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On 3/29/2017 at 5:42 PM, Electifried said:

I need an ELI5 version. With the way the website explains it, I find it boring and difficult to comprehend and I almost completely forget what I've read 30 seconds after I look away from the text.

Left-right is a scale of government involvement in economics, with a command economy (e.g. Stalinism) on the far left and absolute free market on the far right; up-down is a scale of importance of the state vs that of the individual, with dictatorships at the far top and anarchy at the far bottom. In other words, right-to-left is a measure of increasing scope of government *duties* while top-to-bottom is a measure of increasing *constraints* on government power. These are very broad strokes, as the final value does not encapsulate specific philosophical or policy preferences, nor does it reflect how important a position is to you. Also a lot of the authoritarian-litmus questions appear to focus on conservative rather than strictly authoritarian positions, causing leftists to skew anarchic in this graph.

Electifried, your result is mildly left-anarchic: a centrist who is okay with a little government intervention in the economy / use of taxes to support worthy causes and supports some modest restraints on the powers of the state over individuals. Emphasis on centrist.

As for me, I have a (0.13, -5.79):


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