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Speed Build League


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Speed building events were very popular on C (from what I've heard...) Recently knapptime18 tried to plan another one which doesn't seem to have happened. I think tacodude3 also wanted to plan a speed building event...

Anyway. I think we need a speed build league. It would help to have more or less regular events.

Events would have different themes and other variations like the numbers of players in a team, the plot sizes, etc.

Now I need to know what you think.
Should the league organize a tournament, where we have the same teams for a season and teams play against each other?
Or should it just organize different events with different teams, themes etc. each time? (Personally I prefer this)

For judges, I think 3 is a good number. I don't think they have to be mods.


And, prizes. Maybe, but what?

Also, if you have any creative ideas for an event, please post them in this thread.
For example, I had the idea of an event where you have to build different sections of a tower with a theme for each section.
nickeox suggested an event where people have to build different sections of a structure like a castle.

I'm waiting for your comments and ideas!

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More ideas for build topics: skyscraper, the remaining parts of waynes sponge, skyscraper floors, house, nature scene, pagoda, boat, plane, car. 


Prizes: name on a prizeboard in spawn, build becomes featured near spawn(only if applicable), an award on the subreddit, mod for a day(hahaha not exactly, however i recall in the very distant past, a contest winner got exactly 48 hours to build with world edit, and ability to place banned blocks.) Perhaps their build could be featured on the website as one of our shader HD renderings?(I mean we haven't updated them since rev 15 and all 3 were taken from C anyways)

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I would definitely love to help out. I already have a four-square arena built. When I tried running mine, nobody showed up, but I definitely think I could have advertised more. If you'd like to see how a successful speed build event is run, I definitely suggest checking out LodeClaw's twitch stream.

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C for the big and P for the bold! I like it!


The more I think about it, it might be a good event to generate more interest for C.  Have the opening event on P, generate a lot of people and spectators, then bring the rest of the league to C.  We can come up with a scenario that works well in our city format.  I think it would be cool.

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