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  1. Bumping. Still requires me to manually allow the embeds.
  2. lol, sorry about that. They won't be going anywhere soon though.
  3. Check this shit out, 4 slots motherfuckers:
  4. AHHH THE CABLES Run them behind the motherboard tray, that's what the cutouts are for. You'll get better airflow, your system will run cooler, and it will look infinitely better.
  5. Yep. I did as soon as the page was up. I am too hyped.
  6. Why is Whataburger so much better than In-N-Out?
  7. This topic isn't just for me gurl.
  8. Feel free to post in this thread to discuss any thing blizzard. This means Hearthstone, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo and the NEWLY ANNOUNCED OVERWATCH. I'd also like to get a big list of people's battletags going, so feel free to post em' in your replies and I'll make a big list to put in the OP. If you can put your most played games in there that'd be nice as well. THE BIG OLE' BATTLETAG LIST: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YpLG9XcohMiDybbtgvtHm-RjQnntlY2JBo3iFhJ4Lfo/pubhtml
  9. Rust is in a pretty poor spot right now. They're redoing almost the entire game, with the old servers mostly empty and the new version of the game being very badly optimized. I think it'll be fun in the future, but not right now. Terraria is a lot of fun. Think minecraft but with thousands of items, real boss fights, and crazy crafting.
  10. Payday 2 is also fairly popular. The Ship is good too, but that is more of an old school nerd game that nobody seems to play anymore. A couple of us also play WoW, and if you'd like to add me on battle.net my tag is Jauris#1368
  11. The script that automatically embeds youtube videos on the forums seems to be blocked by default on chrome. I need to manually click the shield in my address bar and choose to "load unsafe scripts". Is there anything we'd be able to do about that?
  12. I love satirical and comedic music. Some of my favorites are Poisoning Pigeons in The Park and We Will All Go Together When We Go by Tom Lehrer. I don't know if I could say I have a "favorite" song, because usually when I find one I like I listen to it so damn much that I start to hate it. So, I guess of all the songs I've listened to the most this is the one I hate the least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umjYHLt56kg
  13. I do see the point in keeping the topics of the two meetings separate, but I have a feeling that the topic of donations will most likely lead to talk about advertisement, which is slotted for the 2nd meeting.
  14. I wouldn't really say it's important to get how much we have spent over the past few years, but mainly this years operating budget and cash reserves. However, it would be nice to see the budgets from previous years, just to compare how we have changed over time.
  15. That seems sort of, pointless, I guess? If the donator "perks" can be turned off by other players, why even have them at all?
  16. Again, why no mic? I'm not going to intently watch what will surely be a 1 hour + long video just so I can get the gist of the meeting if I missed it. Or, am I not reading this correctly and there will be a lead with a mic and the video is purely supplementary?
  17. fuckin fite me irl loud u wont m8 u cheeky cunt. ill fuckin rek ur shit son
  18. Rather than create hassle for everyone involved, how about we just do the actually straight forward thing and have the person leading the meeting use a microphone.
  19. Should we add some sort of badges on the forums for donators? Sure. That's what most server and websites do, and it's a nice way to recognize members helping to keep the server afloat. Should we add something in game to distinguish donators? I don't know about something that would be by the players name all the time, but perhaps have a message displayed in chat occasionally with all of the donors currently online. Additionally, adding a small chat message every time someone donates (over a certain threshold, of course), wouldn't be too bad. How else could we encourage donating? Disclose exactly how all donation money is being spent, and be able to show that money players would be spending is improving the servers. As an example, this is the financials sheet for the battlefield servers I play on (and donate monthly to): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ar7t5EiYlTZndFRKNDZqT3F2UE0xcnp2alFjX1NwZXc#gid=3 Should we have more donation drives/events? Absolutely. Make them regularly scheduled, and planned well ahead of time. Perhaps collect a community vote about what sort of event they want to play?
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