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'Expanding the community' - Poll


Re: Expanding the community - Poll  

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  1. 1. [Multiple Choice]Which devices do you play games upon?

    • Laptop / Personal Computer
    • Playstation
    • Xbox
    • Wii U
    • Other Device (by selecting this I am going to be posting below)
  2. 2. Choose one!

    • To begin with I would like to see the Nerd Community add one new game for us to all play together.
    • I would like to see a game chosen from a few genres, resulting in 3-4 to choose from to play alongside the community.
    • I would like to see several games to play from the word go.
    • I would not want any other games added.
    • My opinion is different! (and I will be posting my answer below)
  3. 3. [Multiple Choice] Which categories of games can you see yourself playing alongside the rest of us?

    • First Person Shooter [e.g. Battlefield, Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Team Fortress]
    • Sandbox / Survival [e.g. DayZ, Rust, Terraria]
    • Strategy [e.g. Civilization, Dungeon Defenders, League of Legends]
    • Other. You've missed another category which I think would be fun to consider...
  4. 4. The community has decided upon a new game but you don't have it yet, would you prefer...

    • Free to play
    • To buy the game, provided that that the price is reasonable.
    • Currency will not obstruct my fun!

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Upon noticing the discussion which originated courtesy of /u/gdavison based on a recurring point of interest about playing other games with this fantastic community I've created this poll since others were too slow and I tried to keep most of the questions short and open so that discussion can continue in the replies below. Ideally game suggestions would be best based on the outcome of poll results (of which are public). I took a few game suggestions to list as examples from Steam stats.

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Device - Mac and iPhone. There are so many cross platform games on PC/Mac(/Linux) and several on iOS/Android that we could have great choice within those bounds.


Start with multiple genres - get more engaged from the publicity.


FPS - The demand is there for TF2 and Gmod. Other, such as retro, racing and so on have some support.


Free (libre/gratis) or near free or in Steam sales is a big group.

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Been ages since I've actually played Minecraft, but there's still heaps of people on these servers I'd love to chill with, so I'm hype if this becomes a thing.


Also agree that 3DS should get acknowledged, not just for Pokemon, but for Smash as well.

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Might I request that this poll is both closed and unpinned please. The results may have gone some way to establish a way forward a few months ago but thesedays people seem to be better organised (although we still have a long way to go).

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