic unban, I would like for there still to be something they have to acknowledge that they have done something wrong so they will be aware and accountable in the future. If this happens, I'm going to assume though, that there will still be the same problem that people are going to be to lazy to do anything and never even do the smallest steps to appeal. Maybe we can come up with something that gives every player 1 or 2 automatic unbans but after that they are a habitual offender and will have to appeal properly every time after that.
  14. The reason we have a banning system the way it is now is because whenever a person is unbanned, they are supposed to be treated with a fresh slate. I'm not talking about forgetting past bans, but not hunting for them because they have been banned in the past. I know that it is normal for a mod on C to immediately tp to someone who logs in on C and it shows that they have 2 bans on other servers. This player has probably done nothing wrong on our server but we are already putting them under a microscope because he is currently banned on other servers. This to me is like, someone who goes to jail for robbery, does his time and gets out of jail a reformed man. But what we want to do is make him drive around with a big sign on his car that says he's a convicted bank robber. He's done his time and should be treated differently by anyone for his past actions, but his record is still available, and will be looked upon if he gets caught doing anything wrong again.
  15. I would want to avoid adding notes about past bans. Since notes can be seen from all servers who use McBouncer I don't want someone getting punished on another server for a ban that is already lifted on ours. That is why we don't make notes about previous bans as it is now.
  16. Sorry, must have somehow missed the part about acknowledging the rules in the upper post. You can retract some of what I said, however, I'd like for them to acknowledge they have read the rules by having them have to type "I have read the rules" and not just clicking a button. To me this makes them more so understand what they are doing and not just clicking shot ( like the people who install McAfee when they update Java because they just click okay instead of reading what they are doing) And if they are required to have to do this, isn't this more or less appealing? It's not really automatic, except for the part where we lose an appeal record.
  17. As much as you guys are going to not like what I'm about to say, I'll go ahead and say it anyways. I am totally against timed bans with several reasons for this. #1. If a player doesn't appeal, then he will never really be held accountable for his actions. The minimum requirement for being unmanned is "making someone go reread the rules and state they are aware of them and will follow them from now on", in doing this, they become accountable for further actions and learn what they did wrong. #2. With times bans, someone might not even know they have ever been banned in the past. If a young kid comes on the server and breaks some things, then leaves. A mod comes around and finds the grief and puts a 3 day temp ban on the player, however the player doesn't happen to log back in for a week. By this time he's automatically been unbanned... he breaks a few more things and leaves. A mod sees that they have grieved again, sets a ban for 2 weeks this time. The player happens to log back in a few days later to find they are banned. Is there really fair to ban someone a longer amount of time when they might never knew they were banned in the first time? Especially if they might not really have known they were doing anything wrong in the first place? #3 automatic unbans take away any record keeping of past bans. Once a ban is removed from McBouncer it's gone. As of now, we currently look through old ban appeals for player history. This will essentially stop and unless the same mod happens to ban someone repeatedly, we'll have a hard time recognizing repeat offenders.
  18. As I may not get into game as much as I used to (and certainly not as much as I want to be!) I am still active throughout the day on issues that come up in regards to the community. The majority of the day, you can find me in IRC and if you ask any of the other head admins, you will find that I engage myself in all topics of conversation that we deal with as head admins. I know that it might seem like I'm not active since I don't show up in-game much, however I want to ensure everyone that I am still very much active in my position and will be around. Cyotie911
  19. Sorry for the delay. Please go reread the rules at http://nerd.nu/rules reply back here stating that you understand and will abide by them from now on.
  20. With this policy, I suggest that we start labeling the main accounts in the alternative accounts ban reason.
  21. Yes, and I would like to state that the unbanning of all alt accounts should be done by an administrator or higher. At the discression of an admin, alternate accounts could remain banned if we believe that the person appealing isn't the actual owner. I.E. compromised accounts that are trying to become unbanned by someone that isn't the owner or, someone who admits in their first appeal that they were using someone else's account as an alternative account to circumvent their existing ban. Bottom line, the owners of all accounts need to appeal for them.
  22. Any alt accounts will be unbanned at the same time as their main account.
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