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  1. I know with XenForo there is an addon that allows users to change their forum username and delete their account, I wonder if the same exists for IPBoard
  2. That's me right now, at age 18. If you're wondering what I looked like when I first started playing s.nerd.nu over 6 years ago back in 2011-12 when I was like 13 or 14 or whatever this is it. For reference I was in like the 7th grade and I am now in the last half of 12th grade almost ready to graduate high school. Yes it's a crappy webcam pic and I was pretty young at that time. and my profile pic that I use on everything (taken in early 2015)
  3. There we go, my name is Ethan btw, not sure why I didn't post this 3 years earlier when this thread was started.
  4. Edit: nevermind, just saw this https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/4hktli/so_exciting_19_is_coming_to_creative_and_pve_this/ This topic can be deleted by a mod now lol
  5. coolgamerovr90


    I was wondering if you guys have considered this plugin to allow 1.9 clients to connect to the 1.8 servers (Creative and PvE), it does not add any new 1.9 features, it's only a protocol hack that allows 1.9 to connect to 1.8 servers. If installed on a 1.9 server it also apparently does the same thing in reverse too although I don't see it commonly used for this
  6. Also players here is a wiki entry about the kinds of lag in MC https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/lag-types-and-how-to-fix-them/
  7. Are you guys running all the players through one bungee? If so that could be the cause of lag too
  8. Ooh when do you guys do job interviews? What's the pay and workplace like? LOL
  9. DynMap has had a whole bunch of issues as of late, the plugin in general lol
  10. Can we please get "/glist showall"? every other minecraft server I have played on that uses BungeeCord has this enabled for players to use. /list-all was created before the lobby system, but now that we have that I see no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to run /glist showall to see who is on all 3 servers
  11. ok, im going to be honest, there are no other minecraft servers that can deliver the same experience nerd.nu gaming community can, so of course I will be appealing my ban now as it is my appeal date The rule I broke was > No griefing, including but not limited to:Destroying blocks placed by other players. Placing blocks or leaving inappropriate signs on other player’s structures. Flooding structures. Spamming items. Destroying crops without replanting. Note that this rule is not applicable on the chaos server. by editing other player's builds without permission Thanks
  12. YES OMG Finally. We should add chestshop too but I guess one thing at a time
  13. And other online games too, for example a player gets banned for combat logging, they get a disconnected with a message like (You have been disconnected: You have been banned for 72 hours, nerd.nu/rules) or something among those lines if this is really what you want to do
  14. This is going to sound really old school to any MC server admin but minecraft does tell you when it's having a hard time doing something, in the server console it will look like [18:16:59] [server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 41418ms behind, skipping 828 tick(s) If a techadmin can confirm the server running P is throwing that message a lot then it is the server hardware not being able to keep up with what is going on in game
  15. ok, Thanks! :) Also sorry about that bed I swear I put it back the way it was, >_<
  16. Is anyone interested in playing older versions of MC? Such as 1.2.5, Beta 1.4, etc. If so, I, or someone else could host a MC Server running one of these older versions of minecraft for us to play on, because playing singleplayer is kinda boring
  17. If that's whats going on then the admins will have to contact the server host and resolve it there, but there is a very good chance this is what could be happening The disconnect messages usually say something like "a connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" and "java.net.connectionexception"
  18. I was playing at like 4:00 AM and there were about 20 or less people on, and it was beautiful, there was no lag, even hitting a redstone button in a CARTS station seemed to work faster, then the next day when like 80 people are on there are HUGE lag spikes and so on, until the player count slowly drops down to 20 people on, then there is no more lag and everything is running nice and smooth again, and the process repeats itself over and over again. That is just what i've noticed, and yes the massive lag spikes during peak hours are annoying. I have about a 50ms connection to the server over a 60 megabit internet connection so it's not my internet I can tell you that What is really annoying is when the server just kicks about 50% of all people on, it floods chat with disconnect and join messages. This only happens when there is a large amount of people on, it never seems to drop my connection though
  19. Ok, I am appealing my ban this soon because I don't want to hold off on it and keep all this stuff in my head, I just want this to be a thing that I do and get over with it. Also once the new S rev launches, I would like to start playing on Survival again. I've been playing on PvE mainly because I missed out on S's new rev last year and I didn't on PvE's, so I felt more comfortable continuing on PvE then join a rev that I hadn't played before trying to set up my own house and having it end on me. I think S is currently in Chaos now, and when the new rev starts i'll start playing on there. I thought about this ban for a while now and it seems to me that ever since this new rev, I can't find my place on PvE. It's been a while since I was last banned, in fact I think my last ban appeal was appealed on the old forums, nerd.nu/archives . Which is a good thing, but a bad thing too since I am now back in this position. I just looked at my MCB notes, and that list is massive, but I guess that just happens when you've been playing for a long time, and i'm willing to explain any that need to be. Anyway moving on, just looking at my ban message, which is "Redstone/general grief on P nerd.nu/appeal" I can tell exactly what went wrong, I just can't quite give an answer for as why I did it. Here is a list of all the ban worthy stuff I remember doing in my time on PvE with the new rev "rerenovating" seneca's storage room. I decided, for some unknown reason to sort a bunch of items into the storage chests at seneca's town hall. I also decided to rearrange them a bit adding 2 extra chests and editing item frames and adding signs to reflect those changes, all without permission. I log back in the next day and a PvE player who is manager of that town asks me to undo my changes and put it back the way I left it. I do just that and everything appears to be solved. I lost the record C418-Stal, I knew nothing good was going to come of me messing around with those jukeboxes in Seneca town hall and it looks like I was right. These item "teleportation" issues were a problem when I was doing #1 too, I broke an item, or ejected a disc only to find it like 5 to 8 blocks away from the actual item I got it out of. This was just the case with those records and I have no idea where it went. Hopefully someone else picked it up and put it back, I have no doubts that it still missing. The "redstone" part of my ban message. Ok, so I found a door at the end of seneca's town hall, I took it and I found tunnel like things going to different places in that general area. after extensively exploring it I found this one area that had a secret door, it was only one way though, so being the genious (sarcasm) I was at the time I decided to get some redstone and add a second button to open that door from the other side, I got into the wall, added the appropiate redstone wiring, and put everything else back the way it was, with the exception of the redstone button Things I did in the nether, and on other parts of the server. Ok, this has nothing to do with what I did in Seneca, this has to do with the town "whiteoak", and what belongs to that town in the nether and overworld. Ok I noticed that whiteoak didn't have a proper nether path, so I decided to add to it, I finished off their cobblestone 1x1 path, took it to nether spawn, and added sand among both ends to enclose it ensuring that it was safe for players. I also destroyed another incomplete nether path and pointed that one to the cobblestone one I finished, and also put signs along the way saying "Path to whiteoak" "be careful", etc. This was all without permission from the town manager and this was all using legitimate resources I dug up from the overworld area outside whiteoak's forest, I even put up signs saying "claimed by coolgamerovr90" just to be sure. The enderpearl incident although that has already been discussed with Sapphric I do understand that this is completely unacceptable, and the main rule I violated here was "Editing player's builds without permission" That is all I can remember doing or saying that led up to this ban, there may be more stuff that I need to put in this ban appeal that i'm just not remembering off the top of my head now EDIT: adding this in really quick, there was also that incident in the End part of solace where I broke some carts with food and took some for myself and gave them to other players, looking at http://nerd.nu/modreq/pve.pl that appears to have been resolved, and I already explained that whole situation to a moderator and I believe that it's all sorted out now Also just throwing this in here, my intentions at the time were not to grief or cause harm/destruction at all, in fact I think I was just in a "I need to help out and do something" mood at the time and that's why I did what I did.
  20. Aye I Heard people in Seneca talking about that
  21. That glitch where your arm sometimes moves up in that weird position I hate it, also titile screen music I don't like that and whatever they did from MC 1.7.10 to 1.8.3 that made it do weird things when minimised and stuff, and also that play icon on the multiplayer menu the sorting arrows are nice, but those should have been on the far right and not on top of the server icon, and then adding that play button on top of it wtf there is a perfectly fine "Connect to server" button. Also adding all that unnecessary stuff to F3, plus hiding all the music and stuff in hidden directories instead of putting it in the usual place like in the minecraft.jar file, plus making it do a file integrity check and re download everything upon launching minecraft, and making that new launcher that uses its own built in JVM instead of the version that is installed on your system, forcing you to use a mojang account to play, and there are more things that I can't remember right now as I need to sleep
  22. This is also the only server I know of that provides a "Classic" feeling minecraft experience, without being solely focused on minigames like every other server nowadays. All the other servers I knew of back in 2011 are all gone now so that leaves MCPublic Nerd.Nu as the only one providing a true Survival, Creative and additionally PvE experience
  23. This will be a great way to break off from being an "official reddit minecraft server" and attract new players through other means than reddit also
  24. oh and the top That sticker is from a great friend who went to MineCon! and I now have a minecon sticker on the back of this laptop OMG
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