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Found 104 results

  1. I recently had a discussion with a user on Reddit named go1dfish who maintains the /r/uncensorship, /r/POLITIC, and /r/ModerationLog subreddits, and I shared with him a method I discovered to easily generate public moderation logs for subreddits who wish for transparency and accountability. Being the awesome guy that he is, go1dfish whipped up a website to make the logs easy on the eyes, and helped set up a wiki page on my /r/publicmodlogs subreddit to make it super simple to add new subreddits. Long story short, it's easier than ever for a community on Reddit to have transparency and accountability, and all you have to do is have a moderator send an invite to /u/publicmodlogs to become a moderator of a subreddit, granting it NO permissions (so that all the account can do is view the moderation logs). Then anyone can view the log of subreddit actions taken at https://modlog.github.io, or viewing an RSS feed generated by reddit itself. Example here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Morrowind/about/log/.rss?feed=c7b83b457469643f1912d5fee30e18dba808f351&user=publicmodlogs As a moderator on the /r/mcpublic subreddit, I can attest that not much really happens there in the logs of any significance to the public - occasionally someone tries to advertise a server, or someone posts a personal attack that gets removed - basic rule violations. I must admit my belief is not that /r/mcpublic absolutely needs this, and my intention here is not really to promote drama or to rabblerouse, but moreso to promote the notion of and adoption of public moderator logs more broadly on Reddit, with /r/mcpublic and nerd.nu standing firm with the principles of transparency and accountability, to lead other communities by example in the hopes of strengthening online communities everywhere. So, what do you, the nerd.nu community, think about this? edit: subreddit post that links to this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/35wcg3/transparency_and_accountability_what_does_the/ edit2: I've written up a fairly complete explanation of how the process go1dfish and I have setup works on /r/publicmodlogs here: https://www.reddit.com/r/publicmodlogs/comments/360amy/so_how_does_this_public_moderation_logs_thing/ for anyone who is interested in the details.
  2. Guest

    Ban Appeal Policy Suggestion

    Firstly, I want to give credit to Magnyus who appears to have raised the founding concern that my suggestion is based upon via the head admin uservoice. To save people clicking the link to see what Magnyus said: I can imagine that it is not always feasible to reply by a promised date or time-frame as real life intervenes but that last part of the quote about short bans lasting longer than they would have been intended for is what concerns me the most. These people want to play on our community servers and this may be a deterrent for returning! My suggestion is to update the ban appeal policy to empower all staff with the ability to pick up an appeal if there has not been a reply from the banning moderator within a reasonable time-frame (such as 48 hours from the banning moderator last posting), handling what they feel comfortable with. The current policy only mentions when the banning moderator has not responded but not for when they have responded with a "I've seen this and will reply tomorrow." response but do not respond further. There then seems to be an awkward situation where the appealer is unable to progress their appeal. I understand that at the moment admins will tend to do this (as shown here) but there are situations where, and I'm choosing from the most recent example that I could find, an admin appeal does not require extensive chat log reviews or anything to that effect and could be handed by anyone else who would feel comfortable. Without discussing that ban appeal in detail, I can see the original poster has not yet responded however it may have helped to have had someone else empowered and willing to handle that appeal with the suggested policy amendment.
  3. In this thread, please discuss ideas and potential problems/solutions with the prospect of outsourcing the hosting of non-minecraft games to the community. Issues brought up during the meeting included concerns with officially associating with servers over which we don't have direct oversight, the question of supporting multiple servers of the same game, and where we would promote/direct to these servers. During the meeting we seemed to reach a rough consensus of beginning with a thread where people can request games or post servers they're hosting. How would we plan on moderating this thread, with respect to removing inactive servers, and/or possibly asking players to upvote an already posted suggestion rather than re-posting it? What criteria would we use to select from the servers posted the ones we wish to support officially? I'll move this thread, barring extenuating circumstances, to private modchat in 1-2 weeks.
  4. TheRandomnatrix

    [PMC] AutoClickers on PvE

    Making a forum post as per request. Situation: It was brought up on Mumble when Wondrland was asking if autoclickers were allowed on P(presumably to exploit the new fishing mechanics introduced in 1.7 based on previous discussion with him), and was promptly shot down by tompreuss under the argument of "No use of hacked clients to change or modify gameplay that gives an unfair advantage." However, I feel this argument is ultimately unjust for 2 primary reasons. The first being that it does not in fact change or modify gameplay, only sends a right/left click signal at a constant rate which could be achieved by a normal player without the client. If the rate of clicking were to reach a level higher than what a normal player could achieve then I feel it would be against the rules, however the rate would be so high that the effects would not be useful in survival mode and therefore not give a noticeable advantage. The second being that if such a modification is not allowed, then why the use of say rei's minimap, which allow players information that gives them an advantage over other players by showing an overhead map. There is also a level of automation on Rei's in the deathpoint feature, in which it automatically saves coordinates of where you die at a speed no player could. Moreso, why is the client used most famously by the afk account brews_wane which relogs at grinders upon restarts which the PAdmins are well aware of, not banned for doing the automated task of relogging? Clearly they seem to lie within acceptable bounds, but not autoclickers, which in my opinion conform to the rules equally if not more than the two above examples.
  5. I've put together an update to the approved mods list for Survival. Before i post it to the wiki, I'd like to check and see if anyone has any issues with this list, or any suggestions for additional mods to include. http://paste.thezomg.com/15385/12912366/ password: mods notable changes from old version: not-approved: zyin's HUD - has mild xray like feature for cave-mapping, and a player locator. gammabright both of these are on PvE's approved list. Be aware of this distinction between the two. approved: tabbychat journeymap fairplay edition batty's coordinates avancedHUD Schematica notenoughitems togglesprint (updated link to togglesneak) saturation display bupload Monster Spawn Highlighter updated relevant rules section to reflect current rules. almost negligible difference, just up-to-date now. removed a handful of obsolete/outdated mods, like ssp slime fix which hasn't been needed since like, 1.4.7. left reis link in there, even though it goes to an outdated version - it's still the relatively official link. Any other mods we should add? Any we should mention in the not-approved list? Any issues with these changes?
  6. In this thread please discuss the prospects of adding additional minecraft servers; this could include minigames, adventure, clientside modpacks, and more. The idea of a minigames server is the most developed, with the plugin done and just requiring ideas for and creation of game types. There seemed to be a consensus of starting with no particular admins for a minigames server, but distributing those responsibilities across the existing admin team. If it is decided that adding new admins for minigames would be prudent, we'd choose from the moderators that are most active and helpful with the minigames server. I'll move this thread, barring extenuating circumstances, to private modchat in 1-2 weeks.
  7. Hello everyone, here's what I have for the new alt banning policy. Alt Account Banning Policy - A minimum of 2 weeks will be added to the original ban length for every account used to evade a ban on any of our servers. Any accounts used to evade a ban will be banned for the same amount of time as the original banned account. Admins reserve the right to add additional time depending on the circumstances, and only appealed bans will be lifted.We decided to give everyone a week to comment and make any changes to the policy before implementing it. However, since there is a holiday this week I decided to not count that day as part of the week, so please comment below if you have anything you would like to add or change by December 1st.
  8. Hello everyone, About a month ago a thread was created regarding our policy on permabanning alt accounts. Dumbo proposed a new policy in this thread (see blow) that I liked. I think it would be a good idea to implement it, and I would like to know what everyone thinks about it. Here's dumbo's post from the thread: If we do decide to implement this policy, or something like it, I think it would be best to open this discussion to the public before any of the changes are made official because of some of the responses we received from changing the rules without first talking to the community.
  9. TheRandomnatrix

    [AC] Streamlining the Admin Process

    This is more of an informative post rather than a discussion, in response to one of the questions MrLoud posted on the general meetings for how to speed up the process of staff duties. Basically what the PAdmins have recently started trying out is logging every individual encounter we have on the servers that asks questions of policy or server management, and sort them by date. This all goes onto a google docs that we can all access. For example, if a player brings up concerns over how land claims are handled, we log the general gist of the discussion between that player and the points brought up, then we all comment on how we feel it should be handled below the log entry. Our comments are all color coded per individual to allow easy distinction. Then, we have a second voting speadsheet where we list every topic we feel needs to be voted on. Each admin colors the cell background under their name for a particular topic, usually either green or red(yes/no) to represent a vote. Additional info is added via notes appended to that cell to further elaborate. This allows us to quickly gain understanding on how everyone feels on a topic in order to reach consensus and decide what to do. We have a cell on the end of each row for the final decision taken and a link to a public announcement of that decision, if any. We further combine this with discussion ingame and on mumble to help iron out ideas. Ultimately, this both speeds up the process of deciding policy changes as well as keeping everything organized and logged for future reference. We've already been using it to great effect, and I thought it'd be a good idea to share this process with the other admins should they choose to use something similar.
  10. Guest

    Note Removal Clarity

    This topic was inspired by a comment FatherSouth made recently: I was seeking clarification on note removal across the board. Since SkrapssparkS seems to have started this new note removal request just under a week ago, the three people who have requested notes to be removed have been done so (fairly in my opinion) at admin discretion, predominantly due to the factor of time. A few questions came to mind after seeing these note removal requests. How long do people have to wait for to request the removal of a note? Are some notes considered permanent? Could notes be automatically be set up to be removed after a selected amount of time? This topic is veered more towards the admin team but ultimately if I may request a clear guideline on note removal that could possibly be added into this topic.
  11. GrayCountertop

    Asparagus AMA

  12. Preface: The aim of this policy is to: Remove ambiguity in what is not allowed on nerd.nu services and classify them by severity Specifically outline a policy that deals with patterns of problem behavior Specify penalties and how the warning system will be used on the forums. This policy does not create any new rules. It does not give mods or admins any new power or tools- it only more clearly defines what is acceptable community interaction with easy to understand, concise rules. It also outlines how the warning system will be used when this policy is violated. Community Interaction Policy This policy serves to outline what is acceptable interaction between players and staff using nerd.nu services, including but not limited to: nerd.nu forums nerd.nu IRC channels the /r/mcpublic subreddit mumble wiki nerd.nu Steam groups nerd.nu server chat (including public, clan chat, private messages, and /mail) For the remainder of this policy, all of the above may be referred to “Nerd.nu Services” or just “Services.” Below are guidelines to help determine whether certain language or community interaction is appropriate while using Nerd.nu Services. We tried to encompass all manner of barred language below, but there may be inappropriate language that does not fit into any of these categories. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case-by-case basis. In extreme cases, we may take action beyond what is detailed here. Real-Life Information and Threats (Doxxing) This category includes both clear and masked language and images / memes which: Refers to violence in any capacity that is not directly related to the game world. Releases any real life information about other players or nerd.nu staff. Any player found in violation of this policy may receive, depending on severity as determined by nerd.nu staff: A lengthy suspension from the game or service in which the infraction occurred on the first occurrence. A global ban on all nerd.nu services including but not limited to games, forum, and mumble. A permenent ban on all nerd.nu services with no right to appeal. Note: In cases where we feel that there is a legitimate threat to individuals or property, Nerd.nu staff may contact appropriate local, state, or national authorities, depending on the severity of the threat, to ensure a safe and complete resolution for all involved parties. If you ever feel that you are personally threatened on a nerd.nu service, please report the issue to admins@nerd.nu immediately. Highly Inappropriate The categories below detail language deemed to be highly inappropriate: Racial or Ethnic This category includes both clear and masked language and images / memes which: Promotes racial/ethnic hatred. Is recognized as a racial/ethnic slur. Alludes to symbols of racial/ethnic hatred. Language that sounds like racial hatred or racism and is used in an attempt to by-pass this policy. Extreme Sexuality or Violence This category includes both clear and masked language and images / memes which: Refers to extreme and/or violent sexual acts. Refers to extremely violent real life actions. Refers to sexual acts with other players. National Hatred This category includes both clear and masked language and images / memes which: Promotes national hatred. Is recognized as a national slur. Alludes to symbols of national hatred. Sexual Orientation This category includes both clear and masked language and images / memes which: Insultingly refers to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or other players. Harassing or Defamatory This category includes both clear and masked language and images / memes which: Insultingly refers to other characters, players, nerd.nu staff, or groups of people, be they in-game or external. Repeated minor insults intended to harass or annoy another player or staff for an extended period Are Trolling: to post inflammatory or inappropriate messages or comments for the purpose of upsetting other users and provoking a response. Any player found in violation of the above policy may receive, depending on the severity as determined by nerd.nu staff: A warning and note added to their account. An immediate temporary ban from the one or all nerd.nu services without warning. A Final Warning, with any further violations resulting in permenent ban. Inappropriate The categories below detail language deemed to be inappropriate: Chat Disruption This category includes language and/or actions intended to disturb groups of players or areas of the world, such as: Disruption of player events or gatherings. Excessive use of in-game chat, commands, or join/part spam. Spamming gifs or any other image type in threads without additional content. Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish. Repetition of the same phrase more than once in a period of 30 seconds. Obscene or Vulgar This category includes both clear and masked language which: Is an inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions. Is pornographic in nature. Religions or Religious Figures This category includes both clear and masked language which: Negatively portrays religions or religious figures with the intent to cause anger or elicit a negative response. Advertising This category includes advertisement of any link, server, or resource that does not benefit the players or community. Any non-beneficial, non-nerd.nu server, YouTube channel, Twitch.tv account, organizations, or websites. Any player found in violation of this policy may receive: A warning A temporary suspension from nerd.nu services. A reoccuring pattern of violating this policy may lead to lengthy bans both in game and gloablly on all nerd.nu services. Special Cases These factors act as modifiers for the severity of a violation: Ongoing Harassment Harassment takes many forms and the intent behind the communication is important. Repeatedly targeting a specific player with harassment, either physical or verbal, can lead to more severe action. Cases of ongoing harassment will be handled by a head admin. Situational Factors The action we take may be more lenient or more severe than those listed for each category. When deciding what action to take, we also consider the number of people who may view the offending language. We have broken this factor up into three categories: Public This group includes: Comments made in game chat. Comments made in public forum sections Comments made on public wiki pages Comments (including verbal, text, and images) made over Mumble Since comments in these forums are visible to the largest number of players, we take harassment in these channels very seriously. Abuse in these channels will receive at least the penalty listed above, if not additional repercussions. One-to-One or One-to-Few This group includes: Comments made via private messages on the forum, in game, or Mumble /mail messages Other small group communications such as official IRC channels, group messages on the forums, etc. Though we enforce all rules in these channels, the number of people affected and the behavior of all involved parties will be taken into consideration and penalties may not be as harsh as stated above. However, repeated harassment via private messages will be dealt with severely. Clan Chat Because of the voluntary nature of Clan Chat participation, we take a much more lenient stance in Clan Chat channels. Only the most severe harassment (i.e. Doxxing, Racial/Ethnic, Extreme Sexual/Violence, Real-life Threats) will be considered. Repeated Violations Repeatedly violating any area of this policy, including the areas detailed above, will often result in temporary ban from the game or other nerd.nu services as appropriate. Repeated violations or a clear pattern of disruption may result in an extended or permanent ban from Nerd.nu services. Any appeals to punitive actions taken as a result of policy violation should be handled in accodance with the Nerd.nu Appeal Policy posted on our forums. The Forum Warning System The forums have a built in warning system. This warning system serves to notify posters that they have violated community rules and, at higher warning levels, restrict their ability to post or reply to topics. The warning levels are as follows: no penalty no penalty no penalty 1 day readonly 2 day readonly 7 day readonly 14 day readonly 30 day readonly 90 day readonly Extended or Permanent Ban TBD by head admins. Issuing Warning Points: Warning points are issued by Server Admins and Head Admins. You can receive one warning per post. Warning points fall off automatically after 14 days. The number of points that are issued for a violation of policy is based on the class of infraction from the list above: Highly Inappropriate Content: 2 Warning Points Inappropriate Content: 1 Warning Point IF you feel you have been unfairly warned you may contact the head admins at admins@nerd.nu, through IRC, or any other available method (/mail in game, pm in game, direct message, etc.)
  13. I believe our banning policy is in need of an update. I've put together a draft of a proposal for such an update - though there are a few parts that are not fully fleshed out, and I'd like to hear any comments or suggestions. The short version is: temporary bans for minor offenses are automatically reverted when the time is up, bans for serious misconduct are "permanent" but may be appealed if they are believed to be unjust or if the player believes they have reformed themselves. I submitted this in the thread about policy on ban evasion with alt accounts, and mrloud suggested it should be in its own thread, so here it is. : ] Outline: Most bans should be temporary bans with automatic unbans if the user verifies via website or plugin they have read the rules or relevant section (These would include: crop grief, minor grief, pvp/fly/speed/macro hacking, spam, trolling, etc.) Egregious rule violations should be normal bans without automatic unban - essentially a permanent ban requiring appeal and believability regarding whether they have reformedThese would include: harassment/personal attacks, being a source of "toxicity" in the community (being a dick/disrespecting others), security threat, massive rule violation, compromised accounts, ban evasion, breaking the law, etc. These would also include those who have had several temporary bans in the past, and continue to demonstrate a disregard for the rules illegitimate bans of any sort should be appealed, and appeals claiming the ban is illegitimate do not follow any time limitations Appeal time limits (for those not claiming illegitimate ban) are not manually-processed automatic unban periods. they are a time at which your appeal will be considered. It does not guarantee that you will be unbanned just by repeating the rules and promising to be good. Recognition of what you've done and how it affects other players, an apology, some method of tangibly demonstrating your remorse or that you are reformed. This needs fleshing out but the point is that it's not something left up to an inconsistent enforcement of "ok ur unbanned lolz" sort of deal like we have sometimes. Bans apply to any and all known alt accounts of the player banned. Bans on alts for ban evasion must be appealed. Times until appeals (for legitimate bans) will be accepted would follow our normal routines more or less, and in the case of ban evasion: evade once, time is doubled; evade twice or more and time before appeal is heard = 1 year. (alternatively just going with the +2weeks for each evasion with a cap of 1 year) Bans for harassment, spam, trolling, being a dick, etc. (i.e. social misconduct) would apply across all nerd services (mc servers, irc, forums, mumble, subreddit, etc.) regardless of where the behavior that earned a ban took place. Bans for gameplay-specific misconduct (griefing, possibly xray, player traps on P, etc.) could be just for the minecraft servers and not other services. When a player is unbanned, it is documented in something accessible in-game, such as adding an mcbouncer note saying for example, "unbanned: griefing, xray, and jaywalking" Ban information needs more space for details - minecraft does not allow much space in the chat entry line. Perhaps a link to a special profile page on the website which includes all relevant information about their ban, and how to appeal it. Ideally evaluation of appeals must follow some set of criteria. A checklist of requirements perhaps which seek to evaluate if the appeal is sincere based on conduct outside of the appeal and past history, whether the player attempts to empathize with those they have harmed, any legitimate demonstration of remorse or of having been reformed... basically just a more stringent set of requirements than the easily deceived "have you read the rules and are you sorry?" Possibly such appeals should be handled by admins if they are uncommon enough thanks to the temporary ban system. But if the set of criteria for approved appeals are prepared effectively then it probably would be fine being any staff member or the staff member who banned the player. Phrased in another way: The appeals section should not be the "ok read the rules and reply back stating you have done so (whether you're being honest or not) and I'll unban you" section, nor should it be the "I was banned long ago for x (eg. grief) and i just now realized that I can actually be unbanned and have fun now but you're going to ask me to read the rules and I'll forget to reply saying I've done so and will try to log in a week from now and be disappointed that I can't play" section. It should be for bans that are believed to be illegitimate, or for those who have broken some serious rules and wish to be given a second chance. If you grief some crops and forget to replant, or you're having a bad day and being a little shit, then you should get a temporary ban - these work like our current ban system except they're automatic. You basically go into time out, and when the time is out you're back. But if you demonstrate a pattern of being banned like that, then you get a regular ban that you would need to appeal. Such an appeal for a legitimate ban would only be heard after a reasonable amount of time in which for you to cool down and perhaps develop some maturity or responsibility. What do you think?
  14. I had intended to do this from the top down, but I've realized it is more prudent to crowdsource this updating a bit. Please help update information for this once invaluable but now woefully out-of-date moderation reference in this thread (or even better, link to a wiki sandbox page). For ease of viewing, please quote the verbatim original section to be changed and then write your alterations/additions below. Or just highlight changed portions a la wiki edit history, that'd be fine as well. In terms of overall format, let's have headers of Universal-Creative-Survival-PvE with parallel sections of chat/logblock/auxiliary commands/etc in each. I will take sections and suggestions from this thread and incorporate them into a running version here, and will update this thread when I do so. Thanks everyone, and hopefully this will serve as a useful reference and training tool for the foreseeable future!
  15. Since both subreddit threads were downvoted to zero, I thought it would be better to move it to the forum. Actual players of S, what changes would you want to happen next revision that you think will make the server more popular. http://nerd.nu/usage/survival/ Discuss. -gsand ;D
  16. In the fall Mod Brainstorming thread a short while ago I posted a comment suggesting we approach the process for brainstorming moderators differently than they have been in recent times. In our staff meeting it was suggested we move the discussion on how the process could be improved to its own thread, so here it is. What follows are my thoughts on the process we have now, and then my suggestions. If you just want the canned version, open this spoiler: Challenges I've identified: Voting, not brainstorming Social dynamics of a forum thread discussion Staff who we later learned should not be staff Favoring friends and missing potential gems Are there other challenges for us to overcome here? Other issues that need resolving with the process of adding new moderators? Solutions: Having thought a little bit about this, I presented some of my thoughts on possible solutions in the fall mod brainstorming thread. The summary of which is at the top of this post in the first spoiler. I'll stick a sort of full rundown of my ideas here in a spoiler too, so it doesn't get unwieldy. I've identified some possible objections with some of these ideas: 1) It might be too much work 2) It is a bit creepy to have an HR sheet on players 3) Our current system works well enough Now that I've shared my walls of text, what do you guys think? What other issues are there for us to overcome in the process of adding new moderators? What alternative solutions are there? What do you think of the ideas I've presented - and do you have any thoughts on how to streamline them or improve them? Is all of this a waste of time and energy? Credit where credit is due, eehee2000 is the one who messaged me with this idea a while back.
  17. We will soon be adding WorldEdit to C that is limited to regions that you are the region owner. This change will require several changes in policy and general moderation procedure on C. A few key points need to be addressed: Region / Protection Policy: Players want to use WorldEdit to build in their region, so we can't just issue protections after something is already built like current policy states. Moderation Policy: Moderators will have access to much broader permissions, so we need a way to prevent (for the most part) relatively inexperienced mods from doing major damage to the map. Region naming nomenclature needs to be standardized for all regions and shape and size considerations must be made. Region / Protection Policy: Old Policy: We will only protect things after they are built- no protecting empty land. New Policy: We will create world guard regions for areas, with the region outline clearly marked with a border rectangle, before something is built so that players can use WE to clear land, build, etc. Players can remove the rectangle once they've have actually built in the region. The rectangle (not just 4 corners) is important- it keeps players from just flying around placing 4 blocks to mark a huge area. They at least have to put the time in to making a border. It marks the area so other players know something is going there. Protections without builds and without a marker rectangle around the region would just piss people off It makes moderation easier. Less risk of overlapping regions. Easy to see when land is utilized. Griefing / Region Ownership Policies, etc: When a region is created the player is set as owner and their player name is part of the region name as outlined below in moderation changes, making them the primary owner. Owners get world edit permissions in their own region. Members do not get World Edit permissions. If they add another owner then that is 100% their decision that they have to live with. Mods should never add new owners to a region and should instead instruct the player how to use the /region addowner command. Primary Region owners (the person with their name in the region) can make a modreq to have other owners removed. The primary region owner is the ONLY person who can have another owner removed. There will be no exceptions to this policy. If your name is not in the region name you can not remove owners. If a player gives region owner permission to someone else and they do something the primary owner doesn't like, be it World Edit or otherwise, then that is on the region owner. This is not grief. This is the primary region owner making bad decisions. The same goes for if you add another owner and that owner adds more owners- again, bad decision making on the primary owner's part. In short, once a region is given to the primary owner it is theirs to manage (and deal with the consequences) as they see fit. We're bringing personal responsibility back to Creative. Parent / Child Regions (Cities): The plugin that limits World Edit to regions works like this: Parent region owners (mayors of towns) can world edit in both the parent and child regions. Child region owners (plot owners) can only world edit in their child region. The same rules that have always applied to parent/child regions still apply: If you have given a child region to someone else you do not get to modify other people's builds in that child region. Parent region owners (city mayors, if you like) may make a mod request to have a build that does not fit their city style moved out of the city. Parent region owners are not allowed to just remove or modify builds they don't like. You gave the child region owner the reasonable expectation of ownership of their plot and freedom from interference. New Moderation Policy: Modmode Procedure is now Required on Creative: All Mods on C are expected to use Modmode only for moderator duties and not to use Modmode for regular gameplay. This is in line with policy on other servers. Moderators outside of Modmode will have the same permissions as default players in respect to World Edit. (meaning they can use WE inside regions they are owner) Moderators in Modmode will have global world edit permissions to help players, do mod duties, etc. (meaning they can use WE outside of regions they own) This change is necessary to prevent moderators from accidentally using World Edit outside their own regions and overlapping in to others protections. A mod, using mod mode, and using world edit in regular building gameplay is a risk to other players since they can override region limits. This policy will be actively enforced on C for the protection of the community. Mods not following proper Mod Mode policy (only using Mod Mode for moderator duties) will be warned, and continued warnings will lead to loss of mod status. Region Creation: Regions must follow the playername_regionname format. This is important so we know the original, primary owner of a region. This used to be standard operating procedure on C, but I've seen new mods move away from it. We need to bring the standard region name format back. Regions will have the new created at flag added that shows the date the region was created. This will be added to the /cregion command and automatic. Unused regions may be removed or resized smaller after 2 weeks by mods or admins. Everyone will be able to check the created at flag on the region using /region info. We're also adding a "Created by" flag to regions so we can see who created what region. Land Disputes, Region Resizing, Clearing of Derp: Land disputes will still be handled at a C admin's discretion. Resizing of existing regions and clearing of derp regions, of which there will probably be many, will be handled at a C admin's discretion. A derp region, for example, would be one where some player joins, makes a giant sponge or lava cube, and then abandons it never to return. These can be submitted in an admin mod request for removal and will be removed based on the last /seen time for the player and last edit time in the region. Things that Must Be Avoided: Overlapping Regions Bad. Both region owners can world edit in the overlapping area. Don't make them. Protip: the "/region-intersects" command tells you if any regions intersect your current selection. Thanks Denevien for the reminder! Poly Regions can no longer be used The world edit / world guard plugin we are using does not support poly regions. Only cuboid regions can be used on C once the new plugins are activated. Poly regions still work for protection, but you can't use world edit in poly regions you are an owner of- only cuboid regions. Some Questions that have been brought up already (and answers!): We don't have a maximum size now so I don't really see the need to set one. I combined the land claim policy (make a rectangle around the area to claim land) and the region policy so that they can't just put out 4 wool blocks and claim a huge area- they actually have to spend the time to mark a large area if they're going to claim it. Having a max size makes it too ambiguous- How do you determine the max size? Is it by volume? What if they use //expand vert, does that count the air? Is it by X and Y length (requiring mods to do math based on the coordinates)? Then, what are the criteria for getting larger than a max size? How do you determine, before anything is built, if something deserves a bigger than normal region? It just seems like it would open mods and admins to claims of favoritism like "You gave Bob a 300x300 region but you only gave me 100x100!" and be hard to regulate and administer. This has had some discussion amongst admins. I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other as I believe that if you are a moderator you can be trusted to make your own regions. However, there have been issues on other servers in the past. I'd like to leave it as "If you have any doubt about what you are about to do and if it may be seen as mod abuse, then ask another mod or admin for their opinion and/or to do it for you." Some say its better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I do not agree and I will not look favorably on a mod who does something that is clearly against policy or abuse. When in doubt ask somebody. For players who don't want to use WE to build they can just build like normal- We can always protect structures as we've always done. The new policy changes proposed above only apply to new "empty" protections. We can limit the size of edits by user group (default, mod, admin) and block problem items from world edit completely. I did not include those settings in this discussion since Its not really something we will expose to mods or the community to discuss per se- I will have to sit down with a tech admin and determine what they think is safe for Creative, and it will probably have to be modified once its actually been in use and we've seen the impact.
  18. I’m happy to announce that after many weeks of testing and policy discussion World Edit is now available to region (protection) owners on Creative. World Edit Details: You can use World Edit within regions (protections) you are an owner of. You have the following World Edit commands available: //cut //copy //paste //rotate //flip //undo //redo //drain //fixwater //fixlava //cyl //hcyl //sphere //hsphere //faces //line //stack //walls //overlay //set //replace //move //expand //contract //inset //outset //shift //snow //thaw //setbiome For help with command syntax, here is a handy PDF The server uses Asyc World Edit, so multiple edits happening at the same time may be queued to prevent lagging the server. You’ll need to wait for your current operation to complete before starting more. There is a limit to the number of blocks you can change at one time, which is going to be adjusted over the next couple weeks as we assess the load on the server. World Edit is limited to Cuboid regions. If you have a Poly region (a region with more or less than 4 corners) it will continue to be protected, but you will not have access to World Edit in that region. This is a limitation of the plugin and not nerd.nu. New Protection Policy for Creative: With this change we’re also changing the protection policy on C so that you can request a protection before you have actually built something. This will let you use World Edit to clear land and build. Here is how it works: You mark out a new region (protection) with a complete rectangle around the area. New regions will not be created with just the 4 corners marked as previously. You must create a complete rectangle around your region (like land claims on other servers). Do a /modreq for protection from the area you have marked. Make sure the mod knows what color border is yours- Example: “/modreq please protect the area marked in sponge” You can start building (without world edit) while you wait on a mod to do your protection. You do not need to wait online for a /modreq, we can do them even if you log off. A moderator will do your modreq and set you as the region owner. Once you have a region with you set as owner you can use World Edit within that region. We have a plugin in place to prevent your World Edit edits from leaving regions you own. You can add more owners to your region if you like using the “/region addowner” command. However, you are responsible for the actions of other owners in your region. You can modreq to have an owner removed. We will not remove the primary (first) owner of a region. You can add members as normal, or modreq for child regions as normal if you are building a city. Members do not have access to world edit in your region. Owners of child regions do have access to world edit in their child regions. Moderation Policy Changes: ModMode is Required on Creative Now: Moderators will have access to world edit in their own regions just like default players when not in ModMode. Moderators will have access to global world edit when in ModMode to help other players (like Admins do now). Moderators must not do regular gameplay / building while in ModMode because this will let you bypass region restrictions on World Edit. This puts other players builds and potentially the server at risk from accidental commands. This policy will be actively enforced on C for the protection of the community. Mods not following proper Mod Mode policy (only using Mod Mode for moderator duties) will be warned, and continued warnings will lead to loss of mod status. Note: Do not make world edit selections before switching to modmode. The permissions are run when an area is selected, so if you select something and switch to modmode then the selection is still using the non-modmode permissions. Regions and Such: Regions now have two new flags that are automatically added: created-at and created-by. This shows when a region is created and who (which mod or admin) created it. Making new Regions: All new regions need to be cuboid (by setting two points). Players can not world edit in Poly Regions. All new regions with no builds in them need to have a complete border around them to mark the region. Do not create protections for regions where just the 4 corners are marked. This is for a number of reasons: 1. It keeps players from just marking 4 blocks and making huge regions 2. It shows region borders so we can resize regions that are under utilized 3. It shows other players where regions begin and end so they plan their area accordingly You can still protect already built structures as normal. The above only applies to “new” regions that are created before anything is built. Don’t Overlap Regions: When regions overlap both owners can use world edit in the overlap area, leading to disaster. Avoid it. /region-intersects is a useful command that tells you if your current selection intersects an existing region- use it! Region Naming: All region names must follow this format: regionowner_regionname This is so anyone can tell who is the primary (first) owner of a region. The primary (first) owner of a region should never be removed. In special cases where this needs to happen (transferring the ownership of a region to someone else, etc.) then you can elevate the modreq to admins. Adding / Removing Region Owners: Moderators should never add region owners. Instruct players how to /region addowner <playername> if they want to add owners. Moderators can remove region owners as long as they’re not the primary (first) region owner that is in the region name. If this needs to happen for some reason, elevate to admin. Renaming Regions: There are many existing regions on creative right now that do not follow this format. Moderators can /region-rename <old region name> <new region name> at the region owner’s request. Land Disputes, Resizing of Regions, Clearing of Derp Regions: Land disputes will still be handled at a C admin's discretion. Resizing of existing regions and clearing of derp regions, of which there will probably be many, will be handled at a C admin's discretion. A derp region, for example, would be one where some player joins, makes a giant sponge or lava cube, and then abandons it never to return. These can be submitted in an admin mod request for removal and will be removed based on the last /seen time for the player and last edit time in the region. For more information about moderation changes as well as policy discussion please see this mod chat thread: https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/2729-opportunity-for-comment-world-edit-changes-on-c-and-new-policies/
  19. LadyRavenOwl

    [PMC] Staff Meeting Time and Date

    The staff meeting has been set to this Thursday, November 6th at 8p CST/9p EST. I will post the meeting agenda on Wednesday, November 5th for all staff members to see. Please note that if it is not on the agenda, then it will not be discussed. This is to prevent blindsiding and personal arguments. If you have something you want discussed and added to the agenda, please message me on IRC or on the forums. If for some reason you cannot make this meeting, there will be a recording and notes posted. I will have the notes posted by the following day and the recording I will have up as soon as possible. If you're interested in recording the meeting, please message me. If enough people cannot make this meeting, then I will schedule a secondary meeting to discuss the same topics at another time. Please be on time, as I intend to start the meeting promptly at 8p CST/9p EST. :D
  20. djt832

    Nerdpaper Vol. I

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to push out the next issue of the Nerdpaper this upcoming Friday. If you have anything you would like to be highlighted in this issue please get them to my by Thursday (Oct. 30th). Thanks so much for your help! -djt832
  21. djt832


    Hello all, I'd like to start a sort of newspaper for the nerd community. Basically, the motivation for this idea is to make sure we keep everyone updated on the stuff going on around here. Its hard for staff that are busy with other things, like setting up revs, to keep everyone informed. So this would hopefully fix that issue. What I would need from you (admins, techs, staff, community members even) is just a short update (screen shots too!) on what you're working on. It doesn't matter what server its from, as I'd like this to be for all of them, events included. Im willing to do all the work compiling and writing up the stories and posting it in a newspaper type format. Any opinions on this idea?
  22. EeHee2000

    Survival - Revision 27

    I think it's high time we start getting ready for the new revision, the current one is stale. I think the fact that an arena had to be cancelled due to low playercount is enough evidence to bring this forward. Admins, do you have plans to discuss this?
  23. TheRandomnatrix

    [PMC] Approved Client Mods on PvE

    Please note this is only a draft and does not represent an official release I figure if I don’t do it it’s just going to sit around, since that already happened once. I also see little reason to keep this discussion private to the Admins. I’ll link to the mods that aren’t incredibly popular/well known as well as adding a description for each. I tried to make this list as comprehensible as possible, but if something isn’t on there then please list it along with a description and a link to the webpage. If you feel a mod should not be allowed, please state your reasoning. The ultimate decision to remove/keep mods is left up to the PAdmins. List of Approved Mods: Rei’s Minimap: Provides a minimap function in the corner of your screen along with coordinates. Allows for setting waypoints and an automated death point system. Player Radar is enabled for it, but mob radar is not. Journeymap: Acts like Rei’s I believe but allows for map stitching to record information on where you’ve been before. [LINK] Zan’s Minimap: Same as Rei’s except it includes cave mapping and mob radar which players have confirmed works currently. We should find a way to disable that feature if possible server-side, as I feel it is cheaty and we have few ways of tracking it. Cave mapping falls under the no xray rule. [LINK] Optifine: Allows players to fine tweak game settings to improve performance. Nothing game breaking, however there was once a feature that allowed players to see through lava, which I believe has been removed. That was treated as xray. Most of the additional features(such as zooming in) are graphical only. Schematica: Displays holograms of .schematic files to aid in building. Includes function to download sections of the map. This seems to be fine so long as it is not used for xray. Print function feature has been disabled via server configs. [LINK] WE CUI: Displays WorldEdit selections. Is only useful to staff anyways as players can’t make selections. Watson: Shows LogBlock history in a graphical format. Useful for grief and xray detection. Only useful for staff as players have little use for it, though I have noted several players installing it. EDIT. As others have pointed out, it also has a built in chat highlighting feature which players use it for. Either way, it should be harmless. Shaders of any kind are approved as they are only graphical. Cape mods of any kind are approved as they are only graphical. GammaBright: Shows the game as if everything was lit up perfectly(eg night vision). Has no impact on gameplay and is only graphical.[LINK] InventoryTweaks: Allows players to quickly organize inventories and chests. This is allowed on PvE but not Survival. [LINK] ArmorStatusHUD: Shows information about tools and armor durability. Nothing that can’t be found using minecraft’s f3+h debug feature. If that is ever disabled in the future, this mod should maybe be readdressed. StatusEffectHUD: Shows status effects in the HUD. Same information is displayed in player’s inventory screen, so it’s fine. MonsterSpawnHighlighter: This mod shows if a block is capable of spawning certain mobs, and indicates it graphically around a player. It isn’t game breaking as it only allows players to place torches/lighting in an optimal way to prevent spawning. I’d consider leaving it in, though that is of course up for debate. [LINK] Zyin’s HUD: This one I’m unfamiliar with, but it seems to allow for a lot of information. Players primarily use it for checking horse stats. There’s some other stuff in there too that seems a bit sketchy, like eating instantly/throwing enderpearls using a keybind, but I think that NoCheat would take notice of that. It also has a player located+health indicator, which is also not something I like, but shouldn’t be an issue on P. I think this one may ultimately fall under the “too popular to remove” thing that Rei’s falls under. [LINK] bUpload: Automatically uploads screenshots to imgur. [LINK] TabbyChat: Divides chat received by the player up into various tabs which can be sorted. Has no effect on gameplay. [LINK] Macro/Keybind Mod: This one I intentionally left at the bottom as macros, autoclickers, and botting are currently under review discussion. However as it stands it is currently allowed on PvE. Autoclicking function of mod is not allowed.
  24. flameoguy

    Clarification of build rules

    Here's a hypothetical situation: Mansion_builder is building a large(30x40) mansion in an area he marked off with signs. He is only finished with half of it: The dashed lines are the plans for the mansions, the brown lines are the already-constructed house, and the red line is the area marked-off and claimed with signs. The area claimed with signs is relatively un-terraformed. Mansion_builder logs off, to re-begin work tomorrow. Then, House_noob logs on, and builds a stonebrick house in the middle of the reserved plot: The grey square is House_noob's smaller build. When Mansion_builder logs back on, he is surprised to see House_noob's build in the middle of his home plot. He complains via modreq, and asks for House_noob's build to be removed. This brings up a few questions: What is the moderator's's verdict? If House_noob is stubborn and decides to keep his house, will it stay? Do larger builds have higher priority? Do sign claims have any value under the rules? Please answer and discuss below. EDIT: This is for PvE
  25. TheRandomnatrix

    List of Approved PvE Mods and Macros

    List of Approved Mods and Macros: All client modifications on this list are allowed on PvE. This list may be updated over time to accommodate changes. Certain features or aspects of mods may not be allowed however, and will be noted below. If you have any questions /concerns about client modifications or certain features and whether or not they’re allowed feel free to contact a PvE Admin: Waypoint/Minimap Mods: Player radar is allowed in all cases. Mob radar is not. Cave mapping is treated as xray and is bannable. Rei’s Minimap Journeymap Zan’s Minimap Schematica: Print function feature has been disabled via server configs. Optifine WE CUI Watson Purely Cosmetic Mods: Shaders Cape mods Player Model Changing Mods GammaBright InventoryTweaks ArmorStatusHUD StatusEffectHUD Monster Spawn Highlighter Zyin’s HUD bUpload TabbyChat Macro/Keybind Mod: Since it is difficult to come up with a comprehensive list of macros/scripts, these are some general guidelines and examples for what is/isn’t allowed in terms of automation. If you are unsure what constitutes an allowed macro or script, contact a PAdmin. using a macro to perform a single command is allowed using a macro to announce a spleef countdown is allowed using a script to repeatedly punch (at a humanly possible rate) at a grinder would be allowed using a script to punch and move forward would be allowed using a script to punch and move around (eg. at the End grinder moving up and down the row of Endermen) would not be allowed using a script to move the player and replant a field with crops would not be allowed movement other than that in a straight line with a script would not be allowed autocrafting is not allowed anything that does more than invtweaks/mojang shift-double-click inventory mechanics is not allowed