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  1. Would anyone be interested in starting a nerd.nu discord? Discord is sort of a combination of a chatroom and a voice chat. See https://discordapp.com/
  2. If we don't implement tempbans and only adjust for the length of the bans then I don't think we will achieve much to do anything with the revision of the banning system. Just adjusting the amount of time doesn't make much sense since the bans will probably become longer periods of time because people don't have the time to appeal and its not worth it.
  3. In my opinion we should remove bans and just have a tempban system or streamline the banning system in some way. Unless you do something really horrible or illegal or harass someone I would have 1 year bans and 1 month bans for major offenses such as large griefing and week long bans for everything. 1 day bans would be for grief and for homophobia i would go for 1 hour bans. X-ray bans should stay the same as automatic 1 month bans and not do a roll back . The other problem was that Survival started being a problem that no one wanted to solve and that people would eventually give up trying to solve. It almost seems like that Survival became classist. People would use the word "toxic player" to mean that they were of a lower class and should be treated with derision. The real problem is that we were treating our players like they were the problem. Once that started it was inevitable that people would leave and Survival stopped being sustainable. Roastnewt and Four_down have large amounts of experience promoting servers and it seems like everyone would ignore them just because they in the past rubbed people the wrong way. Maybe when we were a much bigger server you could justify it but now it doesn't make much sense that we should ignore their obvious performance in creating sustainable servers and even since their servers are designed to make money it doesn't mean that their advise is meaningless. Countless times they make suggestions and no one either implements them or they are totally ignored. They seem to be much more patient than most people. If we really want to grow the servers we need to take all the help we can get not just ignore people. Also, we can't keep on treating players as a problem.
  4. Ok so I finally setup my battlestation in my room because it was too cold downstairs and my hardrives were failing smart tests :( Xeon E3 1230 with r280x (I don't overclock ever. Macbook air 2012 on the left middle iPad air 2014 and two kindles (one is a dx) Right retina macbook pro 2015 Viewsonic 1080p montor (going to move this out and put my 144z monitor asus vq) Aeron herman miller chair Microsoft ergonomic keyboard On the right a bunch of books. If I move in my monitors should i go with a vesa mount so i have more desk space?
  5. I think for this event we should take an old survival map and actually run it on a version of minecraft that corresponds to the one that it was last saved at two years ago.
  6. Has anyone used this for minecraft? http://www.cnet.com/products/nvidia-shield/
  7. This challenge will close after 72 hours after this post. If no one responds with a longer date / time.
  8. ok i lost 8:22 8/29/2015 died by creepr
  9. This may be of use. You can make a "map" and mark stuff on it but don't build permament structures (defeats the purpose of being homeless) http://www.worldpath.net/~minstrel/hobosign.htm
  10. If you are participating you are welcome to keep a homeless log of how your day went. Below is an example. I will be making a seperate thread for this after day one. Homeless Log day One (minecraft time) 1. I did /me drinks too many times and couldn't figure out how to get out of spawn. Don't do that next time. Lay off the alcohol. 2. Zombie flesh has sustained me for the first day 3. I have something on my person in my inventory . I believe it is some kind of bible or rule book. Ill try to barter with it if possible. 4. Tried begging for food in open chat and it didn't seem to work. I think ill get going to a town and joining a clanchat. 5. The blocks around me seem to disappear or reappear. I think i should take my medication more often. I wish there was a pharmacy somewhere. 6. I got a sword to protect myself but I really don't want to kill things to survive. I think the sun destroys whatever occurs at night. 7. walking to pico where i think my friends are at -350, 80 8. I buried myself for the first day and ill wake up later.
  11. This university: https://www.unmfund.org/fund/other/
  12. Everyone seems to be doing this every weekend / friday so lets make it official. On friday at around 6pm CST I will host a cards against humanities game. Whoever is online can join. Don't worry if you are late I will set the first round to a score of 4 and click on all of the expansion decks. Once we have 4 players and the first warmup game ends we can start the game. We can keep track of winners / losers on this thread also. The password will be cardsagainstnerd that won't change. http://pyx-2.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp If everyone wants to do skype we can make a group skype call but remember the rules of the community will still apply The mods that are participating this are as follows Skraps joshuaherman
  13. Ok, I have a idea for a new "minigame" for the next PvE rev. I call it the homeless challenge The rules are as follows. The challenge starts when the pve rev starts . If you die once you are eliminated from the homeless challenge You CAN'T create a chest or a place of storage You MUST get food from public places You CAN'T use a bed Scoring is determined by the following : How long you have been alive LOGGED IN without making a bed The idea for this challenge is to simulate a homeless population on PvE. Before PvE ends I will look at logs to see if you followed the rules using logblock. Post your name in this thread if you want to compete. I will be a participant in this game next PvE rev but I will ask for an admin to verify my score. I may write a post on each week .
  14. Post your best Mumble comment image! Mine is below.
  15. We should rewrite peoples history like a What if? something happened.
  16. I had an idea to run a horse race like a Kentucky style derby I think that would be a good event. You would have to train your horses or breed them to be faster.
  17. slide I have a idea about exploitation why not have a global cooldown on gaining loot through pvp then it would avoid alts also.
  18. Hi, can you try reinstalling minecraft? I believe you may have a corrupt client?
  19. I talked with Aypop and I came up with two rules that should cover all cases. The user consents that the derivative username does not offend them. The user does not attempt to deceive staff in that manner. If we encounter users that rename themselves to people that are dead on staff we think that they should be banned with the reason that they have an inappropriate username.
  20. We have enough rules as is for the community. If we make certain posts able to be banned then I think it will just start a more slippery slope. If I recall you made a post that also could be considered stirring the pot when you said you were leaving the community so wouldn't you yourself be banned?
  21. There wasn't that much grief so we don't usually issue a week long ban for this. Since you have already stated that the user has understood the rules I have unbanned them. Welcome back!
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