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  1. The plugin SafeBuckets, the one that makes our water still by default, I feel has become more and more useless lately, and I think its future needs a serious discussion. I feel that SafeBuckets needs to be unplugged, and here is why: First of all SafeBuckets is very un-vanilla as a plugin, since it's not normal to see still liquid in Vanilla Minecraft, and thus goes against the server's theme. Secondly the still water it gives is rather useless. While it does make water elevators and some lava killing machines easier to build, it does not really add anything irreplaceable to the game: some signs surrounding flowing liquids will accomplish the same thing still water gives to us now. And while some water elevators arguably look prettier without signs in between water blocks, I would not consider water elevators pretty to begin with. Some may disagree. But most importantly I feel that SafeBuckets's primary function as a grief-prevention plugin is so unimportant that it practically does not matter. Griefers, as far as I can tell, are not persistent enough to acquire a bucket just to knock someone's flowers or torches over. And even if they were, the loss is hardly meaningful. As for more serious griefing like murdering with lava or making derpy lava walls around, those are easily traceable nowadays. At worst a griefer may attack someone's rails or redstone, which is actually quite severe, but that they can do with natural liquid sources even now. A much better option would be to write a plugin that makes rails and redstone waterproof. A plugin like that at least would not encumber the staff day and night, like SafeBuckets does. SafeBuckets also makes a few things if no impossible, at least very hard: It is impossible to dispense flowing liquids and this must be worked around with silly piston gates. Making ponds is tough because of the glitchy interaction with still and flowing water that makes some parts of the potential pond not fill up like it is supposed to. Nowadays you'd need constant mod surveillance just to make an artificial lake. The absence of SafeBuckets would obviously be beneficial for everyday building, but it would be particularly useful for making grinders. For example in a skeleton grinder getting the water to flow immediately would make building much less dangerous much faster. In an Ender grinder the benefit of getting immediate water cover is obvious. In summary, SafeBuckets is un-vanilla, seriously hinders everyday building, encumbers staff, and is irrelevant against griefing. If I was king, I'd replace it with another plugin like the one described above. But, all of the above was only what I think. I may be right, I may be wrong, some may even disagree. What I want here is a serious discussion on this matter. The server's interests are largely also my interests, and that's why I'd want a thorough investigation about this matter so at the end of the day we can be sure we're making the right decision.
  2. Hi, I noticed that the theme "Reddit Public Classic" is not the default. I remember there being discussion about this and was wondering if the theme was going to be changed to that one, or if we are going to stick with the IBP default. Just curious about this, I also read somewhere that the theme isn't finished and is still being worked on, but it appears to be finished now.
  3. Spawn campings been a rarely brought up issue, but a legitimate concern on S. Not being able to leave spawn is frustrating and essentially leaves you unable to play. You can't get home, you can't get items. What can you do about being spawn camped? Most players make a modreq, or log off. Usually both. In entirety, the rule for no spawn camping states: No spawn camping. It leaves a lot up to the imagination to discern what constitutes as spawn camping. It leaves the even more undescriptive 'Don't be a dick' rule in the dust by a word(but alas, different rule for a different thread). How long is considered 'camping'? Can I kill you once, then let you pass? Three times? Never? Once at one drop, once at another? What if I wait at the edges of whatever area, and kill you there? And for that matter, where is it considered 'spawn'? We can assume it's not the areas where you physically cannot hit people, but somewhere beyond the first drop. is it right below them, or that whole island? Or is it the second drops? Maybe the whole center square? I'd like to open this rule up to the community for criticism. What do you think this rule means - feel free to tear it apart -, and how can we better phrase this rule?
  4. I'm considering volunteering my time to run a regularly scheduled 10-minute build contest league on C. How frequent it happens will depend a lot on how much prep work is required to run it. With WE copy and paste commands I could set it up 4 arenas to run in 15 minutes before the contest starts, without it I'm looking at possibly an hour or two of setup. The difference between these is running it weekly vs. bi-monthly for the time I'm willing to put in. Normally WE is Admin only, is there anyway we could modify our policy for moderators running events?
  5. I'm not aware of any specific reason players aren't allowed to use a compass on C. So why not let them have it if they want? The reason is either some tech stuff I'm unaware of, or more likely that it is a holdover from the old days when players weren't even allowed to fly. I can see there might be some arguments against this as it would prevent players from being able to make private structures, but to that I have to ask why those people are playing on a public server?
  6. “Don’t be or build a dick” Although worded in an amusing way, it is probably the most controversial listing we have, and has spawned countless arguments and witch hunts of players trying to get each other banned. It seems like every few days I have to remind someone that I can’t do anything against a certain player acting unfavorably towards them because they haven’t actually done anything wrong by our standards. So why do we keep it around? Based on this discussion draykhar started regarding the meaning, it seems to be employed to serve only as a catch-all for special circumstances not defined by the rules. I find that to be a bit silly. If we encounter a scenario that our rules do not cover, we should judge that particular situation as best we can if there’s a time constraint attached, and then edit to the rules for covering things like it after some discussion. Regardless of the don’t be a dick rule(which as previously stated we don’t enforce) we’ll be unprepared the first time a situation our rules don’t cover comes up. So I feel that it doesn’t even facilitate the one purpose it is put into place for. If someone is “being a dick”, they’re more likely than not to break an enforceable rule sooner or later anyways. We can start by taking the second half we do deal with, with a simple “No NSFW builds”. Then, if we want to keep the first half we should bring it up as a suggestion of good behaviour rather than a barring of bad behaviour. An example of that might be: “Please be courteous and respectful to others in your time here.” Or we could just remove the risk altogether and not say anything. I don’t expect this change to occur overnight, as the words have been nailed into the community pretty hard, but the least we can do is stop endorsing this outdated phrase.
  7. Do moderators just fly around spying on random people while they mine? do they have a program that informs when diamond to stone ratio has gone funky? Do they check eachother? Do they only do it to those who beat them? Do they just wait for a player to act suspiciously? My concerns are that either they aren't checking that many people or if they are spying on me all the time lol. Like, how does it work guys? And how do you stop yourselves from learning where bases are? Question for mods not 4 xrayers, i do not wish to hear moderator slander Just interested :)
  8. To help organize the Redstone Towers players are asked to place their builds within certain categories. Every so often (i.e. every day) players place builds in the wrong categories (e.g. a basic piston door in the AND Gate category ). I would like to ask moderators protecting builds within the Redstone Towers to ensure builds are in their appropriate categories prior to protecting them. If you encounter a non-compliant build please either contact the player and ask them to move their build to the appropriate category, or feel free to /mail me and I will take care of the move request. Thank you!
  9. This has been quietly nagging at me for months now. Our official explanation for our zero-tolerance policy on slurs has, since before the move to the new forums, been pocked with typographical errors. It currently reads: "The reason that these remarks are offensive is: Let's say someone were to say "That's gay, why does the park close that early"... This is a banable offense. The word "gay", when used in this way it is used in a negative fashion. It implies, in this situation, that you are unhappy that the park closes. You would also be impling that gay is a synonym for a negative word, and therefore, when used in this way it carries negative overtones. It is these overtones that can be offensive to other people because any race or way of life should never have any negativity associated. The same thing can be applied to any racial slur also. There are also racial and homophobic that hold negative connotations in and of themselves. Even though you might not find them offensive, the fact that they are considered slurs, can mean that others will." Polished up a bit, it might read: "The reason that these remarks are offensive: Let's say someone were to say "That's gay, why does the park close that early..." This is a bannable offense. The word "gay", when used in this way, is used in a negative fashion. It implies, in this situation, that they are unhappy that the park closes. They would also be implying that "gay" is a synonym for a negative word, and therefore, when used in this way, it carries negative overtones. It is these overtones that can be offensive to other people because any inherent trait should never have any negativity associated. The same thing can be applied to any racial or ethnic slur also. There are also racial and homophobic slurs that hold negative connotations in and of themselves. Even though you might not find them offensive, the fact that they are considered slurs can mean that others will." Ok, so I committed the minor sin of using "they" as a singular neutral pronoun, but "he/she" is usually too clunky anyway. Since this is an official policy link, used fairly often in the appeals, I always felt it should have a more professional tone. Anyone think it's worth changing?
  10. As per the results of last week's poll, we have run Hard mode on PvE for a week to see how it goes before taking a vote again now. At time of writing, PvE is still on Hard difficulty, though that should be toned down to Normal shortly after this is posted. So with the last week's trial period in mind, decide: would you like to see PvE switch to Hard mode (what has been running on the server for the last week), some sort of partial Hard mode where some aspects of Hard mode are implemented while others are not (for example, higher attack damage from mobs but no starving) or stay on the usual Normal difficulty that has historically been the norm on PvE? If you choose partial Hard mode (the second choice), please leave your thoughts about it in the comments below: what features of Hard mode do you want to see implemented, and what features of Hard mode do you want to leave out? If this becomes the most popular option, we'll be sure to get some particular discussion or a poll going about the specifics of this unique mode; once that's been decided on, then we can see if it's possible for us to implement it. Please note that we make no guarantees about the implementation of partial Hard mode, and failing to find a way to implement it and balance it with lag reduction (more plugins will lead to more lag), we will fall back onto Normal difficulty. That said, you have our assurances that we will make every attempt to implement it should that be the most popular option. EDIT: Forgot to mention, we will end the poll on Sunday 23:59:59 EDT. The topic should close at that time, but discussion of the results will likely continue elsewhere past that time. Stay tuned!
  11. I have noticed people on PvE who switch into the #trade ClanChat so often, that when someone in #port_aperture for example asks a question, they end up responding in the trade ClanChat forgetting to switch channels afterwards. What I had in mind to attempt to solve this issue is a command like /ctrade [Message] or /cslpeef [Message] which would send a message to those ClanChat's without the need to have to change default channels. As a permanent solution, to avoid problems with those commands on other servers, we could create a /ctemp command, for example /ctemp will send a message to a specified ClanChat without changing your default one, like "/ctemp #trade [message here] would send your message to #trade without affecting /c"
  12. Apologies for the delay, I realize that this is a topic worthy of a good discussion, and so in trying to get a proper wording, have written and promptly discarded several drafts, and finally decided to keep it simple. As per this discussion on the subreddit, one of the topics that I'd wanted to defer was that of how the selection of mods, admins and heads was run in the past in comparison to today. To quote the sections I refer to: before: Head Admins elected by popular vote amongst players [5] current: Head Admins chosen by their predecessors; neither mods nor ordinary players have any say. before: Highly contentious bans decided by popular vote [7] current: Appeals can be summarily closed by an uninvolved Tech Admin without elaboration [8] before: Moderators nominated and voted on by ordinary players [9] current: Head Admins decide who is nominated. Moderators then hold a vote, but the result of this vote is not binding and the Head Admins sometimes ignore it. With each of these cases, I'd like to focus around the question: Is a group vote the best way to make these kinds of decisions? I'd like to try to keep this discussion very positive and focused, and please try to avoid any ad hominem arguments (Your opinion sucks because you suck), as that can quite quickly devolve into harassment. There is also another thread concerning this subreddit post, but I feel it has derailed with the de-anoning of its author, and would like to keep this one on topic. :) As always, if you don't wish to post here, you're more than welcome to pm me privately, and heck, if you don't want to do it with your actual name, do it with an anon account on reddit! I care more about feedback that I can use to better these servers more than the source of it.
  13. I've been thinking for a while that it is about time that we set rules for, and allow modreq-ing the draining water on C within confined structures. The process that goes into clearing structures of water by sand filling and mining is not at the heart of what I believe C players want to do with their time. Many do it because they have to. Many form community projects to get it over with sooner. I feel we should give our players a place where they can have a choice. The rules I propose are simple: Players may modreq the removal of water within "watertight" structures. Please do not make this modreq for trivial amounts of water (<50 blocks). Mod Policy: Such structures will be immediately protected greifers from "breaking the dam" That covers the logistics, now to head off a few opposing arguements. "But what if some players want to mine?" - Nothing is stopping them from mining as usual on C, or if they want such an experience with meaning, we have three other worlds where it can be had. "If we allow WorldEditing of one block, won't we have to do them all, opening up land holes everywhere?" - Nope. Water is fundamentally more difficult to remove by hand than normal blocks and deserves to be treated differently. In addition, the rule I proposed ensures that for larger removals, players will first have to construct a proportionally larger water-tight "bowl". This reduces the likelihood that a player will modreq water removal, and then never do anything with the space. "Won't we see a lot of skyscrapers move out into the open ocean then?" - Yes, until we make future maps with "low altitude" biomes on land so this only gets done for aesthetic appeal. Honestly, this isn't a problem. So how about it?
  14. Recently a greifer was interacting with players and in the process of banning them the open conversation got cut off abruptly. To clarify why the user left when players started theorizing why, I /o'd "User <name> has been banned for griefing and a hacked client." I figured, there's no harm since mcbans information is public knowledge to those with the know-how of how to access the logs, and ban appeals certainly are public on our own forums. I've done this repeatedly and received some praise from regular players for the announcements and questions of whether it would continue to be done in the future. Another mod though made me aware that there was some reprimand to mods who had done this in the past, but couldn't remember why. So I'd like to ask what our policy is, and if we'd consider continuing this at will?
  15. Hey guys, I just had a quick question regarding minning. As I'm sure many of you are aware of this, Digging a mine under a house that is not in the middle of nowhere without comming across others mines is very unlikely. I do tend to enjoy having a mine right under my house but when I run into others shafts which effectively go in all sorts of crazy directions, how do I go about making my own tunnels without ruining theirs? Most of the time they won't use all of their tunnels more than once but what if they have a secret grinder or something that I keep blocking their path to with my over tunnel. I have a fear of getting reported for grief after filling a tunnel below me with two blocks so I can travel over it. What is acceptable and what isn't? and if I didn't want people screwing with my tunnels, how would I go about protecting it. Could I? I'll leave it with you guys for there are the wiser than I among thee Thanks all, -Dark
  16. I envisage that for the most part only admins will be interested in this command, but anyone with ModMode privilege or above can run it. /visit-chunks <period> <step> <max> [<command>] Teleport to a grid of locations <step> blocks apart between X/Z -<max> and +<max>, waiting <period> seconds between steps. The player's Y coordinate remains unchanged. At each step, run the optional <command> if specified. Without a <command>, just teleporting to a location and waiting a while will give water and lava a chance to flow, reducing lag when the map is opened to players. The <command> can be used to do things like clean up drops (a few revisions ago on P we had terrible lag due to dropped grass seeds etc as a result of WorldPainting). If we had had this command on P when we were seeding the map with horses during the 1.6 changeover we could have used it to run /omg-ponies. /visit-chunks runs indefinitely; until a restart or until you run '/visit-chunks stop'. The command remembers the last step index that it executed and picks up from the same index next time it runs. If the step size and maximum coordinate value are the same, then that will resume in the same location as before. If you leave it running for long enough it will eventually "wrap around" and start revisiting locations that it has visited before. The total number of steps on a single axis is 2 * (max / step) + 1 and the total number of steps for the whole map is that number squared. The total time taken to visit the whole map is therefore: (2 * (max / step) + 1) ^ 2 * period seconds There's also a /visit-chunks next <index> variant that allows you to explicitly set the next step index to visit. For a single player it's not much help, but multiple accounts can cooperate to visit different sections of the map using this. Example: /visit-chunks 180 100 2000 /remove items 200
  17. Hello there fellow Minecrafters, nerd.nu players, Redditors, and anyone else who may see this. It was suggested to me that a Head Admin write up and engage in an AMA post on our new forums as a way to kick them off. I agreed that it seemed like a good idea, and could even be fun. So here we are. This is an opportunity for all of you to well, ask me anything. But it is also an opportunity for you to maybe get to know me as a Head Admin, to see what I actually do around here, and perhaps even see the person behind the name JohnAdams1735. I am fully prepared to answer anything I can answer. There are three limitations to the questions, however. Anything that would compromise our servers' security, anything that would dox me (or anyone else), and of course I cannot answer anything I do not actually know. I am very much looking forward to answering your questions (as much as I can).
  18. When I first joined the new S rev, I was killed immediately and wasn't able to take a look at the rule book at all. I think we should add a command like /rulebook or /rules that would give us the rule book again so we can read it or take another look at it if necessary
  19. There used to be a rule on Survival that stated (something along the lines of): "No fleeing to non-pvp zones to avoid/survive pvp" This was an issue in revisions 7 and before, when spawn was an just area of the map that could be easily re-entered just by walking back into it. People who were about to die would run back into the spawn zone where they couldn't be hurt. I did not know when this rule was removed, but it no longer appears to be on nerd.nu/rules. There is still (at least) one notable way to re-enter spawn, via The End. This rule is being half-enforced. Mods who remember this rule are still enforcing it, telling people that they cannot stay in spawn if they are chased through the end. Newer mods, especially those who have come to Survival after being modded on PvE or Creative, do not enforce this rule, because it is not on the rule page. I think we need a definitive answer from the Survival Admins about whether this is a rule or not.
  20. draykhar here with another rule he's not quite happy with, but will settle for an re-explanation of it for now. "don't be a dick" This rule is oft misquoted as a rule that a player cries to whenever someone (or something) is treating them unfairly, whether it be a grinder in the end, a base blocking theirs, or the current situation of some other rules (i.e. killing someone via certain circumstances on S). "You're being a dick, you can be banned for that you know" This is not the case with that rule. I'd like to extrapolate on it. The 'don't be dick' rule is there to cover things that are not already covered in the rules. That's not to say that you're going to be banned for whatever reason we think of, but rather that all lists of rules, laws and regulations are fallible, and don't foresee every circumstance - particularly more so when they're rarely modified. I'm not asking for an update on the rules here, but a better understanding of the 'don't be a dick' rule (at least as I've understood it) would be: Discuss.
  21. Someone showed me yesterday that you can use /give on other users. The command could be useful for giving kits to people if they're in a construction crew, but could also be abused by filling someone's inventory with useless blocks. Considering we have /i, if the risk becomes too large, could /give be disabled?
  22. From the archived old forums, originally posted by cmdrtebok in July 2011. From day one our objective was to pull together a moderation team that understood this and did not view becoming a moderator as a promotion in that sense. While we attempt to make the moderator job as fun as possible and keep people motivated to do free work for us, at the same time, they are not better or worse then the users in any way. To be honest becoming a mod while it is fun and it feels good to have a community of people choose you for something but beyond that the job kind of sucks. Its a lot of effort with little to no return. The return I try and pull from the experience is making a community such as this one possible. I have witnessed people create some really extraordinary things with blocks. I have seen people make new friends and more. We have helped out people when they were at their lowest, and others (including myself) deal with grief and depression. Beyond that we donated thousands of dollars to ChildsPlay. Not so bad if I do say so myself. The point is however is that it isn't me or the staff that made all these things possible, its the users and the community. The staff is only supposed to be around to keep things fun and fair and nothing more. Its important that the staff don't start behaving like they are better then the users in anyway, frankly you aren't. We ask people respect mods and admins in the rules only because it makes it far more difficult in dealing with people when the only attitude you are ever greeted with is petulance. Due to this we do require a certain level of conduct from people we choose to become staff, as much to protect that person as to make sure the community runs smoothly. I want to be crystal clear that I am not talking about any specific individuals or groups of people on the server. This is a blanket statement that applies to everyone in the community we are going to consider for staff or is staff. Our license for conduct is generous and does not apply at all to users in any way (Besides, of course things, that are in violation of the rules). Honestly if I never hear about it and it doesn't become a problem, it isn't a problem at all. If you do not want to be held to any sort of conduct accountability then I suggest you turn down a mod nomination and if you are already on staff, you are free to take leave of your position at any time. I do not mean this to be a jerk. If you would like to be a user please do. We will welcome you back on staff as soon as you are ready to step up again and take responsibility. I know the staff are all good people and good at their jobs, I can't imagine I wouldn't be happy to have them back. If being a mod, or mccondom is stressful or you can't deal with a certain aspect of the job. Don't worry about it, be a user for a while. Play Minecraft, go in mumble, be free. You always have that option. The people who I choose to become staff are never chosen simply because I think they deserve a promotion. These are people I am saddling with non paid responsibility; its not exactly a favor. We get charged with the accusation of nepotism all the time, but frankly I do not know how to address this. Would they prefer that we modded people we didn't know? Give them power over users with out being their friends or knowing what they are like? There isn't any real power anyway. That is the point of this whole thread. At the same time I don't need or want everyone I am friends with on the server on the staff, there is simply no reason for it. This is just a video game on the internet its really not personal, nor should it be. If you were not chosen for a position on the staff please do not take it personally. It is not meant as a personal insult or anything to that effect. If you are taking it personally then its evidence that we have made the correct choice. And if you view the fact that someone was modded over someone else as a personal slight, we really need you to adjust your attitude and help us make better decisions, calmly and treating everyone with respect. What we need right now is professional detachment. We are trying to build a community of equal users, personal issues with power have no place in it and in the long run will become detrimental The last thing I want to add is that these "jobs" aren't forever. We do not have lifetime positions. If we ask you to leave we expect that you will understand gracefully and bow out. We do not do this lightly nor is it something anyone enjoys doing. Things in the past have become far to personal in that aspect and it will not be like this in the future. We are going to figure out how to keep new and fresh ideas coming and figuring out what does and doesn't work. A big part of this is bringing in new people and having others trust them to take over and bow out. The old culture needs to pass and this point forwards we are going to encourage more participation on the server admin aspect and demand greater openness from all head and server admins. We do reserve the right to talk among ourselves to iron out certain ideas and issues with out having all eyes, input and drama involved before we figured out our stance. We will always come forwards with what we decide and we know our users have no problem discussing things endlessly in the forums. We will listen, we will change and we will continue to refine the way nerd.nu works. For those of you who are paying attention we are having a lot of changes in the way we operate and more to come in the coming weeks. We will be honest and open about what is going on. This post is the first of many from myself and others on the admin staff outlaying our ideas for what we want in a server and implementing a fair system that will last beyond my own involvement. I am in my waning months of activity on these servers. I will make sure that we have a great system in place before I go, one that can last through a long haul and make as many people happy as we can while holding true to the ideals that Reddit Public was founded under. I edited it a little, mostly for spelling. Also here is the link to the original post (so people can read the comments). http://nerd.nu/archives/index.php?p=/discussion/3771/becoming-a-moderator-is-not-a-promotion Also from McLrn227 in April 2011: I don't mean this as a slight to anyone in particular, but try to remember that our main goal is to provide a friendly playing environment for the users. Use the tools you have before passing judgement on someone. Many players are young and not familiar with our rules. Talk to them. Try to communicate. [...] We are public servers, remember to treat everyone with respect and talk/act in a way that you'd expect the users to conduct themselves as well. Link to the original post: http://nerd.nu/archives/index.php?p=/discussion/1212/remember-to-be-polite-and-take-the-time-to-investigate
  23. SMP Client Side Mods What I think. If the information is already there, Why shouldn't we be allowed to alter it, to make it easier to read. IE If I can read off my light reading from the F3 Menu, Why cant I put it to a graphic, and insert it into my HUD with out being called "unfair" What I know. Player Rader, Aim Bots, Entity Trackers, Spam Bots, Ect. are not allowed. Yes it is possible to do these things using Vinalla, But its not fair. What I think should change Things that are already availible should be allowed to be changed. IE Armor durability numbers, Tool durability numbers, Health numbers, Item numbers. Basicaly HUDs in general. There isnt a lot of them, but here is a few. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1114612-152-bspkrs-mods-armorstatushud-v17-directionhud-v113-statuseffecthud-v110/ http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1702641-152-forge-v305-tukmc-the-slickest-looking-hud-youll-see-for-a-while-11k-dl/ (this one has slight player radar, so it is just an example.) http://minez.net/forum/m/7729648/viewthread/5212643-mod-lunaz-released-free-to-minecraft (again this is more of an example, But it still just shows infomation on the HUD) http://minez.net/forum/m/7729648/viewthread/4444425-minez-tactical-hud-mod (Really useful, but is themed for MineZ, Still useful for vinalla.) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1430913-152-may-3-smp-stfu-%E2%80%93-client-side-mute-command-for-muting-players-in-smp/ (Not a HUD, But useful.) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/690142-147-advanced-hud-481/ (its discontinued by the Dev, But is currently being picked up by a few people, So its WIP for 1.5) What do you guys think? Please suggest more SMP Vinalla mods that you think should be allowed. (Personally I would love to learn Java and write a custom HUD, but I need help.)
  24. So in the days leading up to the launch tournament of "Tower Wars", there have been numerous broadcast messages on P encouraging players to sign up a team for the event. I understand why this is being done, obviously everyone involved will have more fun the more teams there are, and last time I checked there were only two teams signed up. I think it is an excellent and appropriate use of broadcast messaging to increase awareness about the event. There's just one problem: Tower Wars is only getting this level of exposure because it's run by mods (and admins, I think). As far as I know, the arena is on the P map, was built in survival mode, and after the event will be open to the public. This makes it no different than any other minigame constructed by nerd.nu players. So I my request is that players be allowed to make reqs to have their minigames advertised through broadcast messages. Admins would be free to set their standards pretty high, as it's clear from the pictures that a lot of effort went into this event on their part. I only ask that mod-run events not get preferential treatment. Thanks for your consideration, and if there's a reason why Tower Wars is different than, for example, MarcusPSL's Jousting minigame (I would say spleef, but FISA has enough members that they have no need for advertisement), I would love to hear it.
  25. Ok folks it's time to get serious about moderating chat. The key thing here is to get public chat consistent across all our servers and forms of communication. 1. Public avenues of chat need to be moderately civil. This includes non-clan chat on the servers, general mumble chat/text and the IRC channels. There is friendly banter, usual game-like chat "omg you killed me you suck" "lol wtf i was helping you, you bastard!" "/ban Tolgar for being Tolgar" off color stuff, things that most people already do and we're fine with. 90% of chat as it is, is already like this. 2. Clan chat/msg/privately made mumble channels are where you can be a bit looser and uncouth. Stuff that wouldn't fly at the office, the more "jokingly-abusive" banter (only as long as both parties are fine with it), stuff you wouldn't let your 10 year old read. Things of that nature. But only if the participants are cool with that. IF someone new enters and they are NOT cool with it (IE total stranger), you can either stop while they are there, tone it down, get to know them and maybe they will be just like you and enjoy it. Now what this isn't, is a new avenue of getting someone you don't like banned. We log everything, we can get context from other sources. If you are obviously abusive to someone in public chat, you will be asked to stop and if its continuous, or happens multiple different times, you will be dealt with. If its private chat and someone has a problem, they can obviously leave that chat (if its way too weird for them), or bring it up with a moderator/admin if its directed against them and they have a problem with it. This also isn't a way for you to aggravate someone to the point where they lash out and then get them banned. We have the context, we have the logs, most likely both of you will be dealt with, the instigator harder, the one who lashed out, depends on what he said. Now you may be thinking, Tolgar, this isn't necessary, we already do this. Well yes and no. P is pretty much like this already, the level of chat is pretty well set and people going off is usually unusual and alarming. C, we've had a lot of chat issues in the past, I'd argue for C we keep the role playing in the "private chat/clan chats, off color stuff" category. S is where we hit a snag, the 2 chats are reversed here, public chat is a cesspool that most people want to ignore and the private chats are where people communicate and tolerate each other. This has to change and change quickly or no matter what we fix mechanic wise, it won't change anything server population wise. If you think the above line is bullshit and I'm talking out of my ass here, you are already part of the problem and will have to be reigned in also. These rules apply to staff as well as between staff broadcast. With these changes, S will be more heavily chat moderated, but to keep it at the same level of the other servers/irc/mumble. If that is impossible for some of our players to accommodate after multiple warnings or being asked to change, then it will be dealt with as any other rule breaking. Stuff like this can't change overnight, so once implemented there would be a few weeks of grace period where we remind people of the rule changes and gently ask that people change, or move their discussions. Feel free to add to this and come up with better wordings or clarifications, any extra situations or scenarios we should address with this. But something along these lines needs to be implemented soon. If you disagree, you either just don't want to chat moderate, which is fine, others will, or you want to keep it where it is, which is not fine, this has to change and will change. Thanks.
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