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  1. Your ban appeal will not be accepted until you have changed your minecraft name to something less offensive.
  2. Ok so we'll unban you, but please be aware of what the rules are. If you break one of the rules again, I'm afraid the ban will be permanent.
  3. Hey, apparently I banned you, you're unbanned!
  4. Tbh, just get rid of it, no one plays on a 3rd server for long
  5. Hey it's me. I've cheated and used a fillter!
  6. All these ideas sound fun. I like the idea of guess that song the best
  7. Well good time for this post. Me and zburdsal and I are gonna be gone for 10 or so days, we have access to a computer, but dont know how dodgy service is gonna be over where we're goin
  8. Good news everyone! PvP is proud to welcome a new PvPadmin! Once an admin, always an admin Cmchappell is once again an admin of nerds best and baddest server. With his knowledge of the past, and the player's love for him, he will bring a good mix to PvP, and hopefully for the best. I'm no longer alone C:
  9. If you can remember to keep banned words out of chat, I see no reason for you to remain banned. welcome back.
  10. So with these protections, it acts as a type of region, accessable only by players in a clan? Do you think it would be an idea to consider making spawners mineable? Also, definitely should be rather more expensive to craft them
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