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  1. tl;dr - perhaps a future rev should only have one portal? Hello Everyone, I'll begin by saying how great I think PvE is (I'm sure Creative and Survival are just as great, but I hardly ever go there!). I lurk on every rev, but I'm planning on actually getting involved in the new one. The people are friendly and helpful, and the builds are always impressive in some way. That having been said - and please bear in mind I'm somewhat new to the Reddit Public way of doing things - I had a query about new rev creation, or maybe even a suggestion for the future. There's been a lot of discussion recently about new PvE terrain, and the subject of portals comes up often. Essentially, from what I can gather, there's a mad initial dash for the portals and then cities grow up around them. This is reasonable: using the Nether cuts down on transit time; and it's useful having easy access to the Nether to obtain the goodies that are only found there (quartz, blaze rods, &c). Portals, then, are prime assets to have. My thought is this: maybe PvE could take a stab at only having one portal, based centrally on the map at Spawn or in some other suitably impressive building. I know this seems to contradict the benefits of many portals that I've touched on above. However, I think it would introduce some interesting social dynamics to the rev: For one thing, it would encourage the development of the Overworld's infrastructure. Cities would have to construct roads, rails, boat canals &c to Spawn and to each other and these would be used frequently - right now, for example, the Overworld has some impressive rail infrastructure but with apparently little use. PvE is, I think, full of amazing builds like tower blocks and residences, but often these just stand empty and without use... infrastructure would be a creative thing and useful. Additionally, needing to build rails might make things like iron and gold more scarce, valuable resources (farms notwithstanding) - this might encourage trade and other interesting activity. Also in terms of trade, neighbouring cities might find it more convenient to exchange nether stuff with each other rather than obtain it themselves through the one portal. There would be more community interaction. If there were only one portal, "publically administered", it would perhaps also remove some of the uncertainty and debate about who's-got-what-portal, and perhaps give smaller, "non-portalled" cities a more even footing with much larger ones. So, that's my idea. Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this? I've outlined some of the ways I think things on PvE might be made a bit more fun and interesting, but it's all supposition - it'd be great to have an informed voice give an opinion! Thanks for your time, All best wishes, ~Sasch
  2. Perhaps a little discussion about becoming a "portal city?" Nether portals are limited on P. There are normally 7: 1 at Spawn; 4 located generally symmetrical in each of the 4 quadrants (though they were a little less symmetrical in Rev11); and 2 "secret" portals, which are randomly placed a bit more difficult to find than the 4 quadrant portals. Portals allow easy access to the nether, and so are useful for that purpose alone. But portals are also used as shortcuts for traveling, using the 8:1 travel between the nether and overworld. In my view, portals are limited but useful resources, to be shared by all, for the benefit of all. In that vein, I'd like to propose minimum standards, if you will, that all portal cities should strive to achieve. 1. Overworld rail station (e.g. CARTS or CARBON), with direct line to Spawn, with slots for at least a minimum number of regional cities (4 or 5?). 2. Nether rail lines directly to 6 other portals. 3. Clear signage and/or easy transit between the portal and rail stations in the Overworld and the Nether. 4. Road system for others to link to portal in the overworld. The purposes of these standards are three-fold. First, to ensure that portals are fully utilized for the benefit of all. Second, to put those desiring a portal on notice that they'll need to provide this infrastructure. Third, to provide objective(-ish) criteria to help admins resolve early-rev portal disputes (e.g. cities or groups of players who have in the past shown the ability to quickly meet the minimum standards of a portal city might be given preference over new groups, should a dispute arise). For reference, this thread on the subreddit is discussing which cities desire portals: http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/1jjq75/rev_12_portals/ -sp
  3. Putting this in Mod Chat because it's important for the players to be aware of where we all stand, but it's not really something we have the time to leave up to thorough discussion - what are each of the servers doing when the 1.6 update comes out? Survival's transitioning between revisions, and we'll be looking to start Revision 22 only after our CraftBukkit setup and essential plugins are updated for 1.6 (to players: i'm working on an update/announcement post at current for more stuff related to this, stay tuned!). We're planning to perhaps hold our end of revision chaos the day prior to the release of 1.6 (not confirmed yet, need to speak with the other S admins still), but after that we're at a bit of a standstill on planning what's available for players in that plugin-update limbo that will exist between the end of our Revision 21 and the beginning of 22. Usually we'd get chaos.nerd.nu set up, but i'm of the understanding that neither PvE nor Creative are as close to a new revision as Survival is, so this might not be something we go with this time? We can work on getting some kind of 1.5-based events going on s.nerd.nu in that inbetween period, but I don't want to go ahead on formally developing or announcing such plans without seeing where the other two servers stand on the approach to 1.6. So, to the PvE and Creative admins, please think about your plans for the upcoming update and get back to us here (not in IRC, please!) to help us Survival staff out a bit. Thank you in advance
  4. So in the days leading up to the launch tournament of "Tower Wars", there have been numerous broadcast messages on P encouraging players to sign up a team for the event. I understand why this is being done, obviously everyone involved will have more fun the more teams there are, and last time I checked there were only two teams signed up. I think it is an excellent and appropriate use of broadcast messaging to increase awareness about the event. There's just one problem: Tower Wars is only getting this level of exposure because it's run by mods (and admins, I think). As far as I know, the arena is on the P map, was built in survival mode, and after the event will be open to the public. This makes it no different than any other minigame constructed by nerd.nu players. So I my request is that players be allowed to make reqs to have their minigames advertised through broadcast messages. Admins would be free to set their standards pretty high, as it's clear from the pictures that a lot of effort went into this event on their part. I only ask that mod-run events not get preferential treatment. Thanks for your consideration, and if there's a reason why Tower Wars is different than, for example, MarcusPSL's Jousting minigame (I would say spleef, but FISA has enough members that they have no need for advertisement), I would love to hear it.
  5. I've seen it proposed a few times in game, and TheRandomnatrix tried to bring it up near the end of the staff meeting, but people have often wondered if the difficulty level on P could be raised to hard. It is, after all, player VERSUS environment, so it would be nice if it were a bit more difficult to survive. Figured we could have a discussion about this here.
  6. A while back, I discussed the idea of letting region owners have the ability to change the build flag in their region -- which would allow you to open up a region to everyone, or close it from even yourself, rather simply. All of the admins I talked to were ok with it, and so I'm posting here to make it happen. Obviously, and questions or concerns are welcome. Technical implementation suggestions follow: add the perms worldguard.region.flag.regions.own.* and worldguard.region.flag.flags.build.* to group default, and educate playerbase about /region flag command or commandhelper alias, eg /rgbuild $region [$state=none] = if(array_contains(sk_region_info($region, pworld())[1],player()), if(array_contains_ic(array('none','allow','deny'),$state), sk_region_flag(pworld(), $region, build, if(equals($state,'none'),null,$state) ) msg(<some success message here>),msg(<message stating that state must be valid>) ), msg(<message informing user that they must be a owner to perform this>))
  7. So i was walking around spawn checking out the side of the building when suddenly.. http://i.imgur.com/3Ardd3D.jpg pls fix mods so noobs like me dont fall to death
  8. Workin' at the car wash... Skelly grinder, quite near spawn, with many features; Just under water (y=35) Trap, and drown or crush (for XP) Auto-sorting of drops Automatic mode - ahng around while you get tonnes of arrows+bones Free melons (machine) Brewing all set-up, with ingredients and helps Enchanting Optimal spawn rates (immediate drop out of range of spawner; light-levels all checked; mobs kept out of range) Off switch (lights disables spawner) Watch the skellys swim by, kinda a fun show while you wait Blinkenlights :-) Access MINECART FROM PORT 80 labelled "Car wash" - more links soon, I hope OR Dive in at -150, +560 (not far off the black submarine South from Spawn and Port 80); careful of drowning. Pictures As of now, it's well-stocked with arrows, bones, splash-potions ready-to-throw, food, and free beer* *maynotbetrue
  9. I've recently learned that Vinhaven/Atlantis have their own, private, end grinder in this rev, which may make the public one work much more slowly. On one hand, the end is nobody's land and anybody can build on it, but on the other hand, it is a limited resource and having a private one for members seem contrary to the spirit of PvE, not to mention having two end grinders make both work less well. I was just wondering what other people thought of this, do you think it's fair/should be allowed?
  10. Currently if a villager is griefed, the best we can do is replace it with a new villager. While this works very well with farm animals, I don't think this is sufficient for villagers. Villagers require you to unlock their trades, and a fully unlocked villager represents TONS of trading, time, and resources. None of that can be rolled back atm. Also it is possible to "brick" a villager so that their trades are permanently locked, rendering them useless (See https://mojang.atlassian.net/browse/MC-749). This way it is possible to grief villagers in such a way that we are unable to determine who the griefer was. Ideally we would back up a villagers trade list, and be able to create a new villager with that trade list in the event of grief. Is this something that we could do? Or would we need to make villagers a private resource (like farm animals in rev9) in order to protect against grief?
  11. Can we limit the discussion to P this time around, please. And can we have a (favourable, official) decision on it soon, pretty please. http://nerd.nu/archives/index.php?p=/discussion/19560
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