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  1. Hello everyone, I made a test post in the "Survival Suggestions" sub-forum and checked it out with another account with mod perms. The perms look to be setup right to me, so I would like to move forward with this idea. For those who don't know, the sub-forum is intended to replace the uservoices we have setup which have several drawbacks. The big thing using the sub-fourm over a uservoice would do would be to centralize everything. People would not have to create a new account to suggest something or have another website to check. There are a couple ways we can set this up. First, have one sub-forum where anyone can make a suggestion and use tags to filter through the ideas and let the appropriate admins handle the thread. Second, each server has its own sub-forum (maybe have a general one for the heads and techs) and let the appropriate admins handle the threads in their sub-forum. We could even pin the server's change logs in their sub-forum to help declutter the main "Minecraft Decision" forum. I would like to hear what everyone thinks about this, so please comment below.
  2. We've seen signs of nerd expanding beyond the C/S/P (and sometimes Chaos) model, but there's still no real place to put our suggestions/ideas. I wanted to request a new sub forum where players can post their ideas, get critiqued, and see what could be popular. Even though I've been inactive as of late, I have quite a few server ideas stored away such as: A guild focused RPG server based around capturing other guilds capitals, an RPG style server based around killing bosses to advance further within the world, an apocalyptic style server based around a world ravaged by nuclear war, a server focusing on underwater survival, and the list goes on. Obviously all have their flaws and we can't have 500 servers, but I think it would be cool to have an area to put ideas without having to clutter the main forum. A simple way that these could be organized: - Idea Name (Topic Title) - PvP/No PvP (Tag) - Poll (Would you play on this server: Yes/No) - Idea Description Also, an idea I had recently that ties into this is to add a 4th community voted server. After ideas are posted in the sub forum, the more popular and feasible ideas could be brought to a community vote to see what gets put into effect. If these server types lasted about 3 months each, and we gave about a month for building/prep time, we could have around 3 different server types be put up in a year. With the change in server types we could also see an increase in new players discovering nerd while adding new and fresh ideas to gameplay.
  3. Not sure if you're aware, but LRO was removed from the moderator list, but not added to a different position on the staff list in conjunction with her promotion. in short <h3 style="clear:left;">Event</h3> <ul class="playerlist"> <li><a href="http://redditpublic.com/wiki/Player:LadyRavenOwl"><img src="https://nerd.nu/avatar/avatar.php?d=96&p=LadyRavenOwl" /></a><p>LadyRavenOwl</p></li> </ul> </div> needs to be added.
  4. I was thinking about having some kind of unofficial nerd tournament. It would most likely be with Wii U, because I don't have a 3ds. If enough people have the new one, it would be fun right? :)
  5. Upon noticing the discussion which originated courtesy of /u/gdavison based on a recurring point of interest about playing other games with this fantastic community I've created this poll since others were too slow and I tried to keep most of the questions short and open so that discussion can continue in the replies below. Ideally game suggestions would be best based on the outcome of poll results (of which are public). I took a few game suggestions to list as examples from Steam stats.
  6. Maybe just to reduce clogging for other topics, shift all of the "forum games" to a new subsection? EDIT: possibly have it: Off Topic Discussion -ama -forum games
  7. Difficult1


    GTAV is out on PC played the first mission and it was awesome....the driving however....oh god why AND THATS GOING FORWARD!
  8. Hi guys! Quick poll to find out what your preferences are with lobbies. Zburdsal and I have been working on a couple and are information gathering to see what the community prefers. Keep in mind, lobbies can be player submitted. If you would like to submit a lobby design just talk to a member of the admin team for further information.
  9. I get this error after uploading a file to the wiki. The file itself does upload fine (http://redditpublic.com/images/b/bc/Fuckponies.png).
  10. Hello everyone, We will be using marting11's glasses frame, "nu variant," for the new Nerd.nu Gaming Community logo! We will be changing the logo on the subreddit, wiki, forums, etc. over the next few days, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest
  11. So I noticed a weird visual glitch when you break 2 high grass on C Not sure if it's a bug with one of the plugins or what but uh.. yeah..
  12. Ok, I know I have already started a thought provocative topic recently and that this may very well be locked simply because of it's title but I kinda want to establish something. I may have all my history/facts wrong and you can feel free to politely correct me bellow, but this is my view of how the term 'toxic' kinda got out of hand. Firstly, the term 'toxic player' wasn't even a big thing in the early nerd.nu days, in fact I barely recall it being said except for maybe being used to describe players who were legit just around to troll and ruin people's time. People who were no good for the server or the community by definition. In later times, when staff/player tension started to rise, one particular staff member used the term to describe a few players who they disapproved of in attitude and their opinions surrounding certain topics. This staff member at the time had been hit with a bombardment of stress due to their dedication to the server and was also undergoing a lot of scrutiny by disgruntled players and I believe other staff members. There were arguments surrounding the use of the this word to describe those people who were often involved in heated arguments and issues in mumble/irc etc etc. And these arguments and throwing of opinions were very common at this time (this is where a tiny bit of factionalism in the community started to occur) and what was worse was that players who were being considered 'toxic' often were in affiliation with players who had left the community on a bad note (like by being banned or having left due to other controversy). Now the idea of not being content with the staff team often coincided with outbursts, starting or commenting on controversial subeditor posts and the likes but the concerns that the people had against the staff were somewhat founded, and just the way they expressed a lot of their frustration about this happened to be destructive for both themselves and the staff team trying to handle the mess at the time, it effectively ruined communication. Originally there were arguments about the use of the word 'toxic' to describe players who were otherwise valuable to the community but didn't get along with and agree with everyone all the time. A lot of these kinds of people were S players, which isn't a surprise considering how the S server went into crisis and the general way a lot of the S players liked to express themselves as the result of the kind of environment they played on in survival (where everyone is pitted against each other and rivalries will occur). Which was a perfectly valid way of interaction (granted it was mostly kept to the survival servers) and often when these 'aggressive' players said things or bantered in certain ways it was somewhat more tolerated knowing that they were an S player (which aggravated more gentle mannered P players). Anyways, a lot of S players were starting to get pissed off, people started forming vastly different opinions about each other and in general those who started arguments with the P players or staff were normally seen as 'the toxic survival players'. There were quite a few hateful (and still are) goodbye posts from players who were at one end or the other of the overall divide. There were players who kinda had an anti staff agenda or at least an agenda to be rid of the shitty things about staff. And these players were known by and were friends with a lot of other players in the community and while vocal, weren't just there to have a bitch about nothing and stir trouble. But these people landed themselves a toxic label anyway in the 'new' sense of the word. So when you go on about 'all these stupid S players' and those who seem to push the limits of staff members and the likes, just know that once upon a time we all got along kind of better than we all seem to now. There was always a kind of banter between S and P now but never have I seen so many players share hatred towards the other servers. A situation kind of let these things get out of hand and no single party or group is to blame. And while you may see it as a lesson as to how P and S don't mix and can't communicate in a crisis, just let it be a lesson that we can decide to listen to each other regardless of not liking what we're hearing (that means you grumpy people) or the way someone says it (that means you staff and care bears). tl;dr if I see someone use that fucking word again, i'm gonna go play civcraft... anyways <3 darkelmo xoxo peace out homies
  13. Firstly I must disclose before I make my point here that I emotionally identify with this topic to a high degree and my response may exemplify or be evident of such. No offence to anyone but I think our idea of server and related utility rules are an absolute joke. To expand on this I mean that there are a plethora of unrecorded and unofficial codes of conduct and chat protocols that some may label 'common sense' rules but in all honesty these rules are constantly subjected to change either due to the people enforcing them or the people who are present when someone says or does something that contests with the unestablished rules of conduct. I'm talking about stuff like complex behaviors being boiled down to single subjective words and phrases like 'harassment', 'toxicity', 'Don't be a dick', 'hate speech' and other such terms which in all honesty cannot with any confidence, be said to encompass a universal understanding of exactly what these phrases imply to people all over the world, the notion is just rubbish. I have had a lot of issues wrapping my head around the boundaries and topics I have to steer far away from when speaking in mumble or what words were allowed to be used by players and staff alike while on the server during my time with nerd.nu. I'll just fire off a bunch of personal examples that date back a while a way. Nerd.nu has with pride been held as a place with respect for people of all different minority's and beliefs and as such has created rules so to prevent offence to those groups in regards to words, references and even skin appearance to allow players to feel as welcome as possible and to feel safe. But exceptions were made left right and center when certain mods were on and for what seemed to be the entirety of the player base at points like the total allowance of the word 'tard' or 'retard' or 'autistic' in the most tasteless and offensive of instances to the point where the word was listed in the fucking server rules. I know there has now been change to the server's approach to derogatory words for the afflicted but this exemplifies how our phrases and rules do not encompass or represent our actual codes of conduct that players are expected to use. When I brought up the issue on the forums (some years ago) the admins were split on the issue. I used to bring up people's ban appeals in mumble to talk about them only to find that they were a no no to talk about in order to respect those who were involved in the process. This was always phrased to me as to be inciting drama and I was promptly muted and kicked a couple of times for doing it. Now I hear all the time from moderators in mumble about their personal opinions in ban appeals to the point of them blatantly insulting people they take a disliking to, saying things like they wish certain players were permanently banned and this really stems from a culture of staff/player rivalry, something that would be held undisclosed had these moderators have acted professionally like they did previously. I remember when certain topics like politics and religion were not to be spoken of only to find that now it's a case by case basis depending on which moderators are in mumble at the time. I heard the other day that moderators aren't allowed to make channels where certain players were muted, also completely different in the past. I remember when harassment of younger players or just players that people wouldn't like would occur all the time in public chat and mumble while literally nothing was done about it. I endured a fuck tonne of horrible shit in the first 3 years of playing on nerd and using mumble (some would say was justified) but I'll go through the list I was constantly harassed when using my microphone, people would intentionally lie about my age to convince other players to treat me like shit with them. I had offensive nicknames used by players and mods alike, there were mumble channel names made to insult me, I had people who impersonated me to troll me. I had people who would intentionally describe graphic content for the sake of making me uncomfortable, I was linked to troll virus sites, I was once linked to what I was told was a mumble plugin but was actually a homosexual pornographic window that had been designed to be unclosable during which I was a minor and the funny thing was, when I retaliated or had a genuine emotional response to these things it landed me banned, or muted or kicked. I feel like we do have a set of rules that condemn being an asshole but aside from the black and white rules of 'no hax' and such, a separate culture of disregard and personal opinion/interpretation has split the server into the 'Hush hush no criticism or controversy allowed or you r toxic' faction and the hardcore 'shit happens, its the internet m8... HARASS! INFLAME! TROLL' faction. You'd think with a written set of rules that at least the staff would all have a similar way of expression and conduct that they adhere'd to but the inconsistency I see is absolutely hilarious. So my proposition is that the community re establishes what kind of people we are. Are we all 'adults here' and we should just allow freedom of expression in all forms on the server or should we just slap the fucking swear filter on our server like we're all back to playing runescape again? I think we should strive for something inbetween and agree on it because let's face it, the community and it's expectation of our behavior has changed dramatically and needs to be re established so that there is a reference point for 'is what i'm saying acceptable?'. hopefully we'll get a result where toxic players don't confuse themselves for 'forum vigilantes of justice trying to return to the good old days' and a scenario where the carebears don't convince themselves that the internet is for people with nice things to say only. tl;dr Someone draw a fucking line that says 'don't cross this line'. The old one is outdated and keeps moving 4 fucks sakes.
  14. Hey there everyone, I am gathering feedback on your thoughts on Friday Night/Saturday Night Gaming. I'd appreciate it if people could answer the poll and leave any comments that they have here. Thanks!
  15. We've had a few players ask about what ever happened to kits that were mentioned. Is that still a prospect for this inbetween chaos period? Many users are bringing up how much fun a previous chaos rev was because of the kits provided... Chests are becoming harder and harder to find and potions will be nonexistant soon enough. Consider it, at least. Thank you and have a nice day.
  17. Its that time again- time to vote in some new mods. The list of players above was compiled based on nominations and feedback in the Moderator Nominations forum and reviewed by the admin team. Everyone on this list has been contacted and asked if they would like to be included in this vote. A few things to keep mind before you vote: "Yes" means "I am supporting this person, and want to see this person as a moderator." "No" means ""I don't think this person should be a moderator." "Don't know well enough" means "I don't know this person well enough to make a decision." The results are public, so anyone will be able to see who you voted for. As always, if anyone has any concerns about anyone on this list please contact myself or any of the head admins (jchance, MrLoud15, Dumbo52, scherererererererererer, and cyotie911) Voting will end in 1 week on Jan 12, 2015 and new mods will be announced no later than Jan 19, 2015 after voting has ended.
  18. Hello everyone, long time lurker ultrahub here with an idea that has been rattling around my head for some time now. Based on recent discussions that have come up, I feel now would be an appropriate time to put my idea out. The Idea I would like to see some sort of battle server for organized pvp and possibly minigames, I'm thinking hunger games, capture the flag, team deathmatch, and other game modes. This server would run separate to the others, so no major changes would be needed for any existing server. The idea is to have a server that everyone else on the other servers can hop to and from at their leisure to participate in the games. Maybe have some sort of command that let's you queue for the next round of something while building or hunting down your enemies. Then, once it's time you are transported to the battle server for a quick battle, and once it's done you are taken back to a lobby. From there you can go into another game or take a portal back to the server you were previously on. Why I Think It Will Help I believe that we can solve a few of our issues with a server like this, namely bringing in new players. Admitably I think Nerd is falling behind a little when it comes to some other servers I have played on, however no other server has the same attitude and community feel. I think by having a more direct pvp environment, it will attract a lot of "tourists" if you will, then those people would be more inclined to explore the other servers once they had their fun on the battle server. This will undoubtedly draw a lot of pvpers, and many may stick around on S. The reason I think this is simple, people want action immediately. Not everyone wants to start from scratch when it comes to a survival pvp server, as most servers offer a "starter kit". However people will be more inclined to stay and explore our existing servers if they have a direct way of getting to some action. I also think this would be a great compromise for the rest of our servers as well, as I know many people who like to pvp but don't want to play on S, myself included. I feel this may be the closest we can get to pleasing new and old players alike, without drastically chainging our existing servers. End Comments I don't know how possible this would be, and I don't know jack about plugins or the inner workings of the server hardware, but I really do believe this would be a great help to our servers. I know we pride ourselves on being as close to vanilla minecraft as we can, but I think we can't fall too far behind other servers. I'm not saying we should change our ways, but adding in something new as a separate entity to spice things up in addition to our current setup may be just what we need. We could even take this a step farther and have community made maps for our games, I would be more than willing to make a few if needed. I think our community could make a battle server like this stand out from the rest with our... "charm"... or whatever you would call it. Thanks for reading my wall of text, would love to hear constructive comments and suggestions, ultrahub out.
  19. I saw a thread saying that their back, so I made one too. I used to play on the account "snivell" but then I got a new account and came here. Good day.
  20. Lots of fun new games have been coming out, and many of us have been hopping on mumble or skype to play them. Have a game your intrested in or want to find some friends with the same game? This is the thread for you! Feel free to discuss development of new games, or reminisce about old games.
  21. Feel free to post in this thread to discuss any thing blizzard. This means Hearthstone, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo and the NEWLY ANNOUNCED OVERWATCH. I'd also like to get a big list of people's battletags going, so feel free to post em' in your replies and I'll make a big list to put in the OP. If you can put your most played games in there that'd be nice as well. THE BIG OLE' BATTLETAG LIST: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YpLG9XcohMiDybbtgvtHm-RjQnntlY2JBo3iFhJ4Lfo/pubhtml
  22. Hello everyone, We wanted to let everyone know that we'll be releasing a strong statement asap and dealing with the current situation accordingly. - Head Admins
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