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  1. It was a collection of a few different skins that I found online. I end up doing a lot of tweaking to get it the way I like it, but I've never taken the time to learn how to make them from scratch. There's some really cool ones on their sub-reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/rainmeter
  2. Anybody here have Rainmeter or other OS equivalents? Post your current configuration! Here's mine
  3. knapptime18


    Anybody play Smite? I just started playing recently so I'm probably not very good but I'd love to learn how to play with some friendly faces. And for anybody who would like to start playing, it's free!
  4. I left for a while and just came back, what is this nonsense they call Ted?
  5. When did you start playing? What was your favorite revision?
  6. If anyone likes flying planes around and shooting stuff, I've been playing a lot of War Thunder lately. It's free to play!
  7. Jesus, why did this place ever become anything other than a bunch of people who get drunk and smash virtual blocks together? I'd love to play other games with people. Lately I've been on a bit of a War Thunder bender, so anybody can hit me up on steam if they'd like to join.
  8. Alright here's a few for you: What's your favorite programming language and why? Coming from a more technical background, what are your thoughts on the changes coming with 1.8? If you could change one thing about the servers as they are now, what would it be? What's your favorite food?
  9. I wish I could take this as an elective instead of having to take financial accounting.
  10. I tried looking at usage stats today and I'm getting a 403 response. I'm guessing this has to do with the recent maintenance that Slide did? Edit: it works if I specify which server. For instance nerd.nu/usage/pve works, but nerd.nu/usage does not.
  11. How many tacos do you estimate you've eaten in your lifetime?
  12. I really like the idea of rewarding winners with steam codes, as long as someone is willing to actually spend money for these and not expect any return. Part of the reason why running events for the creative server is difficult is because it's hard to reward players in game when they have access to unlimited items.
  13. Great vid Twilexis :D If anyone wants to get in on this, GMod is only $2.50 this week on Steam until Friday!
  14. Projectiles are already disabled on the Creative server due to potential lag. Guns would not work unless the admins decide to enable projectiles, which I don't believe they will.
  15. From now on, twilexis is automatic KOS >:D
  16. I gotta get back into this, it's so fun but I'm so terrible at it D:
  17. Here's my little fleabag dog (sorry for the giant pic, I uploaded it with my phone and didn't know how to resize it. Also, here's a couple more: Link to Album
  18. knapptime18


    Love this idea! Time to farm me some spud coins! Worst case scenario, I wasted a little time renaming poisonous potatoes that I just end up incinerating.
  19. I've had a lot of fun playing TTT lately and it's given me a chance to connect with some players that I don't always get to interact with regularly. I would love to see more people get in on this. I think adding a community admin is a great idea!
  20. My theory is that people were actually scared off by the announcement that the final theme would be redstone. That, or maybe people got tired of speed building every night? This was a great deal of fun though, I only wish that sports and school didn't keep me from participating every night. Great job and thanks for running this, Master.
  21. Would anybody be down for a speedbuilding league? Maybe have a few divisions based on building skill? Just throwing that out there. It's been so great seeing old players and new players alike come together for these contests! Thanks for running these!
  22. Recently (since the 1.7 update) I've come across what seems to be a glitch with the /nv command. I haven't narrowed down what exactly causes it, or whether this exists only with the command or with the potion too. I haven't tried it in single player either. Basically the lighting gets all glitched and pitch black. It seems that this happens more often when I'm in an area that is completely unlit. Here's some screenshots. The first one is with /nv active, the second without: http://imgur.com/a/BqEeS Not sure if this is a client issue or a server/plugin issue, but I figured I'd put up a post and see if anyone else has had this problem.
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