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Revision 22: Changelog

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29th April

  • We just held our first padmin meeting as a quad, here are our public meeting notes:
    • Spoiler


      • We confirmed that we’re up to date with the latest new moderator training. However, are looking to schedule a retraining session with the latest returning moderator for next weekend. We will be reaching out again to settle a time.
      • Updating our internal documentation for new padmins is well underway and will be done imminently.
      • We confirmed the intent to move ahead with a draft for the hopper policy, in our group conversation with the head and tech admins. Moving at a cautious pace so far to aim for a consistent, fair and clear policy.
      • We confirmed that the poetry competition is reaching the midway point. We have received 15 submissions so far and intend to publish reminders leading up to the closing date of May 5th.
      • We confirmed that our team size has doubled and have aimed to ensure that all permissions and shared documentation have team-wide ownership.
      • We have confirmed plans to release a portal clue this weekend for the existing portal, and a clue next weekend for the yet-to-be-placed portal.
      • We confirmed that we have updated the PvE Information guide with the ore drop and spawn trader information.
      • We observed the progress on one of our next events, which will reward a shulker spawner for the first to complete it.
      • We confirmed plans to test a new plugin, providing a quality of life update to the dragon fight, on pve-dev shortly.
      • We confirmed plans to sink into padmin training with both new additions to the team, both with live examples and from our documentation.
      • We confirmed plans to review, in future, a time to bring back former mapworlds, to allow people to request them transferred to the permanent mapworld.
      • We confirmed plans to begin building another event.



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5th May

  • We have published reminders that the Poetry Competition closes at midnight tonight, EDT.
  • We recently held a padmin meeting, here are our public meeting notes:


    • We confirmed that moderator retraining is scheduled for after our meeting.
    • We confirmed that our padmin documentation was undergoing proofreading before being fully updated. This will allow the new padmins to be up to speed on all of the remaining processes.
    • We confirmed that the hopper policy is ongoing with the tech and head admins. We are continuing to stay on a slow and steady course, to avoid any uninformed, rash decisions.
    • We confirmed plans to close the poetry competition shortly, having received 25 valid submissions.
    • We established a larger focus on the upcoming shulker event.
    • We confirmed intent to approve a solution to automate issues with the dragon drops.
    • We confirmed plans to go through more Padmin training over time.
    • We confirmed that failsafes had been implemented to ensure continuation of padmins, should some of us “win a trip to Mars.”
    • We confirmed an intent to push back the return of former mapworlds, so that we can focus our attentions on other events and tasks first.
    • We confirmed an intent to push back another event for the same reason.
    • We are exploring ideas for using the suggestionbox in an alternate manner. Our responses to suggestions have ceased until we move forward (though all are being read and discussed still).
    • We confirmed intent to handle better documentation of admin requests admin-wide.
    • We confirmed intent to add the Deadmap to the /maps command.
    • We confirmed intent to further investigate a teleportation bug within the end, which has caused a number of deaths.
    • We confirmed intent to provide the next wave of spawn trades with the Archaeologists’ Guild.



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11th May

  • We have announced the winners of the Archaeologists' Guild: Poetry Competition:  https://goo.gl/y4gTYP
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12th May

  • We held a padmin meeting today, here are our public meeting notes:


    • We confirmed that moderator retraining has been completed for the latest re-addition and that we have reached out to prepare for moderator training with the latest addition.
    • We have confirmed that our internal documentation has been updated and that we will use it to further train up new padmins with everything that we cover.
    • We confirmed intent to take action on the hopper policy as soon as possible, where we will be first returning to the head and tech admins before creating a public post.
    • We confirmed that the poetry competition had concluded with the winners selected from a total of 32 valid submissions. All prizes are sat at spawn for people to claim, we have been contacting some people as we see them to remind them that their prizes await.
    • We confirmed progress towards a deadline on the shulker spawner event, and have decided to award the creeper spawner in this same event too based on criteria that we’ll announce with the event.
    • We confirmed that NerdyDragon is live on P, having gone through testing and we have not seen any new admin requests related to dragon drops due to this plugin.
    • We confirmed plans to move ahead with bringing back former mapworlds in the near future, pending a technical issue related to new worlds and lag.
    • We confirmed plans to further divide development on an unannounced event to work towards a new deadline.
    • We confirmed plans to announce a change to the handling of the suggestionbox on P.
    • We reiterated plans to develop documentation for all admins on handling P issues.
    • We confirmed that the deadmap was added to the /maps command.
    • We confirmed that a solution had been implemented to prevent needless deaths in the end from a teleportation issue.
    • We confirmed that the spawn trades had been updated once again.
    • We discussed intent to follow up with the head admins for an ongoing issue.
    • We discussed the approaches we want to take for changing the information guide to be more user friendly.




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May 19th

  • We held a padmin meeting moments ago, here are our public meeting notes:


Completed Actions:

  • Hopper Policy is now live.
  • Maze Event is now live with over 30 people beginning this event within the first 24 hours. Winners are being added to a wall inside spawn.
  • Suggestionbox handling has changed.

Ongoing Actions:

  • Moderator training for the latest moderator will proceed by next weekend, and we plan to communicate with them again shortly to arrange a training time.
  • We plan to reset the moderator training area again in time for that training session.
  • Padmin training will continue as and when we encounter new experiences to learn from with new padmins.
  • Bringing back the former mapworlds has begun, where we are now preparing to move the former maps to the current mapworld in a new area.
  • Our next event is doing well and we have plans to set a date and time for it at our next team meeting.
  • We will be aiming to document handling of admin requests for all admins soon.
  • We will return to the head admins to update regarding an ongoing situation.
  • We have targeted two areas of the Information Guide to receive a new lick of paint with the goal of new-user friendly.
  • We will begin planning our meeting notes shortly, for a potential staff meeting this month.
  • We agreed to request a command is made available for admin use on pve.
  • We are starting to plan a new event and will return to the next team meeting with a document to outline the event in detail.
  • We will hold our next team meeting on Sunday of next weekend.
  • Here are all the suggestion box submissions we have reviewed as a team:


  • Here are the suggestion box submissions that we have reviewed as a team:
  1. Spoiler


    1. As someone not quite in the top 20 in usage, affording the Reinforced Elytra was not the difficult after I found out the cost... it just took a bit of work and some mining trips with standard gear to achieve. I think the costs are ...
    2. ... appropriate at this time, consider how they are an end-game item.
    3. Any updates on when we can expect additional spawners like the creeper or witch to be released?
    4. the reason people are unhappy with the elytra and there seem to be no good options is because it's being treated as a "problem that must be solved" when there was nothing wrong with it to begin with
    5. Placing a chest (or any LWC lockable) in a region should automatically add r:regionname to the ACL.
    6. If possible, add functionality for glazed terracotta blocks that's similar to shulkers and logs with bonemeal
    7. add some variation to the value of different rare fossils. Maybe some super rare nether ones that only drop from quartz.
    8. please remove caps filter i need it so bad but very infrequently i swear
    9. Add a way to remove names from an armor stand: /stand name <blank> or /stand name none
    10. Can you use nerdydragon for golem souls and fossils too, so the itemelevator effect doesn't take them out of reach?
    11. Next rev, please return to the previous way of obtaining elytra from past revisions. This new system is 100% terrible. Don't make decisions that cater to a minority who dislike elytra.
    12. Please implement a better way of engaging with suggestions and replys that doesn't rely on archaic forum systems
    13. give players a chat message when they enter a pvp zone
    14. admin-placed command blocks with specific admin-set commands for certain things on sale at market. e.g. a setblock block for opening and closing large doors
    15. remove player perms for using wood swords to check regions. players can use /rg i instead. wood swords do have a place in survival mc.
    16. Plz can we have AFK messages enabled?
    17. re-open the suggestion forums instead of making everything worse by removing them and then shutting down the response threads
    18. enable tnt block damage below y50 in unprotected areas. let it not destroy ores, so it is more useful for mining.
    19. glazed terracotta surface changing with bonemeal like logs/shulkers
    20. cross server clanchats



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