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  1. For those who don't know, I did the showcase video of the last P revision (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77yDpBVT55A). Currently we're at the point, that I need to plan this rev's video, which means I'll need locations! The easiest way to do this really, if for you to request a /place for your town if you don't already have it. You can request a /place via modreq and padmins will use their consideration giving it. (Small personal settlements don't really get a /place). So if you don't have a place and have no intention of getting one either, but you think the spot would be worthy of showing in the showcase video, please provide the following info: Name of the place: Maker: Coordinates: (at minimum I'll need the coordinates) I welcome all suggestions! Don't be afraid to submit all cool places you can think of on the map, but if it already has a /place, then no need!
  2. The end of the Rev is less than a week away and that means it is time for the end of Rev festivities! What better way to celebrate the end of the Rev than by dieing a few hundred times to Doppelgangers? Join us this Tuesday 1/5 at 5PM PST (8PM EST) for the brawl. Timezone Converter Pictures on how to get to Nightoak. You can also follow the black wool from the portal to Nightoak. If you would like to help out by donating to Nightoak we are in dire need of diamonds for doppelgangers. We are providing the following gear for the fight but please feel free to bring your own gear! Full set of Iron Armor Iron Sword Splash Health II Potions Bows and Arrows Food Subreddit Post
  3. After tonight's staff meeting I thought it would be good to get your input on some of the P policies to help us make them more fair for everyone. The intent is to help us refine some of our policies to make it more fun / less strict while also making sure we stay fair to all players and do not appear to be giving staff any unfair advantages. Post below any suggestions you have for any policies - new, changes, etc. We can't promise anything but the feedback will be helpful for us to make things more fun for everyone.
  4. Next weekend we will be having a very special event for EVERYONE to participate in from all servers! We will be hosting an all-admin hunt on P next weekend Saturday December 19th, 11pm EST and Sunday December 20th, 12pm EST This will be a VERY SPECIAL admin hunt, as you will not just be able to viciously murder Padmins but also Cadmins, Eadmins, Head admins, and Tech admins! For those who are new to the server or need help preparing there will be some kits available at spawn - you may want to show up a bit early to make your way out of spawn, or show up sometime beforehand to explore the map and get a feel for the land you will be hunting in. Feel free to start preparing now, you've got ALL WEEK to grind for materials and make your gear. And as usual the admins will be hard to catch :) The schedule is below - pick the time your least favorite admin is online and be ready to dance on their graves violently murder them to death. For prizes! For glory! For maybe even your head mounted in spawn for all to see your prowess with dealing death! Also make sure you are in mumble for some added hilarity as our evasive admins taunt and giggle and scream for their lives while they run from your flaming arrows. See you all next weekend! Saturday 11pm EST: - Silversunset - redwall_hp - SwitchViewz - Challenger2 - Sapphric - totemo - Bardidley - Trooprm32 Sunday 12pm EST - Silversunset - Barlimore - sirtacoface - ExcessiveToker - sir_didymus
  5. Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this forum post and please keep in mind this is just off the top of my head and not 100% thought out but the beginning of what I think could be a great idea. Only a handful of you may know me, and that is probably because when I play on Nerd I only play for about the first month of a new revision before I quit and I think that happens to alot of players. After taking a look at the graph below I feel that this is the case for a lot of the players that play here early on in the revisions. When I play on PvE, after about a month I have accomplished everything that I have wanted to accomplish and with nothing else left to do, I get very bored of the game. I feel like the same thing happened to S players. This got me thinking about ways to help player retention and I came up with the idea of a Hybrid PvE / PvP server. In my mind this type of server was always the server I wanted to play on because I feel like it would be the most fun and realistic and gives the best of both worlds. Just to be clear I am in no way stating that we should turn PvE into this nor am I suggesting this as a “FIX” for Survival. I am suggesting that we attempt this as a completely new server in addition to the current servers on nerd.nu. So after reading my ideas below, if anyone has any constructive input to contribute, I would greatly appreciate it. Obviously this type of server won’t appeal to certain PvE and certain PvP players, and I understand that. If it doesn't appeal to you please don't post in this thread as that isn’t the intended purpose. Anyway, here is my idea so far: The hardest part and largest barrier that will come from this, is creating an effective balance of both play styles. Players can create towns. These players would then be allowed to claim land based on the amount of players in their town. While within the "claimed land" of their town or of a town they have an allegiance with they would be invulnerable to PvP damage. While outside in the wilderness or inside a town they are rivals with, they are vulnerable to PvP Players could self-designate PvP Zones within towns that would allow members of that town or allied members of that town the ability to PvP one another. If a player inside their town attacks an outside town member, the player would then be flagged for PvP for a variable amount of minutes removing their PvP vulnerabilities within their town. Players fighting within their town would be granted a slight bonus to damage output and damage reduction I also think making towns create PvP and Spleef arenas and then having server ran PvP and Spleef Leagues / Events would help with the longevity of the game. ALLIES, ENEMIES, and NEUTRAL Declaring Enemies: Declaring another town as an enemy means you are hostile towards them. If both towns declare each other enemies then the PvE conditions of those towns cease to exist between members of those towns. This would allow for strictly PvP oriented towns to attack one another at will. Declaring Allies: Declaring allies would protect you from other players when visiting allied towns Declaring Neutral between two towns would set the flags back to the standard. Declaring Neutral from Allied or Enemy would take a variable amount of time to prevent abuse Declaring Neutral Nerd has always traditionally been a vanilla based server which is respectable, however, the base game can only take you so far and ignoring additions that can accent the game I feel hurts the community overall. I would want to add plugins like mcMMO – Is a plugin that adds RPG qualities, experience, and abilities to the game. Everything about this plugin can be configured to suit the needs of the community and achieve balance in the game. The plugin offers both PvP and PvE abilities. The PvE abilities are nice. Take a look at “Tree Feller” for instance. “Tree Feller” allows you to chop down an entire tree in one swing at the expense of the durability of your tool. This ability can only be used so often (configurable) and recharges so often (configurable). Also depending on the amount of EXP you have in the Tree Cutting ability, this allows you to chop down bigger and bigger trees at once. For instance if you are level 0 and you try to chop down a large tree it won’t work. Many of the PvE abilities are similar to this one. There are PvP abilities too, however, I would disable them as they make the game very unbalanced due to the nature of the abilities. One of the cool things I like about mcMMO is the fact you can view all of the stats of players on a website. Below are a few of the pages from the site which I have access to the html files. · Statistics – is a plug that gives a ton of in depth stats about everything going on in the server a lot more than the current nerd.nu/usage stats. For a sample of what it shows you can look at this link http://blockynights.com/stats/ · An Economy Plugin – some type of an economy based plugin would be nice for various reasons and functions. Maybe make iron the currency and disable Iron Golems from dropping Iron making it more valuable and not abundantly available. · A Player Chest Shop Plugin – I think allowing players to sell items for the above currency would make the game more interesting from a PvE perspective. Those are the plugins I would 100 percent add in addition to the server and I can think of some others but for now am leaving them out of the initial discussion. POSSIBILITIES: Raiding: I was thinking of some type of raiding aspects but I don’t know how to balance them especially with the fact that I doubt any PVE player would want it to be a possibility. Personally I think it is ridiculous that you can lock as many chests as you want but also don’t think it is fair for someone to just open yours and get everything, especially if you are not online to defend it. What i was thinking would be Maybe some type of reinforcement system so it makes it harder to break / unlock the chest Offline protections so that it can’t be touched if no one was on to defend it A warning system to those online when a chest is being broken into Maybe only allow a variable amount of items to be removed from a raided chest per 24 hour period Weekly Wars: (pez252 idea) At the start of each week towns could sign up to join the weekly war At the end of the week whichever town has the most kills against other weekly war towns could be given a prize Obviously this would have to be monitored to prevent abuse Influence: (Waterslide’s idea) The amount of time you spend in an area the more influence you have in that area granting you more damage output and damage reduction up to a certain point. This would allow players the ability to better protect themselves in areas the frequent the most. The issue I see really comes down to the PvP aspects of the game. I can’t think of a way to include PvP, in addition to what I have already stated, that would not make PvE players not want to play and I think that is where my idea needs the most help. Thanks for reading my idea and as I stated before, if anyone had any constructive input to contribute I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Blockbuster
  6. Just a few updates from this post. You have until this Friday (Dec 11th) to sign up. Sign up through this post or message me (cujobear) in game. On Monday (Dec 14th) you will receive the name of who you will be playing Santa to. Thanks to Weazol and Kisa_Gitana the location of the gift chests has been moved to -125, -515. You can reach the area via the WHEAT line, or by going south from the north portal. The gift chests will be located on the second floor of the gingerbread house. Again drop off your gift in the chest with your name by Dec 22nd. On Dec 24th the chests will show the recipients name. The list of participants I have so far (let me know if I missed you) Silversunset, Zomise, Tomzski, batchloo1, Nightslash360, foidington, Sapphric, King_of_queso, Herr_Fawkes, Dandyfloss, torteela, Lotusdigital, GarrusSilvermane, Qwacky, iNerd71, LadyKivi, StepsonofEvil, TheWakaWakaFish, Forever_A_Steve,
  7. Hi there everyone! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their congratulations and such. I can't wait to work with everyone, staff and members alike, to help bring great things to all our servers. Next, I have had a few people ask me and other admins questions regarding my new position. To answer the first question I've been asked: yes, I do have quite a few ideas for different events for each of the servers and can't wait to set them in motion. Some time this week I hope to meet with all the server admins to discuss ideas and time frames so we can start things as soon as possible. In addition to the new events I will be running, I will also be hosting the moderator run arenas on Survival, speed builds on Creative, and (hopefully/possibly) that lovely game of Spleef on PvE. In regards to the Event server, what I hope to do is host three to four major events on it a year. The Head Admins and I are already discussing getting a donation event set up, so be looking out for that! All the other events will be hosted on our current servers: Survival, PvE, and Creative. I also want to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to the community to bring any ideas they have for possible events. My idea with this is not to take over any ideas the members of our community have but work along side you to make it happen. This way we can work together as a team to make our servers as great as possible. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to PM me here on the forums. Another way to reach me is IRC; if I am working at the office then just message LRO|Office instead of LadyRavenOwl. All of you are also more than welcomed to message me via Steam, my username is LadyRavenOwl. Speaking of Steam, another thing that I will start directing is Steam Events! I am looking forward to extending our community and having fun outside our virtual legos. If you have any ideas for that, hit me up and we can talk about it!
  8. Guest

    The Switch Switch

    We'd like to share the news that SwitchViewz is moving to the P Admin team! SwitchViewz has a notable interest and passion for supporting P, which has translated into countless hours played and modreqs closed there. SwitchViewz has been assisting as a moderator since May 2014 and as of April 2015, has been a part of the event admin team. I am very interested to see the new dynamic of the P admin team, with the addition of SwitchViewz.
  9. I have gathered the replies to the whenisgood page and it appears that the time with the most player availability is Sunday November 22 I will create a channel in mumble shortly beforehand for the meeting, please pm or post below any addition topics or questions you have - if I know ahead of time I can prepare a better answer. I will also plan to be in mumble Sunday morning between 10am-11am est if anyone can't make the evening meeting and wants a chat. Hope to see you there!!!! http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=PvE+community+meeting&iso=20151122T18&p1=43&ah=1
  10. Hello moderators! Thanks to the efforts of redwall_hp and totemo moderators are now able and allowed to flow dispensers on P (this means you do not need to /elevate them anymore!!) Dispenser flows follow the same moderation guidelines as normal water/lava, make sure it will not grief any builds or cause issues, and you may flow your own dispensers as long as you have cleared what you can from the modreq queue. Feel free to try it out in /warp testarea - i have set up three dispensers on the wall for you to play with. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. INSTRUCTIONS To flow a dispenser type /i blazerod 1 to give yourself 1 blaze rod - this is the tool used to flow dispensers. With the blaze rod in hand, click the front opening of the dispenser as if you were placing a block to check the status of the dispenser. Your screen should show the following SafeBuckets query: (world x y z) is UNSAFE ← this dispenser is flowing SafeBuckets query: (world x y z) is SAFE ← this dispenser is NOT flowing To toggle the dispenser between safe and unsafe, click the front of the dispenser as if you were breaking a block. You should see a notification pop up with one of the following messages: SafeBuckets toggle (world x y z) is now SAFE ← this dispenser is NOT flowing SafeBuckets toggle (world x y z) is now UNSAFE ← this dispenser is flowing
  11. Hello PvE community! We would like to invite all of you to a PvE community meeting coming up in the next few weeks. The goal of this meeting is to have a chance to sit down and have a chat about how PvE is going - things you want, things that work well, things that don’t work well, or any other questions or ideas you may have. I’ve set up a whenisgood page to try to schedule this meeting when the most players are online. If the turnout is divided we can look into having two meetings so everyone who wants to attend can find a time when they are awake. Please click the link below, select your time-zone from the drop down box, and highlight any times you are available to meet. I suggest *not* doing this on a mobile phone, the mobile interface is a bit cumbersome. http://whenisgood.net/cifih7y Once we have a date set more information (such as an agenda) will be posted. Thanks!
  12. So I have always had a few issues with my favorite resource pack (Ovo's Rustic Redemption) but I continue to use it because, well, it's still my favorite. One of the main issues is signs. I'm bringing this up now because of the Halloween event. When I went to trick-or-treat at spawn of course the signs looked weird they said, "YOUR WILL BE". Knowing my issue I switched to default to read the signs properly. This has not been the case for everyone. Last night and again this morning there have been numerous players who have lost stuff to the trick-or-treat Gods. I guess in a way, they got tricked. Someone even posted about it on the subreddit this morning https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/3qdckj/the_darkest_reaches_of_halloween/ Would it be possible to have standardized signs in PvE? Someone once helped me find a standard banner mod (because they were glitched in Ovo's and all the banners were plain white). This way players could use whatever resource pack they wanted yet we could be assured that's signs were readable by all. Thank you, cujobear
  13. I'm getting an error trying to log into PvE currently. It says "Failure to connect to server: error lookup up user" I was just on a couple of days ago so I'm not sure why it's not working now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Ambrosia has an autofarm. It's broken. It looks like it's been griefed, and it's reported as such to mods sometimes. It may or may not be protected under 'ambrosia' but it's certainly within our land claim. I've had a volunteer willing to adopt this seemingly-abandoned build and fix it up. The builder ('McSquizzy') hasn't been online for a while (circa six weeks, I think). I've sent him a Reddit PM; no response yet, but it's not been long. If he doesn't reply, or replies and says No: what's the deal? Is it in line with rules and practice to allow someone to take over the build? Cheers, ~Sasch
  15. All praise redwall_hp, master of liquid! Before the rev start redwall built this really nifty thing that allows you to flow liquids *within a selection* rather than using the waterbucket. Admins have been testing it, and as of today mods are now able to flow water/lava using the command /sb flowsel The max size of the selection you are allowed to flow is 30x30x1 (or 900 blocks in any other configuration). If you try to select an area that is bigger you'll get an error message and it wont allow the flow. Just be careful, there is no *undo* for this function, use the same care you would with the water bucket. This is very useful for flowing floating water or ponds (ahem*guardian grinders*ahem). But be careful - flowing 30x30 in a grinder *can* cause a little bit lag so just be cautious when you use it for that purpose. Since the lag issue has been pretty much fixed I haven't seen an issue, just a point to note. Below is a preview of how it looks. Feel free to pop under spawn to /warp testarea if you'd like to test it in safety!
  16. So, as you all know PvE is faced with a bit of a lag problem, currently we have tried a lot of things but I am personally running out of ideas. Now you are all smart people, and full of great ideas, and we are very much open to any suggestion you may have. Below is a braindump of the current state, and will be updated as we progress. Thank you very much for your understanding as we work through this, and any assistance you can provide. Problem: Shits laggy yo, currently unknown trigger or steps to reproduce, appears to be related to people joining the server in some instances but not always. State: Ram: 16GB Build: 1.8.7 spigot Plugins: (44): AdminHunt, AsyncWorldEdit, AsyncWorldEditInjector, BookExploitFix, bPermissions, ClientPermissions, ClockBlocked, CobraCorral, CommandBlock, CommandHelper, Doppelganger, dynmap, KeepBabyMobs, KitchenSink, LogBlock, LolNeigh, LolNo, LWC, MaskOfFutures, MobLimiter, ModMode, ModReq, Multiverse-Core, NerdFlags, NerdList, NerdMessage, NerdSpawn, NoCheatPlus, OpenInv, PacketWrapper, PlumpXP, ProperTime, ProtocolLib, RedstoneClockDetector, SafeBuckets, SBC, StandMaster9000, SureLog, TPControl, VanishNoPacket, WGCustomFlags, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard Versions: Changed between this rev and last are underlined Spigot 1.8 git-Spigot-550ebac-7019900 -> 1.8.7 git-Spigot-f928e7a-e91aed8 bPermissions v2.10.9m -> v2.12 zombieKill v1.0.4 -> # SBC v0.2.1 -> v1.2.2 AsyncWorldEditInjector v2.1.3 -> v2.1.3 SureLog v0.1 -> v0.1 WorldEdit v6.0.2-SNAPSHOT;no_git_id -> v6.1.1-SNAPSHOT;3394-9a65bdb7 MobLimiter v1.1.3 -> v1.1.3 KeepBabyMobs v0.1.2 -> v0.1.2 StandMaster9000 v0.0.3 -> v0.0.3 Multiverse-Core v2.5-b691 -> v2.5-b697 LogBlock v1.94-dev-SNAPSHOT (build #256) -> v1.94-dev-SNAPSHOT (build #260) LWC v4.5.0-SNAPSHOT -> v4.5.0-SNAPSHOT VillageMarker v0.33 -> # WorldGuard v6.0.0-SNAPSHOT.1583- -> v6.1.1-SNAPSHOT.1628-e28b236 CommandBlock v2.0 -> v2.0 CobraCorral v1.2 -> v1.2.2 dynmap v2.1-SNAPSHOT-1091 -> v2.1-SNAPSHOT-1091 NerdList v0.1 -> v0.2 ModReq v1.6 -> v1.6 NerdSpawn v2.0 -> v2.0 AdminHunt v1.0-1.6.4 -> v1.0-1.6.4 LolNeigh v1.0.0 -> v1.0.0 LolNo v0.4 -> v0.4 Doppelganger v0.9.2 -> v0.9.2 BookExploitFix v0.5 -> v0.6 ClientPermissions v1.1.0 -> v1.1.0 NerdMessage v0.5 -> v0.5 SignKitten v0.1 -> # OpenInv v2.2.8 -> v2.3.4 SafeBuckets v0.7.1 -> v0.7.2 TPControl v0.3 -> v0.4.2 ProtocolLib v3.6.3-SNAPSHOT -> v3.6.4 WGCustomFlags v1.8.1-beta -> v1.8.1-beta WorldBorder v1.7.9 -> v1.7.9 NerdFlags v0.1.1 -> v0.1.4 AsyncWorldEdit v2.1.3 -> v2.1.5 NoCheatPlus v3.12.0-SNAPSHOT-sMD5NET-b793 -> v3.12.1-SNAPSHOT-sMD5NET-b849 CommandHelper v3.3.1-SNAPSHOT.2833- -> v3.3.1-SNAPSHOT.2910- VanishNoPacket v3.19.1 -> v3.19.1 ModMode v3.5.0 -> v3.5.0 KitchenSink v0.9.2 -> v0.9.4 NerdGreeting v2.0.0 -> # MaskOfFutures v0.10.3.1 -> v0.10.3.1 PlumpXP # -> v0.4 ProperTime # -> v2.2 RedstoneClockDetector # -> v0.2.7-b12 ClockBlocked # -> v1.0.0 Things tested: Running with NoCheatPlus disabled Running with CommandHelper disabled Running with PlumpXP disabled Running with MobLimiter disabled Migrated LWC from sqlite to mysql Reverted bPermissions version to last stable, lag got worse Reviewed redstone activity with RedstoneClockDetector, appears normal Reviewed spigot timings reports @todo generate and attach during peak times Bypassed BungeeCord connecting to PvE directly, still lag spikes Observations: Lag seems related to login events ( by extension chunk loads ) reverting bPermissions from v2.12 to v2.10 increased lag noticeably, needs a review Teleporting to unloaded chunks sometimes triggers a lag spike Issue could not be triggered using two accounts on an alternate server, seems to be tied to in game actions/number of people online Opening chests appears to trigger lag occasionally, though not consistently
  17. Hello everyone, We currently believe one of the main sources of the lag affecting the servers is a result of a failing SSD on our main box. The techadmins are in the process of moving the necessary data from the failing SSD to our secondary box before contacting the host to replace the SSD. We don't know how long this will take since it depends on the availability of our techadmins and our host. This may result in some downtime for some of our serveries including pve, creative, CS:GO, website, etc., so make sure to keep an eye on the subreddit and forums for any further announcements. Other things are also being done and looked into and we will make further announcements once there is something to update you guys on.
  18. Come one come all to the first padmin hunt of the rev! Can you catch a Randomnatrix in the tall grass? Maybe you can snag a Trooprm hiding behind a tree! Or perhaps you can find Sapphric catching up on his sleep somewhere (just listen for the snoring). Try your hand at catching a Silversunset before she disappears behind a mountain, and take your last shot at picking off Buzzie somewhere (totally not in the jungle). Padmin hunting will begin at 9:15 EDT Friday the 18th (shortly after the restart) and go until the last of us are dead. Prizes will be won and fun will be had (well, unless you’re a padmin, then it will be more terror and mayhem). And as an added bonus all nether portals will be ON for the event, how about that!
  19. Seeing as we have some new policies on P, and some newer mods or mods who mainly live on C or S who have been visiting more often, I thought it would be a good time to have an open P training / Q&A / refresher for anyone who's interested. Ideally everyone should come, especially as the intent is for this to be an open Q&A as well as server specific training or a refresher for everyone - especially with the new policies we've added for this rev. I've set up a whenisgood page to try to find out when people are available. I'd suggest NOT doing this on your phones, the mobile interface for this site is really not fun to use unless you really have to. You can also reply below if you're interested. I will post a final date/time once enough people have responded for us to schedule something. If the dates listed don't work we can always do multiple sessions, so don't worry about missing out, just let me know what you can do. http://whenisgood.net/2df2hjx
  20. I understand why you haven't implemented this so far, with you wanting us to figure out how the zodiac portals work. I honestly love them, it gives us a reason to explore other cities. We already have this website made by runereader to show what portals are up, could we have an ingame command as well? Something like /zodiac that when ran shows which portals are open and how long until the next restart. ie, "Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. 25 minutes remaining". I think this feature would benefit players, because they wouldn't have to tab out to view a third party website and risk 'splosions via Gerstein's cousins.
  21. tl;dr pre-region, within land claim and reserved plot build raised several questions Hello Everyone, Something's cropped up in Ambrosia that overlaps several policies; I didn't just want to make a modreq until I'd gotten some opinions or rulings. --- We currently don't have our region established - it's on my to-do list for the next few days, so we could have some builds in place first. Ambrosia did its big start-of-rev land claim, all properly marked up with fences and signs. There were also a small number of plot reservations within that claim - one was reserved right next to the portal and was/is destined to be the primary surface entrance to a huge cave system that's being substantially remodelled into 'Underbrosia'. That plot reservation was (after a bit of accidental building-on) cordoned-off with two-high fences and signed - it would be pretty difficult to mistake its 'reserved' state. On Saturday just gone (5 Sept), a user built on this reserved plot - specifically, built a perfect replica of a naturally-generated village's blacksmith's house. They broke down a hole in the plot fence to allow access. I'm afraid I wasn't on to see what happened, and no-one else in Ambrosia seems to know any more than I do. This user isn't an 'Ambrosian regular'. I was hoping to have this build removed. I /mail'd the user; they replied asking to join Ambrosia; I said Sure, but they'd have to remove the build first. I've had no reply to this. The build is still there; the user hasn't logged-on since Saturday. --- If I have the 'ambrosia' region created, it will have to encompass this build (it's right in the centre of town). I will either: have to add the user as a region member (or leave him added, if he's added by default at region creation) - I'm not keen to have the user as a region member leave the user un-added (or remove him, if he's added by default at region creation) - this would, as I understand it, effectively alienate him from his build ... I don't feel either's a particarly good choice, and I'm not confident the build will be removed before I want to create the region. --- Is the plot reservation enforcable by staff action? Does this build come under the new guidelines for P land claims, seeing as it is within Ambrosia's claim? This may be theoretical, but I think it's relevant here: if (if, this is conjecture) the user came through the Ambrosia portal within the land claim - so, without crossing the claim border and without seeing any signs - can the requirement to respect land claims be said to exist? They might not have the forewarning that's in the spirit of the land claim policy. Have I met the standard for 'fair warning' of the user if the build can be removed? Can one consider a reproduction of a natural blacksmith's house to be a 'substantial build', or is it more akin to a cobble box? --- As always, looking for the solution that causes least aggro, is most in keeping with rules and policies, and isn't unnecessarily punitive. Thanks in advance, ~Sasch
  22. Ok, I have a idea for a new "minigame" for the next PvE rev. I call it the homeless challenge The rules are as follows. The challenge starts when the pve rev starts . If you die once you are eliminated from the homeless challenge You CAN'T create a chest or a place of storage You MUST get food from public places You CAN'T use a bed Scoring is determined by the following : How long you have been alive LOGGED IN without making a bed The idea for this challenge is to simulate a homeless population on PvE. Before PvE ends I will look at logs to see if you followed the rules using logblock. Post your name in this thread if you want to compete. I will be a participant in this game next PvE rev but I will ask for an admin to verify my score. I may write a post on each week .
  23. As i’m sure you’ve guessed we have come up with some policy changes for Rev 16 that we are hoping everyone will be excited about. This information will be included in the revision info post, but we wanted to give you all bit more information that we hope will helpful in allowing you to moderate the new policies as we intend for them to be. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Region Welcome Messages: This is designed to allow players to have a welcome message displayed in player chat windows upon entry to their region (currently the only option users have is to do this manually with a named wither). If you have questions on the guidelines please make sure to ask. Region messages will fire in a users chat window as soon as they cross into the region. It may be a good idea to do /rg sel <region> to see where the boundaries will be. If anything looks weird feel free to ask one of us to take a look. At this time we are *not* allowing farewell messages. When is a region message OK: 1. Message can only relate to the region itself (no referencing other areas). So as the mayor of Haven I can ask for “Haven Rules!” - however no other regions can put a welcome message “Haven Sux!” 2. Welcome messages MUST adhere to chat rules (no offensive messages, etc) 3. Messages may *only* be request by a region OWNER. If someone modreqs who is not the region owner please deny the request. 4. If owners start requesting message changes frequently please deny. We do not want anyone to have to constantly be changing messages and it can become spammy. 5. Region messages can *ONLY* be placed on the main parent region. For example. the region covering Haven could have a message, but not “Haven_west” “Haven_breedatorium”, etc. ← if you run into problems with this, feel free to ask an admin or /elevate. How to add a region message: /region flag <region name> greeting ["message"] if [“message”] is left blank it will clear the regions message. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Land Claims: This policy is intended to allow players to mark land that they will reasonably use for their build so as to help alleviate some of the land-disputes that can arise from players building within a claimed area. Another note - please DO NOT protect land claims. We are not changing the policy on protecting builds, only allowing for land claim borders to be honored. This is informational for you only in case you run into questions from players on helping to validate a land claim. Any disputes or questions you can’t answer should be elevated to admins as soon as possible. How to determine if a claim is valid: 1. Area must be fully enclosed in a solid wall of fence/cobble wall (not blocks) with access points at reasonable intervals (gates, carpet, something) to allow players to escape if they are trapped. 2. Claims only valid from top layer of terrain upwards. These claims are intended to identify areas where there will be building *not* to reserve resources or prevent others from making rail tunnels or mining. 3. Players must place signs at reasonable intervals displaying username / date (and town name if applicable - ideally something like: Silversunset01 / Haven / 2015-AUG-29) so others know who to contact should there be any issues. 4. Claims will EXPIRE if they are not used. This is in place so that players can’t claim a giant area without building on it. There is a handy diagram to help clarify (it is not to scale, I am aware of this) [250,250] - [-250,-250] = no land claiming allowed (red) [1000,1000] - [-1000,-1000] = land claims are valid for 2 weeks (orange) anything outside [1000,1000] - [-1000,-1000] is valid for 4 weeks. (yellow) Note: Expirations are only going to come into play when there is a land dispute. We are not going to be removing or asking anyone to remove markers just because it hit a certain date. 5. Players may not modify other players land claims for any reason (i.e. moving markers) 6. Admins reserve the right to invalidate any claim for (but not limited to) the following reasons: being too large (larger than you will reasonably use), claiming with multiple users to bypass any size guidelines, removing/changing claims that were not placed by you, claiming an area solely for access to resource mining, encircling another claim in an effort to take over, or violating any other build rules currently in place. That's about it. There are other items we referenced in the official info post that we will handle as the need arises, but the above I think will help you guys out a bit in the next rev. So have fun! Edit: I forgot to tell you about the flag room! banners will roll back black when doing /lbrb-r, so i've created a fancy room at /home silversunset01 flags for you to place named copies of flags (try using <town>/<username> as the standard) in the chests. Instructions are on the wall in the room, feel free to use it to help keep copies and rollback flags if you find any!
  24. I thought we could have a little bit healthier discussion about this here, since the the other one is getting a bit too heated and is approaching the issues from a weird angle that has nothing to do with the actual problem. THE OVERALL UNDERSTANDINGS ----------------------------------------- * As a basis we want to protect an individual players rights on the server. * Griefing is when you alter another player's build without their permission. * Protections are only to prevent grief and other unauthorized edits. * Protections are not used for "claiming land". Mods will only protect builds (houses, rail, farms, etc.) and clearly established large projects, such as cities. I think these are very clear cut and easily understood by everyone. When it comes to towns, there's some issues and it becomes a question whether we want to protect an individual player over a town. Since a town consists of several people, one individual player can easily screw over a town community on the server either because they're clueless or just don't care. I do not think there's a need to start doing protections for land claims, but I do think that land claims should be respected in some extent. As said, when you mark an area, most people will honor it and find another spot. The kicker here is that they do not have to and this is when problems arise. These issues don't happen that often, but when they do, they're very discouraging. Before going deeper into that, here's the rules When it comes to towns: * Do not build very close to other players without their permission - buildings that violate this rule may be moved to a new location without warning. * If you have a large project such as a city or megabuild, expand in directions that do not come into conflict with other players. Exhaust all available unopposed routes before expanding near already established players. If you must expand in the vicinity of other players, speak with them first and see if they are willing to participate in your project. Leave signs, /mail send, or /msg them in chat. If you are unable to come to an agreement, contact a moderator for assistance. * Be respectful of the map and do not mar the experience or view for other players. Certain "very low quality" structures including but not limited to cobble/netherrack boxes, floating skyrails, and abandoned incomplete builds may be removed if they significantly impact the surrounding area in a negative way. Such removal will be done entirely at the discretion of the server admins. MY SUGGESTIONS ----------------------- * Make land claims have more value. Not so, that they would be region protected, but that unwanted builds within the land claim would be removed. (My understanding is, this is how it is on S and it's working fine.) * Allow towns to have more power to decide what's within their town. 1) A town has started to establish and marked its borders when someone who's not part of the town, builds something inside that marked area. --> Because the area is only marked and not yet developed enough this is allowed. People build like this usually because they don't know better and just don't think or they don't care that they're screwing up a town's plans. Usually this is resolved between the people, where the person is either recruited to the city or asked to please move the build outside the marked area. Sometimes however it gets tricky. The person isn't around after build whatever they built or are just not communicating. This is where a town can't do anything anymore. Usually more time has passed since there's the obligatory waiting time before involving admins to the issue. Why is this an issue? Towns have usually plans already in mind for their city and having a random build in the the area messes with them. This becomes a question whether you want to discourage towns making proper plans and thinking big versus and individual having the right to build where they please. If everyone is just building their own small thing, this wouldn't be a problem, but as a server encouraging bigger community projects gets people engaged and play more. Having one build come to the way of it is discouraging. Solution: Allow land claims for towns and move unauthorized buildings outside of the claimed area on a spot that the player selects. This has already been done a few times, but there seems to be different ways of handling these things. 2) A town member builds something inside the city that is not within the agreed guidelines of the town. --> Most towns have a set style for the rev; a theme, general style or even just a predecided plot structure. At times, especially at the start of the rev some players build hasty houses that are not quite what's agreed on either by style or location. Usually this is resolved simply by communicating with the player and all is well. Why is this an issue? Currently if a player builds something not agreed upon within the town borders, they can still get it protected only for them and then it's already quite set in stone and a problem if they don't want to co-operate or just aren't active anymore (the inactive players being the bigger problem). This discourages to allow people as town members more openmindedly, since there's always the possibility of people not following what the town is trying to do. Solution: If person is a member of a town, it's to be expected that the person has accepted the town's plans and honor them. If they do not do so, the town mayors should have the right to either ask removal for the build or alter it. All regions made within the town's land claim should be protected under the town region. This should go perfectly well with the reason why we have protections, which is only to prevent grief. A town is supposed to be a community building, not someone going their own way within it's borders. This has also been done, but there's no clear cut ruling about it. 3) Something is built very close to an already established area, even though there's plenty of room to go around. Why is this an issue? Something very close to specific kind of build ruins their core idea. There's only the "too close" mention on the rules about this, but no specific rule about how close is too close. This seems to vary a bit, but apparently 10 blocks is space enough. Solution: Make the needed space between already established builds bigger (unless it's within the town by town members, when they do as they want it done within the town). There's plenty of map to go around. POSSIBLE ISSUES -------------------- * Usually when this comes into discussion is that there's just not enough space for land claims to be honoured like this, but I don't think this is true. There's plenty of space on the map, but some people still manage to come and screw up preplanned areas. * Spawn area land claims. Solution: Allow enforcable land claims only from certain distance from spawn. * Big land claims where nothing is ever done. Solution: Land claim is only valid for a certain time. The claimer needs to put the claim date on border signs. -- I feel like I've forgot to add some of my points I've been thinking about, but hopefully we can discuss about this in a mature and constructive way. -- TL;DR: Individual player rights can at times prevent bigger community builds and towns to progress as planned. Maybe it shouldn't be so. Edit. Fixed some of my horrible typos. I do apologise.
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    Rise of a New Rev

    Every rev ends eventually, and it’s been a very long time (yes, we know; the next one’s going to be shorter!), but this one’s end is soon. Revision 15 will be brought down on August 28 at 8 PM EDT. Do not mourn for the map - a final save will be made shortly before the map is taken offline, after which it will join the rest of the old maps for download at http://mcp-dl.com. That being said, we are taking the map down to make way for the new one! Ladies and gentlemen, miners and explorers, builders and warriors, stow your alcoholic beverages - PvE revision 16 is incoming an hour later, on August 28 at 9 PM EDT! We are excited to share some more information about it and other changes in the coming days - maybe even a few surprises :O. For now, though, there is this one... Timesmaybesubjecttochange. ========================================= Posted by Buzzie on the subreddit here.
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