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  1. My apologies for the delay, went straight from work to a friend's house yesterday and honestly forgot to post :P These following people are up for consideration for the mod position: Buchanman MrGauthier34 IDANUB Kiwi99 gdavison Mattgorecki CROCKODUCK sansapants Magnyus All players: If you have any comments (positive or negative) regarding these candidates, you are more than welcome to contact a Head Admin. All mods: Understand that a Yes vote means you would want this person in a mod position. A No vote can either mean that you do not want this person in a mod position, or you do not know them well enough to say. Voting will close on October 25th, a week from today. At that point, the Heads will gather the results of the vote and any pm's and then post the final results, and our new mods! Edit: I'm closing this poll, as I accidentally didn't set it to have public votes. New poll here!
  2. Now that it seems this thread has run its course, I wanted to have a bit of a wrap up, with the results being put into action :D What I did was go through each comment and try to distill the argument down to where it would fit in a few categories, and I tallied them up as such: Selecting new mods, server and head admins should remain as it is: 12 people Handling contentious ban appeals should remain as it is: 11 people (All or a selection of) mods and admins should vote on contentious bans: 4 people (All or some) mods and admins should vote on new heads: 3 people All players should be able to vote on all staff selections: 2 people All players should be able to vote on mod selections: 2 people Discussions with bans and voting should be public: 2 people All players should be able to vote on head selections: 1 person Anyone should be able to nominate staff to be voted upon: 1 person There should be a community vote on mods separate from the mod vote: 1 person Head admins should be bound to a constitution: 1 person The participants in that discussion heavily favored leaving how we handle contentious ban appeals and selecting new staff as it is now. However I do feel (and got the general feeling that others do too) that we need to emphasize that any player is welcome to bring suggestions to staff regarding either of these two subjects. With Barlimore's departure, I want to get us back up a full capacity of head admins as soon as we can, and I want your help! If you have any ideas/suggestions of good candidates for the position, let me know (and I've already gotten a few from a range of people)! I am contactable through: Irc: I have a znc set up, which allows me to receive messages even if I'm not online, and I'll nearly always be idling in #RedditMCIf you don't know how to get on irc open this web client, click on Game Surge in the sidebar, and type in #RedditMC for the channel. Email: either 21thrawn@gmail.com or admins@nerd.nu (which goes to all of the admins) Reddit: either msg me personally or msg the subreddit mod mail (which goes to all of the mods)If you'd like to do it completely anonymously, this is probably your best bet. I'm trusting people not to spam names with anon accounts (and if you do, it'll be pretty obvious :P) Forums: send me a msg here In-game: send me /mail on PvE, and I'll see it in a day or two, or /msg me if I'm online. Mumble: My least favorite method of talking about serious things, as I have difficulty concentrating on mumble conversations if I'm doing *anything* else, but you're still welcome to go this route. Also, to keep everyone in the loop, we've wrapped up the latest mod nomination thread, and will proceed to voting tomorrow. For all future selections of new mods, or selecting for an open admin position, suggestions will be welcome from all players, and it is my goal to have a notification thread up for the general public in each case.
  3. No need to derail this topic with server competition :P I for one really enjoyed hard mode, starving and all. I prefer to run around with no armor, and hard mode actually gives a bit of a proper challenge to taking down a mob cluster.
  4. Yup, like buzzinbee said, we don't have applications for the position, just stay a regular and positive member of the servers and you'll most likely show up in a mod discussion thread sooner or later :)
  5. That's a great film. There's so many that I love, but I'd have to say Amadeus.
  6. Closing and moving to mod chat archives! :)
  7. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, the maps I've created a "special spot" for Pico, I've also done the same for other cities. Seneca, Brom, Argoth, Port Aperture, Wellspring, ... I've had all the major cities in mind in each map I've designed, and I would look at their planning threads and try to build landscapes that would cater to the talents of each. I've sat out of the first hours of the past few revs, letting others find it, and giving them no more information to them than I've given to any town that asks me "where can I find desert?" or "where can I find jungle?": the quadrant, and nothing else. Really at this point if a person is determined to believe I'm some power-abusing admin, I don't know what else I can do to change that. And here's the thread by the way.
  8. As for my own opinion, I feel that with the change in our size from 30 or so to thousands of active players makes it an entirely different animal than when these links were posted. It's no longer just a small group going "Hey guys, which one of us should have op?" I do believe that my time as a Padmin was very much so a valuable experience, and I'd want other incoming Head admins to have that kind of preparation. When it comes to ban appeals, I think Tolgar said it well: Ban appeals are purely a staff thing, we have about 10, maybe 20 max people who are never going to return because they burned all their bridges while slathered in napalm. Unbanning them would be an insult to the people they hurt. Involving the general user base in this process will just confuse everyone, and require going over again, and again, and again pain that people would rather leave behind.Many of our most difficult bans (that are often in the perma category) involve players harassing one another, and bringing those conversations to public light just renews the wound and for little benefit that I can see. I would certainly be open to (and wanting to!) bringing all the staff into helping decide contentious bans, but there are some cases where it is better if handled by fewer people. To give an example, say [player A] doxes [player B] and finds out that he has some (insert embarrassing thing here), and they then proceed to taunt them about it through pm's. This is something that we'd take into account in player A's ban, but it's not something that player B is going to want public, and so would be best kept to as few people as possible, which would most likely be the Head admins. As for mod nominations, anyone is welcome to pm a staff member with suggestions for new mods! When it comes to voting, [will edit here with some numbers] I'm pretty sure it's not been common at all for the heads to go against the vote results, and when it does happen, it may be because someone pm'd us with private information (similar to the above example) and we can't well give that information out :/
  9. Apologies for the delay, I realize that this is a topic worthy of a good discussion, and so in trying to get a proper wording, have written and promptly discarded several drafts, and finally decided to keep it simple. As per this discussion on the subreddit, one of the topics that I'd wanted to defer was that of how the selection of mods, admins and heads was run in the past in comparison to today. To quote the sections I refer to: before: Head Admins elected by popular vote amongst players [5] current: Head Admins chosen by their predecessors; neither mods nor ordinary players have any say. before: Highly contentious bans decided by popular vote [7] current: Appeals can be summarily closed by an uninvolved Tech Admin without elaboration [8] before: Moderators nominated and voted on by ordinary players [9] current: Head Admins decide who is nominated. Moderators then hold a vote, but the result of this vote is not binding and the Head Admins sometimes ignore it. With each of these cases, I'd like to focus around the question: Is a group vote the best way to make these kinds of decisions? I'd like to try to keep this discussion very positive and focused, and please try to avoid any ad hominem arguments (Your opinion sucks because you suck), as that can quite quickly devolve into harassment. There is also another thread concerning this subreddit post, but I feel it has derailed with the de-anoning of its author, and would like to keep this one on topic. :) As always, if you don't wish to post here, you're more than welcome to pm me privately, and heck, if you don't want to do it with your actual name, do it with an anon account on reddit! I care more about feedback that I can use to better these servers more than the source of it.
  10. In regards to this comment on the subreddit, I realized that I'd not asked a proper follow-up for the new forums. So now that we've had some time to settle in, how are you liking the moderating side of the new forums? And is there anything we can help you guys with? (And feel free to pm a head if you don't want to post here!)
  11. Alrighty, normally I prefer to wait for a response from a banned player before setting a ban length, as I like to be sure that they have the opportunity to tell their side of the story, but the other head admins have asked me to post seeing as you have not yet replied. You are banned for one month from your ban date, May 16th, so please respond back on the 16th of June to be unbanned. :)
  12. Alrighty guys, let please keep this to a discussion about end grinders and public/private spaces on PvE. The issue is not about who's said what or cities or reputations, and I don't want people flaming each other here, as that just pushes the discussion off track. As I see it, the question is: Should private groups or individuals be allowed to build personal grinders in the end? And this could be broadened to discuss the entirety of the PvE rule: The map should be considered open for exploration. Players are not allowed to completely block off large sections of the map. Access to land and buildings should not be "restricted". Anything can be explored by anyone. Rare exceptions include structures such as private animal farms.​ But for the sake of keeping things simple, I think we should just focus on end grinders. My personal view is that the end is a limited resource, and so while it's fine to build multiple functional grinders, it's not okay to block them off from global server use.
  13. I know in irc the techs have something that reminds them of current issues, but the name is slipping me atm, and I know for the updates they have the spreadsheet.
  14. Hey there guys, now that finals have released me from their vile clutches, I want to get up and going on a few things! Tebok's post with irc logs shows some of the discussion that went on tonight, and one of the things talked about was how we can better communication and help keep everyone in the loop between players, mods and admins. There's often a disconnect when player/mod Y comes to admin X and says "I've got Z problem," and then that problem gets discussed in the admin-o-sphere, but people outside it don't know that, and so it feels like there's nothing being done about it, no discussion going on at all (when that's not true). One way I see of combating that is by having some sort of working list of current projects/discussions, so that at least people are aware of what things are currently on the table, and who they can contact if they have questions/input. Perhaps have one for admins -> mods and staff -> community? I don't know what would be the best venue for this would be, or if we have something that we can use in the forums, but here's a link to a quick little google doc of my to-do list. Obviously please don't share that link outside of mods, as it's got 6K info in it, and let me know what you all think about some sort of official to-do list.
  15. That's so sweet Weazol! What do each of the medals represent?
  16. Ahaha tom, post a proper one! And I was the 2010-11 Natl. Sea Scout Bosn, which meant I was a part of the Report to the Nation, a yearly BSA event where they take the top scouts from around the country and bring them to D.C. to meet with a large portion of our nation's leadership, where we let them know what's happened in scouting in the past year. But sorry for taking things off-topic >.<
  17. kitcat, that's a gorgeous picture of you! :3 I didn't intend to take this picture (was rather bright out, and couldn't see on the screen that the front camera was on, not the back), but I rather like it and for some reason I'm in a bit of a boasting mood today, so here's a poor scan of me meeting the President in the Oval Office
  18. Apologies for the delay, studying for finals has consumed the majority of my time. You have been demodded and banned for using your moderating powers for personal gain, something we take very seriously. On Creative, you used the mod's ability to rollback edits (used to undo griefers) on your own builds 44 times. I ignored all the smaller or singular /lbrb-r's, as they can be explained as fixing an accidental block break in the course of moderating, but clusters of commands, or ones with larger radii are build removals. You also used your ability to rollback for a friend. In addition, you used the command //drain (which removes all liquid in a radius, as opposed to doing it manually with sand or gravel), a grand total of 237 times. Again, I ignored legitimate uses of //drain during modreqs in this count. Each of these drains have their location logged, which corroborated with a large dig in the ocean by the same friend mentioned above. You also drained water for a personal build, a glass dome house seen in the corner of the map here. When JohnAdams1735 asked you about the //drains, you first only mention removing lava, and then call the natural ocean "excess water." Later in that conversation, John reminds you that using your mod powers for personal gain is grounds for demodding and banning. On Survival, a few hours after your conversation with John, you use information gathered in modmode to give a pvp advantage to a friend. You then rapidly jump in and out of modmode as a method of avoiding injury in pvp, eventually killing your opponent. On PvE, you again used your ability to rollback edits and /i (give) yourself materials to move a build. In addition to these abuses of power on all three of our servers, you have displayed immaturity in your role as moderator by giving yourself frivolous notes: Note #30681 for Segadude20000 on c.nerd.nu: this is a Special note. There are many like it but this one is yours. by segadude20000 on 2013-05-02 21:45:18 using /o (a command which highlights your message to the server, similar to Broadcast) for non-moderating reasons: 2013-05-07 19:06:22 | CH: Running original command on player Segadude20000 ----> /o ಠ_ಠ2013-05-07 19:10:35 | CH: Running original command on player Segadude20000 ----> /o Christmas text. and for sending rude/immature messages to several of the griefers you encountered: 2013-05-15 22:34:26 | <Segadude20000> [player1] box of shame you go 2013-05-15 22:34:52 | <Segadude20000> any last words? besides Avo and spam? 2013-05-15 23:19:54 | Segadude20000 issued server command: /t [player1] fail trollin/greifing g much. 2013-05-15 15:27:56 | [segadude20000 -> [player2]] rolledback all your edits bitch. 2013-05-10 19:04:40 | [segadude20000 -> [player3]] i hear u liek greifing 2013-05-10 19:05:02 | [segadude20000 -> [player3]] well bai u banned When acting as moderators, our mods are representatives of our servers, and we do expect a certain level of professionalism. It is made very clear in the introductory interview given to new mods by head admins that outside of mod duties, staff are normal players, and are not to use any of the mod powers for their own (or their friend's) personal gain. Using /lbrb-r allows you to instantly remove any blocks you no longer want, as opposed to removing them by hand. Using //drain sucks up all the water/lava in an area, without having to manually remove it with gravel or sand. Modmode allows you to tp to any player or location on the map, it keeps you from taking any damage (from pvp or otherwise), and allows you to give yourself any items in any quantities, all things which a normal player does not have the ability to do. Here at Nerd, mod powers are not to be privileges or perks, but tools to be used to help the community, and all of your above actions are abuses of both the power and trust we place in every new mod.
  19. I asked this of the Padmins way back when I first became a mod (and first got optifine), and the answer I got at the time was that "I wouldn't condem it, but I wouldn't do it myself." Though it's been over a year and a half since then, and I think it would be good to have discussion about where we'd draw the line in this case. For me, I feel that having a mod that would allow you to find diamonds better than the next guy falls in a similar category as x-raying, and that we sould treat people who mine directly for diamonds under lava pools the same way as we do people who mine directly through stone.
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