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Alas, haven't ever seen one of these threads so lets get some current movie reviews going!  I had the guilty pleasure of watching Arnold in all his old wrinkly glory in the new Terminator and I personally had totally horrible expectations for it, and was completely surprised.


Just because it had some slip ups from the older movies previous plots, I'd say a 7/10 for the killer action and what not!


Anyways that was my lame first post so someone do me a better one and help your fellow nerd members out when picking a movie!



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Based on the last 3 movies I saw:


Mad Max Fury Road is by far the best Mad Max film and easily one of the best action films of the decade.

Dredd has some great slow motion scenes, but arguably Stallone's monstrosity captured the atmosphere of the comics better and his film didn't nick half of it's plot from a truly excellent Malaysian martial arts/cop/survival film called The Raid.

Godfather 1 and 2 are at their best when you watch them end on end taking regular episodic breaks like you are binging a series on Netflix (so you could easily split the viewing over two weekends). They function much better as sort of tv show than Breaking Bad does.

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I feel like the newer terminator movie tried way to hard for the nostalgia element. The smile joke was just over done by the 3rd time...




One of my favorite comedies: Airplane!

One of my least favorite: Airplane! 2


Anyone hyped for the new bond movie? I have seen them all and i like the new modern twists too it.

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Gonna do a quick one on Paper Towns.




I really, REALLY liked this movie.


Now, this movie gained generally negative reviews from its audiences due to the lack of a real, in depth story. I must admit, the story wasn't too strong, but that's completely okay in the case of this movie. Paper Towns' strong points lie in the characters, especially the main character Q. I think that the movie does a really great job at showing the characters' flaws. It makes them seem imperfect and actually human. None of that perfect cool-guy macho man hot girl kinda stuff. This is the only movie I've seen where I could actually relate to one of the characters on a personal level. The dialogue is very decent as well, reminded me of my friends in high school. Parts of the film is set in a High School environment, and it portrays it really well, kinda like a 21st century Fast Times. Having graduated only last year, I have to say, the movie does an excellent job at depicting the endeavors of an 18 year old. Generally, it's a really realistic, believable, yet enjoyable film.


Furthermore, the lighting, camera angles and cinematography is fantastic. It's not super innovative of groundbreaking, but it gets the job done and fits the movie very well. The soundtrack was also great (especially if you like stuff along the lines of Vampire Weekend.)


Good movie, would recommend to someone in their teens or early twenties.


Solid 9 out of 10.


hail ted

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