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Easter Admin Hunts

Spring is in the air! And the admins will need a spring in their step to stay safe this weekend.

This weekend the Padmins will be hosting 4 sessions of Easter Admin Hunts.

How do Admin Hunts work?

Admin Hunts work like Prop Hunt. Admins can be disguised as blocks, mobs, or even other players. Find them and kill them to earn loot boxes. We ask that player be respectful of each other and make sure the loot boxes get to the player most deserving of the prize. This could mean that a player that found and did 90% of the damage to an admin be given the loot box by the player that swooped in and got the final killing swing in. Since admins are particpants if they ask you to pass a loot box to the player they know deserves the prize, please be considerate and pass the box over.

During admin hunts many of the admin will also be in mumble. While we do try to give hints in the event clanchat, it is quite fun to hear us fret and scream in mumble!

Where is the Admin Hunt?

This Admin hunt will be held at Itamashi City from Rev 14. Itamashi City was built by TheAcademician, with help from buzzie71 and Mumberthrax.

You can get there by taking the ship in the South East of Spawn. You will need an empty inventory to enter the arena. However, there will be chests available at the warp. Use /cprivate to claim a chest and add your name to the sign on the chest.

When will the sessions take place?

Session 1 - Friday, April 2 @ 7:30pm EDT

Session 2 - Saturday, April 3 @ Noon EDT

Session 3 - Saturday, April 3 @ 4pm EDT

Session 4 - Sunday, April 4 @2pm EDT

But what about an Easter Egg Hunt?

Glad you asked! In addition to the usual 20 event tokens and admin hidden around the arena, there are also 20 Easter Eggs to find and collect. When you see a deco head egg in the arena, look for a nearby sign and click it. Each sign has a max use of 1 per player.

Luck of the Irish

Top ‘o the morning to you!

Do you have the Luck of the Irish? You’ll need it!

PvE’s St Paddy’s Day Mob event will have you fighting Leprechauns and searching for their pots of gold!

According to Irish legend, the land of Hy-Brasil is a phantom island that is shrouded by mist and only becomes visible once every seven years. This weekend the mist will lift and the lands of Hy-Brasil will be visible. To find these mythical locations you must fight Leprechauns and steal the compasses that will lead you to their pots of gold hidden in these legendary locations.

Here is how the event will work.

Starting this weekend, Leprechauns will begin to spawn in the overworld and they will be ready for a fight. Each Leprechaun will have a 20% chance of spawning with a compass in their off hand. Each one killed will have a 50% chance of dropping that compass. There are 20 different compasses that will lead you across the map to our version of Hy-Brasil. Each location will have a sign you can click with your compass to take your golden loot! (have 5 open spaces in your inventory when you click the sign)


In addition to the compass drops from Leprechauns, other overworld mobs will drop custom St Paddy’s day items. Collect these items and trade them in at spawn for Event Tokens or Drachnerd.

The Leprechauns will spawn from March 12 - March 21 (exact time TDB, but it will be around 10pm CST)


For the weapon trades - you will need 4 sharpness III items to combine into 2 sharpness IV items, to then combine into 1 sharpness V item. Using an anvil to combine the items will keep the name and lore on said items. This way of combining items for trade at spawn has been tested and works.

For the armor trades - use a grindstone to combine pieces of event armor to repair them fully. Again, this was tested and worked.

In both cases, use only event pieces to repair event pieces.

Poppies are Red . . .

Poppies are red,

Cornflowers are blue,

This Valentine’s Day

We have an event for you!

Hi all!

February is here and love is in the air! Padmins once again would love to host a Valentine’s Day card event

Here’s how it would work: Create a mailbox at your location It can be as simple or as fancy as you would like Something like this -

Something like this

or this - or this

Just make sure to include a mailbox (donation chest) with your name on it.

Send the coordinates to me via in game mail (/mail send cujobear) or a dm on discord and say “I want to share the love!” by Feb 10th. Next gather some Valentines - a simple named item, or go all out! You will also be able to buy gifts from Nerdmark located in the NW of spawn (the same plot the 12 Days of Christmas was in). On Feb 11th there will be guide books available at the same plot to let you know who has a mailbox you can place a valentine in.

Update - We have asked totemo to turn on the lovedup plugin on P for the month of February. You can find info about the plug in here

Welcome the newest villagers available for your villager market -

The Perfect Cleric

To purchase a cleric with unlimited trades you will need to train 5 clerics to master level. Then place 3 stacks of emerald blocks in a chest near those clerics. Next make a modreq asking for a perfect cleric. Please include the location you would like the cleric to be placed and if you would prefer a biome type for your new trader.

The Perfect Butcher

To purchase a butcher with unlimited trades you will need to train 5 butchers to master level, 1 each of the 5 possible meat trades. Then place 3 stacks of enerald blocks in a chest near those butchers. Next make a modreq asking for a perfect butcher. Please include the location you would like the butcher to be placed and if you would prefer a biome type for your new trader.

The Perfect-ish Mason

This Mason will not carry everything available by having multiple masons, but should cover 99.9% of what you would like a Mason to offer.
For a Perfect-ish Mason you will need to train 10 masons up to their highest level (master). Each mason should have 1 of the 16 possible terracotta trades (for a total of 10 different color trades) When you have the masons trained, place 6 stacks of emerald blocks into a chest near the trained masons and make a mod request for 1 perfect mason. Please specify the location you would like the mason to to be placed and if you would prefer a biome type for your new trader .

The Perfect-ish Mason will have the following unlimited trades*:

20 Stone → 1 Emerald 10 Clay → 1 Emerald 16 Granite → 1 Emerald 16 Diorite → 1 Emerald 16 Andesite → 1 Emerald

1 Emerald → 10 bricks 1 Emerald → 1 White Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Orange Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Magenta Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Light Blue Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Yellow Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Lime Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Pink Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Purple Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Gray Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Light Gray Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Cyan Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Blue Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Brown Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Green Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Black Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Red Terracotta 1 Emerald → 1 Quartz Block 1 Emerald → 1 Quartz Pillar

FAQs -

Why did padmins decide to only offer 1 perfect mason?

We cut out the polished granite, diorite, and andesite trades because the polished stones are easy enough to make. We cut the glazed terracotta trades because once you buy the terracotta, you can use a furnace to obtain the glazed variants. Finally, we cut the chiseled stone bricks for the same reason, it is an easy enough block to obtain by other means.

Can I still keep other villagers of the same type in my village once I get a perfect version?

No, the reason we have created the perfect villager is to reduce the total number of villagers on the server. For this reason we ask that you do not continue to keep other villagers of the same types in your market once you obtain a perfect one. And really with unlimited trades, there is no need

Can an individual player have a perfect villager?

Anyone that can meet the purchase requirements can have a perfect mason. Perfect villagers follow the same guidelines as Iron Golem Spawners.

Are the trades really unlimited?

The perfect villagers can be traded with 9,999,999 times. So, while not infinite, we consider the trades to be unlimited.

Will other villagers be available in the future?

We hope so.

Snow Beast Event Trades are HERE!

How to trade for items:

Turn in the custom drops for the Snow Beast Mob Event at Spawncropolis.

Look for Ermis at the Ice Stall near the South entrance. He will buy your drops in exchange for Snow Coins.

Omiros, to Ermis' right, will gladly take your Snow Coins for an assortment of items and gear.

Be sure to look at all the trades before you start making trades for coins or items.

If you decide to buy and enchanted skull, please be aware that the skull will show the glow associated with enchantments. Also, if an enchanted skull is placed the enchantments are lost.

There will be no refunds or exchanges.

Christmas Events!

Holiday Events

Please check this post again, as I will be adding more events as I get times nailed down.

White Elephant Exchange

Many said they missed out on the Secret Santa gift exchange. I don't have all the details yet but if you would like to be part of a White Elephant Event, please start getting your White Elephant Gift ready.

If you do not know what a White Elephant is, it's a gift of dubious value made up of funny or useful stuff that is not necessarily valuable.

The current plan is to have the exchange take place around 8pm EST on Christmas Eve. You will not need to sign up as gifts will be given randomly and if you can't be there but would like to take part you will need to turn in your gift by Dec 23rd.

Travel to Kitty's Gift exchange Acropolis at -2704, -2677. There you will find a drop off box. Place your white elephant in the double chest (please have it in a shulker box) and name a piece of paper with your playername and add it to the lower left barrel.

At 8pm EST on Christmas Eve we will play a gift exchange game to decide who receives which gift. Those that cannot attend will have a gift randomly chosen for them to pick up later.

Admin Hunts!

Come celebrate the season by killing your favorite admins!

Prop hunt style Admin hunts will take place throughout the weekend. A warp sign will appear on the ship in spawn just before the first scheduled time.

The hunts will take place at the following dates and times:

Dec 25 - 9pm EST

Dec 26 - 12pm EST

Dec 26 - 4pm EST

Dec 26 - 9pm EST

Dec 27 - 12pm EST

Dec 27 - 9pm EST

Weekend Player Event - Christmas Mini Games at Christmas Town Frontier

Instead of the normal weekend event times, this weekend we will have the player made weekend event on Sunday Dec 27 at 3pm EST. Christmas Town Frontier, made by The_Hero27 and others, will include an obstacle race, pvp, and bumper cars.

Mob Event

Attack of the Snow Beasts Dec 28 - Jan 4


There are a total of 8 snow beasts to kill during this event.

Each mob has a chance for a collector head to drop.

4 of the mobs have a full suit of armor to collect.

7 of the mobs have a specialty item that can also drop.

There are also 4 general custom items that can drop.

Keep the drops as we will add a trader in spawn after the event has ended.

2020 Fundraiser Wrap-Up Post

The main events of the 2020 Nerd.Nu Semi-Charity Skyblock Fundraiser have come to a close! The Creative and PvE Servers are up once again. Both have been updated, and are now running on 1.16.4! The Event server is also still running for now, so those of you who missed out will still get a chance to claim an island and experience Skyblock. While the main events are over, you may still collect the Scavenger Hunt items and /modreq to win 8CC. All Spawn traders are still open as well. will remain open for at least 2 weeks - think of this as a potential trial run for something more long-term.

Donation Totals

We'd like to thank everyone once again for their outstanding generosity, especially during this particular year. At the time of this writing, the donation total on Nerd.Nu/donate is now $4323.30! That is by far the highest total in recent memory! As advertised, we will be donating a full 50% to Child's Play, which at the time of this writing is a whopping $2161.65!. All PayPal fees will be coming come out of Nerd.Nu's share, making the community's total $1980.53. We are absolutely blown away by your kindness! After this year's drive, we have enough funding to pay for server costs through December 2021 and beyond!

Update 12-27-2020: The Child's Play donation has been made!


In addition to all of you who've donated your time and money over the weekend, we'd also like to thank the staff who've helped make this event possible: Firstly, major credit to totemo, who suggested we do Skyblock in the first place, and worked hard to get the server up and running (and keep it that way.) Big thanks also go out to Deaygo, for maintaining our Donate page, and implementing the donation announcements you saw on the server and on Discord during the weekend. Lastly on the tech team, we'd like to give a shout out to Challenger2, whose NerdPlot plugin made island-claiming possible, and who helped run Saturday Night Spleef. In addition, please thank pez252 for creating Spawn Island, the bulk traders, and all of the individual player islands; defiex for her wonderful tweets, announcements, and her work on the warp sign wall; fazaden for working out the trades and their ratios, setting up the Trading Hall, FFA Spleef, and PvP arenas, and coordinating the minigames and events during the fundraiser; Bluuefuzzy for building Thimble, the park, and the beautiful Trading Hall's tree; buzzie71 for building the fantastic 1v1 Spleef arena; King_of_queso for his road design; assasymphoni and zburdsal for their landscaping; and everyone else on the mod team who added their little touches to Spawn.

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for: the Contest winners!

Island Superlatives

The community votes are in! Here are the results for Individual islands:

Prettiest: Penergy

Spookiest: zburdsal

Most Useful: dogo1005MC

And here are the Group island winners:

Prettiest: Rose

Spookiest: Daloria

Most Useful: Solace

(For judging purposes, an Individual island has only 1 owner, and no region members. A Group Island has more than one person on the same region.)

Cobble-Collection Contest

After the close of regulation Event time, the Head Admin team diligently went from island to island, and counted up every last Cobblestone, RC, CC, and PC in your starter chests, and we can now reveal the results! Overall, the community managed to collect and store currency equivalent to 39,962,484 blocks of cobble! Here are the top three collectors, in both the Group and Individual categories:

Richest Islands - Individual:

  1. Oxion, with 5,242,880

  2. UncleTito1, with 767,461

  3. dogo1005MC, with 198,464

Richest Islands - Group:

  1. Solace, with 14,568,576

  2. Rose, with 12,866,427

  3. Stormmblade's Island, with 2,130,304

Misc. Statistics

• 355,264 Cobblestone Blocks broken by hand

• 122 Islands claimed

• 3 Thimble matches won by ghrey303

Over 276,909 mobs killed in the Overworld, including:

• 75,414 skeletons

• 75,291 zombies

• 75,048 creepers

• 44,045 spiders

• 1,713 chickens

• 1,588 cows

• 1,071 pigs

• 761 witches

• 686 phantoms

• 347 endermen

• 213 slimes

• 187 sheep

• 104 magma slimes

• 96 rabbits

• 86 mooshrooms

• 75 wither skellies

• 69 drowned

• 50 bees

• 31 snowmen

• 15 withers

• 12 blazes

• 3 wolves

• 3 polar bears

• 1 fox

Over 6,440 kills happened in the Nether, including:

• 2,594 magma slimes

• 1,914 wither skeletons

• 898 blazes

• 867 zombie pigmen

• 152 ghasts

• 6 chickens

• 4 pigs

• 3 foxes

• 1 phantom

• 1 unfortunate panda

Thank you all for playing, and enjoy the rest of your year!

The Dragon Fight is HERE!

After this next restart, you will be able to earn an elytra for killing the dragon in the end. However, it will not be an easy fight. The dragon is protected by 10 crystals. These crystals can only be destroyed by defeating the boss mob each crystal transforms into.

To start this epic battle, place 4 crystals around the end portal just as you would for a vanilla fight. All crystals will be invulnerable once spawned.

The player that places the fourth end crystal to spawn the dragon (the fight “owner”) will receive the final drops when the dragon is defeated, even if they’re off-line. If your inventory is full when the dragon dies and you own the drops, the plugin will record your victory and you can claim them later by running /dragon prize. You can check the current stage and owner of the dragon fight by running /dragon info.

Fights that are abandoned by a player unable to defeat the bosses will have ownership transferred by admins to a player willing to complete the fight. If you feel you cannot defeat the dragon solo, please ask for help or ask someone to take over before logging out. Admins can change ownership of the dragon fight for you.

Be careful not to spawn the dragon too close to the restart. If there are four end crystals on the end portal frame when the server restarts, they will all be removed and you will need to /modreq for replacements.

Final drops will be in 1 of 10 different shulker prize boxes. Prizes will include the dragon head, elytra, a skull and other goodies. Want to be the Ultimate Dragon Slayer? Trade your dragon heads in for a dragon egg with the number of dragon fights completed as the egg name. Hang the egg in an item frame to show your DragonSlayer level! (DragonSlayer levels will start at 5 dragons killed, for higher levels you will need to trade in your lower level egg plus additional dragon heads)

A few more words from the padmins:

The DragonFight plugin was developed by totemo, and the bosses were designed by cujobear with input from all the padmins.

We reserve the right to adjust the difficulty of the fight, and to make any changes as are necessary to correct any problems discovered. We will factor your feedback into this evaluation.

We also ask that you be considerate of other players and allow everyone an opportunity to obtain a set of elytras before you start trying to speed run the dragon fight.

We strongly suggest players go into this battle:

  • Well prepared with good armor, lots of food, arrows, etc
  • With at LEAST 30 mins to fight (first time will most likely take longer)
  • Trying the battle with a group
  • Sleep in a bed near the end portal before entering the end to fight
  • Keeping spare armor, extra food, and weapons somewhere safe nearby

Revision 26 Info Post


At 6 PM Eastern time on the 30th of October, Revision 25 will draw to a close. There will be a downtime of approximately 90 minutes if all goes well, and we plan to launch Revision 26 at 7:30 PM Eastern.

We will be launching on 1.16.3! We aim to run this revision for a minimum of 6 months. In this document we hope to lay out the information you’ll need in preparation for the new revision. Please read the following thoroughly, as while some of the information is a refresher, new policies, plugins, etc are described below.


We strive to design each revision in a way that every player can enjoy playing in their own style. However - Please read the rules at spawn, even if you have been around for many revs, a refresher doesn’t hurt! We strongly recommend establishing a clear claim border before starting work on your builds in earnest. Please see below for the claim border policy. Please make every effort to return death pile items to your fellow players. For restarts, always try to avoid logging out while on a minecart or horse, while flying, or with a chest open - just in case it results in a loss of items. Please be aware of server performance before logging in any bots/alt accounts to idle in any area. See below for more details.
Staff reserve the right to take appropriate actions against any player in order to maintain server harmony.


This revision’s theme will be the Ancient World! This theme will be represented at spawn as well as through events, challenges, and collectibles for each of you to seek out over the course of the revision. As always, players are under no obligation to build within this theme, participate in the challenges, or collect the collectibles.


We understand that many players enjoy the benefits of having a bot/alt account sit idly at a grinder while playing on their main account. We also, however, want to make it clear that our goal is to have a playable server the whole community can enjoy. Please do not use bots for at least the first month of the revision. Starting Dec 1, If you decide to use a bot with automatic logging, please set the bot to log out once per hour. Padmins reserve the right to kick any bot (or idle player) found with built up mobs at any time necessary to improve server performance.


The overworld for this revision will be 6000 x 6000. Like last revision, the overworld will be vanilla generation with a few extra bits painted in. Issues encountered while painting last revision’s map (loss of trees, solid stone underground, etc) have been corrected for this map! Special Biomes Once again, we ask that no player or town make large claims in rare biomes like warm oceans and bamboo forests. Protections for builds will still be granted but unfairly large claims may be considered invalid at Padmin discretion. Please be considerate.


Revision 26’s spawn building was designed and built by cheezychicken, with lots of sprucing by the padmin team and staff members.

Points of Interest in Spawn:

  • Rules Room - You will begin your journey here. Be sure to read all the rules before using the warp sign to move into Spawncropolis!
  • Free food - Cato the Elder is giving away kneaded bread along each path exiting spawn. You are allowed to receive a stack of bread from each location once.
  • Rail Station - Rails out of Spawncropolis are located under the building, entrances can be found on the East and West sides of spawn.
  • Nether Portal - Spawn’s nether portal is located under Spawncropolis, entrances can be found on the four corners of the hill. Look for the netherrack caves.
  • Trader Stalls - The stalls in Spawncropolis will start populating with merchants a few weeks into the revision, be sure to stop back often!
  • Lighthouse - Located in the SE corner. The lighthouse holds 99 barrels that can be claimed as mail boxes. Type /cdonation and click a barrel, then add your name to the sign on the front using /signtext 3 . Limit 1 box per player.
  • Stables - Located next to the lighthouse. Park your horse here while visiting spawn. Lost and found horses will be moved here as well.
  • House Plots - We’ve added a few more plots this revision. However, plots will not be available immediately. Watch for an upcoming post for more details.


This revision’s nether will be a 6000 x 6000 vanilla generated map with resources plumped. To allow the best experience of Minecraft’s new and improved nether we will not be including any custom mobs in the nether. We ask that claims made in the nether follow the same considerations as the Special Biomes in the overworld.

Portal owners will be allowed to have a 1x1 hole punched into the nether roof above their portals. The work to get up the the roof needs to be complete prior to making a mod req for the hole to be punched

We understand that a gold farm and bartering farms will be quite popular this rev. We encourage players to work together on a centralized farm. If you prefer to have a town farm, please keep the spirit of PvE in mind.

The End

Cheezychicken has, once again, custom generated the End. There are plenty of resources to gather spread across islands of the 5000 x 5000 map.

Dragon Fight

The dragon fight will be vanilla for the first month of the revision, and no elytra will be awarded. This will allow time for players to explore on foot. Following that, the dragon fight will be returning with some new stages.


Elytra will once again be a guaranteed drop for slaying the dragon, once the custom fight has been added.

End Mobs

Shulkers will continue to be a respawning mob throughout the end for you to hunt down!

Land Claims

Land claims indicate areas within which you intend to build. To be considered valid during claim disputes, they must be clearly identifiable, with a continuous non-natural wall or fence around the claim area within 1 week of the claim date. Regular signs (10-20 blocks apart) with your username and the date must be placed on the claim fence. Reasonable entry points should be provided so the map remains accessible. Do NOT block waterways with your claim fence. Leaving a buffer in between claims is recommended, but not enforced. Please reach out to a neighboring claim owner if you would like to make a claim directly adjacent to an existing claim. Building inside someone else's VALID claim will result in the build being removed until you contact padmins. Unused claims will become invalid after 30 days.

You do NOT need to make a modreq to set up your claim. Simply follow the above instructions to make sure that you have a valid claim. If you have any questions bewteen claims and protections, please watch this helpful video! Feel free to use the command "/list" to find any online moderators/admins while you are in game.

Admins reserve the right to invalidate a claim for any of the following reasons: Being too large (larger than you will reasonably use) Claiming an area solely for access to resource mining or hoarding Encircling another claim in an effort to take over land An incomplete or poorly identifiable claim fence Placing a claim fence too close to a nether portal claimed by another player or town Violating any other build rules currently in place.


In the overworld, ore generation has been plumped consistent to recent past revisions. New and old nether resources will also be significantly plumped in the nether world. Regarding ancient debris - total after plumping of on average 5 blocks per chunk (triple the vanilla rate), with most of it between Y8 and Y22 in deposits of 1-2 blocks. Glowstone and quartz ore plumping will be similar to previous revisions. The end will once again hold overworld ores for those daring enough to mine above the void!

Nether Portals

Revision 26 will include 12 claimable nether portals on the map, with an additional portal at spawn, as always. Nether portal markers will appear as a 1x2 column of bedrock with a sign designating the portal location (i.e. North, SE, Far NW, etc) The portal is “claimed” by the first player to punch the sign located on the marker. All 12 bedrock portal markers will be on the map at rev launch, with no additional portals being introduced later. When a player clicks the sign on the marker, a modreq will be made alerting the padmin team to the claim. Portal owners will have 14 days to place their portal and request its activation. If a portal appears to be abandoned, please contact a padmin. Portal frames must be placed within 100 blocks of the marker and cannot exceed the maximum size of 25x9 within the frame. Once portals are placed they will only be modified for technical / padmin error, so make sure you contact padmins for questions before requesting the portal to be lit.

Again, portal owners will be allowed to request a 1x1 hole punched into the nether roof above their portal.

Here’s a link to the portal/custom spawner document that will be updated as each is found:

Ruined Portals

New to 1.16 is the Ruined Portals. These will not be able to be lit as we will only be using portals that were pre-established for the optimum use of our server. These ruins will have resources and loot chests hidden in or around them that are free to take or use.

Custom Spawners

From day one there will be four custom spawners hidden on the map: creeper, slime, squid, and witch. More may be added at a later date. If you should find a custom spawner, click on the sign to claim the custom spawner - this will auto generate a modreq from you as proof. From this moment, you will have up to 14 days to request placement of your custom spawner within 100 horizontal blocks of the bedrock marker. If the spawner is not placed within the required time period the marker will be re-hidden somewhere on the map. The squid and slime spawners have placement requirements, talk to a Padmin about where you plan for it to be placed before starting your grinder build!

That link again:

Iron Golem Spawners

Costs for the iron golem spawners will remain the same as the last revision. The cost of a spawner will include 10 golem souls, 3 padmin skulls, 320 stone blocks, 60 wood, 60 wool, 20 workstations, and 1 bell. The cost of upgrades will also remain the same from last revision. Please note: Any stone type, wood type, wool color, and padmin head will be acceptable. Acceptable heads are i_c_e_, tict0c, cheezychicken, cujobear

Here is a cost sheet and visual representation of an accepted chest and tier upgrade costs:

We will continue to allow a maximum of 4 spawners per grinder and 1 grinder per town; however, you may have a grinder containing between 1 and 4 spawners and you may upgrade them to higher tiers individually. If an individual would want to build more than 1 public iron farm in various places on the map, that would be allowed as long as they are not near a town’s iron farm.

Please keep in mind that spawners will not be moved once placed.
The most efficient grinders use 4 spawners spaced 8 blocks apart from each other and spaced 5 blocks away from any wall.


To help mitigate server strain caused by villagers, this revision we will be testing a new perfect villager program. The idea is to only need 1 farmer per villager market. If this program seems popular we hope to expand the program to other villager types used mainly for trading resources for emeralds.

To get a perfect farmer you will need to train 5 farmers to master level (1 carrot farmer, 1 beet farmer, 1 potato farmer, 1 wheat farmer, and 1 melon & pumpkin farmer. Place the farmers in an enclosure and include a chest with a stack of emerald blocks nearby. Make a modreq that includes the location of where you would like the villager placed. A padmin will collect the payment and place 1 perfect villager with unlimited trades. LIMIT 1 PERFECT FARMER PER TOWN. Additional vanilla farmers should NOT be added to markets once a perfect farmer is in place.


We will be continuing with the established policy regarding grinders, you can set your vanilla mob or iron golem grinder to be private and you do not need to share any of the drops. The exception to this rule will continue to be for guardian grinders, blaze grinders and any custom spawners which must remain 100% public only at all times. Again, we encourage nether gold farms and bartering markets to be kept public.

Weekly Events - The Olympics

This revision we will continue having weekly events. Events will be run twice each weekend. Friday Night @ 7:30pm Eastern and again on Saturday @ 1pm Eastern. Players will receive event tokens for coming to events and winners will receive trophies. Check out the event calendar here!


We’re continuing the recent practice of having the livemap available from day one, but not having the terrain visible to start with. The live map will become available after 2 weeks or once players post a full visual map.


Mapworld has once more been carried over from the prior revision! You can teleport to mapworld from spawn. We will be continuing to do some maintenance early rev, but feel free to use map world at any time.

Please remember that you must have an empty inventory to enter and leave mapworld. We have placed an enderchest near the entrance for your convenience. We have also added a command to mapworld's exit to automatically clear your inventory.


We will continue to run our current plugins and have added a new plugin. To see a full list of plugins visit

Wandering Traders

Wandering traders will now have a variety of custom trades randomly available. Trades can include rare items like lily pads, jungle saplings, and alliums and rare blocks such as coral and blue ice. Traders will also sell the new nether items and blocks for emeralds. For now, all vanilla trades will be disabled. If you feel we disabled any helpful trades, please contact a padmin.


The wandering traders will also have Microblocks for trade. Microblocks are skull sized collectors blocks of 200 different minecraft blocks. Blocks will be randomly available from Wandering Traders, the same way you would have a random chance of getting trading cards in a pack. Buy, sell, and trade with others to collect them all! CAUTION: Microblocks will lose their name and lore once placed. We will NOT replace Microblocks that have been placed.

Player Heads/Doppels

Player heads can be obtained by building a Doppel, a custom mob available on the server thanks to the Doppelganger plugin, written by totemo. There are two types of doppelgangers available, the Standard Doppel, built to obtain decorative and player heads, and the Padmin Doppel, built to obtain Padmin heads. Please review for more information on specific types of doppels and how to create each type.

Bug Bounties

We do our best to remove possible bugs, duping glitches, and game hacks on our server. It is clearly stated in our rules to not exploit these bugs and glitches. One sample of this is the world border. Yes there is a way to pass sightly beyond the visual border at the edges of our map. It is a known issue that exists, our expectations of the player base is to respect the visual border as the map border.

Sometimes, however, we miss something. If you stumble across something that looks unintended, PLEASE bring it to the attention of an Admin or Moderator. If there are no staff online you can enter a modreq for someone to contact you.

Once the issue has been reviewed, and admins determine that you have found something we did not previously know about AND you did not take advantage of the exploit before reporting it, you will be recognized at spawn and given a collectible to hang at your base.

This does NOT mean we want players to try feverishly to break the server looking for bugs, glitches, and exploits. This is meant as a way to say thank you.

REV 26 Announcement Date:

What a wonderful adventure this Road trip has been. We have seen amazing things and have the postcards to prove it! Our Suitcases are bulging with souvenirs and tee-shirts so on October 30th it will be time to pack up and head toward home. The end of a trip can be sad BUT as one adventure comes to an end, another one seems to be dawning on the horizon . . .   Behold !! The " Ancient Wonders of the World! "  

Your client will need to be on 1.16.3 to join in this exploration of these incredible sights. As per usual, the Revision info post will be posted 24 hours prior to rev launch.       Want to help spruce up the next map?

We will once again be co-hosting a build contest with the Cadmins. Starting Oct 11th through the 17th. Hop over to the Creative server and do /warp Weekly Build, to claim a plot! The theme will be “Ancient Dungeons” with a nod toward ancient Greece- We are looking for temples, caves, monuments, mausoleums etc. Builds chosen will be hidden on the map and possibly used in events. 

Map World will close and be saved on October 16th for us to do some tidying. It will be back for the new rev with the same maps in the same places, so don’t worry about losing your work.

The current revision will end with an event that is TBD! With Halloween right around the corner there may be a few tricks and even some treats. Who knows what may go bump in the night, and what evil may lurk in the heart of men or Padmin ! As is the custom the map will be saved for the final time to be put up for download, Then let the fun begin. Please check back for the announcement of how we spend our final Days !