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  1. Hello Everyone, I am looking to push out the next issue of the Nerdpaper this upcoming Friday. If you have anything you would like to be highlighted in this issue please get them to my by Thursday (Oct. 30th). Thanks so much for your help! -djt832
  2. djt832


    Hello all, I'd like to start a sort of newspaper for the nerd community. Basically, the motivation for this idea is to make sure we keep everyone updated on the stuff going on around here. Its hard for staff that are busy with other things, like setting up revs, to keep everyone informed. So this would hopefully fix that issue. What I would need from you (admins, techs, staff, community members even) is just a short update (screen shots too!) on what you're working on. It doesn't matter what server its from, as I'd like this to be for all of them, events included. Im willing to do all the work compiling and writing up the stories and posting it in a newspaper type format. Any opinions on this idea?
  3. Well, we have arrows, we have fire charges, lets get some fireworks on the go shall we? As far as im aware firework explosions cancel each other out to reduce lag and i don't really see any harm in adding them. Some creative player firework shows would be pretty awesome and could even help show off the server to people from P or S coming to the event. If fireworks where implemented, could a command be made that would make spawning fireworks in a possibility? In normal creative they need to be crafted. A command such as /firework RBO (red blue and orange mix) Firecharge/feather/goldnugget/head 64 (stack of red blue and orange fireworks with a modifier. A useful command such as that would sure make life easier.
  4. As some people know, during rev 24 of Survival DementedM0nkey and I created a lets play of the few days we played before everyone left. We decided not to do rev 25 due to the lack of pvp. We recorded around 2-3 hours, and couldn't find anything interesting to really do, so we abandoned the project. However with UHC and a new rev coming this saturday, we have decided to revive our lets play! Rev 26 will be fully recorded (though we tend to cut out the boring parts such as mining, unless our conversations are interesting) as well as UHC being recorded. Not only that, but we are planning to record any organized fights that want to be recorded and possibly commentated on. We're considering doing tours of cities on PvE, and also going through creative and showing off any builds we find highly entertaining. And finally, we're also interested in recording spleef events/matches possibly adding our own commentary as well. If you are interested in getting your city toured, or your build on C shown off, please message me to let me know and we would be highly interested in doing so :] While we're not going to be a strictly minecraft channel, our focus for the most part (at least at first) is going to be showcasing all the servers on nerd.nu. Our new channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScrubismGaming
  5. The event on P is a little bit too much. If it is at all possible please disable items being destroyed in explosions and take mesures to prevent them from multiplying through walls. Also, try and reduce the multiplication. The reason I feel like these are valid requests is because I died about 55 times yesterday as creepers came through the floor into the room with my bed and also people helping me including myself lost A LOT of good diamond gear we have been working for. If someone who wasn't well armed like we where was going around they would loose all their items, and as a result, probably leave the servers. So if the techs can, at least disable item destruction, it would make the event WAY better.
  6. Join now by connecting to event.nerd.nu! The event will run for 24 hours, and during this time s.nerd.nu, c.nerd.nu, and p.nerd.nu will be offline. They will be back up after the event. This event is also a fundraiser to keep the servers going! If you would like to help contribute, you can at nerd.nu/donate! Any donations are appreciated, but we completely understand that not everyone is able to donate. Click here for the CTF info post with a guide book.
  7. Hey everyone! It’s time to give out the final details for our Capture the Flag fundraiser. As a free public server, these events have typically been held yearly to cover the cost of running the servers. Any donations are appreciated, but we completely understand that not everyone is able to or wants to donate. To donate and to keep track of the score, go to nerd.nu/donate. We would love to have you all celebrate MCPublic’s 5 year of existence with us. The event will run from 5 PM EDT on Saturday the 7th (convert to your time zone here). Running for 24 hours, we’ll wrap things up at 5 PM EDT on Sunday the 8th. During this event the creative, PvE, and survival servers will be taken down. To familiarize yourself before hand, here is a copy of the rulebook for Capture the Flag. Once again, we’ll be seeing a fierce battle between red and blue. However, we thought it’d be more fun to give our fighters a tactical head start. Here’s a full list of the power blocks that will be available for this match. No more guessing, no more experimenting, but much more time for planning and scheming. Remember these blocks and what they do, but also remember to use them better than your enemy. Diamond Block: Jump Boost Emerald Block: Nausea Glowstone: Fire Resistance Gold Block: Regeneration Ice: Speed II Iron Block: Resistance Quartz Block: Invisibility Soul Sand: Slowness III Black Stained Clay: Weakness Purple Stained Clay: Night Vision Lime Stained Clay: Poison Orange Stained Clay: Health Boost II Team’s Color Wool: Resistance Enemy’s Color Wool: Wither Effect
  8. Hello Friends! We are rapidly approaching our 5th Anniversary as a server, which is June 10th. To celebrate, we will be hosting another 24 hour CTF event the weekend of June 7th. We're happy to be celebrating this 5 year mark, especially since our funds only come from generous donations of our user-base. We pride ourselves on not being a "pay-to-win" server, and to keep running smoothly, we occasionally have to come forward to ask for donations. During this event, you will see messages pointing to nerd.nu/donate. If you are willing and capable to donate, we can keep things rolling for years to come. We will be making another post closer to the event with more details. On another note, today is Memorial Day here in the US. It is designed to remember those who have come and gone within our country. During this event, I'd encourage everyone on the servers to do something similar. Many of us have been here long enough to see many players come and go. I enjoy these servers, because we are a community, and we all meet people that we can truly call friends. So, for the friends we've made, and the friends we've lost, let us celebrate this milestone together.
  9. I'd like to hear what you all think of the idea of nerd hosting a public FTB server. FTB stands for Feed The Beast - basically it's a free minecraft launcher that contains pre-built configurations of mods that generally are set up to work well together - or at least don't have conflicts and tend not to crash like what can happen with manually adding mods to a client. Basically the mods contain new gameplay mechanics, new items, new decorative blocks, new biomes, mobs, etc. Some of the modpacks have technology oriented themes, where ores are processed to produce more ingots etc. and some modpacks focus more on exploration or magic spells, or just increasing the difficulty or variety of the game. The selling points of using something like an FTB mod pack versus setting up mods yourself are that It's accessible - download the launcher, select your preferred pack, and launch - players don't have to manually configure mods themselves in order to play on servers with the same experience everyone else has. It's relatively stable - some mods have unanticipated interactions that can cause lag on rare occasions but overall the mods are selected and configured to work well together without conflicts I know that traditionally nerd has never required players to have a modified client to play on the servers. I'd argue that FTB is sufficiently distinct from vanilla minecraft that it's basically a separate game. We have an official steam group, and though we do not host servers as nerd.nu, some of our community spend a fair amount of time playing other games while still somewhat connected to the nerd.nu brand. It's been suggested in the past that nerd branch out from being *just* a minecraft community to being a more generalized gaming community, and while I don't know what the overall feeling about this concept is, hosting an FTB server seems like a natural next step in that direction without necessarily buying into it wholesale. I've heard players in-game mention wishing to play FTB with the nerd community/moderation. I understand a fair amount of players currently play on another FTB server (or have been lately). While I don't know for certain that our current vanilla mc players would all jump at the chance to play on a nerd-moderated FTB server I can say that there are definitely many people who enjoy playing FTB based on the subreddit activity on http://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/ In fact, there was enough demand there for a free public server that the community was all rallied up to begin setting one up themselves, donating to it and everything, until the mods there put an end to it and promoted their own server which unfortunately is severely lacking in implementation. Thus at least on reddit, there is a void when it comes to free public fair and well-moderated FTB servers which nerd may be able to fill. FTB uses forge, and thus a forge-based server would be needed. MCPC+ is a forge server that supports most bukkit plugins, and that is what I would advise to be used. However, some plugins like LWC and Logblock do not work well with modded blocks, so alternatives would need to be used for logging and protections (if any are used). Grief-Prevention is a fairly well-polished protection plugin (made with modded minecraft in mind) which allows players to manually select their claimed areas, prevents TNT damage aboveground, protects chests, prevents water/lava flowing outside of your claim, offers a login-PvP-protection, and even has a PvP option to lay seige to another player's protected base - all of which is configurable. PRISM was designed specifically with modded minecraft in mind, and it is reported to work quite effectively on FTB servers in lieu of logblock or coreprotect. Some items in FTB packs can circumvent some protections, like the gravity gun or ars magica dig spell, or sigil of the flat lands, etc. Most such items can be nerfed, disabled, or their use logged by PRISM. If the server went without allowing protections on builds, players also have in-game protective solutions like warded stones from thaumcraft, forcefields from MFFS, etc. FTB has a reputation for being resource intensive. There are a few ways players can abuse mods to create lag on the server, such as running thousands of machines in a single chunk, abusing automatic mob spawners, running a quarry or item production line that is not configured safely so that items spill onto the ground in massive amounts, creating tons of mystcraft dimensions, leaving chunk loaders active, etc. Most if not all of these sources of lag have measures to prevent or deter them, whether through disabling known lag-inducing blocks and items, or by enforcing rules governing safe usage of said blocks and items, or just plain using a pack that doesn't have as many abuseable items. There's also the question of whether the servers we have can support another server in addition to S,P, and C. Configuring it, and tracking down lag would likely be more work for techadmins. I think having an FTB server operated and moderated by nerd, with our policy of free and public access, would be valuable to many. At the very least it might be an enjoyable event for our regular players if not a long-term setup. What are your thoughts on this?
  10. Hello all, I was just wondering why the sever, or severs haven't done a Event in a long time. The last time I think we did an Event was ether 2013 or 2012. Personally I think there should be a Event every 6 months or so, something new each Event. Tell me what you all think about this. Thank you :)
  11. I think while we're waiting on the outcome of the server meeting it would be best not to let S idle in its current state. We should switch over to chaos at the earliest possible opportunity. I'm aware that the enjoyment of chaos on our current map would run out before anything like a version of civcraft (or other substantial changes :P) could be implemented. But we could also rotate in old revs to play on which have the potential for months of use. This would provide a short term boost in player numbers, help sustain the interest in survival and give many players the chance to revel in their nostalgia and give the old S a fitting send off. Thoughts?
  12. At the end of every revision on creative, as most of us know, we host a Chaos mode, in which we first go for a few days in survival mode, scavenging materials from buildings, triggering traps, destroying things by hand, and afterwards destroy the map again in creative mode with the aid of unlimited tnt. During the Chaos mode, all player's data is reset, inventories wiped, all teleport aspects removed (homes, warps, etc), and the player position reset to the spawnpoint. However, there are many people who ignore the spirit of starting from scratch to tear down an empire. These people make stashes of armor, food, tnt, etc, all over the map, usually in bedrock bunkers to survive the onslaught of tnt waves. They hide these stashes in the hopes of using them to gain an advantage over all other players during the survival mode of Chaos. Personally, I'm of the belief that such actions defeat the purpose of the survival mode of Chaos, that inventories are deliberately wiped for a fresh start. It's one thing for controlled stashes to be put into place- the odd 3 blocks of tnt, a piece of diamond armor, simple stuff like that. However, time & again I've seen people with inventories full of tnt, glitched pieces of enchanted armor, and other things that players who wanted to survive with what they've spent months working on simply cannot compete against. These people & the actions they take quite simply ruin the fun of Chaos mode. The arguement could be made that such wild cards keep it interesting, but I find that hard to support when 2-3 such players seal off the spawn & chase down whoever exits it. As a solution to this issue I've seen, I propose the following: In addition to player data resets, the Chaos map should have all chests removed that'd been previously placed, as well as large groups of other storage-related items. This can be done very easily with a worldedit filter. Players can have their massive amounts of tnt & over-powered armor during the creative Chaos mode. Leave the survival mode timeframe for surviving.
  13. So, per comments I've heard around the servers, including here, we've spent some time discussing the idea. What we would like to do is start having Throwback Thursdays. Now, I know you may be thinking this is just some April Fools thing, but it is my off day, so I didn't have time to post it until now, this is no joke. So, the way it will work is similar to Magynus's suggestion in the linked thread. The proposed plan is for 24 hours every Thursday, the Event server will host old maps. These maps will be updated to the current version of minecraft, and will be running a post-rev style chaos. This means we will have some essentials such as world border, log block, etc. to prevent rule breakers (yes, chaos still has some rules). The best part about this: old players get the nostalgia of running around their old towns with friends, and new players get to explore how things were before their time. So, down to some details about it. The current plan is to run each map for 24 hours two Thursdays in a row. Each map will rotate from server to server (personally thinking the server order should go C -> S -> P, since that is the order they came about). We will run polls for the playerbase to choose which rev they would like to play on each time around. So, it would look something like this: 1st Thursday - C Rev 14 2nd Thursday - C Rev 14 3rd Thursday - S Rev 5 4th Thursday - S Rev 5 5th Thursday - P Rev 7 6th Thursday - P Rev 7 7th Thursday - C Rev 10 etc So, since I'm just getting this thread up, it may be a couple weeks before we get it all rolling out, but I'd like everyone to post feedback, thoughts, and suggestions regarding this.
  14. http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/20ap2z/new_event_idea/ Buchanman posted this on the subreddit 5 days ago, I figured I'd repost it as it will soon become a rather pressing matter but received no particular staff attention. Better safe than sorry.
  15. Cross-post from subreddit. Click it - you know you want to. http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/201chw/announcing_thrax_industries_playerrun_arena/
  16. Dear Friend Hello! as a new user in reddit, I would like to know how could I upvote my submission. for example if I submitt a link in the worldnews about the most latest report in the middle east, how can I get more credit for this news. thanks very much Truly yours Nazemzadeh
  17. Forgive me if this is already being discussed or has been discussed elsewhere and I've missed it, but what are the current plans for admin/mod-hosted arenas on S? I know we had one spur-of-the-moment arena night not long ago, and i had been under the impression there was some kind of arena league planned as well. Have there been other arena nights which I've missed? Is one individual currently in charge of this? Are multiple S admins working together to manage arena planning right now? If so, where is the planning taking place? I know it's been mentioned that moderators may be able to host arena events too - has that idea been developed? I'm basically coming into this blind, having just tried to search through the forum posts and meeting notes for my background information. Most importantly, what can I or the other moderators, or the players even, do to help get arenas going and going well?
  18. Here is the initial list of books: [redacted] Feel free to suggest new book titles or what some of the synopses should be. Game Summary: 10 books in 10 separate chests hidden across the map (Draykhar, MrLoud15, and I have the list of coords kept on where each chest is on the map, this way moderators can play too) Each book title corresponds with a set list of prizes done by admins Books are returned at the library on Blue Road into the designated chests and given their prize by an admin Trap chests are also in place and players are also allowed to set up trap chests as well When all the books are returned, game is reset For the harder to locate books, hints may be posted as to the where the chests are located
  19. I'm not saying that we're ready to commit the time to running a weekly 10-minute Build Contest League, but if I were considering it, what time during the week would be best for each of you? (Check all that apply.) Right now I'm considering running a 1 hour contest up to once a week. During the week players can suggest topics, and the topics will be selected by the hosting moderator (for simplicity). There will be 10 minutes for each build with 5 minutes for judging. Let me know if you think there are any critical problems with these general details.
  20. Yesterday there was a meeting held before the whole bounty thing came up to talk about different things. A topic that came up was games and events for Survival as a whole. We discussed a few different games and events but wanted to extend the invitation for players to suggest things as well. This is a thread for people to do that. A bounty system has been brought up as something of interest for the server and was a game we suggested before the subreddit post was created. When it was discussed among us this is what was idea that was being played around with: Tag/Man Hunt Pick from a list of volunteers to go and hide People could sign up on the forums to be on the list One clue given as to where they are hiding or no clues Person who finds and kills them first is awarded a prize Feel free to suggest games that both involve PvP and non-PvP aspects.
  21. Voting has now begun. Please pick your favorite set of server icons. The contest has been approved by the admins now, so we're going with it. With 1.7 out, we can now represent the servers via an icon on the server listing. Rather than letting the staff make it, we've decided to let the community come up with their own. Post the icons on this thread in order to submit them. The guidelines for the the submissions are as follows: You must submit 5 icons, one of each: PvE, Survival, Creative, Event, and Chaos mode. The icon must be in PNG format sized at 64*64 pixels. This is due to Mojang's specifications for the image. imgur links are preferred While we seek unique icons for each server, submission sets with a cohesive look are preferable. Voting may be changed for well liked submissions that particularly reflect a specific server. The icons must comply with server rules(must be SFW; no racism, sexism, or homophobia) Particularly low quality/effort submissions will be ignored at our discretion. An example of a low effort submission: http://i.imgur.com/vYSXWyn.png The deadline for the submissions is 2 weeks, ending at 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, November 10. This post will be edited shortly after to include a poll, and voting will continue for another week. Good luck!
  22. Thanksgiving is coming up next month, and although we missed it in 2012, It's been a tradition here at MCPublic to host a charity donation drive around this time of year. I plan to post a public thread in Server Discussion about this in a few days, but I'd like to get the ball rolling now. Tasks that will need to get done: 1. Pick a charity We usually do Child's Play, seeing as how we're a gaming community. Unless anyone has any serious objections, I'd like to stick with them. 2. Set up the donation page. In the past, we replaced our own donate button on nerd.nu/donate with a widget for ChipIn. This let us track how much people donated without actually collecting the money ourselves. Chipin has since been bought out and dismantled, but I've found something similar in PitchinBox. 3. Set a date/time How long will this run? 24 hours? 48 Hours? It doesn't have to happen thanksgiving weekend, even early December is fine. 4. Plan the actual event. This is what will take the most brainpower. Will this be a build contest? Something pvp-related? Game show a la Brom Studios? Pie-throwing contest? All of the above? If anyone's got ideas, please post here. For starters, check out Denevien's thread. This is something where public input might come in handy. 5. Build the map. Exactly what it says on the tin. I'm hoping we'll be settled into 1.7 by the time we start setting up. 6. Publicize We still have connections to /r/minecraft; we should use them if we can. This is something that I'm going to make happen even if it's just a little shack on C where I beg for money, but I think that if we plan enough in advance we can make something amazing happen.
  23. While we're still in 1.6, and I have no rush to see that change for a while, I was reading the recently released official changelog for 1.7 found here: https://mojang.com/2013/10/minecraft-1-7-the-update-that-changed-the-world/ I noted that in 1.7: Servers can now put a 64×64 image called “server-icon.png” in their folder, that you will see on your server list. I think this would be a great opportunity to get the community involved in something everyone can see when they log in. The competition could be either separate for each server, or one overarching design for all 3. We could then narrow down the entries to a voting poll on the forums to see which one is liked the most. I'd like to see what the staff and the community have to say about this idea.
  24. We had another great CTF. I'd like to invite anyone who captured a memorable moment to post their pics here! Here I am with Red's flag...on their spawn. Here I am again near the top of Verros's impressive sky scraper!
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