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  1. So you are saying because of the Drama from the first End grinder you want to build another End grinder just to cause more Drama ? I think instead of us removing the End from the server we will just remove you then.
  2. Well i dont think we need a rule that states Only 1 Endgrinder is allowed. Ppl just need to use Common sense. If there is an End grinder up and running, we dont need a second one. Its that simple. Also the End grinder should always be Pulic, because the End is a rather small part of the map with a limited amount of mobs. Blocking a part of a small map of from the public is a pretty stupid idea because its always causing drama. We are P not S we have no need for private End grinders, because no one can kill you while you are grinding.
  3. I see alot of you guys still running around in circles here instead of keeping on the topic So please get back on topic Edit: Dammit barli
  4. Im gunna sing The Doom Song now! Doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom do DOOM, DOOOM doom do-doom, DOOM do-doom doom doooom, doom doom dooom, do-do-DOOOM! Doom doom doo doom doom, DOOMY-DOOMY-DOOM, doom do do DOOM, Do do DOOM, doomy-doomy-doomy, Doom doom doom THE END

  5. Okay i got questions for you so just take a seat over there, please let buzzie sit in the one with the red cross on it. Which Minecraftmod do you thing would be a nice addon for the servers ? Do you want some tea ? Which P Revision do you think was the best so far and why ? If i had to choose either to safe buzzie from a falling anvil or to get a new car, which color do you think would look good ? Do you miss the old times of Pve sometimes? How do you think we could get the Users more involved with the servers? Have you ever noticed that Zombie villagers look alot like Squidward ? Buzzie did you notice the falling Anvil above your Head ? Can we get Spongebob and patrick as a smilie too ? I have noticed that a lot of users get banned but not all of them Appeal their bans, what is your oppinion on an automatical Unban process lets say after 3 months which also adds a note to the user so the mods could still see that he was banned ? If you could add a Block/Item/mob to Minecraft what kind of block/item/mob would you add and Why ?
  6. Hi Cyo Same question for you too What was the worst screwup you ever made on the servers ? Nobody cares about your fricking birthday Everytime of the year you start the same sh.. again and you wonder why you are ignored here ?
  7. What were the biggest screwups you have ever done on the servers ?
  8. Im using FF on a Windows and on a Ubuntu machine here and i got the same problems
  9. I would love to have the chests automatically locked. I always forget to lock one or two when im putting down 50 at a time and it would be a great timesaver
  10. Another voice in my head ? Well the more the merrier.

  11. Ressources: Ressources like Reed wheat potatos and carrots should be provided at the homebase from the start. That way the teams Start evenly, what they make out of it later on is there choice. Worldholes: Worldholes are a no go. Like Kitcat said dying by the hand of an Enemy is fine, Dying because you jumped and a lagspike hit you, i can go without that. But some more Lavalakes to cross would be a nice thing. The Nether. Defending a Base is fine, but why not think with portals? I think it could be a nice thing to have a Portal pop up in the Base and attackers storming out of it. We just need to find a way to close them automaticaly, so there wont be 40 portals in one base. Debuffs: We all know, whoever ist Koth can give his team a Buff, now what if the person could decide to give a Debuff like Slowness etc to another Team instead of giving his Team a Buff ?
  12. I dont want to spoil this but, i think its better o give the ppl a Website (if there is one) and a bankaccount to donate. Because most of the 10$ will unfortunatly stay with the provider
  13. The question is simple. If you had the chance to make a serverwide event, what kind of Event would it be and why? If i had the chance, i would start a CTF event like the first one we had. Just because everyone had fun. We had the Ctf running at the same time we had KOTH, Races etc. Everyone was busy either building bases, fighting or preparing stuff for the team. The two ctf events we had, always showed the best of the players, making plans to attack or aquire resources, it always was some of the best teamwork ive ever seen.
  14. Not a question i just have to say it. I still remember the second CTF Event and how late it started, and also that you had almost no sleep during the preparations of the map, and still you were buzzing all over the map fixing things here fixing things there. While at the mean time you were in mumble handing out information to everyone, apologizing at least a hundred times to the Players and still you managed to stay on top of the things, even more you managed to become irreplacable because whenever you were gone to get some icecream, your helpers didnt know what to do next. It was awesome !
  15. Well unfortunatly you've put music in your video Jauris So i for one cant see it because its blocked Same with Chars vid
  16. Also what is the Biggest mistake you ever made on the servers ?
  17. Well i guess the reason is to show the forum users that they can talk to the mods and admins, and that we are part of the community too.
  18. Well he surely can yodel i like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlzveTzK-RI
  19. Dear John Two last questions for now from me Where is my couch ? DC or Marvel ?
  20. Okay ill keep my questions simple this time. Why ? When ? How ? Beer or Wine ? What was the worst thing you ever had to do for the sake of the server in your time as a C Admin ? and last but not least Why was it the worst thing you had to do ?
  21. The problem is, even if it were technicaly possible. Should we really do this ? Normaly the bans are taken care of quitly without interupting the players on the servers too much, this helps keeping the drama at a minimum. Its just a good method a player gets banned, he appeals, in the best case he sees what he did wrong and apologizes, gets unbanned and has a white west again. If the banned player would be forced by us to help others it wouldnt be the right thing to do
  22. Dear John Since its an Ask me Anything im gonna go ahead and ask How do you think can we make the community a better place ? Can we make a reservouir for Buzzie ? Where did i put my remote ? Why did god form the blocks like cubes and not like pyramids ? doesnt he like pyramids? Do you think we could poison Jcll and get away with it ?
  23. Well as fun as that idea sounds, i dont think that it would work. Why ? simply because of thesereasons: They need to log in to carry out their sentences Most griefers got Alt Accounts The Community probaply wouldnt trust them enough to let them "help" Dont get me wrong i like the idea of having them contribute to the server, but we cant force them to do so.
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