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[forum game] How high can you count before an admin/mod posts?


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Rules are simple:


1. We start at 1 and increase the count by one with each post.

2. The goal is to get the count as high as possible

3. No double posting

4. If a mod, cadmin, padmin, sadmin, eadmin, headadmin, techadmin, or some future type of staff posts, the count resets back to one then the mods get to see how low they can go, starting from -1. See which team can get the longest chain =D

5. You may include a message with your number, or you can just post a number

6. Admins/mods, please be hilarious =D

*NEW* 7. Since admins/mods are so active, you guys can do the opposite: How low can you count before a member posts? Similar rules as above, but begin your chains at -1 and go down





Person A: 1

Person B: 2

Person A: 3

Person C: 4 

Dumbo52: lol nope

Person B: fuuuuuuuu... 1





Here we go!


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