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  1. Isn't this on-topic discussion, since it's about the server?
  2. Well, I was expecting something important, and then I got a random joke. It isn't really a big deal, but it's always best to name things properly. Edit: Deal =! Idea
  3. Sounds cool. I'm pretty sure random.org has a list option, though; you can skip the number thing.
  4. Naming a topic "read this" is kind of annoying, you know. You could've picked a title that actually gave some information, or at least sounded less urgent.
  5. Should I abandon the poll I've been working on? It might be a bit redundant. Of course, a poll with specific choices might be useful for determining precisely how much certain options are liked/disliked.
  6. How do you plan to change Seneca? How long do you think you'll be a mayor for, assuming you get elected?
  7. Hosting an elephant parade requires knowledge of elephants, as well as an area to parade in. Twenty-six. Parading an elephant host requires extensive elephants of knowledge, as well as a parade to area in. Sixty-two. Dumbo52 may be named after the character Dumbo (an elephant) from Dumbo, a movie released by Disney. However, other than that, I have no affiliation.
  8. I noticed that lots of people were making these, and I currently have quite a bit of free time. I'm not sure that I'm anywhere near well-known enough on these servers to do an AMA, but whatever.
  9. If Enchantism and the XP plump are removed, the server will become even more hostile towards new players. This probably isn't something we want.
  10. Well, the problem with adding an economy is that it might alienate the existing playerbase. Of course, the poll would help everyone figure out exactly how much of the playerbase would be alienated. I'll add that.
  11. Ah. Exploration will probably still be difficult, since people will seek out diamond houses to loot so that they can camp spawn. A gear sign might help keep the playing field even, though saving the TNT for later is probably a good idea.
  12. Will there be signs for TNT and gear at spawn?
  13. Hmm. Is there anything currently that actually encourages people to kill random unarmoured players? I know that the website has kill statistics, but I'm not sure that that's what's causing it.
  14. Survival doesn't have as many players as PvE, and I'm currently trying to figure out how this problem could be solved. I'm making a Google Forms poll on the subject, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I'm currently planning to make two forms; one will be for non-players about what would make them play, and one will be for players about what would make them leave. I hope that this will reveal a possible change that will cause more people to join without alienating the existing playerbase. Once the surveys are finished, I'll post them on the forums and subreddit. After some time has been allowed for people to respond, I'll release the results so that people can look at them. Crossposted from reddit.
  15. It shouldn't. The actual game doesn't use OpenSSL. The launcher and/or the servers use OpenSSL, but the game does not.
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