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4th of july creeper event issues


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The event on P is a little bit too much. If it is at all possible please disable items being destroyed in explosions and take mesures to prevent them from multiplying through walls. Also, try and reduce the multiplication. The reason I feel like these are valid requests is because I died about 55 times yesterday as creepers came through the floor into the room with my bed and also people helping me including myself lost A LOT of good diamond gear we have been working for. If someone who wasn't well armed like we where was going around they would loose all their items, and as a result, probably leave the servers. So if the techs can, at least disable item destruction, it would make the event WAY better.

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So are people dying and then more creepers are blowing up their shit? Dang

Yes, using myself as an example i lost about the equivalent 20 diamond blocks of well enchanted gear that i have been working for all rev (and got spawn camped in my spawn area and died 56 times and had to get kitcat to help). Now imagine people in iron armor with less wealth...

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