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  1. BHRossman

    What are you listening to right now? Thread

    Thanks, now I am going to be listening to her all night damnit.
  2. BHRossman

    Extra hard mode 1.8 survival

    Looks like a fun event, I'd be happy to spend some of my free time helping out if needed.
  3. BHRossman

    Survival closing event

    Speaking of activity, have you had time to read any of the replies to this post of yours? If you have, it would be nice to see what you think of the suggestions in a post.
  4. BHRossman

    Staff Name Change Update Thread

    Skuld3033 --> bhrossman
  5. BHRossman

    Staff Name Change Update Thread

    bhrossman --> Skuld3033
  6. BHRossman

    Steam Group Moderator

  7. BHRossman

    New Server: WAR! A mixture of S and P!

    We actually had a war server many years ago, kinda fizzled out due to a lack of support and plugins at the time.
  8. BHRossman

    Up votes and down votes.

    I take offense to this. Everyone plays a role in how the servers are. Your basically saying players aren't trying to help the community. Without a playerbase, you would have no server to run. It's childish. I've kept out of these threads due to the childish nature of posts within for quite some time now, but I'm gonna have to break my silence to 10000000% agree with nolans post. From where I am sitting, it looks like your attitude here on the forums is causing just as much drama and damage to our communities reputation as your tech work has helped the servers. Please get your head out of your ass and at least try to listen to what people are saying without immediately taking every damn thing as a personal attack, it isn't.
  9. BHRossman

    Firebreed [bhrossman]

  10. BHRossman

    Firebreed [bhrossman]

    Sorry for not getting to this sooner, Just got off work. Your explanation seems legitimate, sorry for the misunderstanding. I'll go ahead and unban you as soon as I have a minute to jump on.
  11. BHRossman

    Asepheron [bhrossman]

    Hello Asepheron, I banned you for breaking a large amount of glass and letting lava flow over a large section of a road. Please read over our rules at http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules and reply here on June 20th(2 weeks from your original ban date).
  12. BHRossman

    mumble unban - Gizzletinks [bhrossman]

    Hello Gizzletinks, we do not tolerate hate symbols in chat. It was believed you were a troll account due to the username you connected with, being that you are a regular player consider this ban your warning, you know our rules http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules please do your best to follow them in the future. I am unbanning you as this is the first time I've seen you break our rules and it was a minor offence.