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  1. I'll be gone for a week, September 03-10.
  2. I'll be away for a few days to a week, starting now.
  3. I will be less active to inactive for the next 1-3 weeks.
  4. I'll be away for roughly a week, starting today.
  5. The Spawn Building Were exits from spawn laid out clearly? I found things clear enough at spawn, but noticed a lot of people were confused, likely by both the size of spawn and the positioning of exits through caves and the nether portal up on the ridge. Is there anything you would like to see done differently with Spawn in Rev 24? More compact sized spawn, with more viable land nearby for settlers. The Overworld Do you think that this map size (7kx7k) was good? Should it be bigger, smaller or similar? I like the current size. This rev we used vanilla map generation due to 1.13 offering new generation and biomes, and also due to custom terrain tools not being updated. Were you happy with the use of a vanilla seed? Would you like to see a return to custom terrain given the tools are updated? Custom terrain yes! Were any biomes lacking or too abundant this revision? Biomes seemed pretty well balanced. How did you find the distribution of ores this revision? Overworld ore distribution was good. The Nether This revision we had a custom Nether created by totemo, it featured different biomes designed to provide areas for bulk mining resources like concrete powder and terracotta. We again included custom mobs in the nether. How did you feel about the custom generated map this revision? Would you like to see a custom nether again? I enjoyed it, +1 for a custom nether again. I'd like to see more massively cavernous areas in the nether if possible, like in certain sections of the custom nether map a couple of revs ago. How did you feel about the custom mobs this revision? They actually added a measure of danger to the nether, good stuff. How was the distribution of quartz and glowstone? Both were fine. Glowstone was only in trees, yes? As an aside, with widely available glowstone in the nether, we should remove glowstone from the overworld ore generation. Were the villagers with custom trades in the Nether a positive addition? I didn't really use these much, but it was a neat touch. The End This revision we had a custom generated End created by totemo. It featured different biomes (also designed to provide bulk mining of resources like the Nether) and custom structures with the idea that the End is a cold, dry place. We also had a new version of the dragon fight created by bermudalocket. This fight included 4 phases of dragon and mob fighting goodness, with Elytra dropping from completing the fight. Another change we implemented was having shulkers spawning across the end instead of having a shulker spawner. Generation: How did you feel about the custom generated End this rev? Any kind of generation you’d like to see? Overall, I liked it. If possible, maximally weird terrain generation would be great. How did you feel about having ores generated in the End that were plumped but didn’t have custom drops? How was the ore distribution? I like the idea of plumped ores w/o custom drops in the end, but they were far too common. Perhaps halve the ore generation frequency. Were the villagers with custom trades in the End a positive addition? Like the nether trades, I didn't really use them, but they were neat. Dragon Fight How did you feel about bermuda’s NerdyDragon fight? Was it too easy/difficult/just right in your opinion? I love the custom dragon fight, it's nearly just right in terms of difficulty. Any other suggestions you’d like to share for the fight? I'd recommend revamping the first stage to add more interactivity - currently it's mostly a waiting game with the occasional dragon boop. It also might be neat to have higher difficulty variants on the dragon fight just for fun, like bonus wither(s) or something, but it's not really necessary given how fun and nicely balanced the custom dragon fight is. Did you like having the leaderboard available for the dragon fights? Yes. Shulkers and other mobs Did you enjoy having free range shulkers instead of a shulker spawner? Yes, roaming monsters are superior to their factory farmed counterparts. How did you feel about the other mobs that appeared in the end? They could have used some more flair in the vein of the custom nether mobs. Still, a huge improvement over the vanilla end. Elytra After feedback last rev we decided to have the Elytra be obtainable as a drop from the custom dragon fight. How did you feel about the method of obtaining Elytra this revision? Was receiving it as a drop from the custom dragon fight enough effort for it? It was fine. Do you have any other ideas you have for methods of obtaining Elytra? Nope. Mapworld Are there any additions you’d like to see in Mapworld next revision? Nope. Portals This revision we had claimable 8 portals across the map, all available from day 1 of the revision. Did you feel that the number and distribution of portals this rev was good? Do you prefer having all portals available from day 1 of the revision? Yes. Yes. Do you have any ideas for how portals should be implemented next rev? Nope. Iron Golem Spawners Iron Golem Spawner costs remained the same this revision, except you were able to upgrade to a new level individually instead of needing to upgrade all 4 spawners to the same level first. Do you feel that the cost of an iron golem spawner was fair? Yes. How did you feel about being able to upgrade spawners individually as opposed to upgrading each spawner to the same level first? Good. Perhaps something about keeping our system the same in 1.14 after iron golems spawning is nerfed in vanilla I haven't looked much at 1.14 mechanics, so I'll defer to those with more expertise in the matter. Custom Spawners This revision we had a Creeper, Squid and Slime spawner, all available to be found from the first day of the revision. How do you feel about the inclusion of custom spawners in the map? Would you prefer to have, or not have them? Custom spawners should only be included when they fix an issue with access to said mob relative to single player. In particular, squid have historically had issues spawning in the ocean in any respectable number due to mob cap shenanigans. I don't think that creeper and slime spawners are necessary - the former spawn all over the world and the latter can be acquired via slime chunk grinders. Both of these are in lower volume than the custom spawners, but still a decent amount and roughly on par with single player. Which custom spawners do you think are particularly useful in a multiplayer setting, if any? See above. They're all useful, perhaps to an excessive degree. The creeper spawner in particular essentially subsidizes elytra travel - perhaps if you had to hunt down free-range creepers to get rocket fuel, flight wouldn't be as overpowered compared to other means of transportation. If kept, the spawn rates should probably be reduced. Custom Drops from Ore, Mobs, Loot chests and Sugarcane This revision we continued the use of custom drops from ores, but also expanded on the methods of obtaining them to include dropping from some mobs, in loot chests, rewards from events and new blocks (sugarcane) How did you feel about the addition of drops from mobs, loot chests and sugarcane this revision? Would you like to see drops coming from other sources in the future? Good. Yes. How do you feel about the rates of custom drops dropping, too frequent or too rare? Good. Do you have any ideas for new ways to obtain custom drops? Nope. How have the custom drop trades been so far this rev? Any kinds of trades you’d like to see in the future? Good. Nothing in particular. Custom Saddles Have you enjoyed the custom horse saddles available to trade this revision? Yes. Would you like to see them return for next revision? Yes. If so, do you prefer them as trade items, prizes, or some mixture of both? Trade items; this allows better availability to those unable to make it to events e.g. admin hunts. Events Events so far this revision: Valentines Day St. Patrick’s Day Easter Egg Hunt All the Things Collections at Spawn (gathering materials to unlock spawn trades) Are there any events you particularly enjoyed this revision so far? Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day were nice. Collections at Spawn was a good idea. Is there any event past or present that you’d like to see return in Revision 23? EXCALIBUR QUEST Have you any new event ideas that you’d like to share? Do you enjoy having special items that you may not be able to get in vanilla as a prize for completing events? (Such as higher level enchanted items, custom skulls) Yes. Do you have any ideas for events you’d like to see in the future? End of Rev In the past there has been end of rev events such as ending the world in Chaos and a Zombie Apocalypse, would you like to see the return of something like this? Do you have any other ideas for how to celebrate the end of rev? Yes.
  6. Saturday June 8 @ 6PM Eastern on PvE. Dragon fights and speedruns all night long!
  7. I am stepping down from head admin to moderator due to ongoing personal matters that have been occupying too much time to contribute properly to the position. Best wishes for everyone, and hope to see you all around soon! The current head admin roster is now: defiex, pez252, and ttsci (torteela previously stepped down in early October).
  8. I will be mostly inactive for the next couple of weeks due to unforeseen personal circumstances, but will try to check in from time to time.
  9. As of 2018-08-06, defiex, ttsci, and schererererer have joined the head admin team. The current head admin roster is: defiex, pez252, schererererer, torteela, and ttsci.
  10. I will be out of town August 16-26, but will usually be reachable via slack or discord.
  11. Forgot to mention, I'm out of town until June 1st.
  12. Currently, pvp zones on the pve server must be fully enclosed (with the possibility of barrier blocks for open-air arenas), with iron doors as entry points, and can be at most 100x100 in size with height constrained by what is enclosed by the build (multiple such regions cannot be combined). Under the current rules, one could make a town that's basically a City Block from Judge Dredd to maximize the pvp volume, or even two or more such Blocks with no-pvp buffer zones between them at padmin discretion. Smaller, more two dimensional versions of pvp towns have been done in the past but each time failed to really get off the ground. The reason for the pvp limitations on the pve server (which were greater constraints in the past, and imposed by the decision of head admins and sadmins) was a fear that availability of pvp on p.nerd.nu would divert too many players from s.nerd.nu and cannibalize the latter's playerbase. Given that survival no longer exists, I believe that p.nerd.nu could accommodate a greatly expanded pvp experience, while still retaining the traditional pve experience for those who have no wish to partake in pvp. This last point gets at the crux of the problem - introducing pvp cannot force pve-exclusive players to participate, but then it's difficult to provide incentives for pvp outside the constraints of arenas unless a critical mass of pvp'ers choose to engage (which is the general problem that s.nerd.nu faced in its decline and later attempted reboots - plenty of people said they'd play regularly again if S was brought back but not enough of them followed through, due to various factors from loss of interest to insufficient advertising). With its large map size and great swathes of unclaimed land, I think the pve server could stand to increase the maximum size of pvp regions, as decided as appropriate by padmins. A bit more technical change that could increase immersion and allow for more natural pvp towns or zones than the current big-box-of-death-paradigm would be a gradual transition from pve -> warning zone -> pvp area (with corresponding cooldowns on pve status to prevent border straddling exploits).
  13. I'll be minimally available the next week or two.
  14. I previously listed potential coordinates of interest given the list of x and z values, and thought it would be good to add them here. I believe all 16 of these have been checked by people already, without any luck. Basic coords combinations from the hint: 1: -928x, -3728z 2: -928x, 1689z 3: -928x, -3504z 4: 1766x, -3728z 5: 1766x, 1689z 6: 1766x, -3504z 7: 3688x, -3728z 8: 3688x, 1689z 9: 3688x, -3504z Triangulation using non-repetitive combinations of above coords (making triangles without any side parallel to an axis, i.e. the interesting triangles that use all 6 x/z values) 10: (1,5,9): 1275x, -1445z 11: (2,6,7): 3211x, 541z 12: (3,4,8): 695x, -298z 13: (1,6,8): 113x, 60z 14: (2,4,9): 2315x, -77z 15: (3,5,7): 1485x, -1460z Midpoint of any of the triangles (average value of x and z coords): 16: 1509x, -1848z EDIT: silver has reminded me that the spawner has to be in the overworld Valid nether points corresponding to triangulated coords: 17: 1275x, -1445z 18: 695x, -298z 19: 113x, 60z 20: 1485x, -1460z Midpoint of triangles, in nether: 21: 1509x, -1848z
  15. Expectations 1. Known revision duration is very beneficial. 2. Yes; when possible have notice of exact event times well in advance (at least a week), with reminder(s) as the event approaches. 3a. There is a good balance struck between garnering ideas from playerbase while retaining an editorial purview over what gets implemented. Speediness of implementation has been a major plus. Map Size 1. 9k x 9k is good with me. 2. The expected boost to community activity is based on people being closer together - I suggest compressing the player-attracting features (i.e. portals) into a tighter area and broadcasting this fact. Alternatively you can do what C does and do a mid-rev map expansion. Either way, you'll get more compact metropolitan areas for more collaboration/infrastructure while retaining the benefits of a wide map. Biomes 1. Overall I'm a fan of the biome setup. 2. More dense jungle would be nice 3. No one biome stuck out as excessive. Additional Thoughts: I would like to see a modest amount of the outrageous terrain a la revision 10's border - with surface terrain in sinkholes and massive cavernous spaces. More 3D terrain in general yields a more interesting and challenging experience. Also, I've noticed some areas where snow was generated at the beginning of the rev but only rain falls later (or the opposite) - this is a small thing that would be nice to fix. Ore Distribution 1. No specific complaints or commendations with respect to ore distribution. 2. No. 3. Possibly iron. 4. Yes, I am a fan of biome-specific ore rarity - reducing ore probabilities in some biomes while raising them in others would also boost trade/travel/infrastructure investment around the map. This would be hard to balance well though, and if it were done I would want to see at least qualitative differences between biomes known before the beginning of the rev (some quest/puzzle in the previous rev would work). Nether Portals 1. Layout was a fun change from the usual rotational symmetry 2. Similar portal density to this rev or previous revs would be fine. Nether 1. I enjoyed the use of the extra vertical space, making for a much larger nether, and am particularly fond of the more diverse block palette. It would be nice if there were more connectivity between the upper and lower sections (sinkholes/caves/etc.) 2a. I prefer a player-made nether spawn, but there should be some procedure to decide who gets to build this unique structure rather than a straight land rush. Not sure what form that should take. 2b. I haven't used nether rails at all this rev, so I must abstain courteously. End 1. Haven't visited the end much this rev - abstaining courteously once again. 2. The vanilla experience should still be available, but challenging boss fights are always a plus. Mapworld 1. I like the idea, just wish that revision 19's mapworld had carried over too, heh. 2. People have also remarked that worldedit takes mapworld too far away from the PvE experience, but mapworld is remarkably non-vanilla in the first place - I see no issues with introducing it. Additional Thoughts: Spawn 1a. I expect to see a very simple layout, one where you can exit spawn swiftly and clearly, along one of four cardinal roads. I also expect to see mitigation of lag at spawn via the nether portal moved away from the spawn point. 2. I particularly enjoyed the Spanish Inquisition torture chambers, very authentic! 3. I enjoyed the integration of an overall theme this rev - spawn, portal names, 4. Pre-built rail station was a good return to a historical amenity - should prove even more useful with a more constrained map Features Iron Golem Spawners 1a. Abstaining courteously. 1b. Abstaining courteously. 1c. Abstaining courteously. Custom Spawners 1. I prefer some custom spawners in the nether. 2. All. 3. None. 4. Okay if it's a necessity to fix spawn rate interference. Otherwise, the vanilla guardian mechanic is preferable. Community Blog Posts 1. Nothing in particular 2. Nothing in particular Events 1. Fun 2. Would like to see more available sessions for limited events such as admin hunts. 3. None. 4a. Balanced items that aren't generally available. In particular, it's good to have stuff that was obtainable in previous events so that people get a second chance if they missed the first run. Plugins TrainCarts 1. Haven't interacted with it much, but have heard of issues for a number of people. 2. Abstaining courteously. 3. Only like the speed adjustment and trains - everything else is a bit over the top. Other Plugins 1. Various incremental improvements have been nice in general. 2. Abstaining courteously.
  16. I’ll be out of game but typically reachable over slack/discord November 21-26, December 5-12 and 15-17.
  17. Monochromatic builds Aquatic creatures Natural geologic features
  18. Will be out of town Aug. 18-27, sporadically pingable on Slack or Discord.
  19. Computer fixed, but out of town for a week or two. Reachable via slack or discord.
  20. Iron Grinders: No comment - wasn't directly involved in acquisition of one this rev. Support emulation of vanilla costs, or as close to equivalent as possible. Portals: Happy with portal density this rev. Would be open to trying something like 4 hidden/claimable portals + spawn to start, then allowing portals for /places after 2? weeks into rev or when livemap revealed. Restrict minimum distance between portals. Danger of killing rail even further, but eh. Nether: Custom nether that feels more like vanilla - more vertical, cavernous, dangerous. Map Generation: Size is good, though I'm always up for a bigger map when technically feasible. Big YAS to second overworld appearing mid rev with extreme difficulty/hostility even for people fully kitted out. Custom biomes/terrains were great - particularly enamored with overhanging cliffs and the desert-mesa-plateaus. Large sandstone deposits in desert were a godsend. Suggest diversifying actual biome type - e.g. very little mesa biome proper even in mesa-looking terrain. Land:water ratio was fine. Prefer custom terrain to worldpainter (though throwing some WP/WE terrain on top could be interesting) and prefer WP to vanilla. Ore Distribution: Was neat to find ores at weird y levels. Seemed to be harder to mine for materials in bulk. I missed the sponge recipe lol. MapWorld: Gib FAWE Misc: No to flatworld on P - that niche is nicely filled by C - perhaps can ask cadmins to carry testworlds forward? Spawn: Multidirectional exits from the start, food was fine, size was fine for me but could be problematic for weaker computers. Odd/misc ideas: have a spawn not at the center of the map, have spawn move around the map each week (flying spawn would work best for this), have rail station within spawn itself. Themes: Ruins of a previous P spawn/build, megalomaniacal evil lair of doom, walking nuclear castle, the bovine digestive system, any single color (e.g. orange), an art nouveau or art deco style art museum, giant subterranean cavern with stalactite buildings inside (actually no, don't do this - I have a patent pending on the concept since 2011). Special Spawners: Maybe try alternate spawners in premade protected "dungeons" with higher rates of spawns, and lower spawn rates for grinder-buildable spawners? No-danger grinding would still be an option, but underpowered compared to actually fighting the mobs in question. Custom structure spawners were nice. Events: Hunts are cool. Holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christahanukkwanzaa, New Year's are the standards. Other possibilities include Earth Day, Labor Day, Mother's/Father's Day.
  21. Computer troubles mean I won't be online for a bit. :(
  22. The next few days I'll be less active due to visiting family.
  23. Apologies for the delay, UNP - I've been out of game for the past week or so. Seeing as a long time has passed without any further notes or bans, I'll remove the notes I made when I log in later today. Edit: All 3 of my notes removed as of now.
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