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  1. We've had a few players ask about what ever happened to kits that were mentioned. Is that still a prospect for this inbetween chaos period? Many users are bringing up how much fun a previous chaos rev was because of the kits provided... Chests are becoming harder and harder to find and potions will be nonexistant soon enough. Consider it, at least. Thank you and have a nice day.
  2. Come on guys, this rev has been up all year. Does anyone have an update on plans for rev 28?
  3. So, are chest, heads, and furnaces going to be unlocked? Do I need to stash away a hidden cache of gems and gear just in case?
  4. This post is announcing a couple major changes to the survival server: I'm sad to announce that Mumberthrax and TheAcademician have stepped down from their roles on staff. We thank them for their contributions the the community and their service as survival admins. This Friday, Feb 6th after Avada's Arena Event (calendar link) we will be switching Survival to end-of-rev PVP TNT Party mode with kits and TNT at spawn for the weekend. At the end of the weekend Survival will switch to 1.8 Chaos game mode while we begin the search for new Survival Admins. The Chaos server will have a dedicated arena area or world set up for the ongoing arena series being planned by the players and events staff. Players who wish to run arena events on S please contact Event Admin LadyRavenOwl for more information.
  5. This is a classic arena battle starring unce's arena being held Saturday, January 24th. Beginning at 7p CST (calculate your time here) on the dot, be ready to kill your peeps! Everyone is welcome to attend, even if it means just cheering in the stands! The matches will be as follows (if unspecified, it will be a kitted match): 2v2 2v2 1v1 (Bring your own diamond gear) 3v3 4v4 (if enough attendees) 2v2 (Bring your own gear) 1v1 1v1 2v2 FFA (no gear) Curious as to what the prizes are? They vary but include your standard diamonds, a mob egg of some sort (in some cases you get to choose!), ghast tears and more! Questions or comments? Reply here or shoot me a PM! Can't wait to see you all there!! :D
  7. Hey, Could we get an update on the 'Best Designed Shop' contest? Thanks!
  8. Start mining and grinding for the maze arena being held this Saturday, January 10th on Survival. Beginning at 7p CST (calculate your time zone here) on the dot, be ready to kill your friends in a winding arena battle! Everyone is welcome to attend! Don't want to join the blood bath? Your cheering is appreciated in the stands! The matches will be as follows (if unspecified, it will be a kitted match): 1v1v1v1 2v2 4vMinotaur (Gear supplied) 1v1v1v1 (Bring your own gear) 4vMinotaur (Gear supplied; more difficult Minotaur) 4v4 (if enough attendees) 1v1v1v1 (Bring your own gear) 1v1v1v1 2v2 1v1v1v1 (Police hats) FFA (no gear) A reminder of the rules: Kitted Match: Fight to the death where the gear is given. Last participant standing wins the prize! Minotaur Match: Team match of four participants against an admin in special gear. The goal is to use team work to defeat the Minotaur. Killing your teammates will result in you being removed from the match. If the team of participants kills the admin, all participating players will be given the prize. Bring Your Own Gear (BYOG) Match: Bring your own gear. Any gear is allowed. Fight to the death match with the last standing person in the arena being the winner. Police Hats: Kitted match including a police hat. Fight to the death. Must keep the police hat on the entire duration of the match or you will be disqualified. FFA: No gear or items, fight to the death. Last person standing wins. Interfering with any of the arena matches will result in a warning kick. If you persist in being ornery after being kicked you will be moved to time out. All other general server rules apply. Curious as to what the prizes are? They vary but include your standard diamonds, a mob egg of some sort (in some cases you get to choose!), ghast tears and more! Questions or comments? Reply here or shoot me a PM! Can't wait to see you all there!! :D
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, but I wanted to ask whether or not it would be possible for Survival to get a modreq web portal similar to what Creative and PvE has. I assume the reason Survival never got one was due to the fact survival never had very many modreqs over the summer (due to Civ Craft), and it never really made sense to have it before. I'm not sure whether or not adding this would create a problem due to the fact users could potentially use this as an opportunity to gain an advantage over other users, but I highly doubt having modreqs public would cause an issue, unless the requester was posting their coordinates or something in the /modreq (in which case this could potentially could be abused). Cheers.
  10. In light of the recent events, mostly regarding the position TheAcademician has decided to take. It got me thinking, especially since people have been longing for a change, why don't we implement Server Tech Admins? It's clear that players would like their server admins to spend a little more time in-game, and being a more solid part of the community, but when it comes down to it, things need to get done. While the server admins are busy resolving player disputes and organising events, talking with players, etc, the server techs can be busy working on new plugins or fixing bugs, whatever it is techs do when it comes to doing things for a specific server. Doing so would make it easier for each server to run on it's own, because it would let those in charge focus on what needs to be done that way the Nerd tech admins can work on bigger things that apply to all the servers, for example, Nerd techs can work on optimising the newest version of KitchenSink, meanwhile the Creative techs work on the latest version of WorldEdit. One of the things that we recently discussed was the desire for more active admins, and I believe that this would definitely help that problem. The players that do dedicate a lot of their time to moderating and being a part of the server can be the server admins meanwhile working in tandem with the ones in the background that want to help out by giving us more fun things to work with. Of course doing so would be a big undertaking and not one that would happen overnight, but I am certain that implementing it would help nerd take a step in the right direction. -Magnyus
  11. Greetings everyone, your new S-Admin Aca here. I know you've all been wanting to hear more from us on the admin team regarding the future of S and what our plans are to address the obvious problems. I don't have answers for everything, but I will do my best to address some things. The first thing I will address is the negative reaction from people regarding myself being chosen as the new admin for S given that I haven't played there in a while and many people don't know who I am. Many have asked why I'm not now actively playing on S; to which the simple answer is that I'm still building a portal city on P, mostly alone, and that is an obligation I cannot simply drop. That said, I think I have a fair handle on how S is doing. I played S for several revisions exclusively, and besides the Civ revision the gameplay is basically the same as it was back then. I've worked with the S admins on a few projects while as tech, the biggest of which was to develop CobraCorral. As a player I always believed that S could use some more community in-between all the killing of everyone. That's why I worked with uni0 on building our SHIELD clan base in Rev15 which had public arenas right next to one of the spawn portals. I also helped design and build Egreth with Mumberthrax in Rev20 and Sanctuary with uni0 in 21, two very successful big cities despite the near-constant attacks levied against us. For those and several other reasons I think I'm qualified to join the admin team, and I'm glad that the other admins felt that I was a good candidate. I know there is a great deal of frustration among S players over this, and I understand this will not alleviate all the points and questions raised by the community, but I hope in time you will find me to be a suitable choice. Mumber, redwall, and Beast have been actively collecting suggestions over the past few months for how to rework the gameplay of S to be more, quite frankly, fun. There's only so much that Minecraft vanilla PVP can offer and it seems like S tapped this out a long time ago. Over the last week or so I've looked back through all the S posts tagged on the forums for suggestions, and I can say with confidence that 90% of them have been tried in revisions to near 0 effect on popularity of the server. The recent suggestions that the admin team have received range from a bit out there (admittedly, some of mine are too :D) to minor changes that could draw more people in. I know many of you like the vanilla-esque style of gameplay that S currently has, which was supported by the fact that the S26 (Civ) feedback post here was entirely a call for the admins to return to that gameplay. However, it's become clear that not only are a rather vocal minority of S players tired of this type of gameplay, the community as a whole doesn't seem to be consistently supporting it either given the player numbers we have been seeing over the past few months. The future of S however is currently more lava than it is obsidian. I am spending much of my out-of-game time working with the other admins at the moment to compile the ideas we have received to see if we can come up with a plan for how future S revisions will unfold. Due to the amount of suggestions and the fact that many of these require technical considerations are the main reason behind the lack of communication from the S admin team to this point. We honestly don't know at this time what S28 may look like, and there are no specific details to share on our considerations at this time. Know that in all likelihood S28 and beyond may be a very different style of gameplay than you're used to on S. However, the focus on S will always be PVP, and, more importantly, to try and make that PVP worth engaging in and sticking around for. This is not an easy task, and it takes time. Lately a great deal of posts and discussion has come up about how the S community can better help form these next revisions. I've seen calls for public meetings and logged IRC development chats among others. The Nerd admin teams as a whole have always been very open to community ideas and suggestions, and S is no different. If players or groups of players want to provide us with additional suggestions we're all for it and happy to receive them. That being said, we have no plans at this time to publish any public information on our current revision plans or participate in public meetings to discuss how the new S revision should be built. Ultimately the S admin team requires the latitude to craft the gameplay of S with community suggestions, but not community interference. When we have a better idea of what our plans our, and have had the time to internally review it with the rest of Nerd staff, a public post will follow for everyone to discuss what they feel about it. Your best places to provide suggestions to us is our uservoice located here. . I hope this clears the air on some subjects, Thanks for reading. Play more blocks! -Aca
  12. Tomorrow, December 16th, Event will be opening for the Winter Holiday maze! Enjoy snow filled adventures with murderous snowballs and killer snow golems, mazes of awesome, parkour, and more! In the center of the maze you will find a Christmas Tree. slide23 wrote an awesome plug in that allows the community to help decorate it! You can place any one block; place carefully though because you won't be able to break it after! I've included a list of different heads for you all to use in case you don't want to use your own. :D There is also a scavenger hunt on this Event round! I've hidden 26 heads around the map with easy-signs to hit for points (you must hit the sign for credit). Those who find all the heads will be credited flair and possible forum tags. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this Event possible and dealing with my controlling anal retentive...... awesomeness. A special thanks to the following: Mrgauthier34, without him half the things on Event wouldn't have been constructed. He's a true trooper and has probably dealt with my controlling shenanigans more than anyone on here (besides meebs slide23). He's been a bau5 at getting things done in a timely fashion as well. cab417 and rtr69, also badasses. Thank you so much for helping myself and MrG out. You've been awesome and great to work with. JudgeDread, beautiful build as always. Denevien and redwall_hp, you two are awesome. The plugins you two wrote for this are amazing and you're not even tech admins. :D smiler100 and slide23, both of you are equally awesome. The adjustments and plugins that were written to make this Event even better are so awesome and Event wouldn't be nearly as amazing without them. SirTacoface, thank you for building a brilliant parkour course for everyone to enjoy and adding a new depth to the map. :D xkittypuppetx, the Christmas Tree that you built for the center of the maze is wonderful and I greatly appreciate your work on it. It looks great and I really enjoyed working with you on Event. SwitchViewz, though you occasionally freak me out, (:P), a lovely spawn as usual. Thank you for making the time with school and your life to make it for me. Also a special thanks to my two speed build arena winners, Segadude20000 and ultrahub. You guys are great. :D
  13. Hello everyone, long time lurker ultrahub here with an idea that has been rattling around my head for some time now. Based on recent discussions that have come up, I feel now would be an appropriate time to put my idea out. The Idea I would like to see some sort of battle server for organized pvp and possibly minigames, I'm thinking hunger games, capture the flag, team deathmatch, and other game modes. This server would run separate to the others, so no major changes would be needed for any existing server. The idea is to have a server that everyone else on the other servers can hop to and from at their leisure to participate in the games. Maybe have some sort of command that let's you queue for the next round of something while building or hunting down your enemies. Then, once it's time you are transported to the battle server for a quick battle, and once it's done you are taken back to a lobby. From there you can go into another game or take a portal back to the server you were previously on. Why I Think It Will Help I believe that we can solve a few of our issues with a server like this, namely bringing in new players. Admitably I think Nerd is falling behind a little when it comes to some other servers I have played on, however no other server has the same attitude and community feel. I think by having a more direct pvp environment, it will attract a lot of "tourists" if you will, then those people would be more inclined to explore the other servers once they had their fun on the battle server. This will undoubtedly draw a lot of pvpers, and many may stick around on S. The reason I think this is simple, people want action immediately. Not everyone wants to start from scratch when it comes to a survival pvp server, as most servers offer a "starter kit". However people will be more inclined to stay and explore our existing servers if they have a direct way of getting to some action. I also think this would be a great compromise for the rest of our servers as well, as I know many people who like to pvp but don't want to play on S, myself included. I feel this may be the closest we can get to pleasing new and old players alike, without drastically chainging our existing servers. End Comments I don't know how possible this would be, and I don't know jack about plugins or the inner workings of the server hardware, but I really do believe this would be a great help to our servers. I know we pride ourselves on being as close to vanilla minecraft as we can, but I think we can't fall too far behind other servers. I'm not saying we should change our ways, but adding in something new as a separate entity to spice things up in addition to our current setup may be just what we need. We could even take this a step farther and have community made maps for our games, I would be more than willing to make a few if needed. I think our community could make a battle server like this stand out from the rest with our... "charm"... or whatever you would call it. Thanks for reading my wall of text, would love to hear constructive comments and suggestions, ultrahub out.
  14. I can log into every server except survival. I am getting connecting:readtimeoutexception:null. On the log in screen it's showing my roommate and me still logged in.
  15. Holiday Greetings! This weekend I will be hosting two speed builds with three rounds each on the Event Server! You can enter up to one round in both sections, meaning you can do both Gingerbread Houses and Snow Forts. Gingerbread House Speed Build Arena by Contest Winner: Segadude20000 The Gingerbread House Speed Build will start promptly Saturday, December 6th at 6p CST. Not in this time zone? Calculate your time here! Watch out though! This is first come, first serve! Rules of Engagement Three rounds of 15 minutes each Your final result must resemble a gingerbread house You may request flowing lava and water from a moderator, just ask via /modreq or World Chat! :D General speed building rules apply Three winners from each round will be selected, resulting in nine winners total. These nine winners will be displayed in the Gumdrop Forest during the Christmas Event! :D Snow Fort Speed Build Arena by Contest Winner: ultrahub This Speed Build will start promptly Sunday, December 7th at 2p CST. Calculate your time here for this event. Due to more limited spaces during this speed build, I will take reservations via forum mail, server mail, or if you can catch me on a server (Survival is a good bet) via PM! Precedence will be given to those who signed up over walk-ins. Rules of Engagement Three rounds of 30 minutes each Build a badass snowfort (being able to enter the snow fort will give brownie points!) You may request flowing lava and water from a moderator, just ask via /modreq or World Chat! :D General speed building rules apply One winner from each round will be selected, resulting in three winners total. These winners will be displayed on the Christmas Event in the Snowball Fight Area, so keep that in mind for your design! In the event of a tie for the winner during judging, the two participants will enter a build off between each other with less time given. >:D Haven't done a speed build competition and want to know more about it before getting snowy? Check out LetsBFehr's post here! Please note: NSFW builds and/or NSFW signs will not be tolerated. All server rules apply to this contest and the Event server. If you interfere with the builders in any way (including, but not limited to, blocking them or altering their build) you will be given ONE warning kick. If this persists then you will be banned from ALL servers for the duration of the Speed Build. Please be respectful of the builders and the event.
  16. Hello all! I am issuing a contest to build two speed build arenas for the Event server. The deadline for this contest is Monday evening, November 24th. If you are interested in having your build entered, please build in single player and provide your schematic/world for download (DropBox is a viable form, as well as GoogleDrive, etc). The build criteria is as follows: Snowfort Build Arena: 6 (no more than 8) 50 x 50 plots Stands Christmas/Winter Theme Gingerbread House Build** Arena: 10 20 x 20 plots Stands Christmas/Winter Theme Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour! **Realized that I should clarify that. It's to build Gingerbread houses, not made from Gingerbread. :D
  17. Since both subreddit threads were downvoted to zero, I thought it would be better to move it to the forum. Actual players of S, what changes would you want to happen next revision that you think will make the server more popular. http://nerd.nu/usage/survival/ Discuss. -gsand ;D
  18. This Wednesday, November 12th, I will be bringing the maze arena back at 7p CST with my right wing, Mrgauthier34, on Survival! The matches will be as follows (if unspecified, it will be a kitted match): 1v1v1v1 2v2 4vMinotaur (Gear supplied) 1v1v1v1 (Bring your own gear) 4vMinotaur (Gear supplied; more difficult Minotaur) 4v4 (if enough attendees) 1v1v1v1 2v2 FFA (no gear) Can't wait to see you all there!! :D
  19. The fourth portal is open again tonight at 12a CDT giving you access to the Event Server!! Enjoy the multi-level maze of spawn before wandering out into the 451 x 451 maze. There are two exits that will lead you to different attractions on the edges, this includes the Pumpkin Patch which is showcasing our Championship Speed Build Winners, a hot Nether area with a portal to more exciting things, the orchard, and much much more! Beware though! The dark forest has PvP enabled so make a dash for your life against your best friend! While I'm at this I would like to take this moment to give special thanks to the staff members and players helping me make this possible: Spawn: SwitchViewz, MonroeZabaleta, Rokku117, Pinko_Eric, SirLyle Mrgauthier34: The list of all the different things he's done is far too long to write out but without him this event couldn't have been possible. Creative Speed Build Arena: unce Mumberthrax: Different Plug-in Ideas, Region Help, The Spider Spawners You All Will Hate :D Everything Technical and Training Me to Use World Edit plus Lots of Building: slide23 TheAcademician: Plug-ins of SO MUCH AWESOME and Other Technical Things Writing a Plug-in For Aesthetic Purposes, the Barn, the Rivers, and other building: JudgeDread Diamond_Lover123: The Beautiful Pixel Art Above The Maze Redstone: TheRandomnatrix, Israphels, Aypop General Testing: All server admins You guys really have been fabulous and I really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you all so so much!! EDIT~!! Those who complete the maze will get subreddit flair after the Event! Make sure you hit the sign at the end to celebrate! Secondary edit, due to popular request I have decided to leave the Event server until Sunday, November 9th for being able to run the maze. After Sunday you will not be able to complete it for subreddit flair. Sunday I will enable flying on the server so that you can explore the map and find anything you may have missed. :D
  20. The staff meeting has been set to this Thursday, November 6th at 8p CST/9p EST. I will post the meeting agenda on Wednesday, November 5th for all staff members to see. Please note that if it is not on the agenda, then it will not be discussed. This is to prevent blindsiding and personal arguments. If you have something you want discussed and added to the agenda, please message me on IRC or on the forums. If for some reason you cannot make this meeting, there will be a recording and notes posted. I will have the notes posted by the following day and the recording I will have up as soon as possible. If you're interested in recording the meeting, please message me. If enough people cannot make this meeting, then I will schedule a secondary meeting to discuss the same topics at another time. Please be on time, as I intend to start the meeting promptly at 8p CST/9p EST. :D
  21. Hello everyone, let me first say sorry for not keeping you guys update on the status of the second general meeting. Right now we are working on restructuring a few things and, I would like to hold off on having the second general meeting until those things are done.
  22. Hello Everyone, I am looking to push out the next issue of the Nerdpaper this upcoming Friday. If you have anything you would like to be highlighted in this issue please get them to my by Thursday (Oct. 30th). Thanks so much for your help! -djt832
  23. djt832


    Hello all, I'd like to start a sort of newspaper for the nerd community. Basically, the motivation for this idea is to make sure we keep everyone updated on the stuff going on around here. Its hard for staff that are busy with other things, like setting up revs, to keep everyone informed. So this would hopefully fix that issue. What I would need from you (admins, techs, staff, community members even) is just a short update (screen shots too!) on what you're working on. It doesn't matter what server its from, as I'd like this to be for all of them, events included. Im willing to do all the work compiling and writing up the stories and posting it in a newspaper type format. Any opinions on this idea?
  24. Grand Champion: Hollifer Reserve Grand Champion: totemo Champion Lite: dnynumberone Please also check out our subreddit for photos of all the winners (minus the Championship build). The other Championship build pumpkins will be on display (two per day) in the lobby starting tomorrow! Thank you for all who attended and all your hard work. You were all amazing!
  25. This post is not strictly for survival moderators. Anyone is welcome to help out. We're looking at launching rev 28 at 6-8 weeks after launching rev 27, barring tragedy or overwhelming outcry to extend rev 27. There are a few projects sadmins want to present to mods and the other admins here to offer the opportunity to help out with. 6-8 weeks will put launch day near the end of November and beginning of December. Everybody in the northern hemisphere will be quite chilly (I suspect the majority of our players are from up topside, sorry equatorial and southern hemisphere friends :/ ) so I was thinking a wintery theme for spawn/arenas might be cool (no pun intended, but heh). Particularly the idea of a sort of "winter palace" for spawn. I'd like to see if we can put something together, maybe hold a contest on C for it, with winner being selected a few weeks before launch of rev 28 (to give us time to paste it in and make sure it's all configured properly). Would anyone be willing to help out with this? Still need to run the idea by Cadmins. Or if you think you can make a decent frigid-feeling spawn or arena yourself, that'd be awesome too! We're going to continue trying new approaches to survival, whether that means new plugins, new events, different rules, novel map designs, etc. Sadmins may need help sifting through all of the ideas that have been submitted in the past, all of the seemingly endless discussion threads or reaction polls. xTheHundredsx gave me a list once of some of these, but I'm sure it's outdated now: http://paste.thezomg.com/15244/41210733/ If anyone would like to volunteer to help make sense of all of this, please let us know. If you have an event you have been kicking around for a while that you'd be excited to see implemented on survival, please share it. With our combined effort we can do more than we might as individuals. The sooner we can get them planned out, the easier it will be to make them work together as an integrated experience for players. I have a mini-ctf arena that's been languishing for a while now that really just needs a few things tweaked and maybe given a mild makeover with 1.7 blocks, i just haven't had the time to work on it. We can put together a list and make it happen. And if it's an idea that may seem too big to work on S, it might work on the event server, or in a multiverse'd dimension on S. Nothing is really off the table currently from sadmin's standpoint. Beastbruiser, redwall, and I will be trying our best to engage non-staff further in planning/preparing for rev 28 and beyond. If anyone has ideas on how this might best be achieved, please share. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and much gratitude to you for all you do here.
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