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PvE R18 Spawn Sprucing


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It's that time again! Time to help decorate and secretify spawn!

Sorry for this being so late, but better late than never. Similar to the past few rev's, we need you guys to come and work your magic. Make spawn great again!

There will be a few guidelines to follow below;


1) The main building is pretty much off limits for modification, except for a couple things below.

2) Lighting solutions! I'm awful at this part. Currently I've torched spammed everywhere, but ideally i would like something that fits the theme :)

3) The underwater dome houses the horse pasture, mapworld portal, and nether portal. These are pretty empty at the moment, so have at it!

4) Decorations! Main build is pretty empty in terms of decorations, so this is one this is another thing you can help with! You'll see when you get there.

5) Secrets! Yes, please make moar. These are always a fun addition to spawn, and I love seeing the things you guys think up!


Of course, any details about anything, including the map, spawn, ect are strictly off-limits to non-staff users.

We don't have a huge amount of time, under 2 weeks to get spawn all done. So if you want to help out, make it snappy! Post here or bug me on slack to get whitelisted. Once you are, just type /server pve-dev while ingame.


I've made a channel on slack call P18-Spawn-Sprucing, join up if you're participating and feel free to ask me questions! Thanks!

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