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  1. Staff Inactivity Notices

    I probably won't be around much for a while. Going through some changes in my life (good ones) and haven't had the time to play.
  2. A Spooky Time of Year

    Hype! I loved the zombie event. I'm assuming egyptian theme? Would be fun to reskin zombie villagers as mummies
  3. Rule Clarification: Chat Rules Clarification

    As someone who works with actually autistic people this is quite insulting and not representative of the majority of autistic people. Typically I see it used to insult someone who is getting frustrated by something someone is doing that they don't consider a big deal; implying "What is wrong with you? You must be autistic if this bothers you.".
  4. Clindonhilltrum [Zaliek]

    Thank you for ackowledging the impact of your actions. Please take a moment to re-read our rules as they have changed since you were banned. You have been unbanned.
  5. The End Islands... 2.0

    You seem to think that emeralds are worth far more than they actually are. Emeralds are pretty much infinite. You don't need to mine them. For the most part the only valuable things on the server are Elytra, gold (this rev), wither skulls, and shulker boxes. We already have a shulker spawner so those are now worth less now. At some point we'll have a gold grinder and that will be less profitable. Getting an elytra requires a dragon, which brings them to the main end island. Wither skulls are what keep people coming back to the nether If we wanted to encourage people to go to the outer islands more, maybe instead of putting a shulker spawner in the overworld they could put one in the end cities instead.
  6. Tree Repository ( Suggested by Thwomppifer )

    I like the idea of having a tree catalog. Interior decorations. There are so many builds that are empty inside because people don't know any designs. Having a catalog of interior stuff would probably help with this.
  7. [PMC]2017 Fundraiser!

    The pig of the Apocalypse is born and carries the antivirus in it's blood. If you take it from sunlight it turns into an overpowered zombie pigman that attacks the player and you have to get a new one. Then it's just leading a pig on a leash or with carrots. Have zombies attack the pig.
  8. [PMC]Fundraiser 2017: Ideas & Opinions

    Last fundraiser I saw a dropoff of PvE server population after the event as some people simply didn't participate because they hated PvP and then presumably they didn't come back for a while or ever. I wonder if future fundraisers should focus more on the actual servers with events happening on server instead. So running the thing that announces donations and such on all the servers, and providing fun events that people can join in if they want to. Maybe creating some new larger maps for minigames server and running the event there? I guess the admins might be uncomfortable changing the format fearing of losing potential funding. Might be worthwhile looking at who is donating and if they're regulars or people that come in solely for the CTF event.
  9. 2017 Fundraiser Planning!

    While CTF is fun, I think having shorter rounds of a few hours would help with pacing & interest. We should also have a few PvE rounds on the same map where teams compete by killing the most monsters or other environmental challenges (Lighting round?). Also a building round would be a great finishing round where creative is enabled and people can relax and build after getting burned out on killing stuff.
  10. If people deleted their accounts what does it do with their posts? Do we have threads where people are talking to themselves?
  11. Planned Inactivity

    I guess I should post something here. Currently doing other things, not sure when I'll be back. Burnout's a drag
  12. PvE Rev 18 Feedback

    A few notes about how I voted: I like the custom trees, but I think we should mix vanilla and custom trees together. Not sure how this would look. Might help with variety and ease land clearing. I feel like the iron spawners are both expensive and too cheap at the same time!? The conflict with wither skulls made it harder for people who play at prime time to get iron spawners. The emerald ore requirement was a highly accessible requirement that anyone could fulfill on their own time schedule. I would suggest dropping the wither skull requirement, keeping the emerald ore requirement, and maybe bring back the villager requirement but instead you have to kill villagers to get a special drop from them? Set the probability to match the number of villagers you'd normally need for one iron pod. That would bring back the need (and challenge) of villagers, but prevent people from collecting large amounts to redeem.
  13. Planned Inactivity

    Headed out for the weekend, back probably sunday nite unless I'm too tired
  14. NedKelly_ [Zaliek]

    Please note that our general rules always apply regardless of server or event. While modifications were allowed during CTF the nature of your edits (and killing all the animals) was clearly malicious and not in the spirit of the PvP rules. Please take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Rules You have been unbanned.
  15. [PMC] Community chat - input needed

    So I have setup a mattermost test server at [Redacted]. Setup was fairly simple for someone familiar with the linux command line. Setup ufw firewall, created a postgresql database, downloaded mattermost binary, setup mattermost systemd service, setup nginx for reverse SSL proxy, got certificate from letsencrypt. For email you don't have to run your own email server, you can just enter the smtp credentials for another server (I used my domain provided email) With everything installed my server is using 1.2GB of disk space. Server has 512MB of ram and 1 cpu (digital ocean $5 vps). Running mattermost with 3 online users there was still 300MB of ram to spare. Each new user seems to take up a tiny bit more ram (5-10MB?). Reading the documentation it seems most of that 4GB ram need is if you allow large file uploads. I have the server capped at 2MB file uploads right now. Loading the chat page in a browser is really fast and lite on resources. In comparison loading slack causes my latop to freeze for 10 seconds while it loads the page. Same story on mobile browsers. Silversunset tested the iOS app with mattermost and it seems to work fine, including notifications of @ mentions. I had mattermost configured so only team admins can create/edit/delete channels. Apparently that setting is ignored unless you have an enterprise key. There is also no way to restore a deleted channel, even thou the system just archives the channel instead of deleting from disk. So at this point we cannot use mattermost for public chat because of the lack of control over channels. It would however be a suitable replacement for staff slack should we ever need to abandon ship. My hope is eventually channel permissions will make it into the free version. It is a new feature which are usually restricted to enterprise versions of business funded open source projects. Enterprise features eventually get added into the community version after several months. There is a lot of people in the forums complaining about it so there's a lot of pressure to include it.