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  1. I have to fly to New Zealand on the 5th due to my grandfathers terminal diagnosis, I'll be back on the 11th. I'm also back at university now so although I won't be offline and inactive, I won't be as active as I was over my recent break ?
  2. From the 21st of September to the 23rd of September I will be away in New Zealand visiting my terminal grandmother.
  3. Back for another holiday inactive notice! So ontop of my inactivity from the 25 June to 3rd July this year for Japan, I will also be inactive from the 17th of November to the 6th of December as I'll be over in Europe :)
  4. Just posting this now while I remember haha. From 25th June to 3rd July, 2018 I'll be off to Japan again. Been back less than 3 weeks and booked flights to go back
  5. Hey all. My laptop just died so I'm waiting to see if I can get a new one this week, I'll let you know when I get a new one
  6. Hellooooo. I'm making another post to say I'm currently inactive this week and next week. I'll still be on but not as much due to study and exams
  7. Hey guys! I will be officially in Japan from 15 October to 02 November. I will have a little laptop with me most likely so I may be on sporadically if I have free time in the evenings but otherwise I will be not on :) Doing this now otherwise I will probably forget haha.
  8. Hey guys. I have unplanned "inactivity" I suppose you could say. Looks like we will need to rewire the network cables in our house as that seems to be the source of all our internet problems (to give you an idea, we've had over 250 dropouts in the past 3 days ._. ). I'll be calling around tomorrow to get the cables ASAP repaired this week, so this should be fixed soon. I will still be able to get on minecraft if it's desperate, but I drop out at the moment at least every 15min or so. So I won't be very useful in minecraft :(
  9. Hey there. You were banned for griefing on Creative with no constructive edits at the Big Town warp. The rules apply across all servers, if you break them on one the ban applies across all. Please refer to the attached screenshot. Please read the rules and then come back here stating which one you broke and that you won't break them in future. Thanks :)
  10. I don't think multiple events running at once will work because to make an event worthwhile with lots of people you are better off doing one event at a time. PvP events seem to go well (example admin hunts on PvE), you could always do the Saturday the yearly CTF and then the Sunday a PvP type event. Maybe in the evenings on each day you could do a an hour of Speed Build so people can have a quick break from the other events. Creative gets quite busy on Speed Build days and this could be a way to entice in Creative players who don't like the other events (eg, myself haha). USA summertime would probably be the best time to do the fundraiser as a lot of people would be on (school breaks &uni/college breaks etc, parents have time off, work off). Players getting involved in aspects would be fine and you could see what people would like. If anything, run a poll for the ideas that we think could be plausible and then use the players to choose which ones to do definitely.
  11. Please read the rules, you have been unbanned. I recommend not sharing accounts with siblings as it can cause problems like this when one sibling breaks the rules and ruins it for the other one :)
  12. Heysofia

    Region sizes.

    The issue I have had since I started here is that if you claim a small amount of space, slowly build then in a few weeks you want to expand you can't because the areas around you have been claimed. I believe this is why people, including myself, claim a 'decent' amount of space to just use the whole rev. It also doesn't help that with world edit being introduced it has become faster for people to build a city so people claim more space because they can lay down roads and put up buildings faster. 300x300 for a land claim to me seems really tiny, that would frustrate me. I just think that the map needs to be bigger to accommodate the fast world edit city builders and the space people want. Also, people don't particularly like to have neighbours as well. Nothing worse than the diamond cake house being built next to your 18th century, Slovakian Gothic-style modern chateau with featured rose gardens ;)
  13. My answer is the same as most people, I stopped playing because it is drawn out. I get what saph is saying about people stop building when they known an end date, but you can still have a shorter rev and not have that. Just say the rev averages 3-4months and people will get 2 weeks notice before it ends. Biomes, you want a mix of plains and forest, other biomes thrown in for resources and different building ideas. Current map, I think it's too big. Takes too long to travel around and uses up more resources having to build longer roads, rails etc. Plus other towns are ages away from you, you don't get that community feel as much.
  14. Might be worth saying though that a lot of the map is not what people want. It's been either swamps, mesa, too much really steep/curvy land or too many trees worth the effort to clear. People prefer plains to have a clear slate, but also want small mixes of other biomes in case if they want to build something somewhere in particular.
  15. Same could of been said for the lobby contest, Kitty. I would of liked to have participated in that but I never saw any of the reminders since I don't check the subreddit/forums constantly. Never saw any reminders in-game. At least the Speed Build contest had a reminder in the text EVERY time that you logged in to Creative :/ Everyone who logged on was reminded they could of participated, it's not the servers fault of people choose not to. I would of liked to see more people do builds too, but obviously people didn't really want to.
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