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  1. Please fill out the survey so that the nerd.nu staff know what the community would enjoy playing. For those of you new to the idea of modded minecraft, you can try out various mods from the minecraft forums, or try the super easy to use modpack launchers by the Feed The Beast team, the Technic team, ATLauncher, or Curse (the company that hosts the minecraft forums and wiki). The popular/featured modpacks are usually pretty well balanced and work without many issues. http://feed-the-beast.com/ http://www.technicpack.net/ https://www.atlauncher.com/ https://www.curse.com/games/minecraft (if you go with the Feed The Beast [FTB] launcher, a very good introductory modpack is the Direwolf20 pack) If you want to tinker with mods on your own (it can be a little bit tricky if you are new to it) I highly recommend using the open source MultiMC Launcher. It makes everything very very easy to keep contained so that if you make a mistake you can easily undo it or work in a separate instance. If you tinkered with minecraft mods in ages past, know that it is much simpler and less challenging than it used to be - Forge is basically the main thing that allows mods to be easily dropped in and out of a minecraft instance, and there are no more data value conflicts when multiple mods are installed. http://multimc.org/ http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods (NB: this poll and post were made by me, Mumberthrax. I am not a nerd.nu staff member. Voting in this poll does not necessarily guarantee any particular action on the part of nerd.nu staff/administration) Thanks for taking this survey! Feel free to share your comments below! Edit2: to allay concerns about security issues, the FTB launcher, Technic launcher, and ATlauncher are all three open source with code hosted on github. AFAIK your password/credentials never go anywhere except to mojang's login servers when using these launchers. The curse voice launcher doesn't even let you input your mc password iirc. Edit: To be clear, nerd.nu uses server plugins that are sometimes called mods, but client mods are what we're talking about here. Here's a video series as an example of what the direwolf20 modpack is like:
  2. Hello, I was able to connect to p.nerd.nu yesterday. It stopped letting me into the game and started to only allow me into the lobby. I tried reinstalling Java and updating graphics drivers. Now I just get the "old" link when trying to connect to the server and the "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x00007ffdc39666e7, pid=9112, tid=7644". http://imgur.com/nz3cfsP I have followed the "1.9 - FAQs (READ BEFORE POSTING)" and did everything that was asked (i.e. updating drivers). I am still able to connect to other servers without any issues. Does anyone have any ideas? I am running the latest version of Windows 10 on a Dell. Thank you for any help.
  3. I can't join any server on nerd.nu. It says logging in than it says Dissconected. Does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it.(nerd.nu told me I'm not banned)
  4. Hey folks, just a quick poll for PvE. Currently skeleton horses are spawning like crazy everywhere and if a thunerstorm happens then god help us. Being only a week into the revision and having over 500 horses on the map, most of which are skeleton horses is a problem. It affects server tps and preformance as well as client preformance if you are nearby. Would you be okay with us preventing skeleton horse spawning or drastically limiting it to help reduce lag? Thanks all!
  5. Seeing what the PVP server has done with their blog, I think this is something that could greatly benefit P as well. Currently the development of a new rev is in the total darkness for players and the first time anything is heard is when the first info post comes up just before reset even though there's no actual benefit of it being so. This would allow the playerbase to give more feedback and get more connected with the admin team. With the next rev being on 1.9 this would also help with getting exposure.
  6. Howdy folks, it’s time for the first ever PvE Blog Post! The purpose of this blog post is to give some insight to things we are working on and to gather community feedback. We plan on doing one of these every month for this Revision. Skeleton Traps Based off the community feedback poll HERE we have gone ahead and changed how trap spawning works. Skeleton horses have not been limited, but their now is a chance to spawn different kinds of traps (such as blazes riding ghasts). This gives more variety to traps while also helps reduce lag by not having swarms of skeleton horses. Powered Flight We have heard some requests for powered flight to make a return. We are open to this idea but this would obviously be considerably overpowered, and we would love to hear some ideas and suggestions on how we could implement this on P in a balanced manner. Events The first admin hunt took place a few weeks ago and the admins were a bit OP. For the July admin hunt the admins will be significantly nerfed and will also have more loot. We are also working on an Arena called “FortWars” where players build forts out of blocks and fight each other. We hope to have the date announced for this soon, but it’ll be happening very early July. Speaking of July, we hope to have something explosive for everyone on the 4th! We are trying to do more admin hunts and events this revision and would love to hear any suggestions you guys may have. Xray Rollbacks We have been doing this for a while now but never properly announced it. If a player you are working with or is in your town and gets rolled back for xray, they will remain banned for a month. However if their rollback affects a significant portion of a group project you can place a /modreq and the admins will evaluate and determine if a portion of it can be restored. Fun Stats Most skeleton horses spawned in one trap: 137 Highest highest tier golem spawners: 6 Top 3 players with most diamond ore mined: Ted_Owl: 466, EvilStepDad: 413, RokuCXVII: 359 First nether portal to be lit: Solace First /place: Orion Custom spawners to still be found: 2 Overworld, 1 Nether Lowest server tps reached: 5.20 Max amount of RAM used: 20.15GB (all servers) Have some suggestions for some fun stats you’d like to see in the next blog post? Let me know! Hope you guys enjoyed the blog post and some insights into what is upcoming to PvE. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback!
  7. https://sites.google.com/site/biomebundle/ screenshots here: https://sites.google.com/site/biomebundle/media It is a set of configs for the Terrain Control plugin/mod that creates specialized terrain and map features intended to make the minecraft world more interesting and beautiful, and fun to explore.
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/4mlg6o/should_we_remove_or_limit_skeleton_horse_spawning/d3x2n68 use a bukkit/spigot plugin to fix the buggy Minecraft weather.
  9. Ahoy lads! I am happy to announce the first admin hunt of Revision 18! It will be taking place on Saturday once speedbuild on C finishes at roughly **10PM EST**. We will also be hosting a second round the following morning to accompany those folks in a different timezone at **12PM EST**. Saturday Event Date and Time Converter Sunday Event Date and Time Converter Each admin will be carrying a different prize for players to collect, who knows what they'll be carrying when you kill them. The **livemap** will become available later this week so that you can use it to help bring those pesky admins down! Before the hunt begins on Saturday our first **blog post** will be going up with details on future events, skeleton horses, and some other things. It should give some insight into our plans for PvE. Now sharpen those swords and prepare those speed potions! The admins have a wreckening coming! Admins most likely attending: Sapphric, Trooprm32, redwall_hp, Silversunset, ExcessiveToker, Hollifer Subreddit Post
  10. One vote per player please. Voting ends in one week (6/2) Awards will be handed out once we all get semi settled in Rev 18 (and once I finish designing it)
  11. It's time again for the PvE Awards. I am changing things up just a bit this rev. There will be 12 categories in which you can nominate players or builds. To enter a nomination add a text post with the title as follows: Coords - Location Name - Award Nominated for or Player(s) - Award Nominated for. Starting this rev I will also be adding Hidden Gem Awards. These will be awards for anything rev 17 related that may not fit into one of the categories but deserve recognition. Silly awards are fun but please keep it nice :) Anyone is welcome to nominate a Hidden Gem. Use a text post title as follows: Hidden Gem - who/what - title of award (ex: Hidden Gem - Pez252 - Master of Fast Travel) Here are the categories up for nomination: Best City Must have at least 3 builders Best Personal Build 90% of the build was completed by 1 player Up and Coming City City started this rev Most Unigue City Most Unique Build Best Small Build no larger than 25x25x25 Best City Rivalry Best Arena Spleef or PvP Greenest City Most Automated City What I like to call the lag award Best Spawn Embassy Best Odd Couple Please include a screenshot when possible.
  12. Should have posted this right after the staff meeting. Mods can now do their own modreqs! You still have to open a modreq for documentations sake, but you can now close them yourself. Please make sure that all previous modreqs are filled before doing yours, follow the queue. Now this doesn't mean that you have to do your own, that's entirely up to you. ☺ All existing protection rules apply, only protect what is built! Have fun
  13. Copied from my subreddit post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/4js8u1/pve_elytra_elevators_slime_blocks_and_ncp/ Hey All, I suppose I should begin this post by saying that I'm not trying to rock the boat or have a server-wide solution implemented for my personal satisfaction. The issues I raise here are pertinent to all players on PvE and PvP, more so now that both servers are running 1.9 and are entering/have entered new revisions. Additionally, the issues and considerations raised in this post are not "work arounds", quality of life fixes, or content that would make a traditionally complex Minecraft creation become mundane and inconsequential. That said... With the advent of 1.9 comes the Elytra, possibly the coolest new thing in Minecraft since Alpha. Players are going to want to fly, and players are going to want to build Elytra towers all over the map (see Archelon's post for references) and create a level of Elytra-based infrastructure similar in size and scope to what has previously been done with rails via CARTS/CARBON. These large infrastructure projects bring the community together in both their construction and use as players collaborate to gather materials, plan, and then travel to and from the various towns and builds together. Traveling the map and the way it has always been done in a community fashion on the Nerd.nu servers is part of what makes this a great place to play Minecraft. However, with this new mode of transportation comes a new problem: climbing Elytra towers. Climbing a ladder from from average ground height of y=70 up to the top of an Elytra tower at y=256 takes approximately 1:40. Water "elevators" are a bit slower. While this doesn't seem like a big deal, and perhaps it is a fair trade-off for the utility of flight. But this is Minecraft, and part of Minecraft is building elaborate structures that mimic both real life and fantasy. Players are going to build minecart systems to more quickly scale their Elytra towers. Then, players are going to want to slim down the transportation package;players are going to want to build elevators. Elevators work in Vanilla Minecraft. There are multiple types including simple push-out-push-up piston elevators, slime-car elevators, and slime block elevators: all of which work in Vanilla 1.9. NONE of these creations work on Nerd.nu's PvE or PvP servers. There are also several novelty creations such as player and minecart launchers that don't work on Nerd.nu servers. Why don't they work, you ask? The answer to that question is something I've tried to figure out for a while now, as I've built elevators on three revs (and of course none of them work). It was only recently that I figured it out. It's not latency or lag. That was my first area of inquest, as I figured the functionality of my elevators was hampered by the client-server-client latency that is required when using redstone contraptions that move the player. However, after watching multiple videos and live streams of players on other Minecraft servers build and use elevators and other redstone devices that don't work on our Nerd.nu servers, I ruled that out. I also conducted several tests utilizing my Minecraft Realm, which I actually connect to with DOUBLE the ping that I have when connecting to Nerd.nu: the elevators work on Realms. So on to the next thing... It is NOT a problem with tick rate. After testing with Silversunset yesterday, I can confirm that it is not tick rate, nor tick-rate expansion that prohibits the functionality of redstone elevators. During the testing the server tick rate at my test rate was consistently between 19 and 20 ticks per second (20 is standard in single player Vanilla). This is not enough to hinder redstone devices. Luckily, Silversunset clued me in to something else... Every time I tried to use my slime block test launcher, she (and the other mods/admins) were getting notices that a server plugging called No Cheat Plus+ (NCP) had identified me as potentially having hacks. This is due to the speed at which the player's character moves, particularly when not connected to a block (ie, flying). This pluggin, NCP, was arresting my character's movement and sending my character model back down to the ground rather than being launched by my slime block launcher. I contacted Totemo and informed him of the issue. Totemo had me continue to try test launches with my player launcher while he ran a few tests and changed parameters within NCP to allow this type of device to function. No success. I plied Totemo for suggestions and solutions, and this post is the result. Here are some quick facts: TL;DR: Facts and Issues A pluggin called NCP that stops cheaters from using flyhacks among other things breaks redstone elevators, player launchers, and several other devices. These devices are ALL fully functional and buildable in Vanilla 1.9. Latency, lag, tick rate, and tick rate expansion are not the cause of these devices breaking. Modification of existing config settings in NCP does not resolve the issue.** This issue is known to bukkit and NCP developers and has been an issue for a long time. It is directly related to the way that NCP records and monitors pistons. See this post for relevant information, including a summary from the devs that this functionality doesn't have an "easy fix" and is something that will be considered in the future (not now): http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/nocheatplus/tickets/364-block-changes-survivalfly-passable-pistons-also-slime/ Here are my two suggestions: 1. Players in our player base that are skilled with coding/programming take a look at NCP's guts and see if there is anything they can do to modify the program until the NCP devs get an official fix. Our tech admins, as awesome as they are, are completely swamped with the new revisions going into place as well as managing the servers as they normally do. They don't have the time to do this, if it even can be done. So I ask that any players that may have the time and skills to take on this task do so. Personally, I don't think this is feasible given the problems laid out by the bukkit team in the post I linked above. So... 2. Include a new Admin-placed block, similar to the Iron Golem Spawners of rev 17. Yeah, I know. Nobody wants to add new blocks. But hear me out! I think we can all agree that NCP is necessary to prevent cheaters, hackers, and griefers from harassing our server. NCP is REALLY good at that. I wouldn't want to disable the part of NCP that is causing the issue (survivalfly). NCP IS prohibiting a legitimate part of VANILLA Minecraft. The redstone elevators and devices that are the topic of this post aren't some kind of exploit. They are NORMAL Minecraft creations and I, for one, don't like the fact that a server mod hinders my creativity and enjoyment. New blocks have been added in the past without issue. They have been added for cosmetic reasons (see podzol, mycelium, double stone slab block, etc), functional reasons (iron golem spawners to decrease villager population issues), and just for fun (doppleganger mod). I see no rational reasoning that this consideration shouldn't be taken seriously. How would it work? I personally envision something similar to the current Iron Golem Spawners. Players collect resources and build a framework. A mod request is elevated to an Admin who places the unique block in the player-indicated position after check for (and then deleting) the required "donation". What would that look like? My elevators designs typically cost 2x sticky piston, 6x redstone, 1 repeater, 2 redstone torches, 8 immovable blocks, and one slime block per 5 levels of elevation gain. This would be prohibitively expensive and still make these elevators a "project". An additional benefit would be that the actual pistons and redstone required for either a functional elevator or a minecart system up to sky limit would be in place, reducing server load. I'll stop this wall of text with this. Obviously this is something I've been thinking about and researching for a while now; I hope that all of you will read, discuss, and consider my suggestion. Thanks for sticking in there and reading, OleToothless. TL;DR (for real): We need elevators for Elytra towers. A pluggin called NCP breaks elevators. NCP stops cheaters, so we want NCP. NCP might be fixable to allow elevators, but probably not. As an alternative, what if we had an "elevator block" that we could buy from admins like Iron Golem Spawners?
  14. More information can be found here: https://redd.it/4hktli
  15. Hey everyone, I am looking for feedback and suggestions on what you guys would like to see in the custom nether next rev. The feedback in the Rev 17 Feedback thread on the forums was helpful but I’d like to get some more in-depth thoughts and ideas. There were a lot of requests for more variety in biomes however I need some biome ideas. What kind of biomes would you like to see? Another request was for better loot chests and fixed nether fortress chests. Unfortunately I am not certain I will be able to fix nether fortress chests. I am debating removing nether forts all together as they were in the ground and somewhat buggy anyway. Would you guys like to see some sort of custom dungeon with spawners or mobs placed instead? Perhaps some sort of protected structure that you can loot mobs from? Open to any other ideas too! Mob spawning had mixed feedback. Some people like the variety of mobs while others didn’t. Would you guys like to see the nether more dangerous with harder custom mobs that drop loot in addition to regular mobs? I hope to make next Rev’s nether the best yet and would love to hear ideas of what you guys can provide! Subreddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/4g0nfc/custom_nether_feedback_suggestions/
  16. Go ahead. Post your random screenshots taken on the servers. :) Some from the C chaos: PUTTING AN END TO DIDY'S INHUMANE ILLICIT GOVERNMENT EXPERIMENTS
  17. A lot of times I am passing by in the wilderness, want to say hi to someone but don't know how to spell their name, or am juggling a few other PMs, so i find myself just saying "hello" in global to whomever and having a little conversation because it is easier - this may annoy other people who are not nearby if global chat is busy - which is common. Or maybe I am helping a new player, and they don't understand PMs. telling them to just prepend /L before their messages to talk only to people nearby trying to help might be convenient. Or maybe I am passing through a town and want to ask anyone who lives there a question about their town, rather than ask "is anyone from ___ online?" in global, or join their town's clanchat - if they have one and if I can figure out what its called, and then later leave the channel - I can just use /L to local chat. This wouldn't be a replacement for global chat. It would behave like a clanchat channel does. When you use it, it shows your messages to anyone within a specified radius - maybe something like 50 meters, or maybe more or less. I do not know what plugins exist which have this feature. I would be willing to bet there are several commonly used ones. I imagine if the techadmins want to they could probably even modify clanchat or make some new thing with CH to achieve the same results. But it might be easiest to just look around first. Sorry I haven't done the legwork. I know in the past, back before clanchat was even a thing, both local and clan chat ideas were brought up and the head admins at the time shot it down because it would detract from the sense of community felt by everyone participating in global chat. I do not think this fear has manifested in reality since the introduction of clanchat. I think local chat should be adopted on a trial run for at least one full revision.
  18. /cprivate, /cmodify, /cpublic, /cremove, /cinfo should be available for use on beds.
  19. In the last couple days we have reduced the amount of villagers that can spawn in a chunk to 20. To compensate for this, we are now offering villager vouchers to use towards iron golem spawners, at a count of 16 villagers per voucher. We hope that with this change, we can reduce the lag, and the amount of villagers sitting idle in breeders. These vouchers are only tradable by the user who's name is on the voucher, and can only be used towards an iron golem spawner. Simply /modreq by a chest and 16 villagers to receive one similar to this. More details about the villagers in Switch's post: https://redd.it/474cg4
  20. nerd.nu has a rule against disruptive arguments/discussions in global chat. There is a sort of unspoken rule on PvE that "politics" and "religion" are banned topics except in clanchat, relegated to the #politics channel or similar. Is this in fact a policy that staff are supposed to enforce? If so, are there any guidelines or specific criteria for determining whether a given topic or phrase is okay or not?
  21. I'm getting tired of having to /ignore the same dumbases every time. Alternatively, have some sort of automated periodic report in /mb of top /ignored users, so moderators are aware if someone is pissing people off.
  22. See this post for trophy info Here are the links for screenshots Best City Argoth Brom Pico Rose Solace Best Personal Build Gumball Parkour Hamsale's Dome Hyrule Mesa's Edge Greenhouse Scorpio Crater Sunken Gardens of Brom Tizadrienne's Mansion Up and Coming Clearmont Coal City Eitic Hyrule Port Obello Most Unique City Brabantia Christmas Faire Ironstar Metal Mountains Nassaue Most Unique Personal Build Bluexile's Home Burly Lumberjack CARnivore_nds' Colorful Home Gumball Parkour Hamsale's Dome Hyrule Sunken Gardens of Brom Teapot Best Small Build Brom Embassy in Rose Kaefer_'s Inn Mesa's Edge Pub & Brewery Best Redstone Build Brom Autofarm Network and Resource Management System Rose Caverns Two Lips Flower Machine Best Road Avalon Le Pont de Poussin The Sandstone Highway Best Flag Brom Flagpole Hyrule Mesa's Edge Port Obello Rose Yowie
  23. Due to the amount of cities that are in the category of Best City, we will be doing a preliminary vote. The Top 5 Cities from this vote will go into the final voting for the Rev 16 Award of Best City See the links below for pictures. Ambrosia Argoth Avalon Brom Mercenary's Outpost Pico Port Apeture RavenRock Rose Seneca Solace Sybercity Vinhaven Westfall Whiteoak Yowie
  24. (I am overly proud of my first CH accomplishment and should probably be ignored) https://github.com/NerdNu/nerdCH/pull/24 TL;DR: /book-list lets players see a list of written books available to them. /book <bookname> gives them a copy of the book. Several handy administrative commands exist for adding new books. This could be nice for somewhat added immersion, rather than clicking a url and loading a web browser up to view the journals. This ch script is already running on P (and C as well afaik) and is the mechanism behind the /rulebook command which was used last revision, so no techadmins need be involved in setting it up since its already there.
  25. Because sometimes you have a lot of jungle you want to clear out. Maybe have it enabled only for a limited duration unless explicitly requested otherwise. edit: I feel bad bringing this one up since the trees on this map are so nice. I really was thinking about previous maps where I've been involved in projects that required clearing huge tracts of land by hand, producing more lumber than was ever used. doing that several times gets old.
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