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  1. Survival players, What changes would you like to see in rev 28? Discuss.
  2. Don't have a pumpkin for this Halloween or live in an apartment? No worries! This Saturday, October 25th, at three different times so I can cover all player time zones, you can carve one on Event! Rules of Engagement Each round will have 20 minutes to carve out their pumpkins You may use Halloween related blocks (including but not limited to orange clay/wool, yellow clay/wool, obsidian, cobwebs etc) in addition to your pumpkin You may edit your pumpkins shape by adding and deleting pumpkins but your end result must be some sort of carved pumpkin (Note that pumpkins need a block under them to place them) The inside of your pumpkin will not be judged unless visible You may request flowing lava and water from a moderate, just ask! :D General speed building rules apply Please see secondary notes located at the bottom of this post During this speed build there will be three rounds with three winners from each round. The fourth round will be a build off between the nine winners. The three winners from the final round will have their pumpkin on display in the Pumpkin Patch of the maze Halloween weekend. Walk-ins are welcome but you can guarantee a spot by PM-ing me here or using server mail with the time slot you would like to build: SLOT ONE - Aussieland SLOT TWO - Brits&Friends SLOT THREE - North America The Champion build round will take place at 7p CDT on October 25th. Translate for your time zone here. Please note: People who signed up will be given precedence to walk-ins. :D You may reference this post by LetsBFehr for more background on speed building: Speed Building I look forward to seeing you all there and may the odds be ever in your favour! Secondary notes: NSFW builds and signs will not be tolerated. All server rules apply to this contest and the Event server. If you interfere with the builders in any way (including but not limited to blocking them and altering their build) you will be given ONE warning kick. If this persists then you will be banned from ALL servers for the duration of the Speed Build. Please be respectful of the builders and the event.
  3. As some people know, during rev 24 of Survival DementedM0nkey and I created a lets play of the few days we played before everyone left. We decided not to do rev 25 due to the lack of pvp. We recorded around 2-3 hours, and couldn't find anything interesting to really do, so we abandoned the project. However with UHC and a new rev coming this saturday, we have decided to revive our lets play! Rev 26 will be fully recorded (though we tend to cut out the boring parts such as mining, unless our conversations are interesting) as well as UHC being recorded. Not only that, but we are planning to record any organized fights that want to be recorded and possibly commentated on. We're considering doing tours of cities on PvE, and also going through creative and showing off any builds we find highly entertaining. And finally, we're also interested in recording spleef events/matches possibly adding our own commentary as well. If you are interested in getting your city toured, or your build on C shown off, please message me to let me know and we would be highly interested in doing so :] While we're not going to be a strictly minecraft channel, our focus for the most part (at least at first) is going to be showcasing all the servers on nerd.nu. Our new channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScrubismGaming
  4. Hey, Could we have the full information/configurations for the following plugins - - PwnPVPBalance - Combat Rebalancer Thanks!
  5. Intro: We'll be switching Survival from Chaos to Revision #27 on Friday, October 24 at 7pm CDT. Below is some information about changes from the previous revision, and below that is information about special events we'll be having. And at the very bottom is some information about some differences between our server and vanilla minecraft (like special crafting recipes). The map is 5000x5000 (that is, you can travel from -2500 to +2500 in both north and south directions) square. Griefing, protections, and land claim rules: Griefing is no longer allowed. Land Claims will be enforced as they have been in the past - build a border and optionally place up signs, and everything in the border is yours to build on. If someone breaks your things without repairing shortly after, then stand by the broken parts, /modreq griefing, and moderators will restore it. You are allowed to break into a build for exploration or pvp purposes, but you must repair any changes you make to a build as soon as possible. Consequently we will be removing the Citadel plugin, so you no longer need to reinforce your blocks to protect them. We will be bringing back LWC to protect chests and other containers. These will now automatically lock upon placement, so if you want a container to be accessible to other players, you will need to either remove the lock with /cremove or add your friend to the container access with /cmodify. If you want the container accessible to everyone, but still owned by you, then remove the lock with /cremove, and then re-lock it with /cpublic. /lwc for details. For the purpose of expanding creative options, we will be adding a new rule - redstone builds may now be /modreq'd to be protected by moderators with a worldguard region under certain circumstances. These builds must not be used for base defense or have any PvP purposes, they must be completely sealed so that the protected region is not abused. This has been a defacto rule in the past, where certain very high quality redstone builds have been protected, but it had not been universally applied or publicly declared. Now it has been, so please exercise your talent at redstone engineering to create shops, music devices, puzzles and games. Attempts at circumvention or abuse of any protections, whether LWC or WG regions is not allowed. If you observe a player breaking this rule, please /modreq. Players may no longer indiscriminately slaughter animals owned by other players; when killing animals which are in an enclosed space such as a room or fenced in yard, you must leave at least two of each kind alive so the owner may breed more and repopulate his or her farms. Animal kills are logged, and moderators will have the ability to track down those who violate this rule. Breaking this rule will be treated as grief. Departing plugins: We will no longer be using the following plugins: PrisonPearl nerdbounty Jukealert itemexchange Special Events: This revision Mrgauthier34 will be hosting a 3v3 clan battle arena tournament. The tournament will will run every other weekend. Each clan will fight only once an arena. To enter in please either /modreq in game with Clan name, message Mrgauthier34, or post in the comments on the subreddit post with clan name. You have until the first arena starts (which will be the weekend after the revision launches) to enter. If you fail to have 3 people ready to fight when it comes to your turn you will be disqualified. The fights will be what ever you bring, nothing will be supplied. LadyRavenOwl will be hosting maze arena events this revision. Dates and times to be announced, though expect them to appear mostly on Saturdays and sometimes Wednesdays. Please begin practicing your path-finding skills. I, Mumberthrax, will be hosting a Best Designed Shop contest. Judging criteria will be based on three elements: functionality, creativity, aesthetics. Shops should strive to produce trade or commerce of some kind. Shops may be collaborative projects! Judging will take place 4 weeks after launch. Let me know if you have built or are building a shop that you'd like to enter into the contest. Regular arena nights will happen periodically throughout the revision. These will usually be announced on the subreddit and on the forums, though moderators will have discretion to host impromptu arenas on short notice. These will generally range from fights with only diamond armor, only iron armor, and often a free for all - where you may bring whatever you like into the arena. There are warp signs at spawn to our King Of The Void and Punt arenas, both produced by Mrgauthier34 with help from friends. Please take time to enjoy slaughtering your friends in them. LadyRavenOwl has produced us a Trampoline Arena, located on gold road just past the first set of portals. It's quite bouncy. It's always open too! Don't forget the Halloween events on event.nerd.nu hosted by LadyRavenOwl. There will be a Creative Speed-Build Pumpkin Carving contest Saturday after Survival launches, so please remember to attend and try your hand at making cool things with infinite blocks in a short period of time! https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/2637-halloween-on-nerd-is-going-to-be-a-maze-ing/ Here's a brief rundown of our non-vanilla features: We have the following crafting recipes on survival: Decorative Command Blocks Powered Lamps Hopper Braziers Saddles Horse Armor Smooth Sandstone Slab Block Smooth Stone Slab Block Chiseled Stone Brick Mossy Stone Brick Mossy Cobblestone Album of reicpes: http://imgur.com/a/destO#0 Other changes from vanilla: Chests and other containers can be locked with /LWC. Horses are lockable with CobraCorral /ccorral You can reset your spawn point with /bed-clear We use /clanchat for creating custom channels for groups to privately chat with one another. Create or join a clan with simpleclans by using the /clan command. Enchanting is easier on S with the Enchantism plugin. If you don't like it, you can still use the vanilla enchanting interface too! Experience orbs give three times as much as they do in vanilla! Ore generation is plumped slightly compared to vanilla minecraft - we also have occasional glowstone deposits in the overworld! Placing water creates a non-flowing source block of water to prevent griefing. To make it flow, stand by any non-flowing water and /modreq flow. Some of the plugins we'll be running to balance PVP mechanics - though at this time we're still running last-minute tests to check for any bugs we may have overlooked - are: Combat Tag PearlNerf PwnPvPBalance Combat Rebalancer PotionFix Strength Nerf VehicleRaid Combat Tag deters logging out while in combat by spawning a dummy npc copy of the player who logged after having recently been in combat. If the npc dies, then the player is also dead upon logging back in. PearlNerf is intended to limit the rate of pearl uses in combat. It integrates with Combat Tag. PwnPvPBalance takes effect after a player kills another player a certain number of times to provide a natural automatic handicap in order to keep fights slightly more evenly balanced, and hopefully more enjoyable for all participants. It also provides a very slight speed boost to unarmored or lightly armored players. The handicap is reset upon logout, on server restarts, or after predetermined interval - whichever is sooner. [redwall's note: We ended up not using PwnPvPBalance. However, its armor-weighting feature has been reimplemented in CombatRebalancer. Unarmored players get a speed buff, and every piece of equipped armor subtracts from the buff, with better gear weighing more.] Combat Rebalancer is a plugin authored by redwall_hp intended to adjust the scale of damage dealt between armed fighting players. PotionFix brings back 1.5 potion mechanics to health and regeneration potions. Strength Nerf removes strength II potions. VehicleRaid allows you to knock another player off of the vehicle they are riding, eg. horses. We also will have the following enchantment maximum loadout: no armor enchants except protection 1 (Edit: & 2), unbreaking, featherfalling, blast protection, respiration, and aqua affinity; no sword enchants except sharpness 1, fire aspect 1, unbreaking, looting, smite, bane of arthropods, and knockback; no bow enchants except flame 1, unbreaking, infinity, and punch All tool enchants are still available. Approved Client Mods: We've gone through our dusty old list of approved client mods for survival and cleaned it up a bit. Please take a look if you feel like modifying your client. I personally recommend using journeymap fairplay edition to have waypoints and easy-to-read coordinates, and togglesprint/togglesneak for PC minecrafters to reduce wrist problems from holding down the sprint and sneak keys for extended periods. nerd.nu/smods Special Recognition: I'd like to thank everyone who has helped the Sadmins to prepare this revision: Mrloud15 for generating the map. twilexis for helping to create spawn. smdavis93, Mrgauthier34, rtr69 for their awesome help with portals, roads, spawn, arenas, and general coolness. Mrgauthier34 again, for his punt, kotv, and team arenas. LadyRavenOwl for the Maze and Trampoline Arenas Our wonderful techadmins: Deaygo, LadyCailin, slide23, smiler100, and TheAcademician, who put up with my incessant pings in irc. Dizney07 and Gizzletinks for suggesting some awesome plugins. Unce for submitting a supercool arena. Everyone else who has offered a suggestion, constructive criticism, or support in any fashion. Thank you. Final notes: We're still looking for ways to keep the server innovative, accessible, and fun to play on, so please continue to offer us feedback and suggestions as we develop s.nerd.nu. I hope to see you all on Friday!
  6. I think it's high time we start getting ready for the new revision, the current one is stale. I think the fact that an arena had to be cancelled due to low playercount is enough evidence to bring this forward. Admins, do you have plans to discuss this?
  7. The past few days I have been brain storming about ideas for S, while looking at successful servers and even other games. I wanted to make a separate post from my "State of survival" post because I wanted this thread to focus on the opinions of players on my idea and how it would suit S. I'm not pushing to get this implemented, just merely brain storming to create and experience all players can enjoy. First off I wanted to say that after playing this rev, I truly dislike random spawning. This is because in my opinion, it takes away from pvp, and makes it more about surviving and hiding rather then pvp. Even players who enjoy pvp find it hard to find each other unless fights are organized (which I personally don't find as fun or as thrilling as finding someone randomly). Saying this, my idea is actually based around random spawning. The core of my idea was to find away to improve the server as it is right now instead of changing to something completely new. So without further ado: Goodbye Enchanting: I know what you're thinking. "Oh dizney you've always been against enchants blah blah blah" and yeah you're right, I've always been against enchants. But this is different. I'm not saying get rid of enchants, just enchanting. Remove enchanting tables. Make it so the game doesn't revolve around players sitting in a grinder for three hours to get good armor. Now I know what you're thinking again: "dizneypls you cant have enchants without enchanting tables" and you'd be wrong! Anvils. Using enchanted books, you can enchant your gear (however I suggest taking away the need for levels to do this).But you would need to get enchanted books, and where might we find those enchanted books...? Random Loot Chests: This idea I 100% stole from rust. Sue me. Ok don't sue me I don't have money. But this idea suggests that there are chests that drop random loot. Loot that could be enchanted books. This is the core of the idea. If there is a set area (such as an abandoned town) that has chests that randomly generate a different enchanted book every 10 minutes when there isn't enchanting to begin with, then you have successfully created a pvp area. Players will flock to these locations to try and acquire the loot that other players can't get. It centralizes pvp to a certain area, lessening the need to search for players randomly in the wild. This not only benefits players that pvp, but also players who want to stay far away from the pvp action. With players less likely to hunt far away, players are free to live on the outskirts of the map. Now players could be saying to themselves "well dizney, wouldn't the players who receive better enchants be at an advantage?". No. Because if a player has enchanted armor, that's rare. And players love rare items. Meaning they will try and kill the players wearing the armor to receive the loot (ayyy more pvp). "well why would they do that if they're just going to lose their armor" well armor isn't hard to find, and with iron grinders a thing, irons value has dropped alot this rev. Meaning why not risk a little to get a lot? So going back to the locations, how will the players find out where these.. lets say 4 locations that spawn loot are...? BRING BACK THE ROAD: Reread that. It says road. Not roads. I dont want cardinal directions. I want one, small road that makes a circle (or some weird shape) that goes around the map and goes through the 4 locations.This again creates a focal point for pvp. Take the roads to the other locations to find loot? Boom, you meet up with someone else. Do you run, fight or try and make peace? You decide. This can also help newer players with finding people, and can help players who want to avoid pvp by letting them know to not go that way. So with all of this said, a few smaller things have been brought up that I added to this idea: -Make a map. I want a map like PvE's map, however without players being on it. This helps the players know where these locations are, find the roads easier and all around just a nice thing to have. -This next one I'm quoting straight from the other thread: "Static things placed over the map that provide buffs of some form that can be captured and controlled. The buffs would be relatively minor so you don't become a PvP god if you manage to capture them all, but still helpful enough to where you want to go after them. They could serve as attractors to bring people to an area and encourage PvP, and be protected with a decently sized region to discourage building bases around them to make it impossible for others to cap them. " - TheRandomnatrix. I think this a great idea and can be implemented into the four areas. -The End Portal is at 0,0. No more hiding the end somewhere. Why is this a big deal? Because then anyone can go for the dragon, creating more teams, and more enemies as you try to deal with fighting what is supposed to be the hardest boss in the game. I get it, it's a great achievment finding the end and end dragon, but honestly the players who don't care, still aren't going to care in the long run. UNLESS -> -The End Dragon drops good loot. Good enchanted books such as prot IV or sharp V. This encourages everyone to try and fight the dragon, and then creates a tense end when players fight with each other to try and claim the god books. Muahahaha I'm evil. Oh but players who aren't on the first night won't get the chance to fight the dragon. True. UNLESS-> -The End Dragon RESPAWNS. Randomly. Anytime between 24 and 48 hours after being killed. This creates more reason to go to the end and try and farm god books off of the dragon, even though it can only be done once every 1 or 2 days. Well that's about it. I know it's a lot, but I hope I made it entertaining enough for you. Please leave your thoughts and opinions, both positive ad negative. This isn't for me, but for the server that I only want to see improve. -dizney07
  8. For the past month a few of us have been working on a community Halloween event to be held on the Event server. The event features two main attractions: Pumpkin Carving Speed Build This part of the event will be held on Saturday, October 25th, at three different times so I can cover all player time zones. There will be three rounds with three winners from each round. The fourth round will be a build off between the nine winners. The three winners from the final round will have their pumpkin on display in the Pumpkin Patch of the maze Halloween weekend. Space is limited so please sign up for one of the slots below by PM-ing me here with the time slot you would like to build: SLOT ONE - Aussieland SLOT TWO - Brits&Friends SLOT THREE - North America The Champion build round will take place at 7p CDT on October 25th. Translate for your time zone here. For those of you unfamiliar with speed building but think you may want to give it a try, speed building is a game where you build (or in our case carve) within a certain amount of time while in creative mode. I will make a defining post closer to the event with the time allotment etc. You may reference this post by LetsBFehr for more background on speed building: Speed Building The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors Opening again to the public at 12a CDT, October 31st, the Event Server will be showcasing our second attraction, a multi-area (and in some cases multi-level) maze. Don't worry, while I am known for building mazes with no exit, I assure you this one can be solved! More than just getting through the maze though, the surrounding area of the maze is full of different things including, but not limited to, the Pumpkin Patch that will have our three winners from the speed build. Different areas will have different enemies and different upgrades. Prepare for riddles and combinations locks to get through the maze, it'll be the most fun you'll have fighting for your life. Special Tiny Sneak Peak While I'm at this I would like to take this moment to give special thanks to the staff members and players helping me make this possible: Maze Spawn: SwitchViewz Creative Speed Build Arena: unce Everything Technical and Training Me to Use World Edit: slide23 Writing a Plug-in For Aesthetic Purposes, the Barn, the Rivers, and other building: JudgeDread Redstone: TheRandomnatrix General Testing: All server admins & Mrgauthier34 You guys really have been fabulous and I really appreciate all your hard work. Also thank you for helping me stay stress free and sane (well more sane-ish).
  9. As posted on the subreddit http://redd.it/2i55yn Survival revision 26 will be ending tomorrow, Friday October 3rd, and a 1.8 chaos map will be up at 5pm CDT. Please stay tuned for announcements about revision 27.
  10. The meeting will take place on September 27th at 6:00 pm EDT. The time of the second meeting will be announced at a later date, and we will open the floor for new question at the end of the second meeting. Discussion on new nerd.nu website What is the status of it? Suggestions for the new site? Donating Should we add some sort of badges on the forums for donators? Should we add something in game to distinguish donators? How else could we encourage donating? Should we have more donation drives/events? Forum Badges/Subreddit Flair Should we add some sort of forum award/badge system, and then when players win events they can have a badge/flair added to there account? Should we give players that win events a special subreddit flair? How can we make the flow of progress faster? Right now it seems staff members do things in there own time and seem to randomly work on things. How can we make it so that we have a better system for completing jobs?Modded Servers/Mini Games Should we expand our current servers to more then just vanilla minecraft? Such as FTB or minigames?Thanks to SwitchViewz for putting together this agenda.
  11. Hey folks, I've been sent a suggestion regarding the preparation of survival maps/revisions that pertains to all S moderators, and perhaps to other mods/staff that may have an interest. Rather than paraphrase, I'll just copy-paste it here: Sounds simple enough. Is it a good idea? Who would be interested in being a part of such a "council" aiding in the preparation of survival maps? What else might such a group be responsible for? Does it need to be anything so formal as a special council, or can it be just something that mods can do if they feel like it? Maybe the formalized structure will help provide a sense of organization for the task. Is this even really necessary when the admins could do it on their own? Any other questions or thoughts about this suggestion, please share them here. I personally like the idea of involving anyone and everyone who is interested in helping prepare the map or plan revisions or even the direction of the server. Whether they are staff or not, if they want to help why turn them away? So some additional questions I have which relate to this are, what can non-staff do to help apart from creating awesome builds like spawns and arenas and roads? What sorts of things should be relegated to staff-only, or admin-only? There are no wrong answers, so share whatever comes to mind. Sadmins will be making a post on the general discussion forum about preparing S rev 27 soon, so non-staff can have a place to work together on it if they like too, but the main focus here is this council idea and what role moderators ought to have in general in revision preparation.
  12. Have any suggestions or feedback about Survival? Let us know in this post or here!
  13. Hello everyone, It has been about two weeks since we asked for your suggestions, and since then we received over 30 of them! We have gone through all of the suggestions and put together an agenda for the meeting, which you can find below. There will probably be a few changes made to the agenda before the actual meetings, but any changes would be minor. As for the meetings, they will be open meetings in mumble where anyone may speak. However, the meeting should only be to discuss what is on the agenda, and new suggestions should try not to be brought up. If there are enough new suggestions, we can always have another meeting, but I would like to avoid the long unorganized meetings we have had in the past. The point of this meeting is to allow everyone to voice their opinions and discuss the possible changes, so no decisions about changes will be made during the meetings. The meetings will take place on Saturday the 17th at 3:00 am EDT and 6:00 pm EDT. Both meetings will use the same agenda below, and they will be recorded and posted for those who can’t attend. Start Meeting Intro What would you enjoy S being? Should S be more difficult or less? More PvP-oriented? Less? Radically different gameplay? Or mostly vanilla? (see: Major Changes) PvP - oriented Survival - oriented Factions Civcraft Ultra hardcore Mixture Something entirely different Minor Changes Ore plumping All ores or only specific ones Different plumped ores for different biomes Enchanting Enchantism Vanilla Remove some enchants​ Beds Reduce damage for specific weapons Reducing effects for specific potions Simpleclans or similar features Top of nether access Protect mobs Protect redstone repeaters and comparators Major Changes Unique maps w/ some PvE areas, altered ore gen, buffs, etc. Encouraging Large Cities PvE areas (with combattag-like cooldown) under some circumstances Spawn plots - divided/assigned, or stricter rules near spawn Warps/teleporting Economy plugin Block reinforcement plugin Auto rollback plugin Community involvement, communication Greater community involvement in server planning Better ways to connect the community to each other Player conduct Policy and rules NCP tweaks Set end dates for revs Advertisement Ban lengths Final thoughts End Meeting Here is all of the suggestions we received. There is a lot there, but I would suggest that you read through all of the them before the meeting to get a better idea of what is being discussed.
  14. Now that Rev 26 has been up for 4 weeks and we have all had some time to play and see how various changes affect gameplay, let's hash out what we like, dislike, or think needs tweaked, both for the continuation of this rev and for the next. Please keep all comments constructive and keep discussion civil. Sadmins reserve the right to take poll results into advisement without necessarily following all outcomes of the polls to reach a configuration of plugins, settings, and rules that works well together.
  15. Hello everyone, We have been keeping an eye on this post in Server Discussion, and we were hoping that people would bring up specific topics they would like to be discussed in a general meeting. This did not happen, so we have decided to create a google form, similar to the one we had for the survival meeting, where people can submit things they would like to be discussed. You can find the form by clicking here. As of right now, we have not decided on a date for a meeting. If we do, we will make sure to give everyone plenty of notice.
  16. It's quite clear that there is some tension regarding the way things are and I believe that the time has come for us to sit down in a mumble channel, and figure out where things are and most definitely where we want them to go. In a civilised manner, of course. So, I would like to formally request that the Head Admins and Server Admins begin to plan for another meeting (especially since it's been a year since the last one). I would also like to ask that the other players and moderators give their support and gather as much information as they can (comments, concerns, questions) to make the admin's jobs a little easier during this process. Any input can be provided below.
  17. unce


    Who won this revisions survival arena league? Will they be getting a statue at spawn next rev?
  18. Is this [ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e5b6oLYH79VyvnelZvd496Qf3mrcdJoCyv1J8EHsIp4/edit ] no longer going to be a thing? We haven't been told much about S and what the admins think about the current revision. I'm just curious. -dizney07
  19. Now the last few mod nominations made me a bit curious to how a mod is picked out from the rest of the players. I just want to know how the staff picks out the person and what traits do they look for? Another question i have is when a staff member picks someone to be mod, is it well discussed before voted on?
  20. Mrgauthier and I think we should hold an arena next week. Could we have prizes or something?
  21. Going by the results of this poll and player's comments, we have decided not to enable an enderpearl cooldown plugin at this time. However, we are open to revisiting the idea of enabling an enderpearl cooldown plugin in the future. Previous Discussions & Polls Enderpearl Cooldown: Part I Enderpearl Cooldown: Part II - A New Poll Enderpearl Cooldown: Part III - The Trial Enderpearl Cooldown: Part IV - A New Discussion & Poll
  22. What is the standard procedure for this? What should be the standard procedure for this? Discuss -gsand D';
  23. PvP on Survival I've had more fun PvPing on Survival in the last 4 days than I have in years. To me, big clan fights are the most fun, and everything about the new revision encourages big clans, from the resource drain of protecting blocks, to the need for teammates to come rescue you when you've been pearled. Also, having the prison pearl plugin gives you a consequence for dying, which makes PvP that much more intense. Also, being "enemies" with the two largest clans on the server means that you can find PvP whenever you want it. Let me share a story that just happened a few hours ago: I share this story to show how much fun PvP can be with the new plugins. We've had battles like this one every day since the new revision started. I see a lot of complaining about the new plugins, but people just need to realize how much fun they can make PvP, you just need to ally up with a big clan. If you want to fight the civvies with us, we're allying everyone that wants to go up against them. A few days ago we had a "Prisoner Exchange," each of us freeing our Prison-Pearled hostage(s). Just the fact that politics like that can exist in Minecraft PvP is super fun.
  24. I was called onto survival to deal with some players, including one who claims to be a long time player saying they had been trapped in a prison due to the prison pearls mod. They were confused and asking me if such things are even allowed, they felt it was a way to utterly ruin their time on the servers. I was not sure what the proper action to take was, since I am obviously not that frequently on Survival, however I was the only moderator present at the time. after much consideration, and the fact that the player themselves was getting so disgusted with it that they practically wanted to leave the server and not return unless the plugin was removed. I made an executive decision to free the player simply tp'ing them up out of the obsidian prison they were placed in. I later talked to troop about it as the people who built the prison were bringing more players (including one of their own alts(which I was not aware of when I tp'd them up) Troop came on and saved one of the players after observing the situation for himself, and I later brought the third player up and out after they returned (unknown that they were in fact an alt account of one of the prison creators. I was asked by a crew of people whom I have not seen on S before to stop going players an unfair advantage then one of the prison builders links a screenshot of the third trapped players chat logs. Upon personal observation, this prison system, even if its as short as 20 minutes(max time I let the first player sit in it) seems like such an incredibly good way to loose players that I am shocked we have it installed. I may not play on our realism servers a lot, but I've been on many before and if enemy players had the ability to do this to me, I myself wouldn't return again. Tell me, how is it acceptable to trap players in this? Please note, its 3 blocks high and at bedrock level, they also trapped players under stone. more pictures can be viewed here http://imgur.com/a/1RRXb If I did something wrong by freeing a player from this, then go ahead and ban me... But I personally don't think it is at all fair, fun, or welcoming to players new and old alike. and especially when players desire to leave our community because of it.
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