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  1. While I appreciate the cat, I will not be removing my note. If my "Warned for minor grief on P" were your only note pertaining to grief, then I would gladly remove it. However, it's the first in a set of 3. Yes, this happened two years ago, but griefing 3 times (and being warned about it each time) in the space of those two years is worth being noted.
  2. I was strongly against this. I felt that this was proposed only because of the increase in demand of gold from EasyRider. I felt that if a server plugin was leading to the addition of a new server plugin to balance everything out, then it would become an endless loop of adding more and more server plugins until we're an entirely different server. However, this post changed my mind. My opinion about this server is that it should be as close to vanilla as possible. The reason (in my mind) why we have plugins at all is to counter the large number of people that visit us every day and still keep the server stable. As a result, we've decided to limit nether portal placement. With this limit, players can't make the huge gold farms I've seen others make in vanilla. With that in mind, and the proportions totemo suggested. I think this is a fair balance.
  3. I won't be doing this becuase I already have a goal for this rev, but I love this idea!
  4. You can interact with any creature you'd like, as long as it's within the rules. Disregard the rules again and your punishment will be more severe. Unbanned, welcome back.
  5. Redigox, thank you for appealing. There were two accounts of you killing animals that belonged to other people. The first: This was a lone sheep in a pen with horses. Even if you don't think it should have been there, that doesn't give you the right to kill it. It's not your pen. The second: I shouldn't even have to explain this one. You killed Difficult1's cat, simple as that. You told me it was because you got excited to see a cat and killed it on accident. Although that may be true, it still doesn't qualify your actions. Animal griefing is why I banned you, but there's more to be said about your recent actions. Recently, you have only seen the rules we have only as guidelines. You griefed iamdarb's iron grinder. and you harassed Seneca in global chat. You need to know that we have rules and you need to follow by them, not skip around them to how you want. I'm setting your ban length for a week. Appeal again no sooner than March 30th to be unbanned.
  6. Hello nightshit3, Thank you for appealing. You broke several blocks from builds that weren't yours, but more importantly, you broke people's beds. Please read the rules located at http://nerd.nu/rules and reply here with the rules that you broke to be unbanned.
  7. You've been unbanned! Enjoy the new revision!
  8. Hello LouisRielForever, even though we were resetting the map, that doesn't mean that you can grief the server. You caused a lot of damage, but I can understand your motives. Please reply to this post stating which rules you broke from http://nerd.nu/rules to be unbanned.
  9. _magic_snakes_ it has been a few days, make another appeal stating that you have read the rules and I will unban you. For now, I am closing this post.
  10. Hello _magic_snakes_, please read the rules at http://nerd.nu/rules then reply here so that I can unban you. Sorry for the delay.
  11. WondrLand
  12. Using /mail is the only way to contact a player when they're not online. Adding a way to diferentiate receiving mail from a moderator would mean rewritting a large amount of our mail system. If a player is online, normally it's best to use /msg at first, but using /cmsg will send the message to them in a different color (red, I think).
  13. I know this question has been asked to you before, probably a million times. What does JLLMPRRT stand for?
  14. Hardcore Deathban?
  15. You find yourself in another person's bathroom and are about to take a shower. You aren't as familiar with this person's shower as you are with yours at home. On a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the hottest, 0 being the coldest), what temperature do you initially set for the water?
  16. Hey F0rtynuggets, You were banned for not replanting saplings at seneca's public farm. From your previous warnings I would have hoped you got into the habit of replanting, but it didn't seem so. You acknowledge that you have broken one of our server rules and posted it here so I see no reason why I shouldn't let you back on. Thank you for appealing, unbanned.
  17. You find yourself in a forum thread and realize that you can only make one more post before you disappear forever. What do you post?
  18. >mfw
  19. WondrLand


    Absolutely not, the whole idea of the $pudcoin is that poisonous potatoes aren't used for anything. Having a trade sign would not only involve the admins and server plugins, but it would give poisonous potatoes a use. If we wanted to do something like that, then we could just use "Proof of kitcatbar kill" or whatever it's named as currency because that's what its use is right now.
  20. opiu7891, you have contacted me and edited your post telling me what you have done wrong. I am 100% willing to unban you, however you need to reply to this post by typing what rule you broke in the message box directly below this post and hitting "Post" so that I can do so.
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