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  1. Re: Melons are Tradition. 1.14 farmers can get down to 1 melon = 1 emerald. Armourers can sell all the diamond pieces (helm, chest, pants, boots) and toolsmiths/weaponsmiths can sell all the diamond tools now (hoe, spade, pick axe, axe, sword). The grindstone workstation can remove all enchants off items. So you can wipe away these villager bought diamond items and re-enchant as you want. The only use for mining diamonds is if you want to build an enchanting table. Once you got 2 diamonds you are done for 1.14. The rest of diamond items from villagers. So anyone can slap silk touch on an axe and hit spawn and farm the 200-300 melons in minutes to trade away to build out their diamond kits/tools all with mending on them to never have to replace them. Villagers are assigned directly. Easy enough to breed as many villagers as we want/need and assign them roles. Literally we could just put 200 farmers next to spawn - have enough produce farms to unlock them down to pumpkins/melons and 1-3 times a day they will reset trades and we get all the emeralds we need from melons at spawn at 1 for 1 to get any diamond whatever you want in game. If Rev24 goes to 1.14 we need to consider this system being a tad too easy to exploit. Sometimes traditions need to change.
  2. Thank you to those who made rev 23 possible. A lot of donated time/effort goes into making these servers run the way they do and the first comment should be this. Thank you to those in our community who do this and make this possible. Now....to some opinions.... * Spawn Please no melons. Or any free food at spawn. I think one of the best rewarding things is starting with nothing and making it all. No starting food, tools, armor or anything means people have to risk to explore quickly with overcoming food issues. And the community will be drawn together to work together to overcome food issues by making their own source of food early at spawn. Imagine how fast food farms could be made if the community worked together to over come not have free stacks of melons to eat. Melons will be very popular 1.14 for trading and free melons at spawn is free emeralds and free diamond anything. * World map - Lovely map. Kudos to whom found the seed/set the ores/etc - it was awesome. I hold the opinion smaller map size is better - brings people closer and co-operation is cool. Nice seeing a filled in map at the end of the rev. But I understand we live in times when we can have a little more space. Overall very nice map. * Custom End/Nether - I respect the effort to make custom realms. However I feel they made the game too easy. Sky platforms in both were too strong. It was too easy to get tougher to make/find blocks. I think challenge lengthens people's interest in the rev and also increases co-operative playing. Please bring back custom vanilla nether it is fun and challenging. For the end perhaps tone down the free blocks and bring back more planetoids/space feel to it. Space farming to find tough blocks with logistics/dangers to mine the asteroids/planetoids. Huge floating areas of just clay/concrete ty
  3. How about using it for a skyblock server? Plugins for skyblock usually allow for solo or group experience. They have challenges like a carrot. You can sometimes have plugins that give a "level" of your island and so you can have resets more often and then have a leaderboard from previous resets on the webpage. People enjoy this kind of recognition for community bragging rights and it is a fun competition. Skyblock mixed with economy plugins can be fun. Limited blocks/resources creates an economy on rare/hard to get blocks. Fine tuning of the system and adding nerd.nu flavor plugins and such allows for a fun server to go play on when you need a break from P or C. You could call it S for skyblock. You will fool ex-S players to play on it. The hub/spawn you can put a custom block market with an economy. Say you turn in grown items and gain some currency. Use currency to get some blocks. Have a pvp arena. Instead of Skyblock revs. You have skyblocks seasons. Pick an interval like 2 months. You have 6 seasons a year. You allow flow in the islands. Mod requirements would be low. Just need tech/admin babysitting it.
  4. The Spawn Building Good spawn. The rail station below and the roads above to tie in was cool. The theme was cool. I like how over the rev you are adding stuff to it to reflect events/things/happenings in the rev. - very cool A living Spawn that changes is fun The Overworld Map Map is too large imho. I like the older maps of rev14-15 where we filled in the map and developed it. Having a large map does give more biome choices and more land/options but it seems like we are all spread out and be cool to see what it is like to be on a smaller map again. I like vanilla maps more than painted ones. I think it was cool we did some custom painted maps but rotating between painted/vanilla is nice to keep it fresh. The vanilla generation on the chaos server right now is pretty cool and amazing. The Nether Map Given all the issues with vanilla Nether I like we have custom nether that is somewhat challenging but a great place to farm skulls without issue of population in the nether and it also was a great place to farm sand/concrete powder/clay in bulk without destroying the overworld. Although I enjoy Vanilla maps - I understand how the nether was used to help give people access to large amounts of newer blocks. The End I think having a fight like the ender dragon where you can recruit a bunch of people and go fight an epic boss fight is cool. Although with the Ender Dragon Fight building on the main asteroid has gone away in place of building an arena to fight the dragon. Maybe we could have a separate spot in the End to develop for Ender Dragon fights and then the main asteroid could be terra-formed by others as home/builds. Probably not possible. Mapworld Awesome place. I wish it was easier to build mass pictures. I am not very good at this or know how to do this without like painfully placing each block. Portals I was interested to see how this would play out with the finding of 1 new portal a week. After watching it go down I would have the opinion it is better to have the portals out and done earlier for planning/picking build spots. Biome/location seems to be more important than nether portal. So people will find the nether portal and not have them built into the town. But as just a place nearby. We are going away from Nether portals as something cool to have in your town to "just find the close one to the biome we want to be in". Given this we should look at maybe trying to let bigger/key towns have nether portals. Imagine a portal to active towns that pick themes and build out as the rev goes? or a town that has a good xp grinder or village trading? The problem is always how many to give out and how to determine it. You don't want to favor known builders over the unknown so the find in the wild was always a "fair" approach but then you got a bunch of nether portals that are meh - okay whatever. I think we could find a way to allow key towns in key locations to have a nether. Have like 4-8 based on geography - 1-2 in each quad - but then you have 4-8 up for grabs to assign to established towns that meet both a geographic location and/or need of the server - like XP/villagers/cool builds/etc. So you have both portals for everyone to find/use and you reward long time or organized builds to let them submit an application for nether portals and the admins decide. Of have a server vote on it to allow it. Iron Golem Spawners Worked great - well done Custom Spawners Roll them out as rewards for events/challenges vs exploring. So people can place them where they are living and they earned it as a prize. Order the roll out based on need - like Shulker first because people will want these. Maybe hide it in the end islands to be found as a reward and placed anywhere/later Slime/Squid/Witch/Creeper/Drowned To follow later with other rewards for other events/challenges XP for mending is huge and we should consider a way to get multi-2x-4x mob grinders for xp - End grinder is not very good and not everyone wants to do other ways like village trading to get XP. Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) This was very cool. My only suggestion is have ALL the items you can get from Amber upfront. Rolling out means people will pick the "best" items but you suddenly roll out a better item they would pick instead later they have regret spending the items they would have saved. I understand the roll outs are because this is a new system being developed but for the future I would try to have it all upfront so people know how to priority the drops for what items. Custom Saddles meh - amusing for a few minutes but otherwise you don't see yourself on the custom mount - only others see it so it wasn't a big deal. But I understand cosmetics means more to others but I rather spend the amber on other things. Elytra 6 weeks out was too long for people who want these. Those who work hard for these should be rewarded. Not everyone wants to fly but those who do should be enabled to fly. I will not be a flyer but I don't want my views to impact others from not flying. Please let them fly earlier. Events Mob Arenas - Awesome! Poem Contest - Creative and awesome! Mazes - not my thing but people enjoy it Builds - I think we need more of these - And display winners at spawn. Tie it into making a living spawn updating over time. Have themes - Houses/Bridges - set size limits etc.
  5. Bump. Any updates to this?
  6. I would like to ask for removal of a note on my name. http://mcbouncer.com/u/268b4d0c863c49d58d58dd7e6473f796/notesFor Just 1 from Switchview from 22 months ago - I trapped an end portal on the S server with lava. I saw that death traps were allowed and I thought I was being clever however it was decided there was a limit to what traps could be built. I was given a warning. On a positive side the rules to S were updated to include some text about not allowing blockage/trapping of portals on S after this happened. thank you
  7. I would like to ask for removal of a note on my name. http://mcbouncer.com/u/268b4d0c863c49d58d58dd7e6473f796/notesFor Just 1 from Switchview from 22 months ago - I trapped an end portal on the S server with lava. I saw that death traps were allowed and I thought I was being clever however it was decided there was a limit to what traps could be built. I was given a warning. On a positive side the rules to S were updated to include some text about not allowing blockage/trapping of portals on S after this happened. thank you
  8. Skeletal/Zombie Grinders then become an ingot grinder. Could be interesting. Looking at what I seen the zombie grinder drop you could make a decent gold ingot grinder out of it. Could you also rip up/salvage leather armor drops into leather?
  9. PvE Admins 239 posts Posted Today, 03:07 PM Iron grinders: It was amazing. Interesting note was if you take the time to sort villagers to unlock trades for a trading village as you breed villagers you get an iron grinder to about level 12-13 before you really find that most of your breeding goes to the grinder donation. We had most villagers with max enchants by then. I think people just straight up breeding for the iron grinder without checking trades will be bored/unhappy with the large amounts of villagers to make but for villager trading creation in parallel of an iron grinder the amount of villagers needed was perfect. I would agree you could increase the diamond cost (more padmin sacrifices) I would suggest keeping it 16 levels as it is and keep the current spawn rates. Please consider the following material changes: always 22 doors per level. always 16 villagers per level (if you had to build a 16 pod grinder you would need these villagers -- the fact we aren't moving them up into pods saves you so much time) levels 1-4 - 10 stacks of cobble each level levels 5-8 - 10 stacks of cobble & 5 stacks of smooth stone -- 2 padmin heads per level levels 9-12 - 15 stacks of smooth stone -- 3 padmin heads per level levsl 13-16 - 10 stacks of Netherbrick & 15 stacks of smooth stone -- 4 padmin heads per level Cobble is too easy. As time goes on you get enchants/trades to get the tools to make the smooth stone so reflect this. By the end you need netherbrick because the nether is dangerous - If you continue with the custom nether/mobs this is very dangerous and more so if the nether portals are not lite by the first 1-2 weeks. I think upping the challenge/cost of the materials is important to reflect the growth of a city/group being able to max out a grinder. Personal grinders to level 4-8 at most should be plenty of iron for anyone but to get to max you really need to make it more challenging than just cobble and put more risk/involvement. More stacks means more mining and rewards co-operation in the effort to build the iron grinders. The nether: There was no reward for exploring or finding nether fortresses. The chests were empty. People like getting armor (horse armor is really needed) - I would try to get the chests in the nether as a reward for the early risk/exploring. People in leather/iron braving the nether with only 1 portal to get chests/rewards should get something. Dying and running back is very difficult/risky. If it is not possible then put in a way to craft horse armor. Other fun examples of rewards in this nether for exploring was the houses with skeleton heads. The dinosaur quartz statues were fun. This nether does allow for easier wither skull farming but the windows/times when you can take full advantage of this is low. (no one else in nether) It kills fortress nether farm builds. It does open up for more AFK farms. but also you find that just moving around and hunting the nether is enough to get the 1-2 beacons you need. I do miss the nether fort farm/demand but also the sky platform/afk builds should cover that need. Custom flora: Once the leaf decay was fixed it was perfect. Love the custom/different trees. Portals: I would add 4 more at the cardinals at say 2500ish out. Evenly breaking up the map focus to 9 areas instead of just 5 like we have now for "distance to portals". Ore distributions: They felt good. MapWorld: Don't understand the map world or why we have it. Terrain: I like vanilla. I like to see swamps not just be a small biome buffer between bigger biomes but have at least 1 good size swamp. I really liked the ocean in the SE with all the islands. This was very cool. Spawn: Spawn was cool. I think to make the challenge harder no food/melons at spawn. This puts the need on the community to work out a way to feed ourselves and work together on this and not just grab easy/free melons at spawn. It will up the challenge. Custom mobs: Dr Cuddles was powerful but very rare. Keep it this way. By the time you notice it is him you are dead. The other rare mobs were cool. S used a "blood" moon type mod to make mobs tougher/more common at some nights. I would try to do this. There should be a threat on towns/builds more to design with some light/defense planning in mind. The nether with more mob options was more dangerous. Meowington in nether is no joke. Withers on you quick or near the initial spawn portal was risky and a good challenge. /help: Nice reduction of items at start. Other: Creeper heads. We need more of these or an easier ways to get them. I know how to get them but they don't come very easy. I think we are limiting our creative approach to banners/builds without having a better source of creeper heads. I can see this being helped with either a way to trade in at spawn padmin heads for creeper heads or with the custom mobs create more charged creepers to be found/used. Creeper heads into the community means different banners with the use of the creeper head and overall would just be cool to see happen for builds overall.
  10. I did like the custom lots to build a house. However I think that is popular for 1-2 weeks tops then it fades. But it is nice for the casual C player. I like the naturally generated terrain. Easier to blend in to. The world painted stuff looks nice but once you terraform flat/holes to build it is hard to match up to the natural world painter terrain.
  11. I like the idea behind the portals in Rev16. It was to encourage roads/rails between the quad portals. As at anytime one of those 3 would be open. It also created roads/rails to the 4 perm portals. I saw a dip in nether activity. Most of the time the desire to use/see nether was limited to just if you wanted drops form the nether. Otherwise there was no point in using it. So given this I am torn. I like the idea of needed infrastructure but I feel the nether becoming more useless a sad thing. Honestly I like the idea of 1 nether portal at spawn. Then no other nether portal. After 1 week. Settlements can apply for a nether portal. If the build is big enough or significant enough then give them a perm portal. Why this idea? An example is Cancer's Cobble town. They rushed to get a portal. and build a cobble village and that was it. I know the rules allowed after a few weeks to re-claim it but honestly once someone builds on a portal like that the effort to clean it up and re-do it just is a pain. It killed the motivation for anyone in that biome/portal. It felt like we had a large void in the desert. Also large builds of significance impacts the server in a positive way. Say if Rose finds a nice biome to build but instead goes build on the fixed portal. They are sacrificing location based on nether access. Seems inflexible. They have many people and do cool builds. Why not let them be at the biome they want? If argoth/Ambrosia/Yowie does the Large NE build why not give them 1 perm portal to share. You just made 3 towns well motivated to build and work together. So again the idea is 1 portal at spawn. Then after 1 week a city or a group of cities who have established themselves/allied up can work to apply to the mods to get a portal to share. This gives some flexibility in location, makes it interesting and rewards co-operation. Also mid-late rev say we get a late coming city/allied build they can continue to request a portal.
  12. Wozdaka

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    Kinda hoping we get a three way tie on the town drunk. The bar has been set :D
  13. One thing I think that was very cool in Rev 15 was the Nether Spawn. You had all the roads/tunnels merging into 1 spot and that build was done very well and seems to be the work of the community. What about making the overworld portals similar projects? Like have them found but then the 30x30 or 40x40 area around it made into a community project. Nearby towns can all help build roads to that portal or the design around the portal. Also again the path in the nether could be done with co-operation. I think this seems to fit the co-operative nature of P and I think we could see the same success we saw at the nether portal for every nether portal.
  14. I understand about the tunnels. I agree with you. If you drop down and die it is on that player for not taking a tunnel. I would not blame no beds on that. All I was trying to say was the bed removal did help cause the high population/occupancy of spawn in rev29. And so we have a high occupancy or population of people at spawn looking for fights. I was using the phrase "camping" as "occupy for long periods of time" not as "to kill someone over and over and over at a fixed location".
  15. I think it could be useful to have 2 things. 1) A way to obtain creeper/zombie/skeleton heads outside of the charged creeper. Extremely difficult to make this happen naturally and a way to get these easier would be useful in builds/looks. The creeper heads espically which can be useful in banner making. 2) Trading Post/Auction system. As there is no economy on P this could be tough. One thing I saw and enjoyed on the S server the last 2 S revs was a way to trade/auction/sell/ items to people who need. I saw the community be positive in this as it connects people and you learn who people are and how they all can help. We do have a good sense of community on P but I think having some more code/plugin support for auctions/shops/trading it would just bump this up to the next level.
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