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  1. Update from my pic on page one from 2013. Here since C rev 6 and I died a lot with everyone P rev 1. You young whippersnappers don't know Real mod aboose.
  2. Ugh. The good ol days. Rocks on rocker sippin ice tea
  3. Nope, wasn't really sure who claimed it, other than the fence. I'd just like to drop some nice floors and walls/fences to keep swarms of zombies out really
  4. When is the time where a claim like that becomes void so someone else can properly develop the area?
  5. Having been playing on P since Rev 1, I like randoms point of people trading and bartering and asking for help with gathering materials and getting jobs done. That being said, I also understand that almost 20 revs since, players have become very efficient and right off the gate, after all the portals have been found in a day and a preliminary map posted a few days before the livemap is posted, means that perhaps the bartering is gone. However, I stand by not allowing any iron grinders. Now with the server with as complex infrastructure as it has now, I do not believe that's possible to execute. The only alternative that I think makes sense is to go back to last rev and allow anyone to have access to a grinder. Maybe not allow them to be upgraded to insane outputs, but everyone deserves a chance. I also agree that prizes from events are a terrible idea.
  6. Would be fun to have a day where all the greybeards get back together
  7. I agree with Tebok regarding the "constitution feel" of the rules and regulations not to mention responses of staff. In the very early revs, mods and admins would zip (albeit abuse) and be genuinely glad to help the players with whatever they needed with whatever means necessary. I am not saying staff members are not willing to do the same, but the robot like responses from some just seem to separate them from the rest of the community, creating this rift between the player base and staff. Sorry head admins, love you guys, but there has been minimal interaction with any servers that I have seen. I understand that head admins have lives just like everyone else, but also need to be held to a higher standard of work ethic, which includes being present to deal with server issues. Today, it takes 2 hours to get 1 modreq done with 4 players online (that's if there is a mod). There are walls among walls of text of rules that dwarf the enigma that spawn is. It should be no griefing, don't be a dick. PvE rev 1 everyone worked out their issues with minimal conflict. But when everything is spoon fed to players, what do you expect to happen when staff disappears? I have seen generations of staff come and go, and have been around longer than most of all of them, yet the changes I see on the servers today disappoint me greatly.
  8. Guess I hadn't thought of it that way. Just frustrates me each time I think I find a spot to build, it's protected so far out I can't see the border.
  9. We need to have a talk about protections, and how they are so loosely regulated or managed, which as a consequence, someone can reserve a 500X500 area and someone will reserve another 500X500 area next to it, leaving players like myself to fly for 15-20 minutes trying to find an area that hasn't been completely taken, leaving minimal ideal spots to build. And lets be honest, most of the areas protected if they do get any builds, don't happen for weeks. In this album http://imgur.com/a/qHJFV you'll find examples of some of the HUGE land claims, some taking entire biomes. Take a look of the live map for other examples. My opinion is we follow PvEs rule, don't protect until it's built up significantly (roads, house, etc) And not the whole area needs to be protected, just what they built. Just my thoughts, Awaiting a response, -Old Man Nolan
  10. Oh I remember this thread. Here's me last week on the beach on Lake Huron! :D
  11. Howdy, greybeard here, The domes do in tradition go up by one. My first dome was dome 3 which I believe was under the dictatorship leadership of Verros. After 3 came 4, 5, then 6 With JohnAdams1735 playing major roles in the creation of 5 and 6. In consequence after Johns passing Chargb, myself and a few others came up with the idea of dome 1735 (as johns ign was JohnAdams1735) and the wordplay made it dome 7. While I don't care what you call it, for it to make since in the sequence its hould be dome 8.
  12. Yeah no, we wouldn't want to distract from the topic and irritate others
  13. I take offense to this. Everyone plays a role in how the servers are. Your basically saying players aren't trying to help the community. Without a playerbase, you would have no server to run. It's childish.
  14. IMO the voting system adds nothing but potential drama and harsh feelings all around. If you agree/disagree with someone, you should be constructive and explain why you feel how you do instead in a comment that builds on the conversation instead of just clicking a button. Also, I have a feeling more people would rather downvote someone then call them out on something via a comment. EDIT: I do like the idea of an upvote only style, helps show support of a thread as Jchance said
  15. "Healthy Discussion" is when the community has a way to show they're opinion, if that be the form of upvotes and downvotes. In my four years in this community never have I seen so much drama ensue from just a question to a staff member. In my time hear I have hear time and time again "Staff are held to a higher standard" yet I have never seen less professionalism in the past then I have seen in the last few months from certain staff members here.
  16. I would like to also add, there are three chests underground in the dome with 1 book each. In each book contains a number. Redeem that number to a Creative Admin for a Super Secret Special Prize :D Happy Digging!
  17. The very 1st thing you need to do is set up farms. LOTS of farms. Remember, they don't need to be pretty, they just need to work. Also, mine everything you see. Even if you have a double chest of coal. You will need more in the final push. However, if your on the team im not on, don't make farms or mine >:)
  18. Why the hell are you still with me? :3
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