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Creative Nostalgia


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I've been speaking with people on the server recently about memories from previous revisions, so it got me thinking...


Which builds do you remember from creative revisions gone by?


There are 24 revisions to date! That's a lot of builds. For me, one of the earliest builds that I remember was after flying around revision 18, a builder in close proximity named Boredeth was building some form of castle that I found brilliant and I visited it regularly.


From the old creative cartographs, I've managed to dig up a picture of it here!


There are countless other builds, I'll take some time to gather more and share what I remember.

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Most spawns e.g. ship spawn, underwater spawn, the half spheres and the relatively recent spawn made by verros and veronicron. There was also the domes, tophat, disneyland, I think there one was called duckington mall (not sure what it's name was really.) Ice palace, skyfold, there was an olympic stadium or something along those lines rev 11, cta hq rev 15 and garden. They are my favorite ones.

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I remember a few builds fondly in my relatively short time here (joined in rev 19).  I'll just link the cartos for convenience.


The aircraft carrier USS Saratoga

drickei's skyship dock

Spawn City Rev 20

The Ice Palace

Spawn City Rev 21

The Enterprise E (naturally)

marting11's Bellevue


Dome 6 (carto's still broken  :/ )

NEVAstop's spleef arenas; Rev 21, Rev 22, and Rev 23 (current rev too, but a little early for nostalgia on that)

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