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  1. Before anyone brings up the old "but base owner locations" chestnut, I'd like to point out that there is functionality in this forum software, whether by default or by plugin, that allows you to make a thread that only you and "staff members" can see in a particular subforum.
  2. Why? This doesn't help anybody. I don't expect you to have the entire conversation in #redditmc but the least you could do is offer "we're looking into this" or something on the forums. I asked after you specifically either in-game or in Mumble (I forget which), and redwall_hp. In redwall's case I asked another moderator to tag me when their conversation in Admin and Mod was over so I could have a quick word about it. That never happened. Moving to this or any other solution (including Glacier, but that is broken in multiple ways which I am not willing to fix anymore) mid-rev would not work. Consequently, bringing this into a new revision is the best (if not the only) way because it would break so many things and confuse players.
  3. While you're technically incorrect (there's no "guideline" for how permissions do or don't work - they're a set of allow / deny flags for player actions), you're kind of also correct. There's no plugin to my knowledge that allows this sort of behaviour. That said, I'm pretty sure I could get one working with WorldGuard in about fifty lines of code total.
  4. Actually it doesn't seem to be being discussed at all. I've tried to contact two of the S admins three times now to no avail, and I believe others have as well. On topic, this is a bad idea. Mumberthrax pretty much hit the nail on the head. The owners of those public farms do it out of generosity. To demand more of their time in keeping it replanted would cause them to disappear quite quickly.
  5. I've updated this now. Removed the hash from the database because storing it is nonsensical if there's a chance that the values it depends on - x, y and z - can be modified.
  6. This is then exploitable by the select unsavoury few who could camp that area or the player and kill them repeatedly while they attempt to replace, causing it to never be replaced (or take long enough that it's deemed voluntary grief). I prefer the unwritten rule, honestly.
  7. Hi. I coded (and stole some old code from SafeBuckets for) this plugin which should fit the intended use-case. Relatively untested as I'm typing this at 1am, however it Worked4Me™. Has persistence in way of a standard database which stores ID / World Name / Hash. I found no reason to store x/y/z individually, however if someone can prove that it's necessary I'm happy to change this functionality. I added in something that I'm unsure is present in SafeBuckets; the monitoring of the "EntityChangeBlockEvent" event, which is called, among other executors, when gravel falls onto a block. The only caveat is this to the deprecation of type IDs (block material IDs), you have to use the internal names. As such, things like redstone repeaters are actually called "DIODE", and redstone itself is "REDSTONE_WIRE". There's very little I can do about that without coding in natural language processing. Edit: I've been discussing this with md_5 just now and I'm going to be making a few edits to the hashing system. c45y also pointed out that it's a good idea to store x/y/z for manual correction if somehow the automation breaks. As such, if you're using this anywhere please realise that it'll break with the next few commits I make.
  8. We had our disagreements totebro, but there's no denying you're great at what you do. Good luck in your future ventures!
  9. As of currently, the Macro Mod is banned on Survival according to MrLoud15. I'm still waiting to hear an amendment about that, as I was given the okay for it about a year ago by a higher-up until now. It's also been in the ModJar for as long as I can remember.
  10. Guess you could say you don't want it AlLnAtuRal.
  11. I like this idea quite a lot, and had a clan-encouraging idea earlier. From my conversation with MrLoud15 earlier:
  12. The way this used to work is that the regular backups that are made are shipped off to another box (if I recall, it's the redditpublic.com box owned by darkskynet) and a cartograph is rendered there. This is why it only updated every few days. Right now, the cartos are on the same box as everything else, which doesn't really change anything as it's still generated from a backup. To clarify as to scope of data sent, the server sends the chunks in an x radius around the player. For PvE, this radius is 7 (thanks to slide23 for that info). To send all chunk data on PvE, you'd be sending (4000/16)2 chunks; 62,500 chunks at the same rate that you send the regular 225 -- (2x+1)2 where x = 7 -- chunks to each normal player. That's 277 times more data to that player than all others, effectively tripling the average PvE peak-time population (277 / 80).
  13. Bumping to ensure that attention to this thread, and our posts with questions and concerns are not lost. Please respond.
  14. No I didn't. While you have the irritating habit of flapping around with words instead of just getting to the point, your question (or at least what has been inferred by myself and others) is that if beds are enabled on Survival (and people play on PvE for beds), why can't we enable PvP on Creative? While I answered your question directly in my reply (with a tl;dr of they're nowhere near the same thing, same as what Draykhar said), the reason I threw the question the way I did on the PvE server is because of this previous comment: As for combat logging and bed-killing, there's various ways that can be resolved that I can see, although some of the approaches may not be acceptable: If a player is re-killed at his bed, modify the death message to note the particular player is spawncampingThis is more a social approach than any, however it may help clear up (and nullify) combat logging cases if the death messages are recorded as different and it's clear a player is spawncamping. Grant temporary (we're talking perhaps 2-3 seconds) invulnerability upon respawnI believe Minecraft already does this by default, but not for quite this long. I was considering adding a command to teleport the player back to the actual spawn during this time, allowing them to get away. Make a player, upon respawning at their bed, invulnerable until they move (this includes moving the camera)This has approximately the same impact as currently; players who have been killed can idle in spawn until their killers go away. So much as moving the camera would remove this invulnerability thereby preventing players from getting to nearby chests, but I could change it to be any x/y/z movement + interactions, instead of including pitch/yaw (camera) changes.
  15. I'll field this question, as having been around for multiple years I feel I'm somewhat qualified. PvP is a multi-faceted feature of the game. You can kill each other with swords, with bows, with or without armor, using traps, using potions, and with or without enchantments. To play with or without this on is a playstyle, not a toggled feature (for one, PvP can be disabled in Vanilla Minecraft, beds can't). People on PvE don't play "for beds". If beds were disabled on PvE these people aren't going to migrate to Creative. They play for the player-versus-environment playstyle. While I do play both PvE and Survival now, I don't play Survival because of the lack of beds, I play it because I get to kill people, and because there's the inherent risk of shanty_sniper destroying me at any moment. Whether you think that particular facet is gamechanging or not, a lot of your fellow players appear to disagree:
  16. Once upon a time circa 2011 this was enabled on Creative. It caused everyone to start playing detective and take matters into their own hands, which actually resulted in more problems than it solved.
  17. I wasn't referring to the head admins, and it's very difficult to infer that from my post. I was referring to the people you referenced here: Reddit, as you well know, is a terrible platform for discussion. It's also quite terrible for vote-based ratings. Unlike the forums, the votes dictate whether or not content is ever going to be seen, with the first few votes being downvotes weighing a lot heavier than 50 / 200 being downvotes. Using a reddit thread as a metric for that is a very bad idea, because it simply doesn't add up. While I did edit this particular part because I myself thought I'd misworded what I meant (and I do apologise for that last sentence, it misrepresented my thought process), I'll respond to you in kind. Firstly, this entire incident was caused in part by you putting words in the mouth of, and trying to pretend to understand the mindset of, a server admin who you had made so uncomfortable that she had to share the experiences with the playerbase. Secondly, I'm going to re-refer you to c45y's comment. As you seem to have jumped past my original post, be it because it was too long or too analytical, here's a link again. While I appreciate that this was a learning experience for you, it shouldn't have been a rude awakening that "not everything is circlejerk material". This is especially significant when you make reference to Tharine's age, stating that she needs to "age ten years". What's more, the fact you refer to Lude's quitting as dropping it in your lap alone indicates that despite this, you didn't delegate or ask for help particularly often, if at all. I may have been listening to the wrong streams, but I don't recall conversation ever coming up where you asked for assistance. I should add that of all things, the fact that Tharine "won the argument" is of non-relevance. I do ask that if you have the time, you go back through and respond to my original post appropriately. Since it's currently the third-highest voted post on this entire forums, with upvotes from players and staff alike from all servers, I believe it indicates that I'm clearly on the right track with my questions and concerns.
  18. So what exactly is the point of this topic? You were never apologising for your actions, you're apologising for the reaction to your reaction to your actions being made public. You haven't responded to any legitimate post in about the incidents, merely one criticising the thread. This is what people get when they approach you with concerns. Just as I said, you write it off as drama, or take it as a personal insult. The fact you separate the two categories and tell one to "take it elsewhere" while the super best-friends club can continue business as usual is not the correct practice for a head admin or a leader of any community. This is something I have quite a bit of experience in from my own endeavours - having people who think you're unapproachable is bad. Having the majority of the playerbase think that you're not only unapproachable, but unpredictable and misguided as well is a gigantic flashing sign saying "step down, step away". If the playerbase doesn't trust you, how can you believe that you leading the community is a good fit?
  19. I just downvoted you instead of upvoting by accident, my apologies. It seems this occurs more than it probably should.
  20. I'm confused about a number of things over this entire incident, not just this post, nor the first post, nor your replies. This entire incident has, for me, dragged my trust in the staff as a collective group through the dirt. There's a small group of shining examples such as Draykhar and Barlimore who don't give politician's apologies, acknowledge that things aren't right and explain how they want our help getting from A to B. What I don't get, in particular is where this post by a, by his own admission, "head-head" admin stopped being true. Was it when he left, or was it only true so that there was something in the mod forums in way of reprimanding those who took part in that ridiculous incident? If the former, why is it not true now? I've seen one moderator step down after their behaviour was making other players, my friends, uncomfortable after I had talks with the administration about it. That was on a personal level. This entire incident makes at least me and tens of others uncomfortable about it on a community level. From this post in /r/barneygale: Barney did put a lot of work into these servers. When c45y (who also put a superhuman amount of work into these servers) quit, his leaving post was, in summary, an indicator that he thought this had turned into a shitshow. This was reiterated when he posted this comment in response to your comment of "You cannot sit there and dismiss all the good I've done over the past two years so off-handedly." Interestingly enough, that's exactly what you did to Barney. Your response indicated that you want to go out on your terms which, last time I checked, isn't how the world works most of the time. Now onto dissecting this particular post. I won't do the whole thing now, but I'll get started. Do not use this word, especially not in this context. It wasn't "drama" until you made it drama. I'm really tired of the staff and people who pretend they're staff misusing this word. It gives off a combination of "this person has no idea what they're actually talking about", and "this person doesn't want to deal with this so is pretending it doesn't exist". Please tell me why there's an aftermath to clean up at all. The cesspit post you made was visible to me and any others that had the link (and it was given out like free candy, you were all so proud). Her actions are a response to your and everyone else's actions. You put her in this position, certainly not the other way around. May I ask how it feels to know that you made someone so uncomfortable being a part of a subset of your community that she had to show everyone what it was like? Do you know why? Because her loyalty was to the players, not to a small subset of the community known herein as "staff". I knew the majority of this information from other sources before it was posted in a Google Document, before Tharine had even thought to collate it, I know I'd have done the same. I have two problems with this particular sentence. Firstly, you indicate your assumptions that Tharine and Barney are, for whatever reason, colluding in some sort of attempt to get you removed. While I could understand the means and the target, the fact that you attach the two in such a way in order to paint both in a bad light indicates that you haven't learned a thing from this incident right off the bat. You go on further to throw words around his post. Secondly, you called her toxic because she may have had a hand Barney's post? While I'm incredibly more partial to Barney's posts than you, I don't think I could ever find it in myself to write someone who did what has been done here off as a toxic influence on a community I love even if they'd raised the playerbase against me through it. If that had happened (and it has), they probably have some seriously valid points, no? I'm going to point out that if you seriously think a large wall of text that doesn't even say "I'm sorry for being horribly misguided" over and over again is going to do anything for your credibility with the majority of the playerbase, I'm afraid you're quite mistaken. One particular quote that comes to mind is "if you don't become an actor, you'll never be a factor". Posting text on the Internet isn't going to help your case, or the admin's case, or MCPublic's case. It just makes everything look like even more of a joke if this is actually accepted as the resolution. Please don't try and use the medical excuse again as your reason for floating around with words, because the answer is to just resign your head admin duties and fall back as a normal moderator for the time being which is what people have been saying all along. This is the largest community outrage at an event that I can think of. Even Barney's actions, despite being painted in the brightest red and orange by the head admins, didn't generate this much mistrust (merely a vocal few). Players left, people withheld donations at the fundraiser (I can name people that withheld, between them, over $1000 due to this incident), and you lost what little trust some of the staff and players had in you completely. tl;dr Don't skim over this. It's important, has some serious questions, and raises the thoughts and concerns of many players who are simply too scared to post about it.
  21. After you get so much as unenchanted iron armor, any mob on normal becomes nothing more than an absolute joke. The two that aren't (Endermen, Zombie Pigmen) aren't hostile by default anyway. I wrote a plugin a long while ago that could technically be used a compromise between the two; it applies various (configurable) potion effects to mobs when they target a player (default is, if I recall right, speed and strength). This means that players won't die from hunger, but mobs will still be difficult. Running away from these mobs will cause the potion effect to run out as normal so you can still fight them "the old way" if you so desired.
  22. While nitpicking each others' posts is all well and good, the topic of discussion appears to have very quickly been dissolved. Can we please try and remain on point here? The forum is the best medium for communication and potential resolution of these issues. While I understand that grade-school microscopes are great tools, they're not particularly useful on forum posts. That said, there are people from both sides who, on a scale from "not having any idea" to "first-hand involvement" probably fell off the scale somewhere on the left side. While the opinions of survival players may have a degree of bias, we (well, some of us) are the players that have known Tharine from player through to administrator - her dedication to the server was nothing short of impressive. Yes, she sometimes took calls from mediums outside of the game (Facebook, Steam, Skype), however it wasn't out of obsession but out of a care for the playerbase. Contrary to WayneByNumbers' post I believe she managed things quite well, and I know of multiple times that people were told to take other mediums of communication (i.e., that Facebook, Steam, Skype were not appropriate) in order to get something resolved. I feel it necessary to reiterate something that another player said the other day about the logs being posted. I've had trouble so far coming up with a way to put it in as many words, but "Tharine's loyalty was to the players, not to the staff 'gang'" sums it up nicely. It definitely was MCPublic's best interests at heart, but where those "best interests" actually are is what's separating the majority of the playerbase; without the players these servers are nothing. Character assassination is not the way to go here, nor is projection or speculation. If you're going to add something to the conversation, please make sure it has a factual basis.
  23. To add to this with my own voice, when Tharine was first told she was becoming an S admin, she came to me and posed the question "how would you describe me?" I don't recall my exact response, however it certainly wasn't "an immature, irrational, selfish little runt trying to take down the pillars of the community on their way out". It was the opposite. Tharine was (as an admin, and still is as a person) incredibly level headed, did not play favourites (I was caught under fire from her more than once), and was, at least initially, determined to work to make Survival better. I couldn't have thought of a better candidate; I was one of the people that suggested her way back when. I still can't think of a better duo than Draykhar and Tharine. I feel that the quotation "It is not our mistakes that define who we are; it is how we recover from those mistakes" holds very strong relevance to this entire situation. As I said in my reddit post, the "moral panic" and "mass hysteria" were 100% caused by the initial creators of the content and posters of the posts, not those who collated it and put it on show alongside their opinions. Those are the people that stand up and say what the others are thinking. MCPublic as a whole suffers from a community equivalent of hemispatial neglect. Hemispatial neglect is where someone has a brain injury or defect that causes them to "neglect" one side of their body or visual field. It’s not that the person is blind in their right eye, as apparently everything functions and is being processed by the brain from that side. It is simply that they don’t cognitively comprehend that side, but, when this fact is pointed out to them they also don’t comprehend that they don’t comprehend it. They’re just surprised that suddenly this event on the right side of their body happened. If you ask them why the didn't see that, they can have any reaction from anger to giving a confused but totally plausible explanation. They honestly just don’t see that anything is wrong, but they also kind of know something is wrong so need to justify what just happened. This is what happened here and every other time; it's written off as drama and disposed of into a memory hole.
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