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    PVE Server Awards

    I have had a lot of good feedback for this, but the problem is I cannot get anyone to nominate anything. As of right now there is a subreddit with rules on how to nominate builds or players. If you have a better idea please let me know and I will attempt it. I would like to have several nominations in before then end of the rev. https://www.reddit.com/r/pveawards
  2. Dad! I didn't know you played on these servers.
  3. I can't commit to anything on a Friday, but I will show up whenever I have nothing going on.
  4. A server that is just like P, but with Chisel 2 added. That's all I want
  5. Ok you are taking it to literal, but I know you're doing it on purpose... I don't mean "their" as an ownership. I mean "their" as in they are the major occupying city of that biome. I do consider it a public resource. But I also consider it to be grief to not cover up a area that you just destroyed. I dont care if you take all the sand in the entire desert, or all the mossy/cracked stonebrick in the stronghold. Go back and clean up your mess. When I emptied out one of the strong holds I placed stone brick down so players could still smoothly navigate around. I have heard mods in mumble telling players they need to replant for any tree they take down. So if a player is in a unprotected jungle can he take down all jungle trees and just leave? Or does he have to replant? This is the same thing.
  6. This is derpy. I do not understand why people do this. Yes I live in a desert, no you should not destroy it. Players would get upset if I came in their forest and destroyed all the trees without replanting, or if I went next to their city and removed all the grass and dirt. Why is this allowed? It is not that hard to put in a cobble layer and place sand to make the desert look normal. More Images.
  7. Yes its custom. I spent about $1200 on it 2 1/2 years ago. A few months ago, I spent another $750 upgrading the video card and another $800 buying the 3 new monitors.
  8. Intel I5 2500k (caching to a 128g ssd) GTX 780 (by PNY because they offer lifetime warrenty) 16g ddr3 ram MSI Z68-GD65 Motherboard (you can still see the PNY box on the side because it is holding my old card)
  9. Carry a stack of food. Almost everywhere I go has public farms. Even spawn has one...
  10. Pink Wool has done a name change this rev to Praha Way. The build is based off of Praha Hlavni Nadrazi. It is one giant build and will feature apartments for the town members to hold. There will be no other houses on the grounds. Outside the front door is Wellspring. I will let one of their mayors talk about that.
  11. I wont speak for everyone. But I know myself and a few others quit on this rev because revs usually last 3 months. If an admin were to make the announcement that from now one revs will last 6 months. Then I would have stuck around. But when we hit the three month mark and I was being told it could be in 2 weeks or maybe a month... yea I'm not gonna attempt another project only to have the rev end on me. Ninja Edit: Just to be clear. I am all for the set length. On rev start say this rev is ending 150 days from now. All projects events would be able to be planned according to such.
  12. I think it would be cool if beds were allowed, but in addition it would be ok to grief beds. So if you raid a base you could reset their spawn if you locate their beds. This would give the defenders a chance to get back in the fight but also gives the attackers the chance to send them back to spawn. It would prevent most spawn camping. Unless someone destroyed the victims bed then ran to spawn to get them. It would also add a new aspect of trying to place your bed in the best spot to get back in the game. You would have to change its location if people found out where it was (unless you wanted it to continously be destroyed) But then again, I'm drunk and that could just be a stupid idea.
  13. The block in question on mumble was bookshelves. Are bookshelves considered grief bait because if anyone destroys them they have to get wood to make another and replace it. Or is it not considered grief bait because it is easy to do that.
  14. The poll was already closed and the upvote downvote system was turned back on. This thread is not to discuss why we need or dont need one, it is about getting the ability to take back ones vote
  15. Ok after playing around with a trial board... The current rep system that is there I cannot find a way to modify. However, It would not be that hard to make a complete new reputation mod and just include it in the css for the posts where the current one sits. I actually found a reputation mod but it is 4 years old. With that said, IP Board does have the option to remove downvotes. That will not solve our problem though, you could still accidentally upvote someone. There is also a Like system that is very similar to the facebook thing. You can like someones post and if you change your mind you can unlike it.
  16. Not to jump the tech admins, but I am getting another demo of IPB and I will see if it is even possible to change the code to do that.
  17. I feel like this is a troll. However, this topic continues to be discussed. I will just stress this again.
  18. Unless I am misunderstanding this, are you now saying that you do not want the buttons?
  19. I think in a situation where I didn't fully agree, I would quote it and add on what I want. I use the upvote when I agree and feel that I have nothing more to offer to the discussion than what was said in the comment I upvoted.
  20. I am not an everyday S player but I do agree with both of you. I think it is a very interesting addition to the many defenses you can build.
  21. I feel this topic did not have enough time being discussed before a decision was made. I agree So, now what is going to happen is a new topic starts... Mastercommathe posts something there and I happen to agree with exactly what he is saying so I do not reply. Then people start saying they don't agree with him and voicing the reasons why they don't agree. So Now it appears that the community is more so on the opposition. But in reality they were not, they just agreed with what mastercommathe was saying and felt that nothing need be added. However, with that said if I have to quote someone and say I agree then so be it. I just feel like that's more clutter than an up vote.
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