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Homeless Challenge for next PvE Rev


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Ok, I have a idea for a new "minigame" for the next PvE rev. I call it the homeless challenge


The rules are as follows.



  1. The challenge starts when the pve rev starts .
  2. If you die once you are eliminated from the homeless challenge
  3. You CAN'T create a chest or a place of storage
  4. You MUST get food from public places
  5. You CAN'T use a bed  
  6. Scoring is determined by the following : How long you have been alive LOGGED IN without making a bed

The idea for this challenge is to simulate a homeless population on PvE. Before PvE ends I will look at logs to see if you followed the rules using logblock.


Post your name in this thread if you want to compete. I will be a participant in this game next PvE rev but I will ask for an admin to verify my score. I may write a post on each week .

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Guest Former Staff

I'm going to make sure to leave out some chests for these hermits...


I won't be participating as I plan on working on a town for this revision but otherwise it sounds like fun. Good luck to you and others participating!

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If you are participating you are welcome to keep a homeless log of how your day went. Below is an example. I will be making a seperate thread for this after day one.

Homeless Log day One (minecraft time)

1. I did /me drinks too many times and couldn't figure out how to get out of spawn. Don't do that next time. Lay off the alcohol.

2. Zombie flesh has sustained me for the first day

3. I have something on my person in my inventory . I believe it is some kind of bible or rule book. Ill try to barter with it if possible.

4. Tried begging for food in open chat and it didn't seem to work. I think ill get going to a town and joining a clanchat.

5. The blocks around me seem to disappear or reappear. I think i should take my medication more often. I wish there was a pharmacy somewhere.

6. I got a sword to protect myself but I really don't want to kill things to survive. I think the sun destroys whatever occurs at night.

7. walking to pico where i think my friends are at -350, 80

8. I buried myself for the first day and ill wake up later.

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