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Staff Name Change Update Thread

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On Feb 4th, 2015 Mojang added the ability to change your Minecraft username.   Already, several staff have taken advantage of this with no clear policy on name changes and staff laid out.


As staff you are in a position of authority on the server and people build a professional and personal relationship with you.   It would be disconcerting for regular players to log in and see new staff members who have had no interaction on the server up to that point.


For that reason, all staff name changes should be recorded in this thread so we can maintain continuity of staff.


If you are on staff (Mod, Admin, etc.) and change your staff username, please leave a simple reply here with that name change like so:


jchance -> JorgeChanceEsq 



You do not need to give a reason for the change or any other information- just let us know that your name has changed so we can reference it when needed.


You do not need to tell us about your Alts, secondary accounts, etc.   You just need to let the community know about your STAFF account name change if you make one.


  • Please Note:  Name changes are a brand new thing.  While our servers use UUID based permissions and should work fine, we use many 3rd party plugins which may have issues with name changes until they are updated.    If you can wait a couple weeks to make sure all the bugs in all the plugins are worked out that would probably be for the best.
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Astronomew > Mewcifer

Edited by Mewcifer
I spelled my old name wrong rip
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