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Story name: the legend is born

Warnings: it will blow your mind

Length: ask your mum




Jchance is no ordinary human being. He was not born, for he became.

Many wonder how the jchance came of this earth, some say it was the use of baby powder to relieve the pain of zanes leaving of one direction. Others say that the french scientists in charge of the LHC dropped a coin into the collider, causing a wormhole to a different dimension.



Many theories stem from the enigmatic arrival of Jchance. The idea behind it is too complex for a being of human intelligence. 


I have spent many years trying to figure it out.....


Quit my job...moved to rome...learned latin....was entrusted by a cardinal in the vatican.


I gained access to the library. Found some real shit.


In an ancient scroll i found this.... a jpg....













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Story Name: The Adventures of Jchance

Warning: Too amazing and contains content not suitable for children

Length: Me mum said size doesn't matter

It was a bootyful sunny morning in the month of March, Jchance was outside smoking dat weed, when, suddenly, a man in a labcoat and goggles came walking by.  His name was Timi J Nator, a mad scientist who makes evil shit like spiderman villains!  He came up to Jchance and said, "Do you like eggs?" Jchance knew what was about to happen, so he jumped off the porch of his house (Plot Twist! The setting of this story is his house!) and tried to punch Tim, but missed because he was too drunk after drinking his 500 gallons of morning scotch!  Tim then took out a carton of eggs and egged Jchance's house  :ohmy:!  But Jchance quickly used his Head Admin powers to unegg his house and then vomited and complained about a terrible headache as he always did after his scotch.  Tim then jumped and turned into Carnage from Spiderman and began to kick some ass!  Jchance knew he had to get even more drunk to stop this madman!  So Jchance takes out his conveniently sized 9001 Gallons of Two Buck Chuck and chugs it all!  Now with enough alcohol in his system to kill 500000000 armies of Jchances!  Struggling to survive his gargantuan powers of alcohol, he fired a blast of vomit that sent Tim around the world over 8000 times, but he missed...  Tim then chopped off Jchances "WE Wand" with a scythe arm and then punched Jchance in the "double diamond blocks" that were dangling from the newly regenerated "WE Wand" and then bashed Jchance's head into the sidewalk!  Jchance then took out the BanHammerr and threw it at Tim, but he missed again (way too drunk...).  Tim then grabbed the hilt of the BanHammer and smashed Jchance's head in with it, but Jchance was not banned since he was a headadmin.  Tim then decided to himself, "This guy really sucks at this, I should just leave him be and send in somebody incompetent like Private Max who is always too busy fapping and building amazing cars!"  And so Tim left and sent in Max Lyako to kick Jchance's ass some more.  Max came in naked, driving a Limo while furiously fapping (it was amazing how somebody could drive with one hand and masturbate with the other!).  Max honked his horn so loud that Jchance yelled, "Shut the fek up you mother fucker!"  Max quickly took his hand off of his penis and grabbed Jchance's throat with the same hand he was fapping with.  Max then realised he had to climax, so he ran into Jchance's house and did it all over the place!  Max then said, "Oh shit my Girlfriend is calling, ima just send in Tedbear to kill you, K?  Tedbear then came in from the sky wearing his backpack that was also a jet pack, and landed to beat Jchance's ass!  Max then went back into his limo and drove off into the sunset, and hit his head on the words "End of Act 1".  Tedbear then facepalmed and punched Jchance in the face repeaTEDly!  Jchance then vomited so hard he sent Tedbear flying, but Tedbear took it like a man and vomited ten times harder, almost killing Jchance.  Jchance then got up and used his admin powers to thor Tedbear but missed him.  Jchance then said, "You know what I've had enough!" and went into Super ModMode!!!!!!!!!  He then blasted Tedbear in the face with a blast of water!  Ted decided to take out a wooden shovel and fought back with a blast of lava!  And then shit got all Dragon Ball Z and there was a huge crater in Jchance's neighbor's house!  Jchance laughed so hard he vomited and beat up Tedbear with his super powers!  Jchance then summoned THE LEGENDARY SUPER SPONGE OF DANKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Sponge then started firing fire and lightning all over the place and vaporized Tedbear, so Max Lyako comes flying back by propelling himself with a stream of cum and started kicking Jchances ass!  This didn't last very long since Jchance was pretty much a god at this point and turned Max Lyako into a smoldering, penis-shaped car!  Then out came from the sky, Flumper/God and from the ground Hollifer/Satan and they did dat fusion dance and became Flumpifer!  Flumpifer then fired a blast of energy, and Jchance countered with an even larger one (Like his dick!) and incinerated Flumpifer leaving only a pile of ashes, and then they unfused, leaving to piles of ashes, which returned to their respective realms.  Then Tim came back with his Carnage symbiote and began to go to  powers equal to that of Jchance's!  Jchance was matched with Tim as their battle raged on like Max's throbbing erections!  The battle finally came to an end when Jchance fired 500000 thors at Tim, ending his life like the rest of the attacking people!         FIN          

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Story Name: The Adventures of Jchance 2: The Fappening

Warning: Does not contain content suitable for children


It was another fine day, Jchance was driving around in the car that was Max Lyako, still smoldering and penis shaped.  And then, the ghost of Timi J Nator appeared infront of Jchance!  He said gleefully, "Soon Max Lyako shall avenge us!"  And then the car of max turned back into the naked man of Max Lyako!  Max instantly started to throttle Jchance with his fapping hand!  Jchance mustered up as much vomit as he could and blasted Max off of him!  Max Started flying by using a propulsion of cum and then dive bombed Jchance and smashed him down to the sewers.  The two then flew back up and max then unleashed a symbiote (like the ones in Spiderman!) of cum from his "WE Wand" and became, Maximum Venom(or just MaxV)!  MaxV then started to unleash all attacks upon Jchance!  Jchance couldn't handle it so he went into SUPER MODMODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He still wasn't strong enough though, as MaxV proved by smashing Jchance into the pavement and throwing him through a building!  Jchance fired all sorts of DBZ styled mves at MaxV and it did jack shit...  MaxV then began to shoot bits of webbing at Jchance, getting him stuck to the nearby lamppost.  Jchance couldn't brake this seamen webbing as it was too fertile!  MaxV then punched Jchance in the "WE Wand and double diamond blocks" repeatedly!  Jchance could only scream in pain and vomit out of control!  None of the vomit could even harm MaxV due to him being far too powerful and horny!  And since Jchance figured his power was drawn from his hornyness, there was no way to stop him unless he could turn him off!  So Jchance took out his phone and looked up (This shit was too inappropriate even for this fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!  This only made MaxV hornier! Max then became fucking huge(in more ways than one)!  Jchance realized he had to transform beyond his current form to stop this madman!  Jchance then transformed into LEGENDARY SUPERMODMODE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jchance could hardly control his new power and instantly made a crater in the middle of Chanceville, killing millions, but not even scratching MaxV!  MaxV was still too powerful for Jchance, even in this new form of power until MaxV saw the ugliest abomination from the radiation emitted from the explosion from Jchance!  This monster made MaxV shrink down to normal size and start projectile vomiting all over the place!  Could this be the end of MaxV?  Jchance then punched MaxV off of Max Lyako, leaving him nude in the streets of Chanceville!  MaxV then fled so he could make an appearance in the sequal to this sequal!  Jchance then banished MaxLyako to the Nether, ending this tale of fighting and DBZ shit.   FIN                                                               

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Story Name: The Adventures of Jchance 3: The Final Story?

Warning: Contains content inappropriate for children

Lenght: My "WE Wand"

Jchance was on edge since his recent rumble with MaxV, but is MaxV gone?  No he's not, if you payed attention last time you would see he's not, if you did, congrats you deserve a cake!  Now where were we?  Oh yes that's right, Jchance decided to take a vacation to the Fap-Wait a second, that's the wrong story!  Looks like we screwed up a little!  AHA!!! Here it is!  Jchance has realized danger will alway follow him wherever he goes, so why not just live life to the fullest!  He was sitting in his mayor's office when he sees on the city's security system at the graveyard, he saw MaxV go into the grave of SextDexy!  Out came from the grave came-OH SHIT A COFFEE STAIN ON THE STORY NOOOOOO!  Oh wait i already know what happens, on with the story! Out came the horniest creation of all time!  MaxV had found its new host!  It instantly hunted down Jchance to the mayor's office.  Jchance instantly lept into action and went to LEGENDARY SUPER MODMODE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The two instantly began their brawl, and as expected, Jchance was too weak to beat the beast.  It started destroying Jchance very quick!  He was already on the ground begging for death after five minutes!  Until, he realised he had a picture of the beast that turned off MaxV, but his phone was in the other room!  He had to struggle to get through MaxV!  MaxV instantly grabbed Jchance and pinned him against a wall!  Was this the end of our hero in his tales of battles against MaxV and Timi J Nator?  No, it couldn't end!  He had to get his phone and flash that picture to end this beast!  So he blasted MaxV through the roof of town hall and began to run to the next room!  But MaxV was to quick for Jchance, and he lept infront of the door!  MaxV then punched Jchance out of the building, and lept on top of him!  Jchance could see that it had a humongous throbbing erection!  It planned to crush Jchance (with its feet not "WE Wand" you perv)!  Jchance quickly remembered he had a thing of eggs on him!  He immediately started to egg this beast and ran like a certain cyotie911.  As he ran, he remembered, his phone was in his pocket!  He said outloud, "I am suck a fucking dumbass!"  As he ran towards the beast with the picture up, he tripped and dropped his phone!  MaxV then tried to crush the phone, but Jchance flew at him at top speed, sending him through a building!  Jchance then picks up the phone.  He runs towards the beast, but quickly stops for some pancakes at IHOPs.  Then, MaxV punches his way to Jchance and his plate of Pancakes.  The two sit down and eat pancakes together.  Then the battle continues after they leave their checks and tips!  MaxV punches Jchance in the face, and Jchance vomits at MaxV, sending him around the world twice!  On the beast's second return trip, Jchance punches it in the face as it flies by!  This punch almost knocks off this beasts head!  Jchance finally gets his chance to flash the picture, but it doesn't do much of anything since Dexy gets aroused at anything!  So Jchance decides there is but one option!  To send this beast back where it came!  Max Lyako's "WE Wand"!  And so Jchance brings Max up from hell, and MaxV instantly leaves Dexy to get back with its original host, but Jchance picks it up and shoves it up Max's dick!  Jchance then sends Max back to hell, ending the tales of Jchance for now!                 FIN

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This is the story of how jchance became admon:


There was this one guy. His name was Noob2. Noob2 came onto the server to griff one day, but was quickly banned by jchance. The admins saw this and said "Hey jchance! You're really good at banning people! We want you to be admin too!" Then jchance was all like YAY =D and then he was all "Everyone gets World Edit, except for Noob2 because he's a griffing douche." Then everyone was happy and started writing dumb fanfics about jchance. Everyone except Noob2, that is, because that guy is a dumb griffer.


To be continued...?

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