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[PMC] To the new mods


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I just wanted to say welcome, and that I would like to have a Survival specific training session with you guys before you start modding on S. I would like to ask that the new C and P mods attend this, so if the situation ever comes up were a mod is needed on S you guys would know how to help out if you would like.


This will go into more details than the general training you will receive from the head admins, and to avoid any confusion it will be run only by sadmins. If any current mods or admins would like to make sure we go over something please send me a pm and I will make sure to include it. Also, any current mods or admins are more than welcome to attend if you would like a refresher on how to mod on S.


I will start to setup a time with you guys once everyone has gone through general training.

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I think it would be nice to have a guide/list of things to do when training in general accessible to mods. I know that people who already moderate basically know what all needs to be covered, but having a list just seems like it would be handy to me. Something to reference in the future, for trainers or for the recently trained. Here's a rough list/outline off the top of my head:


Basic interaction with /modreq

 - /check

 - /claim

 - /tpc

 - /tpid

 - /tpinfo

 - /done


Handling rule breakers

 - warning

 - kicking

 - banning

 - ban appeals

 - adding notes


handling grief

 - logblock and all the wonderful parameters and how they can interact

 - /cinfo

 - /i and when it's okay to use it, also an ID list


grief bait




combat logging

spawn/bed camping



 - NCP, how to identify false positives, when to monitor, what to look for, when to warn/kick/ban

 - how the hell to cope with the information overload from NCP (would be so nice if NCP messages would be in a separate section of the screen, like the bottom right)






water/lava flow

 - when is it *not* okay to flow








/vanish /unvanish


general decorum and how to respond to various situations in a professional way

 - kind of language to use in warnings, notes

 - responding to bad/annoying behavior


IRC and Mumble

 - accessing IRC channel (I still cannot get into the mods-only channel D: )

 - mumble responsibilities/abilities


communication with staff

 - asking/getting help

 - meetings

 - using the forums/subreddit

 - subreddit modmail


moderating the subreddit (for those who haven't moderated a subreddit before)


I know when i was first doing my training, Johnadams took me onto C and went through the little tutorial deal, then i forgot half of it. Later, Tharine gave me a confusing as hell grief req to handle by myself with like 4 different griefers all overlapping, redstone and giant mushroom blocks of all sorts for flooring - and i rolled on the floor weeping. So... maybe I'm just a slow learner but doing it all at once was a bit overwhelming to me. I also was embarrassed that I hadn't picked everything up as quick as i should have, so I was afraid to ask for help, particularly the longer i waited.


It might be a good idea to see about scheduling a day, maybe a couple days after regular training, to review and fill in gaps, answer questions, etc.


When Redwall, JudgeDread, and LadyRavenOwl gave me a refresher the other day, it was very helpful to me to have a decent-sized list of *various* modreqs, to ask them specifically how you handle each one after they had already explained *generally* what to do, and then close them out. I was most proud of finally being able to approach modreqs for spawn-camping after they've happened.


I think training is a good thing. If I can be present for any of it, on S C P or E, I would like to be.

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