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  1. In this thread, we will keep a record of major changes and announcements under the head admin sphere. You are welcome to post comments here, and to keep the thread readable and uncluttered we will remove non-changelog comments upon each update, as in the server-specific changelogs. If you would like to privately speak to the admins as a team, feel free to send a message to admins@nerd.nu
  2. Creative Revision 37 will be launching on Saturday November 26th 2022, finally ending Revision 36 which will have been our longest revision ever! (1 year and 6 months) End of Rev TNT Party on Friday November 25th 2022, 6:30 pm EDT, Rev 36 shuts down and a final backup is made, then you can blow up the old map. Launch of revision 37 on Saturday, November 26th, 6:30 pm EDT Minecraft version We will launch the new revision on Minecraft 1.19.2 Info & changes The main map is a custom WorldMachine/Worldpainted map made by Bardidley. The map features large plains, steep cliffs and canyons. There is a large ocean/islands area, a desert/mesa area, a snow/ice area. There is a large river that crosses the entire map. The size of the main map will be 7000x7000, about 100 blocks smaller than the current one. The map features the new build height limits of -64 to 320 Spawn is a completely original build by AndyJF We have brought back Spawn City! Located just outside the spawn area which can be immediately claimed and built on with world edit unlocked. CTA fans, do not worry! The CTA and CHA have a reserved spot immediately south of spawn. The archived version of revision 36 will be accessible via a multiverse, just like revision 35 is currently. The redstone and testbuild multiverses will be transferred with their contents to revision 37. The default warps will be : bigtown, spleef, pixelart, playspleef, spawn, speedbuild, weeklybuild, WETutorial. If you have an unfinished build that you would like to continue working on, it will be possible to copy it over to the new map with World Edit. The Spleef event normally scheduled November 26th at 9PM will be postponed to Dec 3rd The final save of the Revision 36 map will be available at http://mcp-dl.com ~ The Cadmins
  3. Firstly, I do apologise for intentionally crashing the server. I did that because I was mad at the server. I was not mad at you guys on creative, I was mad at some people on PvE. Since that day, I wanted to forget about nerd. It all started one day in Ambrosia. I was caught stealing things and selling them for nerdcoins. My membership was revoked, and I moved to Rose. When I moved they sorta welcomed me. Then came the bad part, the part that made me crash the server. I was smelting their raw diamond ore. They caught me and got mad at me. Why? Because I didn't mine it with a pickaxe. They never told me, but I'm not putting the blame on them, I'm putting the blame on myself. I got so mad I wanted to quit. Although there are some nice people (for example UpsideKen, hi if you're still there,) these were the people I got mad at. I wanted to get my revenge, so I figured i could crash the server with W/E. I later got banned, which I still am. I also did this because I wanted to forget about nerd. I sincerely apologise for this. This is not a bribe to unban me, it's just why I wanted to get banned. I did this on purpose, intentionally to get banned. I have today reflected on it, and realised it was only good for me. If you wonder what I'm doing now, I still play Minecraft. I am also a big fan of TV idents (ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, and most recently I'm interested in Australian news intros like Nine News (love their theme), and the Australian ABC.) Thank you for reading all of this. Thank you to the admins for fixing the server. Thanks to everyone in the CTA (mostly chall lol.) Thank you for the good memories. Sincerely, MrMinecraft1423 (Mr_CTA.)
  4. Due to my increasingly busy life, I'm going to be taking my leave from Nerd until things calm down. I've had a good time playing on S. I was lucky enough to witness a lot of crazy drama, amazing clan rivalries and meet some great people. Although I have always been awful at PvP, it was still fun trying to rek some of you scrubs. Thanks to all you past and present players for making the game fun. Especially, Hamsale, Emery17, Mrg, Diz, rtr, Tharine, n00ble, pkome, buchanamanaman, prebenmar, sir noob, chewsonthemove, IDANUB, uni0, tornadohorse, aboov, mumberthrax and all the rest of you that are escaping my memory at the moment. You probably know who you are anyway. gg
  5. Hello everyone! As promised, here is our 2019 NerdNu Financial Update. During the 2019 fundraiser, we received $3,259.30 in donations($135.31 of that was taken for fees). Typically, we like to ensure that we have more than a year worth of funding. We are currently sitting around two years. We are currently paying for two servers - the primary one where PvE, Creative, Event, Chaos, the main site, and the forums run while the secondary server hosts the wiki, map downloads, and development servers. Our current contract that started last year (and came with fancy new hardware) is a three year contract for $118USD/month and the secondary box is approximately $51USD/month. The forums are still $25USD every six months. We also have some fees to register the wiki domain, Nerd.nu domain, and to pay for some S3 backups. Below is a summary of our expenses since the last fundraiser, and the document we use to track expenses can be seen here. And as requested, our Fundraiser Feedback Post can be found here! We have been discussing next year's fundraiser and the possibility of donating either a portion or all of the donations for 2020 to a reputable charity. In previous years, we had donated to Child's Play, a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games. We would love to hear your thoughts on this idea and will be bringing it up again with you when we begin planning for 2020's Fundraiser. Cheers, -The Head Admin Team pez252, fazaden, ttsci, & defiex
  6. During the 2018 fundraiser we received $2,378 in donations, and we currently (2019) have around a year worth of funding. We are currently paying for two servers - the primary one where pve, creative, event, chaos, the main site and forums run while the secondary server hosts the wiki, map downloads, and development servers. Our current contract that started this year (that came with fancy new hardware) is a 3 yr contract for $118USD/month and secondary box is $51USD per month. The forums are still $25USD every 6 months. We've also got some fees to register the wiki domain, nerd.nu domain, and pay for some S3 backups. Below is a summary of our expenses since the last fundraiser, and the document we use to track expenses can be seen here.
  7. Its been noticed that a number of players are using "reee" in general chat, and it has come to light that this is often used in a derogatory/abusive manner towards people (please see this Know your Meme article if you'd like more information on the background of it). We are not convinced that any of our players are using this meme in an intentionally derogatory way however it may not be apparent to those who are affected by it. As we are attempting to keep our servers friendly and open to everyone we are asking people at this time to please refrain from using this meme in general chat/mumble. As a reminder: what goes on in your clanchats is entirely up to you, we do not actively moderate them. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to staff.
  8. Our new revision is approaching, and as always, we're ready to hear your thoughts about how to improve the map and server in whole during this time. *Please note that this Poll/Feedback topic will be up much longer than usual, as Revision 34 will not be released until sometime in October. (And as always, we will be announcing the official launch day exactly 1 month before launch) Questions on the poll resemble those asked last year. If there's anything that you don't see on the poll, please feel free to open a discussion in the comments. We, the Cadmins, will try our best to keep up in replying and working with the player base of Creative to make a map that will satisfy. A useful link to consider for discussion on events can be found here: All discussion and feedback is very much appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read.
  9. It was brought to the attention of the head admin team that the chat logs admins have access to on the Nerd.nu Minecraft server were accessed by Barlimore in a fashion inconsistent with what users would expect. Chat is logged on our server along with connection attempts and actions in game to assist in enforce the rules set out at http://nerd.nu/rules. Admins have access to chat logs that contain all messages sent in-game, and as a result are expected to adhere to a standard of behavior that protects users’ privacy whenever possible. However, upon investigation the head admin team discovered that there had been a pattern of incidents where these standards of behavior were not upheld by Barlimore and searches were made without good reason or in a way that was inappropriate. We have compiled a timeline of the searches in question and the surrounding investigation which you can view here. During our investigation we also uncovered a pattern of hostile and manipulative behavior by the padmin team, particularly Barlimore, to other admins, staff, and players. Many of the people we talked with shared similar stories. Most preferred to remain anonymous. However, both Zomise and ieuweh cited behavior from the padmins, and Barlimore in particular, as their main reason for leaving their positions on staff. Following this investigation, Barlimore is no longer on staff at Nerd.nu. Silversunset and Sir_Didymus did not agree with the conclusion of this investigation and have stepped down in solidarity with Barlimore. Any users who we believe to have been affected by these searches will be contacted shortly by a member of the head admin team. We take our users’ privacy very seriously and any violations or inappropriate use of staff powers will be investigated and addressed. We will also be creating an official privacy policy for Nerd services, an early draft of which will be available in the upcoming weeks. We welcome and encourage your feedback on the policy when it is provided. We also recognize that these actions do not undo the contributions made by the former padmin team and we appreciate the work they have put into the community in the past. Their farewell post was made in good faith and with the intent that it would facilitate our community moving past these issues and we would like to thank them for that. This post is made in the spirit of transparency with the hope that being forthcoming about what has happened is best for the long term health of Nerd.nu.
  10. We're happy to announce our newest addition to the head admin team: pez252 has been on staff since 2015 and a tech admin since September 2016. He'll now join the head admin team while still remaining a tech, making history by being a double agent!
  11. Hey folks, the purpose of this thread is to provide a list of changes/events/other things that the PAdmins are doing to/in/for PvE to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on.
  12. As a heads up to PvE players who rely on the Test Build World and Redstone Playground on Creative, these worlds will be unavailable during our changeover to Creative Revision 33 beginning Thursday 8PM EDT and returning (with all contents) on Saturday at 8PM EDT. ~ The Cadmins
  13. http://www.strawpoll.me/13911503 I'm trying to gauge support for adding the Vivecraft plugin to the server. This plugin fixes some bugs that would otherwise exist for vr players, such as The direction your player model looks will vary depending on activity and does not follow the HMD direction. Arrows and projectiles will spawn at your face, rather the controller, like it should in single player. Endermen aggro will use the pointing direction and not the looking direction. There's also the cool feature of being able to see other vr player's hand movements and gestures. I believe with the rise of affordable vr headsets and the holiday season quickly approaching, Nerd.Nu should take VR players into consideration.
  14. We'd like to announce two additions to the Head Admin team! Cujobear has been a player on nerd since PvE Rev 14 (August 2014). She became a moderator in January 2016, and a PAdmin June 2016. She can often be found building in Lazuli Shores and thinking of new ways to torture players with her events. Zomise has been a player on nerd since PvE Rev 12 (September 2013) , and a moderator since August 2014. Zomise likes long walks on the beach, building in Rose, and yelling at me when I forget the proper hashtags on my tweets. As a sidenote, cujo will not be fully transitioning to the head team until PvE Rev 21 is settled as she still has some things she's working on. Please join Torteela and I in welcoming Cujobear and Zomise to the head admin team.
  15. It is against the rules to impersonate a staff member, this includes: Changing your name to a current or previous staff member's name (or anything similar with the intent of impersonation) Claiming you have a staff position (mod/admin/owner) Intentionally trying to trick/convince players you are staff, or have been staff. Cheating or account/identity theft. All offenses of staff impersonation will be met with a ban. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  16. All servers are now on Minecraft 1.12! Take a look at the 1.12 changelog to see what's new. Along with the update, Creative is now using FastAsyncWorldEdit, giving players access to a ton of new tools. Check out the CAdmins' post here for details. The PAdmins will also be posting about some new changes soon -- keep an eye on the PvE changelog to catch their upcoming post. Finally, I'd like to give a massive thanks to the entire admin team for helping to make this update possible. Have fun with 1.12!
  17. We're excited to announce that tomorrow on Sunday, July 9, both Creative and PvE will update to Minecraft 1.12! If you're not familiar with the contents of the update, take a look at the 1.12 changelog to see all of the awesome new features you should be hyped about. Here's our planned schedule for the update: At 3PM EDT, Creative will be taken down for about an hour while it's updated to 1.12. At 4PM EDT, after Creative comes back up on 1.12, PvE will be taken down for an hour to be updated. At 5PM EDT, PvE will come back up on 1.12. Don't tune out during the downtime because after Creative comes back up in 1.12 at 4PM EDT, the CAdmins will be hosting a special 1.12-themed speedbuild event on Creative at /warp speedbuild! Minigames will also be updated to 1.12, for those who would like to participate in Capture the Flag or King of the Hill during the downtime. In addition to the vanilla 1.12 gameplay changes, look forward to posts from the CAdmins and PAdmins before the update containing information about additional changes that will be coming to the servers. I hope you're all as excited as we are for the new 1.12 changes, and we'll see you all there!
  18. Hey folks, the purpose of this thread is to provide a list of changes/events/other things that the PAdmins are doing to/in/for PvE to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on. PvE Revision 19 Changelog: [27th December] Doppleganger names are no longer case sensitive. [28th December] Updated the Iron Grinder Spawner post on the subreddit for clarity -December 28th Updated the Rev 19 Info Post to include update on Iron Golem Spawners and ability to purchase and upgrade. Dec 28th [30th December] Totemo has updated the P admin doppelgangers to include my ugly mug. This means that four P admins will spawn when using doppelgangers. For spelling, the current P admins are; Barlimore, cujobear, defiex & Sapphric. Winter resource pack has been removed, Santa and Elves are gone for this year & the snow effect has disappeared. Creepocalypse is active on P as of this time. [31st December] All The Things Challenge started. [1st January] [Reminder] Here are all of our active custom recipes. [2nd January] Creepocalypse has ended for another year [4th January] [Clarity] Defiex has added a section on the PvE Information guide to clarify claiming and placement of custom spawners. The process hasn't changed, merely made clearer. [7th January] Added safeboxes to three locations inside the end and two inside the nether to prevent people with poor connections incorrectly teleporting to the overworld locations of the portals inside the other respective dimensions, resulting in death. [11th January] Due to a request in chat forwarded to us, we've reviewed and added the 'Better PvP "Fair Play"' mod with restricted usage to the approved client mod list. [12th January] Due to the prevalence of iron grinders since the introduction of purchasable spawners, the four places (IronGrinder-NE / SE / SW & NW) have been removed. [15th January] Following a padmin meeting last night, we've gone through and responded to all of the current suggestion box submissions to date. Announced the next upcoming admin hunts. [20th January] Valentines event has been announced. Changes & additions to sending /mail announced Mid-rev feedback topic is up. Forum topic added too. [23rd January] Horse pvp damage has been disabled. This will be primarily noticeable during future admin hunts. [25th January] CobraCorral has been removed, functionality has been transferred to EasyRider. [26th January] The EasyRider section of the information guide has been updated to reflect the changes to EasyRider. The custom recipes section of the information guide now includes images for easier dissemination. [2nd February] P updated to 1.11.2. Here is the official wiki feature list for the update. Animal spawning has been increased to help boost natural spawns for the new mob, llamas. We've added an update FAQ to the wiki. [5th February] Plugin BeastMaster added to restore wither skeleton spawning in the nether to 1.10 values. [6th February] Trial of the Lost scavenger hunt was sneakily added. [14th February] LovedUp Enabled. [15th February] LovedUp has been disabled. [21st February] Mapworld plot caps have been increased from 10 to 100. "*The plot limit is set to 100 plots per person so that the cap won't matter so much. Claim only what you need as excessive claiming will result in warnings and further punishments." [14th March] St Patrick's Day event announced. [17th March] Revision 20 tentative date announced. St Patrick's Day event begun. [6th April] Confirmed the revision 20 changeover schedule.
  19. Introducing the new Community sub-forum! We have made this new thing in order to encourage more community involvement and interaction. The Introduction forum: Whether you are new to the servers, or and old timer returning and want to put yourself out there, then this is for you! Get to know others in the community and introduce yourself to anyone who may be interested! Build Showcase: Build something super cool and want to show it off? Post it here! More or less simulating parts of the subreddit, you can post your build creations by means of pictures or video here, and then discuss about it. Find a Group: Don't feel like building alone?, well then post here in hopes of finding your new dream settlement! If you are looking for a place to build, or if you are looking for others to build with you then you have come to the right place!
  20. In an effort to allow moderators to assist with certain events, the ability to run /global-broadcast has now been added to mod perms. This should only be done by staff who are specifically asked by an admin to use it, as it broadcasts to all servers on our network. to run: /global-broadcast <message> If you have any questions or concerns please contact a head admin
  21. until
    Please join us for a community meeting. The full post can be found here. If there is anything specific you want discussed please reply in the post or contact a head admin.
  22. Hey folks, the purpose of this thread is to provide a list of changes/events/other things that the PAdmins are doing to PvE to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on. This idea was originally created by previous PAdmins here but we have decided to retire that thread as suggestions can go in it's own subforum now. I will be sorting all changes into revision categories to give time frames of when they happened. If you have any feedback please post in the subforum. PvE Revision 18 Changelog: May 26th 2016: Revision 18 Information Post made: Link June 6th 2016: The June PvE Admin Hunt has been announced! More details here: Link June 21st 2016: The PvE June Blog Post has been posted: Link August 22nd 2016: The August PvE Admin Hunt has been announced! More details here: Link August 24th 2016: New PvE Messages have gone live as of 5:32AM PST. You can view the full list of death messages here: Link
  23. As part of the Community Meeting earlier this year, it was suggested that we put together some form of 'social media' team - in an effort to both round out our community as well as extend our reach into types of media exposure we'd either lacked in, or had yet to really explore. We have a lot of projects that are being worked on to try and meet both of these goals. Our twitter page is now being actively managed, both the subreddit and wiki have been given a bit of extra love (which we hope to continue!), and we're looking at new ways to bring the whole nerd.nu community together in a more uniform fashion so that we can present our best selves to the world. So this brings me on to Instagram in particular. It's a very niche market for companies to tap into, and especially more so for a Minecraft server. Instagram isn't the first thing you reach out to when you think of Minecraft, but we're looking at it in the same vein as posting to the likes of the main /r/minecraft subreddit. We're sharing the amazing constructions you guys make, and we're hoping folks will click through to check us out! The bonus of Instagram is that we're not banned from advertising our server address directly, so there's no extra barrier holding people back from connecting. It's low effort, and at the end of the day, it's nice to be able to see your project showcased or check out some builds you might not have seen before! You can find our Instagram page here - there's not much there just now, but we're going to build on it and we're definitely looking for player submissions! If you have a great picture that you want us to share, feel free to leave a comment here or get in touch with me via any nerd.nu services and we can get it added. We may deny pictures on a case by case basis but really it should only be if it presents something that is not in line with server rules/paints the server in a bad light (e.g. promotes griefing) or is too spammy. As iconic as - say - an Instagram full of 'molons' and Ooer faces would be, we would like to be fair in dedicating time to promoting all parts of the server and its culture.
  24. You can now use /heartshine instead of /modreq Well, That's if you want to, both commands exist!
  25. This is just a short message to update everyone that the cost of our primary server has been reduced from $238 per month to $135 over a fixed 12 month period. While this does stretch our existing funding further, we're not looking to push back our fundraiser beyond the time we need to complete it.
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