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  1. Hey their everyone, this is something I have always wanted to do and I intend to push really hard to get this going. I want players to be able to host their own events on the server with staff assistance if needed. When I was a player I always wanted to host official Mob Arenas or Spleef Matches but was turned down by staff because we don't do that. I want to change that and open event hosting to all of the community. I want to do this however without granting any sort of extra perms to players and to do this they will need staff assistance and support. This is what I propose for Player-Ran-Events. Info Players submit a document following a specific format (that I will write up at a later date) that will include information about the event. Such as what server they want the event to be on, what kind of staff assistance is needed, what the prizes are (if any), and other details regarding the event. The goal here is to have the player completely run the event and only have staff assistance for things they can not do. These are the things that I feel we should offer to players: /o and /broadcast usage (announcement on the servers) Teleporting short distances Prizes EasySigns All of the above would be done by a designated staff member for the event and not done by the player. The player(s) running the event would be in a clanchat to communicate with the designated staff member. The initial launch of PREs would not include players building something on E in Creative and then having it transferred over to P, C, or S. However this is something I would like everyone to comment on as I think it is a neat idea. Essentially a player would submit a idea proposal, let's say a 5K for PvE. They would build it on E, then next rev PvE it would be transferred to the map. How would server admins feel about something like this? If it is on S or P it would not be put in the world, it would be put in a MV World or under spawn where players can not do block damage or bring things back to the overworld. Rules Draft Event must be hosted on P, C, S, or E Event must not take down any other servers (You can not do something like the fundraiser where all servers are taken down) Prizes can include any item that is obtainable through survival gamemode. Can have a custom name or enchantment (such as a fish with Protection 2). Can not be anything to ridiculous if on PvE or S (ex: giving out stacks of diamonds). Staff reserve the right to halt an event if problems are to arise Approval Process The approval process would work like this: Player posts event submission in the correct format EAdmins overlook it to see if anything seems unusual or a bit extreme (such as huge prizes) If nothing is wrong, it will be overviewed by that servers admin team If all server admins and EAdmins see nothing wrong it is approved Event is built/hosted This is my initial proposal of Player-Ran-Events to you guys and this is definetly subject to change. Please leave any feedback you have and if you would be okay with something like this.
  2. Hey there everyone, I've been thinking about this idea for awhile and spoken to a few of you about it. With E currently being restructured I'd also like to expand the EAdmin role. Right now there is just a single EAdmin with a second one coming soon and various people on staff helping. I would like to start up a "Event Team" that is made up of staff and community members. There would be 1-2 EAdmins that coordinate and run the team and then any number of members on the team. Everyone on the team would be listed on nerd.nu/staff in there own area under "Event Team" and on the forums, and would be in there own perm group on E called "eteam", but listed in regular groups on P, S, C. A new forum board would also be introduced under "Staff Discussions" above PMC titled "Event Discussion & Planning" that everyone in the Event Team would have access to. All staff would also have access to this board but the public would not. Community members would be able to apply for the team by PMing an EAdmin stating that they are interested and how they think they could contribute. Depending on the need for members and the skills a person applying has we would decided if we want to add them or not. As an example, if this were put into action today, this would be the team I would start out with: SwitchViewz, Skraps, zburdsal, JudgeDread, kittypuppet Thoughts?
  3. Hey their everyone, we are looking to add additional Event Admins in the near future and would love to hear who you think would make a good fit. Please send me a PM if you have anyone in mind and I will add it to our discussion. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hey their everyone, I am happy announce an upcoming event called 'Chaos Revision 7'. For those of you not familiar with Chaos Rev's, Chaos was a past server that we hosted at x.nerd.nu that was 24/7 Chaos but was shut down due to lack of hardware. I am bringing back the Chaos Server for a short couple weeks with a new revision as an event. However this time around it will not be the Chaos that everyone is used to at the end of a servers rev or even the past Chaos Revs. Oh no, this Chaos will be true Chaos. There will be insane ore plumping, xp plumping, loot, and plugins to enhance the Chaos. This thread is going to act as a brainstorm for all the ideas that are currently being considered. I'd also like to have anyone that wants the help to help out! Current staff helping: Leads: SwitchViewz, zburdsal Staff: SkrapssparkS Ideas we are considering: - Incredibly small map, such as 500x500 - Have it take place in an abandoned city - Insane ore plump, such as 10x - Insane xp plump, such as 10x - Insane mob spawns - Super powerful and strong mobs/bosses - Random events, such as TNT rain - Loot scattered around the map Plugins we are considering: Custom Enchantments Custom Potions ChaosSpawners MorePotions BloodMoon ChaosSkulls This is just what we currently have so far for ideas and would appreciate any ideas that everyone has! I am also currently working on getting a Chaos-Dev Server up and running for us to soon start construction.
  5. Looking at our events page on trello I've noticed this staff vs players TF2 idea, when would you guys find easiest to be online for this? Once I get an idea on staff numbers and dates best suited for us then I'll create a poll in events for the players to see.
  6. Hey there everyone, it's that time of year again for our Donation Drive CTF Event! We are in need of buildings to help construct the event and who better but all of you guys? We need a wide variety of things built and things done. There is a lot of info below on what needs to be completed. To claim what you would like to build, please post in this topic or PM me. I will then whitelist you on E to start building! To get to E, type /event or /e in the lobby. Once on E please use "/mvtp admin" to get to the multiverse building world. I am aiming to have a large quantity of builds done within 1 week! So please claim something right away and get started! We need all hands on deck! Below is the current status of all builds for a quick view without having to go into the google doc: Main Server Spawn / Minigames Spawn: Mostly Complete - SwitchViewz Team Spawns: Not started Event Lobby: Building - zburdsal Ruins: Building - buzzie71 Spleef: Building - Mrloud15 Maze: Not started Obstacle Course: Not started Parkour: Not started KOTH: Not started Status scherer is done with the map, map is up on E for ingame editing. E is up so we can start construction on other parts. Map/Theme Theme: Tropical/Islands Map: Islands scattered around in various sizes, one island per team base Bases: AZTEC/MAYAN/polynesian (walls/fortress) WP map is done, ready for ingame editing -scherer To Do for map cleanup: fixwater all the cave/ravine cuts, need lots of help/time to do this -partially done with this, mostly east half of map within +-750 worldedit out all endportals in mushroom island mushrooms, lol (originally there for subtle lighting purposes in creative mode) -done look for odd artifacts of floating water - missed a few of them -caught one, haven’t seen any more make certain tree islands have the right type of log/leaf - (see map) Acacia island needs acacia logs/leaves -done Birch island needs birch leaves -done Roofed forest island (adjacent to swamp) needs dark oak logs/leaves -done possibly paste in a bigass tree here at the center Animals are fucking everywhere (spawns are set to orignal TC map locations (with plains everywhere) - could /thor the ones swimming in the ocean and populate the islands evenly, in particular horses and sheep alternatively, have backstory of livestock cargo being tossed overboard in a violent storm, lol After and/or during map cleanup: Insert/build spawns for both teams (see map) Insert/build buff things on equidistant islands (resettable temple-y traps and parkour things, or just simple buff locations) suggest central volcano, mushroom island, and nether island for maximal coverage - good place for a custom nether fortress Insert/build custom ocean monuments (see map for suggested locations) Insert misc ruins and shit add spawners in (blaze, low freq witherskelly?, ghast spawners in nether island?; guardian, maybe elder guardians?; perhaps a very low freq sheep spawner of the appropriate color in each team’s base to prevent complete obliteration of wool production?) Structures/Worlds/Buildings Main Server Spawn / Minigames Spawn Builders: SwitchViewz Details: Floating tropical island in the center, with bridges going out to the minigames Team Spawns Builders: SwitchViewz / Admins Details: Small Pyramid, something like THIS Event Lobby Builders: SwitchViewz, zburdsal Details: Google Info Doc - Large volcano with the portal being the lava in the volcano Ruins scattered around the map Builders: ? Details: Ruins embedded into the volcano in the center A custom nether fortress on the nether island Perhaps some sort of obsidian dragon or end fortress on the end island? Abandon buildings/villager buildings or an abandon village Need more ideas here! Team Bases Builders: ? I can help work on walls/base/flag - Random Details: ? Minigames PvP Spleef Builders: Mrloud15 Info: First floor is Spleef, second floor is a PvP Arena, all players get spleef and PvP gear. You get one point for winning Spleef and one point for winning PvP, team with the most points wins overall and the prize Prize: ? Maze Builders: ? Info: A maze Prize: ? Object Run / Obstacle Course Builders: SwitchViewz, ? Info: A obstacle course / running course where players race to the end while avoiding obstacles and work out the fastest routes to take, with a mix of parkour Prize: ? Parkour Builders: ? Info: A single or variety of parkour courses Prize: ? Buff Towers Builders: ? Info: Need 6 parkour towers for 6 different buffs
  7. Post all of your screencaps and any stories below! (Yellow Team FTW!)
  8. Thread is inactive, use: https://trello.com/nerdnustaff Hey everyone, I wanted to post a list with all my current ideas and plans for events. I intend to update this very frequently so check back often to see what events are in the works. I will also being utilizing Google Docs a lot in planning things out so that we can pass around and share the document with other staff members and players. Key Plans: Things that are currently/actively being worked on Ideas: Brainstorm of ideas and things I would like to do in the future but I am currently not working on Green: Everything is on schedule and almost ready to go live OR is already live Orange: In progress/WIP, in a building/working stage Blue: In a planning/discussion stage, but no ingame work has been done Red: Canceled or major problem has come up Plans Lobby Design Contest #2 Status: Event is live! Info: Google Info Doc Donation Drive Status: In progress Info: Forum Topic, Google Info Doc, Event Lobby Google Doc Friday/Saturday Night Gaming Status: Ongoing Info: Google Info Doc July Firework Show & Scavenger Hunt Status: Planning, need to contact PAdmins Info: Google Info Doc WIP CS:GO Tournament Status: Planning Info: Google Info Doc WIP TF2 Staff VS Players Status: Planning Info: Google Info Doc WIP Community Brawl Status: Planning Info: Google Info Doc WIP Ideas [redacted] Speed Building Events on Creative Mob Area Event on PvE Scavenger Hunt on P/S/C Spleef on PvE Horse/Pig Racing on PvE/S/C PvP Tournament on P/S Recent Updates April 15th 2015 - Updated several events with google docs April 12th 2015 - Updated with 2 new events April 11th 2015 - Updated events April 9th 2015 - Canceled Ruins Event, fixed font/formatting April 8th 2015 - Created Topic, Mrloud15 Pinned Topic, Reformatted & Cleaned Up Past Events Donation Drive Ruins Contest Status: Canceled - The Head Admins and I decided that in the best interest of time we should not host this, we also don't plan to have that many ruins scattered around the map. I may bring this back for future donation drives. Info: Hold a contest for ruins that will be scattered around the CTF map. Maze Arena on Survival Status: Event completed Info: Announcement
  9. I've always wanted to host a pub quiz, but pubs IRL smell like old people and the beer mostly tastes like earwax. The atmosphere is what's great and it can be replicated by gathering enough rowdy people in one place, a place like our currently empty mumble and event server. The next big problem is that a formal pub quiz is a naff spectator sport, while one without strict rules is a noisy uncompetitive mess, my solution is to mix in quiz show elements which make for more interesting and audience inclusive presentation. Credit to Barlimore for prompting this post with his suggestion in the events thread. First off you need a format. I'm thinking two teams per match and 2 matches of 20 questions every Friday or Saturday night. 5-10 questions are open response, first team to buzz in gets 15 seconds to give their first and final answer, correct answers open up 1-2 bonus multiple choice questions on which there isn't a strict time limit and there's a one time option to go 50-50, ask a friend in the channel or ask the audience as a whole to vote. Teams with the lowest scores get knocked out each round as we move from quarters to semis to finals, meaning the quiz would run for around a month probably. Then you need a venue and we should start by having a competition to build one, I think builds in the style of British panel shows like QI and University Challenge would be best, but anything that accommodates two teams, audience seating and the people running the event would work fine. I suggest the event server to host this because it would give it a special touch and not cause any of the main server chats to get spammed. Next you need the following people to be interested and then commit to turning up: Host (question asker and maker, I'll do this if my shitty old mic allows, but it would be a good idea to have more than one person ready to do it) Score keeper Teams of 4 or less people An audience This needs a minimum of 3-4 teams of 2-4 people and ideally some spectators to make it viable. There's the logistics about when we host it and who wants to come, but I'll see if enough people are interested to start with in the hope that the actual thing can attract 20 or so people into mumble and in the same game area at one time. Lastly good prizes. Bragging rights and special flairs are of courser priceless, but even better would be substantial ingame rewards, like money for the server shops, access to high value loot or maybe even something steam related. Oh yeah question are pretty important too, I'm good with most things except sport, but if there are particular topics people want to include suggest away, also what balance should be struck between silly questions and serious-ish ones and whether people are interested in picture questions and other more game showy things.
  10. CTF Donation Drive 2015 Who: YOU! What: The first 2015 CTF Donation Drive! When: Right now until Sunday at 11:59pm EDT! Where: Nerd.Nu Minecraft Event Server (e.nerd.nu), and Mumble (mumble.nerd.nu port 6162), and at nerd.nu/donate/ Why: To help raise funds to help keep our servers running! Information about the game and mostly everything you need to know can be found in the guidebook here. A few things to note that are different from past CTFs as well as other information: There is NO outer wall! You will have to build a defense and protection for your flag and don't have to leave a clear path to your flag. However the enemy can break it down to get it This is something very different from past CTF's and we hope it plays out well. Buffs and Buff towers are a secret! If you want to find out what they are, go and capture a a buff tower! Capture The Flag (CTF) For anyone wondering, Capture The Flag (CTF) is an old tradition for our fundraisers. There are two teams, red and blue of which you will be automatically assigned either one with the command "/join" while on event.nerd.nu - This allows our plugin to balance teams to avoid a bias which we saw in a previous CTF. There are two main worlds: The Capture the Flag world where both team bases are located alongside a whole host of hidden builds / buffs / treasures. Additionally there is a minigames world where we have three autonomous minigames: an adventure course (designed for 4 people to run at once), a vast maze to get lost in, Pvp Spleef (this event will be run by staff periodically / as often as we can) and King of the Hill. The aim of the game is to capture the enemy flag while defending your own team flags by working together. Contribute any way you wish but communication is key to ensure there are enough people out mining, farming and attacking / defending. The minigames are not just there for fun, there are prizes that you can win to take back to your teams in addition to bonus buffs / treasure hidden around the map. One of the big resources to gather is wool, dyed with the colour of your team as it will grant a buff for your team while standing on it but damage enemies. Why Donate? Nerd.nu was founded on the concept of fair play and the idea that when it comes to gaming, everyone should start with equal footing — and after almost six years of operation, we haven't strayed from these important values. Many online gaming services allow users to pay for in-game perks or specialized access, but here at Nerd, we firmly believe that money should be given not for the in-game rewards it might bring, but as a way of showing your appreciation for and supporting the costs of the services we provide. By donating to nerd.nu, you will be helping to pay for the hardware our servers are run on. You will not receive any in-game rewards or prizes for donating, but you will be recognized with an announcement in-game and a permanent place on our donations list. If you decide you'd like to donate, you may be wondering how much money to give. The donation amount we've received most often has been $20, but we recognize that our users come from a broad range of varying backgrounds with differing levels of financial means. We've received donations of amounts from less than five dollars to several hundred dollars in the past, so it's difficult for us to recommend a single amount to donate. Instead, we'd like to encourage you to donate whatever amount you feel comfortable with. No matter what amount you choose, all donations are greatly appreciated.
  11. Hey there everyone, I mentioned before that I wanted to try and make "Player Ran Events" possible. These Events would be official events endorsed by admins and announced just like other events, but would be ran by players with admin assistance. My question to all of you is, what do you see Player Ran Events being? Are you wanting events ran by players on each server or a big player event on E? Are you wanting events where prizes are handed out by admins? Are you wanting events where Admins run it but it was built by players? Etc. What is it you guys think Player Ran Events should be and include?
  12. Are you excited for Summer?! Are you tired of school/finals or work?! Then join us on Friday June 5th as we kick off our first 2015 Fundraiser! Who: YOU! What: The first 2015 CTF Donation Drive! When: Friday June 5th at 9PM EST - June 8th 12AM EST Where: Nerd.Nu Minecraft Event Server (e.nerd.nu) and Mumble Why: To help raise funds to help keep our servers running! A entire weekend full of building and fighting for your team! During this time our regular servers, C, P, S will be taken down for the duration of the event and will return when the event has concluded. An information post regarding the event will be put up within the next week containing everything you will need to know about the event and more! Stay tuned! Teaser: http://i.imgur.com/kiFdTEr.png
  13. Hey guys, with our recent concerns for funding and wanting to expand to other games we have decided that we are going to host multiple fundraisers per year. I have some questions for everyone that will help me work out the details of multiple fundraisers and would greatly appreciate you guys answering them. 1.) How many fundraisers would you like to see per year? How offen do you think they should be? 2.) What do you think we should do for fundraisers? Should we have one that is always CTF and others be something different, or have all of them be CTF, or something else? 3.) How long do you think fundraisers should last? (In days) 4.) Should we give some sort of recognition to donators via a forum award or subreddit flair? (No in game bonuses) 5.) Any other comments or feedback you have about donation drives/fundraisers?
  14. I'd like to hear what you all think of the idea of nerd hosting a public FTB server. FTB stands for Feed The Beast - basically it's a free minecraft launcher that contains pre-built configurations of mods that generally are set up to work well together - or at least don't have conflicts and tend not to crash like what can happen with manually adding mods to a client. Basically the mods contain new gameplay mechanics, new items, new decorative blocks, new biomes, mobs, etc. Some of the modpacks have technology oriented themes, where ores are processed to produce more ingots etc. and some modpacks focus more on exploration or magic spells, or just increasing the difficulty or variety of the game. The selling points of using something like an FTB mod pack versus setting up mods yourself are that It's accessible - download the launcher, select your preferred pack, and launch - players don't have to manually configure mods themselves in order to play on servers with the same experience everyone else has. It's relatively stable - some mods have unanticipated interactions that can cause lag on rare occasions but overall the mods are selected and configured to work well together without conflicts I know that traditionally nerd has never required players to have a modified client to play on the servers. I'd argue that FTB is sufficiently distinct from vanilla minecraft that it's basically a separate game. We have an official steam group, and though we do not host servers as nerd.nu, some of our community spend a fair amount of time playing other games while still somewhat connected to the nerd.nu brand. It's been suggested in the past that nerd branch out from being *just* a minecraft community to being a more generalized gaming community, and while I don't know what the overall feeling about this concept is, hosting an FTB server seems like a natural next step in that direction without necessarily buying into it wholesale. I've heard players in-game mention wishing to play FTB with the nerd community/moderation. I understand a fair amount of players currently play on another FTB server (or have been lately). While I don't know for certain that our current vanilla mc players would all jump at the chance to play on a nerd-moderated FTB server I can say that there are definitely many people who enjoy playing FTB based on the subreddit activity on http://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/ In fact, there was enough demand there for a free public server that the community was all rallied up to begin setting one up themselves, donating to it and everything, until the mods there put an end to it and promoted their own server which unfortunately is severely lacking in implementation. Thus at least on reddit, there is a void when it comes to free public fair and well-moderated FTB servers which nerd may be able to fill. FTB uses forge, and thus a forge-based server would be needed. MCPC+ is a forge server that supports most bukkit plugins, and that is what I would advise to be used. However, some plugins like LWC and Logblock do not work well with modded blocks, so alternatives would need to be used for logging and protections (if any are used). Grief-Prevention is a fairly well-polished protection plugin (made with modded minecraft in mind) which allows players to manually select their claimed areas, prevents TNT damage aboveground, protects chests, prevents water/lava flowing outside of your claim, offers a login-PvP-protection, and even has a PvP option to lay seige to another player's protected base - all of which is configurable. PRISM was designed specifically with modded minecraft in mind, and it is reported to work quite effectively on FTB servers in lieu of logblock or coreprotect. Some items in FTB packs can circumvent some protections, like the gravity gun or ars magica dig spell, or sigil of the flat lands, etc. Most such items can be nerfed, disabled, or their use logged by PRISM. If the server went without allowing protections on builds, players also have in-game protective solutions like warded stones from thaumcraft, forcefields from MFFS, etc. FTB has a reputation for being resource intensive. There are a few ways players can abuse mods to create lag on the server, such as running thousands of machines in a single chunk, abusing automatic mob spawners, running a quarry or item production line that is not configured safely so that items spill onto the ground in massive amounts, creating tons of mystcraft dimensions, leaving chunk loaders active, etc. Most if not all of these sources of lag have measures to prevent or deter them, whether through disabling known lag-inducing blocks and items, or by enforcing rules governing safe usage of said blocks and items, or just plain using a pack that doesn't have as many abuseable items. There's also the question of whether the servers we have can support another server in addition to S,P, and C. Configuring it, and tracking down lag would likely be more work for techadmins. I think having an FTB server operated and moderated by nerd, with our policy of free and public access, would be valuable to many. At the very least it might be an enjoyable event for our regular players if not a long-term setup. What are your thoughts on this?
  15. Guest


    Pardon the play on words for the title. I'm interested in finding out which map revisions people have played upon, partially due to being a nosey person and partially for having a fun poll thrown here on the forums. The questions limited me to 20 choices per answer so I had to squeeze some of the earlier revision numbers together for creative and survival.
  16. Hello everyone, We need to have a donation drive sometime soon, so I figured I would start a thread about planning it. The goal of the drive will be to provide funding for the servers for another year, and according to Deaygo we would need $4500 to do that. Here are a few things that we need to discuss before moving forward. What type of event should we have? When should we have the drive? How can we get the word out about the drive? I would like to ask everyone to comment asap so we can get this thing moving.
  17. Hey there everyone, I would like to gather feedback on when everyone is available to play games. Please share this link around with others so I can gather as much feedback as possible! Thanks! http://whenisgood.net/nerdnugaming
  18. Please help me welcome SwitchViewz as the new Event Admin and ExcessiveToker as the new Creative Admin! SwitchViewz has been playing on the servers since November 2012 and has been helping out as a mod since May 2014. You may know him from the Friday Night Gaming events, helping to build some of the holiday lobbies, UMC and Whiteoak on PvE. For those who are wondering what the Event Admin will do, they are in charge of leading the event server, coming up with ideas for events, coordinating players and staff, helping out server admins with running events on their respective servers, etc. ExcessiveToker has been playing since late 2013 and has been helping out as a mod since January 2015. You may know her from Potlandia on Creative. Both of these people will bring a lot of experience, ideas, and a new perspective to the admin teams they are joining, and I look forward to working with both of them!
  19. This is my entry for the SAL contest, let me know what you think! Album: http://imgur.com/a/GGWXf
  20. The Sadmin team has a question for our Survival community. Would you prefer to have the SAL arena designed and built by the admins or would you like to have a chance to build it yourselves in a contest? As a whole we are making an effort to bring the community into the decision making process for the server we all play on. Please vote in regards to one way or the other. If you have anything additionally to say, please do not hesitate to reply below. We will decide on the course of action Friday, March 6th, and act accordingly on the majority vote. Cheers! :D
  21. Hi all, I am interested in getting some feedback as to what sort of arena(s) you all would like to see on the new Chaos rev that is coming. Let's keep on track and be respectful. Feel free to leave your comments or questions below. Please be advised, that anything off topic or unnecessarily rude will be hidden. P.S. I smell like socks
  22. So, are chest, heads, and furnaces going to be unlocked? Do I need to stash away a hidden cache of gems and gear just in case?
  24. Please help me welcome LadyRavenOwl as the new Event Admin! She has been playing on the servers since mid 2011 and has been helping out as a mod from July 2011 to February 2012 and recently from December 2013. You may know her from on the recent maze events, her cake shops on S, or creating the awesome mazes arenas on S! For those who are wondering what the Event Admin will do, they are in charge of leading the event server, coming up with ideas for events, coordinating players and staff, helping out server admins with running events on their respective servers, etc. LadyRavenOwl will bring a lot of experience, ideas, and a new perspective to the new Event Admin position and I look forward to working with her!
  25. Hello everyone, long time lurker ultrahub here with an idea that has been rattling around my head for some time now. Based on recent discussions that have come up, I feel now would be an appropriate time to put my idea out. The Idea I would like to see some sort of battle server for organized pvp and possibly minigames, I'm thinking hunger games, capture the flag, team deathmatch, and other game modes. This server would run separate to the others, so no major changes would be needed for any existing server. The idea is to have a server that everyone else on the other servers can hop to and from at their leisure to participate in the games. Maybe have some sort of command that let's you queue for the next round of something while building or hunting down your enemies. Then, once it's time you are transported to the battle server for a quick battle, and once it's done you are taken back to a lobby. From there you can go into another game or take a portal back to the server you were previously on. Why I Think It Will Help I believe that we can solve a few of our issues with a server like this, namely bringing in new players. Admitably I think Nerd is falling behind a little when it comes to some other servers I have played on, however no other server has the same attitude and community feel. I think by having a more direct pvp environment, it will attract a lot of "tourists" if you will, then those people would be more inclined to explore the other servers once they had their fun on the battle server. This will undoubtedly draw a lot of pvpers, and many may stick around on S. The reason I think this is simple, people want action immediately. Not everyone wants to start from scratch when it comes to a survival pvp server, as most servers offer a "starter kit". However people will be more inclined to stay and explore our existing servers if they have a direct way of getting to some action. I also think this would be a great compromise for the rest of our servers as well, as I know many people who like to pvp but don't want to play on S, myself included. I feel this may be the closest we can get to pleasing new and old players alike, without drastically chainging our existing servers. End Comments I don't know how possible this would be, and I don't know jack about plugins or the inner workings of the server hardware, but I really do believe this would be a great help to our servers. I know we pride ourselves on being as close to vanilla minecraft as we can, but I think we can't fall too far behind other servers. I'm not saying we should change our ways, but adding in something new as a separate entity to spice things up in addition to our current setup may be just what we need. We could even take this a step farther and have community made maps for our games, I would be more than willing to make a few if needed. I think our community could make a battle server like this stand out from the rest with our... "charm"... or whatever you would call it. Thanks for reading my wall of text, would love to hear constructive comments and suggestions, ultrahub out.
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