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  1. Well I gotta say, I do not look my age anymore https://imgur.com/13WWXWC
  2. I'm all for players choosing categories. It reduces the stress of the admins having to think of a new one every week and also gives players what they want. It's a win-win scenario imo. Perhaps some players shoot some suggestions to the admins and those are sorted out and voted on whether or not they'll be a theme. Then just slap the themes with the most votes into a random order for the weeklybuild so people can't predict what the theme is till it's announced. Despite knowing the likely themes, players won't know the order and will have some level of suspense to see if their theme or their favorite theme is coming up
  3. Well I haven't posted on here in literal years and I hit this thing called "puberty" in that long spell. So here I am, crooked glasses and all (also physically blocking my copy of the Communist Manifesto)
  4. In terms of map stuff, I adored this revision but it needed more ocean. In support of this revision, it had a diverse set of biomes that I found to be fitting towards practically anything I'd build. In terms of rules I disagree with, it's simply the matter of the "REEEE" rule and I discussed it to death on the topic thread about it and will refrain from it here. When it comes down to weeklybuild, my complaints extend past the topics, I'll touch on that later. The topics themselves weren't something I was intrigued by tbh. I was hoping we'd have something more along the lines of "paranormal" or " spaceships." The most recent topic "Insomnia," I've found to be too broad and "Bigfoot" to be a bit too restricting. Outside of topics, the plots for the builds themselves have been small and inhibit what I can and cannot build. The one time I really felt drawn to weeklybuild, I ended up being unable to build something of a scale befitting of my build style. Though I do admit it's a good way to make people build outside of their comfort zones and I still saw some amazing builds despite the size. The topic in question was "Military" and that would warrant anything from small to large in terms of size. All in all though, I quite enjoy the idea of having weeklybuild and would love to see it return next revision with topics that can appeal to other individuals, such as myself. I can't speak for many others on their views on it, so do consider that what I have said are simply my personal views on the event. I concur
  5. Your time with us as an admin will not be forgotten anytime soon. You and the admins you've worked with have certainly made quite an impact on the community of C as a whole. It is the sad realization that all good things must come to an end, but with us you have left memories of an admin who knew the players she interacted with and understood and related to their unique personalities. It's swell to hear you'll remain with us as a moderator. We'll always appreciate your contributions to the community that is C. The player base of C will always think of you as a caring friend who devotes herself to the server as much as she can
  6. It is disheartening to hear this has offended an undisclosed amount of people, but without known the amount of people (in the form of a rough estimate if there is a high number, and it is more than understandable if they are kept anonymous) how are we to truly understand the gravity of this? After all, if per example, somebody uses a term such as "diseased" (perhaps not my greatest example to date) to directly refer to a group of people, to which are part of a specific minority due to either a genetic misfortune or ethnic background, are we to also restrict that phrase for it now being used for offensive reasons? It simply is unfair to those who do use it for non offensive reasons within the global. I understand it is clear my response does not leave a sway upon opinions, so I shall leave it at this as there is no use in my further responding to these matters as this was simply just my expression of my views upon these matters. I thank you for the courtesy shown and correction of previous misconceptions I had previously had upon this subject as so I, and those reading, may remain better informed on these recent happenings. Thank you and have a nice day
  7. I do appreciate the demeanor to which this response was given and clarification upon the error I made of stating it to be a "banned phrase." Despite my own viewings on how I consider it to be banned, I will take that into account with formulating this response. As I mentioned, the nobility of this cause is notable, but ultimately still reinforces the possible use of the phrase for negative connotation. By placing restrictions upon it, despite it's full availability in private messages and clanchats, it still will still make autistic individuals feel more isolated if they have to be told something is supposed to offend them. I know that is the antithesis of the intention of the restriction and that is was stressed that this is only in global, but the point still stands that it's simply forcing something to have a different meaning than by the people using it. It simply is unfair both to autistic people (in the sense that they should be offended by this phrase. I know that's not at all what's being said, but is what will be interpreted) and to people who often use the phrase as a means to signify a humorous depiction of frustration as it makes them believe what they're saying is wrong (or make players think that the admins are fun police, which is FAKE NEWS). I perfectly understand the reason for these restrictions but at the end of the day, what good will it ultimately do? It removes use of a commonly used phrase (which probably will just die in a year or two anyways) in the most viewed form of server communication (in-game that is) and just makes people feel like dicks or that the admins don't understand the normal player's mindset (which is false, as staff members all are essentially just devoted members of the community). I feel I've already mentioned enough how it will simply isolate autistic individuals, but would like to simply add that it just seems like a move that wasn't thought out on how all parties affected would feel about it. I'm glad this information was made public as so we're all kept equally-informed upon this matter as it allows for us all to have a mature discussion relating to the topic at hand
  8. If one is to make a word out to be used for offensive purposes, not only will it draw unwanted attention to people meant to be offended, but it will also result in more people using it in said negative connotation. I do understand why some viewed it as needing to be banned, but by banning it we don't do any good for those it would possibly offend. If anything it gives them motive to be hurt. One can turn any form of word into something used to offend others, as we've seen in the past with words such as "faggot" (going from meaning bundle of sticks to it's modern negative connotation referring to homosexuals) and it is no surprise that action will be taken to those changes. Though by making it into a big deal we only give it more power over those who would possibly be offended by it. The key to these things, especially in this case where it is clearly stated that it is to the general consensus of the staff that it is not being used in a remotely offensive term, as previously stated by Silver, is to simply not let them offend you. At the end of the day, a bigoted insult is something that should only prove an annoyance to which should be shrugged aside as a fool's attempt to express their cruel beliefs. Why give them power by granting yet another means to a small arsenal? I do believe that by banning the phrase "ree," things will only escalate in a negative connotation as people will see it as a way to offend those vulnerable to it. If anything it will, as zaliek previously mentioned, imply those offended or trying to enforce it are autistic, thus leading to it becoming more of an issue. As I mentioned, I understand why this is banned, but if anything it only makes autistic individuals feel more attacked. If we are to keep ourselves friendly, we must understand that actions such as these will only further isolate groups of individuals afflicted with such unfortunate troubles. I do hope we can all reach a universal agreement and understand that banning this simply will make things worse on autistic individuals despite the intentions of the action
  9. http://imgur.com/JcBHVfA,VMjQk4L,uSDhL3t,O43N7B1,UglpMak,uEX6vvA,24sk9NM,FknY4Gk
  10. With oceans it'd be nice to see the oceans more or less in one area. This rev they were too all over the place. Lets try to keep them closer <3 For other regular events we could have an annual elytra race, foot race, or special pvp fights (team based, free for alls, etc) I'd really look forward to this next rev (I just hope time doesn't fly by as fast this time around)
  11. The plot in question was empty for an hour. Also, Ava had been building in that plot (with my consent since it was a project we were both working on. With me who built the exterior and he who did the interior quite nicely). I hope you've been using the block log to verify this otherwise you merely assumed it hadn't been built in in over a month. I hope this entire debacle can be resolved and I wish no hard feelings upon you.
  12. Where do I start with this little tidbit of information. The main point I wish to discuss is "They were removed from the other users for being inactive" If you are talking about me being inactive from building in the plot, Ava was building in my tower, why would i want to disturb the process of construction within it? I certainly haven't been inactive gameplay wise. I mean, I'm number four on the usage stats. I see absolutely no reason why I'd be considered inactive. I admit, I perhaps could've done some exterior work, but that is no reason to consider me inactive when I do not wish to disrupt his process of building. I am glad my plot has been returned to me, and Ava and I have plans for it (so yes, any changes made to it by him do have my full consent and I will most likely be aiding him in any changes so I won't be seen as inactive). I hope we can remain civil about this all and stay friendly with each other in game <3
  13. I fully agree with all this. I am glad my plot seems to have been restored, but we have all given permission to Avada. We just left our plots sitting there with either hollow buildings or unfinished shells and he took them (with our permission) and made something beautiful. This whole plot issue needs to be addressed and Ava, as always, has a fantastic idea. He's always doing his best to contribute to the community and attacking him because of a plot limit is just unfair and rude once all things in this debacle are considered. I'd highly recommend listening to him on his suggestions seeing as how he has great ideas for the server that are typically neglected. He's very reasonable and helpful, and in all honesty, he is being treated unfairly with the whole plot issue
  14. Make the end larger and give more space for scifi or outer space builds, or just make a space world like in rev 29. I would really enjoy being able to make a much more space builds (star destroyers, space stations, planets, etc)
  15. I've finally shown myself at long last
  16. Another idea for an mc event that is easy enough to arrange but might require some plugins or command block work. You are inside a Steve's body and there are two teams. The attackers (who have to cause damage to vital organs) and defenders (who have to defend and repair damaged or destroyed organs) and in the style of the CTF events, there would be a set amount of rounds taking around two days. Or perhaps instead of destroying the organs the attackers could steal something like a redstone torch and once all of them are taken and put somewhere in the attcker spawn, they win. But, the defenders could steal them back, in which they attackers would probably have to leave some people to defend the torches. Once the attackers get all of the torches, it would prevent them from being taken back, an alert is sent to some control room saying that it's time to reset the map for another few rounds. I personally am more of a fan of the second one since it involves less plugins and I just like redstone. Do whichever idea you want. But remember to implement some sort of timing system so matches don't dragon on too long. Thank you for reading awns please take this idea into consideration
  17. Thanks for taking these ideas into consideration and even adding some helpful changes! Maybe I'll give some thought for more ideas
  18. I think we should have that since Agar.io is loads of fun to play, and playing an MC version with all your friends/fellow players would be great! I now really hope that this becomes an event for nerd perhaps every other month on the mc servers!
  19. Another idea that could take place about every six months. A maze of rooms where everybody would be spawning in different rooms and be able to grab gear and make it through the maze collecting things like food, armor, weapons, and potions while trying to find three treasures that will free you that are guarded two withers each. The withers would spawn every time somebody enters the room with two being the max (maybe use some sort of mob limiter to prevent there from being more than two per chunk) per treasure room. These treasures would take you to an exit and an entrance back into the maze where you could relive the experience! The exit taking you to the lobby where you could either go back to the maze, or play a minigame for a while and then maybe go back to the maze. In the maze itself there would be pvp enabled so you could beat the shit out of somebody and steal all their shit. Doesn't that sound like a nice little challenge, maybe with some false exits and some signs reminding you that you need three treasures to leave. The treasures themselves would just respawn so other people could get out. But if leaving isn't your thing, you could form a little nomadic tribe, or a peaceful nomadic tribe sort of like the yellow team in CTF. Once more, thank you for reading and please take my idea into consideration
  20. I have an idea for something that can take place around a week before chaos. Zombie apacolyspe! It would take place on the same map as the server it is being hosted on. There could be random chests that spawn around the map holding some things like food and weaponry, a chance of becoming a zombie when you die depending on how close you were to one when you died, when you die as a zombie there would be a 50% chance of spawning back as a person, and all chests before the event would keep there contents. Before I get shot down (maybe shot down, no idea if I will) for this being unoriginal, think of all the times you have gotten bored from having a lack of things to do while playing on maybe P or C, and then think of how much fun you could have surviving with your friends, hunting down zombies for sport, or perhaps killing other survivors for their gear. I'll give you a moment. Seems fun doesn't it? Now think if that occurred maybe midway through the rev or a bit before chaos. Then you could look forward to it and perhaps build a shelter before it all starts. It could even attract some more players to S since there is the challange of building a non-op shelter like you could on C. Then you would be getting the full experience of making a shelter from nothing with people trying to kill you before the impending apocalypse. Think of the challenge and joy of making and completing your shelter and using it as a place to survive the nightmare of both enemy groups of people and zombies! Fun isn't it? Even if you were to build the most overpowered shelter on C, you would still have to get in by making it through waves upon waves of zombies to get back to that cozy little shelter, gear up, and kick some ass! Please take this idea into consideration, and thank you for taking the time to read this!
  21. This is for fanfiction about people on nerd itself (so not just minecraft). Anything goes on these fanfics, just have have warnings if it gets graphic, so go nuts
  22. I personally liked Rev 28's spawn. I mean sure at first glance it isn't all that, but once you dive into it and begin to explore and find all sorts of cool secrets it becomes really interesting and just all around fun to explore.
  23. Another idea for community builds! We could have a whole word for domes! Just non-stop with the domes! More than just Dome 8 (hopefully more than domes 8-20 )
  24. For community builds we could have a solar system that everyone could add their own planet, death star, spaceship, or anything that is space related (this includes media like StarWars and Star Trek!) I hope this idea is taken into consideration, and thanks for taking the time to consider it
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