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Future Event Ideas?


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We've had a lot of fun with Capture the Flag in the past and I just wanted to poll the community for possible ideas for events in the future, and then perhaps Admins can use this post as an archive of what events would be most popular for future use.

I'll start it off by proposing a Team Zombie Survival Map. Each night and increasing number of zombies will spawn and attack. During the day the teams will build up their defenses and sabotage one another. The goal is to be the team with the largest score increased by kills and decreased by deaths. PVP would be enabled against other teams. 

Stretch goals: 
-One team would act as intelligent mobs, including possible suicidal creeper attacks.  :Creeper:  :Zombie: 

Upvote or Downvote these ideas!

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That is a great idea.



And levykm, that sounds awesome :O Just add some extra "fun" stuff in addition to the Zombie survival. Like... feast every 20 minutes or something consisting of chests filled with goods?

Would it be 4 teams, 2 teams, etc.? (Like KOTH in CTF, have some mini-games in addition to the main event).


Of course, this is just an idea, but I think I like this one.

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Perhaps a survival games, and try and get a YouTubers to join with the charity appeal. The idea about doing it for charity is OUTSTANDING!

Also, maybe try and set the record for the most players on a minecraft hunger games map playing at once. Shut down S, P and C temporarily, and host a larger server on the dedi so we can handle it?

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Here's a good one. But it's a massive stretch.

Have rev (regardless of server) long "event" where players build according to a theme, a story, a lore, and near the end of the revs all builds that qualify are combined into a massive adventure map using plenty of aspects from the server games and events.

If anyone is interested, I'll be up for discussing exactly what I mean.

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